FIGU Landesgruppe Canada



To serve as a resource for those interested in FIGU and to see the Mission from a new perspective since several topics can be viewed as to when they occurred and how one event has led to another. A representation of FIGU events through a timeline to view how and when different events transpired since there are so many pieces of information regarding FIGU and Billy’s contacts.

FIGU-TIMELINE version 1 includes:

                      If you are online while viewing the FIGU-TIMELINE you can access the actual contact transcript in English and German.

                      Currently, only Contacts which have English transcripts are in the timeline.

  • Founding of Landesgruppe and Study groups worldwide

NB: The FIGU-TIMELINE will be updated to a new version which will include more information each time.


1] Please visit the Tiki-Toki website to download a free Tiki-toki app viewer for you computer [mac, pc or tablet] from the Tiki-toki site :

2] Download the FIGU-TIMELINE here (it is in 2 parts):

Part 1 (1975 -1999):

​Part 2 (2000 - present):

There are different ways ways to view the timeline..linear and 3D and the spacing, category view, zoom can be specified depending how you want to experience the timeline. Here are a few screenshots:

Project is maintained and updated by Ferdinand Suzara