FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English

FIGU in a Nutshell

 1.         We are a non-profit, tax-paying organization established under the name "Free Community of Interests Universal" upon statutes in accordance with ZGB Article 60 ff, and we publish an official, annual financial report.

2.         We do not believe in one god as the creator of the Universe and all life therein, nor do we believe in any messengers of some god, angels, saints or any other higher beings that would determine the fate of the world and all life, including that of human beings. Nor do we belong to any religious denomination.

3.         We only accept Creation as the highest form of all energy, might and existence. As the Universal Consciousness, it is the existence of all Universal existence and an inherent element of the all-encompassing block of the Absolute Absolutum.

4.         We pray neither to Creation nor to any other entities or things. Prayers are only directed on an equal level to the spirit and Creation -- but not in worship. Creation neither seeks being prayed to nor does it require prayers, although invocations may be directed toward Creation should a person so desire. Such an invocation must never be performed in a worshipful manner, for Creation does not require worship in a religious-cult-like manner. The individual, however, is free to honor and respect Creation in a prayer-like form. If a prayer is performed, it is not to be executed in a submissive manner but in a way that indicates respect or certitude. This also applies when a prayer is directed to one's own spirit, which, of course, is a fragment of Creation. A prayer must never be executed in a pleading or submissive manner but with certitude and free from any servility. One must be conscious always of one's own responsibility toward one's own self and toward others in every aspect of life.

5.         We do not claim to be all-knowing, nor are we cognizant of Creation's and life's every secret. This ultimate knowledge and total wisdom rest with Creation alone, respectively its spirit and its laws and directives.

6.         We do not have a master, godly individual, exalted being, illuminati, guru or god-sent person whom we revere or venerate. We only have a teacher who instructs us in elements of the spirit, forms of consciousness and all matters of life and the psyche, Creation, the Absolute Absolutum and the Creational laws and recommendations, to mention but a few. This teacher is not and shall not be elevated above other persons, for he is no more and no less than other human beings. As such, he is appropriately respected but not idolized or thought of as a saint. He is a normal person and absolutely equal to everyone in all matters, as it should be with any other human being -- no more and no less. This illustrates that the teaching element within the FIGU community stems from a person who is a very normal member like all of the others, and who is without a higher or better position.

7.         We do not have a "local apostle" or anyone who functions as a representative of some god, holiness or of Creation. Each human being is fully responsible for all of his/her actions, activities and life -- without having a god, holiness or Creation standing over him/her telling him/her what is good or evil, respectively what is right or wrong or negative and positive.

8.         We do not perform any "holy sealing" ceremonies and distance ourselves, therefore, from the blessings ("God wants it this way") of a religious-cultlike nature.

9.         We do not perform any baptism ("driving out the devil").

10.       We do not celebrate masses or Eucharistic ceremonies (which, according to the Christian religion, must only be received by those who have been "sealed" or confirmed = blessed).

11.       We do not have any dogmas or doctrines, and we do not live by any.

12.       We do not teach salvation from sins but, instead, we do teach that each and every human being must live within his or her personal responsibility and for self-responsibility, and observe the Creative-natural laws and recommendations.

13.       We reject religious-cultlike false teaching about sin and absolution because an integral part of evolution is that human beings do have faults. Hence, each person must continuously learn throughout his or her life. We learn through our mistakes, however, and the mistakes must be recognized and eliminated, thus generate advancement. It is therefore erroneous to believe that mistakes (sins) committed must be assuaged through some punishment (absolution), whether it is in this or some other life (= judgment of God/Karma, etc.). (Transgressions against the law are not simple errors, but are punishable actions according to human laws.)

14.       We are not a cult or a religious sect. We neither possess a missionizing consciousness nor are we accustomed to a consciousness-based (spiritual) narrow-mindedness within our ranks, nor are we caught up in fanaticism.

15.       We tolerate all secular or religious views or belief systems -- but this does not mean we must align ourselves with them. Within FIGU there exist no religious, cultlike thinking or belief systems, and we do not perform cult-religious rituals.

16.       Instead of prayers we hold meditations, and this indicates that prayers are directed toward one's own spirit or toward Creation; such prayers are nothing other than meditation.

17.       We do not oppose official agencies and the government, and we do not reject serving in the military for a defense army.

18.       We do object, however, to individuals who hold powerful and subjugating positions over the population (dictatorships and the like), and to dictators who thrive on hunger for power and lust for rulership. For this reason we are also against all forms of religious, sectarian, fanatical, dictatorial, military, radical leadership.

19.      We reject all extremism of an ideological, political or religious nature, as well as all fundamentalism, terrorism, anarchism, dogmatism, fanaticism and similar or identical ills.

20.       We are against all religious, military and political insurrections and reject all forms of aggressive actions.

21.       We are against revolutions and wars of any sort unless they are strictly for defense that leads to progress and peace.

22.       We oppose all biological and chemical warfare and contamination; all testing and utilization of nuclear bombs (even for commercial use) and all use of nuclear energy (nuclear power plants must be avoided. Unfortunately, this cannot be the case yet due to humanity's rapidly increasing energy supply requirements and lack of superior energy production methods).

23.       We oppose and crusade against all further increase of the current overpopulation.

24.       We oppose and crusade against any torture and capital punishment.

25.       We oppose and crusade against xenophobia and racial hatred.

26.       We oppose and crusade against any type of discrimination and violation of women.

27.       We oppose and crusade against any mistreatment and violation of children.

28.      We oppose and crusade against any cruelty to animals and the keeping of any animal in human living quarters.

29.       We oppose and crusade against the destruction of nature, the unnecessary cutting down of forests, and the pollution and destruction of bodies of water.

30.       We reject and fight against any human slave-trading, slavery, oppression and domination.

31.       We scorn the exertion of power over others because each and every human being has an intrinsic right to be free that must not be

curtailed by the power of others. We also spurn the following principles: Power through money, power through religion, power through politics or power through military forces.

32.       We oppose all types of illogical application of force; hence, we also oppose the use of force in the name of some god, saint, a religious sect, regimentation through other forces or a religion.

33.       We oppose the blessing and sanctifying of weapons, wars and revolutions, as well as to all aggressive or deadly actions in the name of religions, religious sects, gods, saints or those who lust for power, to mention only a few items.

34.       We are for complete internal and external freedom of humans, a freedom that must not be curtailed or suppressed, not even through government regulations and laws or by schools, institutes, religions, religious sects, special interest groups of any type, the military or all form of civilian dictators.

35.       We know and are convinced that the Earth is not the only place inseminated and endowed with life in the entire Universe -- human and other life exist on non-terrestrial worlds and those beyond our solar system.

36.       We are unwilling to missionize in any form for the things FIGU stands for; we do, however, state our teachings, opinions and views to others if they come to ask and pose questions on their own initiative.

37.       We strictly oppose any abuse of legal or illegal drugs and of alcohol.

38.       Our principle is not "Live and let live" but rather "Live and assist others to live."

39.       We are not politically active in any form within the FIGU framework.

40.       We are opposed to all sectarian activities of a religious or secular, fanatical or oppressive nature and those that are destructive to the psyche, the body or the entire human being.

41.       Our teachings and views are directed toward reincarnation/rebirth in the sense of an evolution through the material life until the being becomes a pure spirit form and ultimately unifies with Creation itself.

42.       We strive for knowledge, love, harmony, wisdom and evolution but not for power, money and wealth.

43.       We provide psychological assistance for living and, within the framework of the "Active Alliance", also help with provisions to those in need. (Any contributions to "Active Alliance" are exclusively utilized to cover expenses for helping others and for the postage and packaging of the items -- we do not, therefore, syphon off any money for overhead expenses, salaries or administrative costs. All related tasks within the entire FIGU offices are provided by all members free of charge.)

44.       All possessions of the FIGU community (property, materials and finances) belong to all of the members in the FIGU community. Therefore, they do not belong to certain individuals.

45.       We advocate for progress in all scientific fields and branches as long as their ethical and positive-evolutionary format is guaranteed.

46.       Every FIGU activity is paid for through voluntary subsidies in the form of monthly and annual contributions, whose sum is determined by the members, and through voluntary contributions of associates from the internal and external circle of friends.

47.       The FIGU community publishes and retails vast amounts of written material in its own print shop (Wassermann-Publishing House) and by outside publishers.

48.       We live by the conviction that balanced nutrition alone (vegetables, fruits, berries, cereal, meat, other animal products and the like) guarantees a healthy way of life and development (physical, psychic and consciousness-based).

49.       The FIGU members dedicatedly and voluntarily perform their tasks within the FIGU community. They are cognizant of the Creational-natural laws and recommendations, as well as the bearing of responsibility for themselves and the well-being and fulfillment of their own advancement along with that of mankind's and all life.

50.       We stand fully behind the concept that human beings are given life in order to fully live it in an evolutionary manner within the framework of self-responsibility and all other human obligations. No entitlements exist to circumvent the above-mentioned duties -- neither through shirking of responsibilities nor through murder, suicide or the refusal to fulfill the duties imposed by life.

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