​​              Erläuterung des wahren Friedens                     Symbols ​​​​Explanation of The True Peace Symbol​  
Das Rechteck symbolisiert den

The rectangle symbolises the base-block of peace and life, upon which stands the tree of peace and life and which holds everything fast.
The two green and five reddish "feathers” represent the seven levels, i.e. consciousness forms, namely:
1.     Material Consciousness
2.     Material Unconsciousness
3.     Material Subconsciousness
4.     Material Centralconsciousness
5.     Spiritual Consciousness
6.     Spiritual Subconsciousness
7.     Spiritual Centralconsciousness

The 2 x 3 "feathers“ underneath represent spiritual forms, i.e. swinging waves.
The two wheels represent the universe and the Creation which are connected with one another.
Grundblock des Friedens und des Lebens, auf dem der Friedens- und Lebensbaum steht und der alles festhält.
Die beiden grünen und fünf rötlichen ‹Federn› stellen die sieben Ebenen bzw. Bewusstseinsformen dar, nämlich:
1.     Materielles Bewusstsein
2.     Materielles Unbewusstes
3.     Materielles Unterbewusstsein
4.     Materielles Zentralbewusstsein
5.     Geistiges Bewusstsein
6.     Geistiges Unterbewusstsein
7.     Geistiges Zentralbewusstsein

Die 2 x 3 ‹Federn› darunter stellen geistige Formen bzw. Schwingungen dar.
Die beiden Räder repräsentieren das Universum und die Schöpfung, die miteinander verbunden sind.

source: http://www.figu.org/ch/verein/periodika/sonder-bulletin/2014/nr-76/friedenssymbol
translation: 23.1.2016 Christian Frehner

Spreading of the Right Peace Symbol

The supplement sheet, entitled the Peace Flyer, shows that the distribution and spreading of the right peace symbol is of the utmost importance, because the wrong peace symbol, the so-called death rune, i.e. the turned upside down Algiz- or Elhaz-rune is still interpreted absolutely incorrectly in its actual meaning and is totally underestimated and misjudged/misunderstood in its outcoming effect. Contrary to the claims of many esotericists, this rune has absolutely nothing to do with peace or life, but embodies the absolute opposite of it. In addition, symbols - although they are fundamentally intrinsically neutral - have effects on the unconscious, uncontrolled and undirected behaviour of the human being, who does not defend himself/herself against his/her  own negative and destructive swinging-waves and impulsations, does not fight back and who triggers it himself/herself due to the symbolism of the death rune, and simply lets himself/herself be overrun by them and acts them out uncontrolledly. 

For that reason only the correct peace symbol should be used, the symbolism of which is unconsciously absorbed, interpreted and understood by human beings as constructive, soothing, peaceful and progressive, through which he/she also builds up corresponding swinging-waves and impulsations in himself/herself, and gradually beings to act them out.

The ample spreading of the correct peace symbol and its common acceptance among the population and can effect very much that is positive and good and lead to a general calming and equalisation in these difficult and dangerous times.

About the Symbols of the Creation-energy Teaching 
By Bernadette Brand, Switzerland
- Contact Report 887 (scroll down to the article)

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Peace Symbol GIF - created by Rigel Rozanski

​Peace Symbol - svg (scalable vector file)  format - This means that it can be blown up into a HUGE image and it still retains its sharpness. - created by Rigel Rozanski 

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Dimensions for building a peace meditation pyramid - CAD drawing

Some information about the pyramids:
The mini-pyramids:  For one or two persons, (worldwide range with agate crystal at least 1.5 grams)
The small pyramid (base plate = 15 cm): from 1 to 7 persons; 7,000 km  (worldwide range with agate crystal of at least 1.5 grams)
The medium pyramid (base plate = 24 cm): from 1 to 21 persons; 24,000 km  (worldwide range without agate crystal)

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