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Diet and Nutrition

Regarding the kidneys - Contact Report 862 (scroll 2/3 the way down the contact)

Collagen hydrolysate has a very positive effect on the joints, including the joint cartilage - Contact Report 635 scroll to line 18

Thyroid Disease - foods to avoid, also Vegan diets. - Contact Report 824 (scroll 2/3 the way down the contact)

Serotonin - best sources - Contact Report 621

Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. (recommendations by Bermunda) - Contact Report 792 (scroll about mid way through)

The medicinally effective benefits of apples - Contact Report 530 - scroll to sentence 50

Rapeseed Oil (Canola Oil) is Unhealthy, Animal Fats Necessary for Immune System -  Contact Report 658 - scroll to sentence 79

Health Info Update from the Plejaren - They

Refrigerator List of Healthy and Unhealthy foods - excerpt from Contact 768

More about the importance of salt and addiction to salt - Excerpt from Contact Report 586 - scroll to sentence 6

Regarding Table Salt, Alcohol and Sugar - Excerpt from Contact Report 584 - scroll to sentence 45

​Physical Health and Well-Being in relation to Duty to Oneself and Your Own Duty Diet, Nutrition and Wellness advice from the Contact Notes and Spiritual Teaching- Christine Slayter, USA (from the Creational Truth site)

Gamma Interferon / FIGU Booklet - by Rebecca Walkiw (Translation by Terry Chamulak, Alberta) 

Gamma Interferon - presentation by Catherine Mossman

Info on Zinc with Chart

Vitamin C with Chart from Public Meeting Jan. 2020

Vitamin D with Chart from Public Meeting Jan. 2020

Daily Vitamin D requirements -Excerpt from Contact 623

Maintaining a healthy metabolism - Excerpt from Contact 619

Which fats and oils, which should specifically be used, are available to us on the Earth? Excerpt from contact 544 or Special Bulletin No. 71 - scroll to bottom quarter of the contact

Daily Zinc Requirements According to the Plejaren -
Excerpt from Contact 381 - scroll about a 1/4 of the page down

Effects of Hormones in Foods for Women and Girls -
Excerpt from Contact 299

Dangers of Smoking and Vegetarianism -
Excerpt from Contact 154 - Scroll to line 51

Milk: The Calcium Depleter - 
Excerpt from Contact 217 - Scroll to line 29

Protein and Osteoporosis - 
Excerpt from Contact 230 

Dangers of Soy - 
Excerpt from Contact 478

On Drinking Too Much Water -
Excerpt from Contact 199 - Scroll to line 17

Nutrition - 
Excerpt from And Still They Fly... by Guido Moosbrugger

Necessity of Salt in Our Diet - Excerpt from Contact Report 214 - Scroll to line 94

Our Daily Vitamin C Requirements -
 Excerpt from Contact Report 260 - Scroll to line 277

Food and Your Blood Type - 
Excerpt from Contact Report 306 - Scroll to line 52

Anti-Cancer Properties of Tomatoes - 
Excerpt from Contact Report 216 - Scroll to line 228

On Kidney Stones - 
Excerpt from Contact Report 216 - Scroll to line 107

Sea Salt vs Table Salt - 
Excerpt from Contact Report 216 - Scroll to line 88

Artificial Sweeteners - 
Excerpt from Contact 223 - Scroll to line 43

Blue Green Algae -
Excerpt from Contact 228 - Scroll to line 58