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There are numerous books (50+), booklets and other products available from FIGU Shop (Switzerland). Although most of the material  is in German only there are some books and booklets translated into English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech and Russian.​​

The book 'Rebirth, Living, Dying, Death and Sorrow' by Billy
is now available!

​'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier explains, in comprehensible, empathetic and upbuilding words, the truth about the entire cycle of rebirth, life, dying, death and the therewith connected sorrow. And implicitly or explicitly you will receive answers to questions like:
– Precisely what [part] of me goes into the other world, when I have died – and what comes back?
– What remains of me eternally, what is transitory?
– Can it be, that I will be reborn as an animal, as specific religions say?
– Is there a Karma?
– Do I have all knowledge and ability in my head or do they also lie elsewhere?
– What is really to be thought of suicide, extreme kinds of sport, which endanger the life, euthanasia and death penalty?
– Does the human being have a right to determine over dying and death?
– What precisely occurs, when someone dies?
– How do I deal with someone else's sorrow, how can I really console someone in sorrow?
– How can I overcome my own sorrow, may I grieve at all?

 FIGU Landesgruppe Canada 

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