FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

Relationships and Sexuality

The Use of Viagra - Excerpt from Contact 355

Vasectomies- translated by Michael Uyttebroek

Homosexuality - What is its Cause - by Billy (Corrections by FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia and Mariann Uehlinger, Switzerland)

​Differences Between Man and Woman - Billy Meier (translation by Michael Uyttebroek)

Relationships and Sexuality by Billy (translation by Michael Uyttebroek)

A Word to Man and Woman by Billy  (translation by Michael Uyttebroek)

The Law of Love - Excerpt from Contact 115 - Scroll to line 38 of Quetzal

Ideas of Partnership - by Billy - 
Scroll down to article

Ignorance, Problems, Frustration and Gewalt - by Billy - Scroll down to article

Superior Female Intelligence -
Excerpt from Contact 211 - Scroll to line 18

Sexual Degeneration -
Excerpt from Contact 202 - Scroll to line 1

Homosexuality, Sodomy and Aids - 
Excerpt from Contact 248 - Scroll to line 26

Official Marriage vs Free Marriage - 
Excerpt from Contact 248 - Scroll to line 128

Sexual Love and Sex Offenders –
Excerpt from Contact 223 - Scroll lo line 75

Sexual Life of Plejarens -
Excerpt from Contact 226 - Scroll to line 32

Quetzal on Love and Relationships -
Excerpt from Contact 151 - Scroll to line 29 

Women and Dancing –
Excerpt from Contact 112 - Scroll to line 57

Not Practicing Enmity, but Cultivating Friendship... by Billy 
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