FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

Petale Messages - Telepathically received from the PETAL spiritual level by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier - translated by Mireille Modenbach Grovier, San José, USA

Prediction from May 16, 1947- FLAU translation

Open letter of Saturday, 7th July 1947, to Governments and Public Media in Europe - FLAU translation

Contact Report 775: The Predictions of Eduard Albert Meier, Nov. 8-12 1947 - FLAU translation

The Henoch Prophecies - New Translation by Vibka Wallder/Australia, Mariann Uehlinger/Switzerland and Bruce Lulla/USA

What is announced comprehensively for the third millennium prophetically and predictively

What the future holds in store for the people of Earth - Excerpt from Contact 691

Contact Conversation and Predictions of Sfath from 1st of September, 1948 -  Excerpt from Contact 670 with explanations from Ptaah and Billy

World map with prophecies and predictions

Prophecies and Predictions 1951 -1958

An Open Letter - To All Governments and Other Responsible Persons of the World

Danger of the Red Meteor (Apophis) heading for Earth 2029/2036 -
Excerpt from Contact 475 - Scroll down to Part 2

Warning to All Governments of Europe! Prophecies and Predictions by Eduard A. Meier 1958 

Predictions of the Prophet Jeremia - 
Contact Report 229 

More Warnings -
Excerpt from Contact 434 - Scroll to line 51

Open Letter to All Human Beings of Earth -
FIGU Special Bulletin No. 16

Danger of Atmospheric Collapse - 
Excerpt from FIGU Special Bulletin No. 51

Last Chance Human Beings of Earth - 
Excerpt from FIGU Special Bulletin No. 50

Volcano on the Island of La Palma -
Excerpt from Contact 31

Nuclear Energy Unsafe due to Human Miscalculation and Cosmic Influences including Solar Activity and Meteorites  -
 Excerpt from Contact 516 

Prophecy Translation - Where are you going humanity? by Billy

A Prediction - What the future brings for the Earth humans in regard to the climatic catastrophe and environmental destruction by Billy

Potential Dangers of Sunspot Activity -
Excerpt from Contact 515 - Special Bulletin 61