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What all human beings of Earth should know!

 What must be said about the creational-natural law of the reincarnation of the human spirit-form, as well as regarding the fact that a human being's responsibility does not stop with regard to life and death, because he/she is the guardian of it (life and death) and of him/herself.

But also regarding his/her repeated lives as always new personalities, everything demands from the human being a strict, inevitable and comprehensively complying responsibility, as it is determined by the creational-natural principles.

Human being of the Earth, you are erring greatly when you think that death is the end of your spirit, your life and your continuous existence.

Actually, regarding this matter, it is not so as you generally erroneously assume.

It is not the case that through death your entire existence ends and that everything of you is irrevocably erased and extinguished, as you secretly are afraid of, because, truthly, there is another life for you after death.

The reason for this is a high-fine-fluidal and spirit-energetical factor within you, namely the spirit-form, which on the one hand, is integrated into the rebirth and on the other hand, makes it possible for you that after death you are reborn with a new consciousness as a new personality.

This, your spirit-form is independent of the coarse-material body and of the material consciousness; it is immortal and therefore, not integrated into the material change of becoming, passing and re-growth.

Your creational-nature-based given spirit, i.e. your spirit-form embodies the true power of life which you can experience yourself as a human being each day as well as in the form of the whole existence of nature around you, the planet as well as the fauna and the flora.

Within each human being exists the more or less conscious drive and the constant natural instinct for unalterable answers regarding all original, existential questions of the actual life's origin and the possible continued life.

In order to find all the timeless creational-natural truths within and outside the consciousness, the human being must throw away all of his/her imaginings which are based on a faith, a religion or on a pure materialism, so that he/she becomes and can be free in his/her consciousness, unbiased and clear.

For the ascertainment of the truth he/she must dismiss out of their consciousness, their thoughts and feelings all the false things which, until now, they have learned, taken over and what they have falsely imagined.

This is necessary so that he/she, as innocent and neutral as a newborn child, can proceed on the quest for the truth and may also find it.

Without the knowledge of the real truth of all being (material realm) and BEING (spiritual, high-fine-fluidal realm), he/she cannot be joyful at the end of his/her days and cannot knowingly and wisely look death in the eye, because without the knowledge about the real truth he/she cannot realise the facts of the efficacy of the laws of procreation, of life, of death, of the new birth of the new personality and the rebirth of the spirit, i.e., the spirit-form.
Without the true knowledge about the natural laws and recommendations of the Creation Universal Consciousness, the human being cannot find true happiness within him/herself, because without the knowledge with regard to reality he/she cannot understand him/herself and cannot help him/herself.

If he/she wants to be happy, understand life, really enjoy it and lead it sensibly, then it must be clear to him/her that he/she bears a great responsibility within him/herself since the day of the procreation of his/her first personality through the creational-natural principles, a responsibility which does not stop at the death of his/her body and his/her personality.

The "spiritual teaching" or "teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life" explains absolutely clearly that dying and death are not the end of everything.
In life – to which death and the so-called death-life also belong – there is no final disappearance.

There is always only a converting oneself and changing oneself.

Life is "becoming and passing" as well as a new "passing and becoming-again"; a process that is based on creational-natural principles.

Nothing that exists will ever get lost or be simply dissolved into nothing, which is also true for the human being and that which basically constitutes a human being.

If the human being knows this and knows the facts about it, his/her fear of dying and of death disappears because he/she knows that – in the eternal circle of life – death is only a stopping-place in the "overall consciousness-block" that has been created in the realm of the other world by his/her spirit-form.
The spirit and the overall consciousness-block that was created by it for the human being, continue to exist in an otherworldly high-fine-fluidal realm after the dying and death of the material body, in which case, the old consciousness-block within the overall consciousness-block is dissolved, converted into neutral energy and from it, a new consciousness-block with a new personality is created.

From there, the newly-created consciousness-block and the new personality together with the energy-form spirit, i.e., spirit-form are returning into a materially-bound body existence in due course, into a new human being.

From this results the question, what then constitutes the human being as a human being in his/her deepest inner nature?

Also on this, the spiritual teaching gives a clear and definite answer: the most important thing in a human being is his/her so-called "spirit-form" or simply his/her "spirit", which,as an immortal, high-fine-fluidal energy- packet, keeps the material consciousness and the body alive and so embodies the essential power of the life.

The term "spirit-form", i.e., "spirit" must not be falsely understood, however.

The spirit is no ghost which is haunting around and it also is no transparent humanly shadowy figure from the other world in a flowing white gown.

The spirit, i.e., the spirit-form of the human being is a pure high-fine-fluidal energy that has been created by the Creation and which enlivens the human being as his/her innermost nature.

The spirit of the human being is more or less his/her high-fine-fluidal energy source, his/her indestructible inner life-power.

The spirit-form first enables the life of the human being, thus the ability of existence of his/her whole body, his/her consciousness, his/her thoughts and the feelings resulting from them, which are responsible for the formation of the psyche as well as for the vegetative nervous system which regulates the functioning of the organs, and so on and so forth.

The spirit is highly concentrated high-fine-fluidal energy which was created by the high-spirit-energy Creation Universal Consciousness.

The spirit within the human being must not be equated with the material consciousness which alone can create ideas and thoughts and the resulting feelings in the material existence of the human being.

This means, however, that there is no "spiritual ownership" or "spiritual illness" because the spirit, i.e., the spirit-form is absolutely inviolable by attacks from the material consciousness realm.

That is why there can only be a "consciousness ownership" and a "consciousness illness", because only the human material consciousness which creates conscious ideas can fall victim to illnesses or any other impairments or damages, but never the spirit, i.e., the spirit-form.

The Creation, in turn, is neither a god in the shape of a human being, nor also a figure-like or highest material "Wesenheit" which has created the heaven and Earth and who is watching over the human being and telling him/her what to do.

In most ancient times, god and gods were figures of fantasy that were used in fairy-tales as fantastic, most high Wesenheiten which were standing above all life and existing things, in order to give a shape to the creative one, i.e., the Creation-force.

God or gods, however, which are presented in a religious or sectarian as well as any other belief-based view, were or always are human beings of flesh and blood, who were, or are higher evolved than other human beings in certain things.

In this respect a "god" is another term and word for "king of wisdom".

And wisdom means nothing other than having acquired and owning a highly-developed knowledge and ability in relative perfection in a certain field, e.g. in a science, etc.

Contrary to the fairy-tale fantasy-figure and the "god" as a king of wisdom, the Creation, however, is the greatest, energy-impulse-based highest intelligent, mightiest and most-highly developed spirit-energy-form in the universe.

It is a neutral, asexual and impersonal energy through whose principles the spirit-forms of all living creatures were created and still are created.
As has been mentioned before, the Creation is also being called "Universal Consciousness" and "Great Unity" etc., in which case, however, it shows absolutely no similarity with a human god or with any other life form, but is only the purest high-spiritual energy.

Even a human god is a creature who was produced as a human being from the creational-natural laws and thus owes his/her existence to the spirit-energy Creation.

The Creation, as a force creating all since the existence of the universe, has created unchangeable laws of nature, i.e., creational-natural laws, into which is ordered everything in the universe and therefore, also in all life and in all existence.

Besides the laws of nature, which the human beings know through the natural sciences, e.g. gravitation, the principle of causality i.e., cause and effect etc., there are also spiritual as well as material-consciousness-based laws that have an effect into the human being's daily life, and naturally, also on the becoming and passing of the human being.

One of these laws is the rebirth, i.e., reincarnation of the human spirit, together with the birth of an entirely new consciousness with a new personality in a new human body which is procreated in the natural way together by a male and a female human being.

So the human being in his/her innermost Wesen is high-fine-fluidal and therefore immortal, simply in regards to the immortality of the spirit-form.

The part-piece Creation-spirit, the spirit, i.e., the spirit-form in him/her, is of a pure creational-law-based nature and therefore not bound to becoming and passing as is the material.

This is quite in contrast with the body of the human being which inevitably ages and sooner or later dies.

Everything that the human being acquires as real knowledge, real wisdom and true love, remains stored for him/her for all times, because all positive, equalised values, among other things, are stored by his/her spirit, i.e., spirit-form, however also recorded and deposited in a human being's material consciousness and in his/her storage-banks, where they remain his/her immortal property.
And as a repetition: when the human being dies, then his/her spirit, i.e, spirit-form enters into the otherworldly, high-fine-fluidal realm, whereas his/her half-material consciousness-block crosses over to the otherworldly, high-fine-fluidal overall consciousness-block that has been created by the spirit-form, which dissolves the old consciousness and the connected personality, and converts them into purerefined, neutral energy, from which a new consciousness with a new personality is formed.

From the essence of the valueful knowledge-, love- and wisdom-data, of all the former personalities, therefore,,the concentrated knowledge, ability, the wisdom and love, etc., of all former lives of the human being, a completely  new consciousness-block with a new personality is created, in which case, then the whole, together with the reincarnating spirit, is born into the newly procreated body, as soon as the time for the rebirth of the spirit, i.e., the spirit-form has arrived.

Each human being has therefore already lived many lives as a human being, and still has countless lives ahead,and indeed, always as a human being in a human body, with a human consciousness and with everything that goes with it, e.g., the psyche, the subconsciousness, the forms of the unconscious, the character and the mentality, etc.

Each new consciousness-block with its own new personality animates a human body again and again, but never the body of an animal or other creatures, etc, just as the creational-human spirit-form, i.e., spirit, can always only animate a human body and indeed, during all of its rebirths, whereby it follows its own reincarnation line from which it cannot escape.

For the human being's own protection the creational-natural laws prevent that he/she can remember former personalities, because he/she simply could not cope with the flood of information, and he/she couldn't master his/her life in the "here and now" with all its tasks, challenges and problems, and would fall into confusion or insanity if he/she would have access to all the information from his/her former personalities.

The memories of former lives are therefore not yet possible for him/her, because he/she has not yet worked out the necessary capabilities and powers and has not built them up within him/herself.

Only in this kind and wise can he/she begin each life freely, unburdened and completely anew and can build up completely new knowledge, new powers and capabilities.

A recollection of former lives would only be damaging and even connected with danger, of suffering damage in the consciousness, i.e., becoming confused or insane.
There is no heaven and no hell in a religious sense, because heaven and hell are conditions of the human being's psyche, which he/she creates him/herself through the effects of his/her thoughts and the feelings resulting from it.

Heaven and hell are no locations of an everlasting pain or a paradise, so, therefore, of no purgatory and eternal damnation, where a devil is executing its roaring rule.

Also no angels and archangels are waiting at some paradisal location in heaven where a benevolent and yet obedience-, submissiveness- and punishment- demanding god is wielding his sceptre, because truly, such locations do not exist, but are only fabulations of fantasising windbags, swindlers and cheats regarding religious and sectarian beliefs.

Ultimately, such imaginings only serve to lead the human beings to believe in an imaginary reward for his/her doggish-submissive devoutness, or, in the case of hell, punishment of purgatory and the eternal hellish damnation, giving them a malicious fear of hell and screaming, frightful imaginations, in order to be able to determine over them, to rule and to make them fall in bondage as slaves of faith.

Belief, however, does not mean knowledge, and only a knowing human being can become free of the fear of death, through which he/she will also not be intimidated anymore through threats of punishment by the avenging hand of an imaginary god or devil which do not exist.

Just as erroneous is the teaching of the karma, according to which a human being is punished for the actions of his/her former personalities from former lives.

That is in itself impossible for the reason because each personality is created completely anew and with a clean record, from one life to the other life and without anything in common with the former personalities, except of course the power of the spirit, i.e., the spirit-form, which enlivens him/her.
Each human being must bear the positive and negative consequences of his/her thinking, doings and activities in each present actual life; however, when this life ends, then his/her consciousness-block and the personality cease to exist and with it, all his/her mistakes and unright, etc., which he/she made and committed.

A transfer of reward or guilt in a religious sense from one personality to another personality is absolutely nonsensical and impossible.

The idea of the karma is therefore based on a false view of things and on unknowledge of the real principles regarding the creational-natural laws and recommendations as well as regarding the life, the dying, the death and the rebirth of the spirit-form, as well as the new birth of the new personality.

Dear human being of this world, be you man or woman, girl, boy, old or young, you now may be asking yourself: "Why then the whole thing; what is the sense of life and the many rebirths of the spirit and the new births of the new personalities?"

The answer isjust as simple as natural, quite in contrast to the confusing claims of the religions, sectarian gurus, false philosophers and natural scientists, etc., who do not know about the spiritual teaching or who simply scorn it or make a joke out of it.

The purpose of the human being is to develop, respectively, evolve his/her spirit-form inhabiting within him/herself as highly as possible over many, nearly infinite, reincarnations through always new births new consciousness-blocks and with it, also new personalities and their consciousness-based learning with regard to love, knowledge and wisdom, in order that some day, in many millions or billions of years, his/her spirit-form can return into the Creation and can unite with it.

As a result, the Creation Universal Consciousness, i.e., the universal spirit-energy mass Creation itself can, in turn, evolve a tiny bit ahead and higher in an impulse-based manner.

In principle and according to the creational-natural laws, this process never comes to an end because there is no absolute perfection, consequently, the spirit-energy Creation can never be perfect, but relatively perfect only, and must unstoppably continue to store knowledge and wisdom and must evolve.

The life of the human being and the existence of the creational-human spirit-form may be compared to a long journey through space and time as well as through this world and the other world, during which the spirit-form as well as the consciousness-block of the human being, with all his/her always new personalities in always new human bodies, can learn very much. As a result, they can acquire always more love, knowledge and wisdom and, through it, steadily and unstoppably evolve in every way.

The human spirit is something very special and specific and can never reincarnate or be reborn into an animal or creature's body, therefore, neither in an animal, creature nor plant, etc., as is on the contrary, falsely claimed by Hinduism (rebirth = palingenesis, transmigration of souls).

Only the human being has a conscious evolution-capable consciousness which draws its life-power from the minuteness of the creational-human spirit-form, the centre of which may be found in the "upper part of the midbrain" = a pair of nuclei = colliculus superior.

The spirit-form itself has a spirit-energy-impulse-consciousness which develops itself further through the creation of love, knowledge and wisdom, and through the material consciousness.

This is in contrast with other non-human life forms; consequently, the following list results regarding consciousness-forms of the diverse life forms:

Forms of evolution

1) Creation-Evolution

> spirit-energetic creation-evolution

2) Conscious Consciousness-Evolution

> human being life form!

Only the human being evolves in a conscious-consciousness-based manner.

3) Instinct-Drive-Evolution

> animal and other creature life forms

4) Impulse-Evolution

Adaption- respectively assimilation-evolution

> plant life forms

5) Energy-Evolution

Developmental-change- respectively conversion-evolution

> sand, stones, crystals, gasses, fluids, etc.

6) Micro-Evolution

Compatibility- and mutation-evolution

> bacteria, bacilla, virus

7) Intelligence-Evolution

(May not be compared with the human being's consciousness-evolution)

> Higher animal species like anthropoid apes, dolphins, horses, ravens, pigs, goats, parrots, buffalo and other cattle, bears, camels, donkeys, predators, elephants, dogs, cats, sheep, etc.

Plants, animals and all other creatures are regulated in a pure impulse- i.e., instinct-drive-based way, and they do not have the possibility to evolve themselves in conscious initiative.

In contrast, the human being has his/her intellect and his/her rationality which he/she can consciously and purposefully build up and put to use, in order to continually improve him/herself and to create and gather more and more knowledge, wisdom and love within him/herself.

From all the explanations until now it becomes clear and precise that the human beings of the Earth are the highest evolved material life forms and they should thus conduct themselves accordingly and bear the full responsibility for all and everything.

This is also valid now and in the future regarding the home planet Earth and everything found on it; the existence of all life forms as well as nature and all matter to the full extent, for whose existence and continued existence totally all rational human beings are responsible.

No one can and may ever shirk this far-reaching responsibility.

Consequently, it is erroneous to assume that the human being could escape from all or some of his/her duties or his/her own demands for his/her own or all other life, be it through disinterest, cowardice, egoism, etc., or through cowardly murder, manslaughter or suicide.

Truly life does not let itself be halted and the laws of nature will naturally wield their incontrovertible validity, also for the return of the spirit-form into a new human body, together with a new personality.

Through the laws of the Creation it is also given that the human spirit-form reincarnates on the same planet where that human being, who bore that spirit-form, has died,

Therefore, for each individual it will be that he/she in the next life, as a new personality, will be born again as a human being on the planet Earth.

In the future lives where, again and again, there will be new existences with a new consciousness and a connected new personality, it will be also the case that each human being will find exactly that situation on the home of Earth which he/she has created until now as a part of the collective humankind of Earth, due to the principle of causality, i.e., the natural principle of "cause and effect".

Through the thoughts, ideas, ideals, imaginings, actions and deeds in the "here and now" of the actual life, all human beings create the reality and truth of their present time and, simultaneously, the foundation of their future, which they will find again later on their Earth when they enter into a new life with their new consciousness-block and their own new personality.

On this planet, the Earth, other and very important things must be looked at, considered and understood, especially the overpopulation which suffocates everything with all its damaging results (please note FIGU's many explanations concerning overpopulation in the form of articles, contact reports and open letters).

To be considered are also the unbelievably terrible things of the unrealistic cult-religions and numerous sects which since ancient times have executed religious and sectarian wars as well as religious and sectarian terrorism in the world, and which since time immemorial demanded countless human lives.

The undisputable fact, that since ancient times until today not only millions, but billions of human beings have been and continue to be brutally and barbarically tortured, massacred and murdered, should get all those who deeply believe in, dedicate themselves, and are submissively dependent on religions and sects, to think and get in touch with their conscience. 

It should be realised that the religions and sects are attacking the human beings of the Earth with irrational teachings, are making fools of them, are making them dependent, belief-oriented without hope of rescue and putting them in bondage, in the same way as they are driven into the clutches of fear, terror and feelings of guilt through false, confused and irrational dogmas and threats of "godly" punishment.

The irrational connection regarding God and the Son of God as well as religion- and sectarian-based forms of beliefs and cults effectuate not only a general unknowledgeness, confusion and delusional guidance, but also fear of the reality and the resulting truth,that which can solely and exclusively come forth from the reality of the actual existence of everything existing and from the facts of the concerns of the spirit, of life and death as well as the entire creational-natural laws and recommendations.

All the religious and sectarian as well as false philosophical, irrational teachings lead to a boundless confusion and unknowledge of the believers, in which case, the creational-natural laws and recommendations are completely disregarded, are treaded down with the feet, are neglected and insulted as senseless.

From all of the related "Ausartungen"[1] against the effective truth which only emerges from the reality, but never from invented stories of religions and sects, it follows that the humankind is multiplying like rabbits and moles in such an irresponsible way and in such criminally high numbers that, since many decades, the nature and the Earth are rising up against it through tremendous natural disasters. 

But through the overpopulation, also the believers in the religions, i.e., the main sects as well as their connected or disconnected sects also increase, which leads to an increase of religious hatred between the different factions as well as to religious-sectarian terrorism.

So the overpopulation not only effectuates always more and primeval natural disasters, but it also increases the hatred of the human beings', just as their disinterest among each other, and the worthlessness of the human life.

So, on the one hand, through the overpopulation, enormous problems of all kinds are created everywhere which boundlessly increase and which increasingly cannot be mastered anymore even with the best means.

And secondly, through the religious delusion, the hatred against those of different faiths or against strangers is ever more intensified into a delusion, through which all rational thoughts are nipped in the bud and malicious feelings, words, deeds and actions result which are only oriented towards judging human beings of different faiths and from foreign countries as dirty bastards and stinking vermin and to treat them as such.

That is when, e.g. in the case of the Christians that "being Christian" finds expression, or in the case of the members of other religions and sects, that which is called their "goodness" or "love", according to the principle: "If you don't want to be my brother, I will smash your skull." And that is what is exactly taught in the so-called "houses of God" with regard to the "saints" teaching on the one hand that, based on God's word, love shall prevail, but enemies should be fought if necessary.

So the believers of the religions and sects are streaming into their "houses of God" and are listening partially to the words of their "clerics", in order to afterwards leave the "God's place" again and continue indulging in all vices and all evil, in order to hate human beings of other faiths and from foreign countries and inflict suffering and harm to them, and to do unright everywhere in all kinds of forms, and indeed, even against the fellow human beings.

It really is about time, on the one hand, that the overpopulation is stopped and that the human beings of the Earth become real human beings.

Time is ever more pressing because otherwise, all terrible things lead to chaos without hope of rescue, in which case, it would not be surprising when a world-wide disaster in the form of an enormous global conflagration with absolute anarchy and general destruction as well as a primeval crash of nature would follow.

The religious and sectarian belief, its global, terrorist and hateful "Ausartungen" and effects in every conceivable form and wise, as well as the overpopulation, effectuate ever more non-solvable problems which are getting out of control and also cannot be mastered anymore.

If the whole thing is not halted through intellect, rationality and logic, then there will be heavy trouble sooner or later, and then indeed nothing or hardly anything can be saved.

Therefore, the human beings must finally think over their unknowledgeness and their submissive dependence and attitude regarding an imaginary godhead and concerning gods and tin gods etc. and give up their deluded belief, in order to become autonomous and internally free human beings, who purposefully and with a sense of responsibility determine over themselves.

Unknowledgeness and religious-sectarian belief must be replaced by the effective truth which comes from the reality, so that from it, love, freedom, joy, knowledge and wisdom as well as harmony, peace and happiness can result in an inner and external manner.

Only through this can a human being, as an individual and en masse in this world, the Earth, become a real human being and as such, become progressive in all forms of life.

Each human being of the Earth is urged to think about all of this thoroughly, to understand everything and, from now on, to do and implement everything correctly, whether he/she is small or big, meagre or corpulent, poor or rich, believing, non-believing, young or old, whether he/she bears a title or none, or whether or not he/she is in command of something.

It is important to thoroughly think everything over and to align the thoughts and feelings as well as the behaviour and the deeds responsibly according to the creational-natural laws and recommendations.

It is only in this way that everything will turn out to the best for each single human being, the nature of the planet, the planet itself and all life on the Earth.

And if everything is done as the principles of creational-natural form demands, then everything will contribute to it that each human being in his/her present actual life, but also in future lives as new personalities, will be able to lead a worthy life as a true human being on the good mother Earth, if he/she only lets intellect and rationality prevail, preserves his/her beautiful home world, and follows the creational-natural laws and recommendations.

But this also means that the overpopulation must be speedily halted and that the human being of the Earth liberates him/herself from each fantasised deluded belief of a religious, sectarian and false-philosophical kind, and that he/she, solely and exclusively, turns to the reality and their truth and, therefore, the creational-natural laws and recommendations.

[1] verb "ausarten" = to get very badly out of the control of the good human nature

Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, 11. März 2012, 15.37 h


German original published in FIGU-Bulletin Nr. 78, September 2012

Translated into English by Christian Frehner on July 26, 2012 for a presentation held on August 24, 2012 in Toronto, Canada

Corrected by Michael Uyttebroek, Catherine Mossman and Jimmy Chen of the FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada.