Introduction to Meditation  (German / English)

Corrections to the book, “Introduction to Meditation”

• Page xviii: Leid, Leiden: nouns. According to Billy, ‘Leid’ has the meaning of a ‘psychical-moral, negative state’ and ‘Leiden’ means ‘ununderstanding, misunderstanding and so on, which affects the
morale and psyche’. ‘Leid’ and ‘Leiden’ means that the event affects the psyche and therefore is not to be translated with ‘suffering’ or ‘affliction’ which pertain more to the physical body.

• Page 20, sentence beginning in line 4: Billy also was on his own on August 3, 1965,
near Iskenderun, Turkey, when a prediction was fulfilled – given to him by Asket, his extraterrestrial teacher for many years – and Billy lost his left arm during a spectacular bus accident.

• Page 319, sentence 535: From FIGU: Eine Korrekturmeldung bzw. Ergänzung zum Buch "Introduction to Meditation", Seite 319, Satz 535:"Die Steuer- und Kommandozentrale Unterbewusstes ist zuständig für die schwingungsmässige Verbindung von Unbewusstem zu anderen Unbewussten (innenexterne Kommunikation/Verständigung)
sowie zum Unterbewussten.“

Correction notification, i.e. addition to the book, “Introduction to Meditation”, page 320, sentence 535: “The subconsciousness, the centre of control and command, is responsible for the swinging wave connection of one unconscious to other unconsciousnesses (inner-external communication/connection, network) as well as to the subconscious.”

• Page 438 (index), under the term ‘THE MEDITATION’, number 1) “Das Beobachten”, is to be replaced with “The Observation”.

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