FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

"Through Space and Time" (German / English) first edition by FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

1. On page 66, 3rd column, line 11 from the top, it reads - "that part spectrogravavphically" rather than "spectrographically".

2. On page 104, top of 3rd column, it reads "Contaxt period" and should read "Contact period".

Further considerations: the 'period' at the top of the 3rd column, and the 'period' at the top of the last column, could also have a capital "P" 

3. On page 70, bottom of 2nd column, it reads "... above which hung the stirring sound" should read "... and above which the very loud noise sounded." The German actually says: "...und über der das sehr laute Geräusch ertönte."

4. Page 78 , 1st column, Number 1 paragraph it reads " ...and their origin in order to explain to the misled human beings how all evil could come about and how human beings could raise themselves to be gods to rule over races and peoples in order to control them in an ideological and religious manner." It should read "...and their origin, and indeed, for the purpose of explaining to those led into confusion, how all terrible things could arise and how human beings raised themselves to gods over races and peoples in order to ideologically-religiously enthrall them. The German actually says: "... und seiner Herkunft, und zwar zum Zwecke dessen, den Irregefuhrten darzulegen, wie alle Übel entstehen konnten und wie sich Menschen zu Gottern uber Rassen und Volker erhoben, um diese ideologisch-religiös in ihren Bann zu schlagen."

4. Page 78 , 1st column, Number 1 paragraph should read: well as various religious cults. (add period)