FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

Dear  Reader,

Thank you for your interest in FIGU Landesgruppe Canada!  We’d like to take this time to outline the goals of the organisation and introduce you to the different ways that you can become involved.  Once you have reviewed this notice, if you have questions or would like further clarification or information, please 
contact us

As a not-for-profit organisation, some of our main goals are: to provide interested individuals information about FIGU Landesgruppe Canada events and activities; to answer questions pertaining to the Billy Meier case and the spiritual teaching; to maintain a FIGU Landesgruppe Canada website; to publish a regular newsletter; to translate and publish FIGU material/books into English; to assist and support the formation of study groups across Canada; to host monthly online public meetings; and eventually, to establish a FIGU Centre in Canada;

As someone who is interested in the FIGU material and the Billy Meier case, there are many options open for you to consider. You can:

  • Study FIGU material and the spiritual teaching on your own.
  • Become a passive member of FIGU Switzerland. For more information see FIGU Membership
  • You could form or be part of a group named "FIGU Interessengruppe" (interest group), which is a precursor to an official "FIGU Studiengruppe" (study group). A FIGU Interessengruppe requires at least 2 FIGU passive members and is for people who are willing to support FIGU's mission by studying the spiritual teaching, organising virtual meetings, etc.
  • Should you decide to become a passive member, the possibility would then exist to found an official "FIGU Studiengruppe" which has to observe more formal requirements than an "FIGU Interessengruppe". A Studiengruppe requires at least 2 passive members.
  • As a passive group member you would have the option to join FIGU Landesgruppe Canada. Of course, this is provided that you are a Canadian living in Canada. In order to ensure that the group grows cohesively, develops interpersonally and ensures that all group members are involved equally in the group decision-making processes, group members are required to attend our monthly meetings which for the time being, are virtual. If these prerequisites are met and you are interested in becoming a member of the FIGU Landesgruppe Canada, please let us know through the Contact Us page. 
  • You may also contribute to the FIGU Landesgruppe Canada newsletter.  These are published quarterly on our website. We welcome the submission of FIGU-related articles, opinion pieces, short stories or other kinds of written and creative work which naturally, will be subject to our approval.
  • FIGU Landesgruppe Canada welcomes you to attend any of our online virtual public meetings on the first Sunday of each month. 
  • You may also choose to make a financial donation. We welcome any financial contributions that would assist us in our various projects. To read our rules and regulations concerning donations and to donate please click here 

We look forward to hearing back from you!


FIGU Landesgruppe Canada