FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada

Official FIGU Switzerland - YouTube Channel

Nature Is Speaking: I Am Creation (Produced by Andreas Mitterdorfer)​​

Salome - A Day In Schmidrüti (Film Production: Daniel Cooper)

Film clips of the Billy Meier Contact case as investigated by Nippon TV - You Tube (California FIGU-Interessengruppe für Missionswissen)

An interview with James W. Deardorff - YouTube

Billy Meier: The Hasenböl/Hasenboel Footage - YouTube produced by Christian Frehner

Proof Billy Meier Henoch Prophecies are True and Being Suppressed - YouTube with Michael Horn

FIGU Documentary | Don't believe, think for yourself (2019) - YouTube Documentary by Maarten de Penning

The Spiritual Teaching People - Changing The World Starts From Within - Dubhaltagh O Hearcain

WHY THE BILLY MEIER CASE IS REAL - What School Won't Tell You - Lesson 1 - YouTube

"wir glauben nicht"- Swiss UFO Documentary on YouTube

Mark Snider from Ohio Exopolitics discusses the Meier Spiritual teaching with Michael Uyttebroek  - YouTube

Christian Frehner on YouTubeThe correct pronunciation of German letters, ET names, Peace Meditation and OM meditation

Billy's Office and Demonstration of His Typing Skills​

My Long Road to FIGU - written by Catherine Mossman produced by Nature's Way

You Can't Lead a Horse to Water - written by Catherine Mossman produced by Nature's Way

Billy Meier & Michelle DellaFave April 2017

Billy Meier Interview May 2016 on America's Coming Civil Wars

The Truth About the Peace Symbol - by Guillermo López Barrera

Climate Change and Overpopulation - by Guillermo López Barrera

Various People talking about UFO's and then Michael Horn steps in...

Eduard Billy Meier Interview - 

The Lost Interviews of Billy Meier

Phobol Cheng meets Billy Meier at the SSSC

Phobol Cheng Interviewed in New York

Phobol Cheng at the Asoka/Ashoka Ashram

Beamship - The Metal (Trailer)

The Meier Chronicles (Trailer)

Contact (Trailer)

Interview mit Billy Meier (Nr. 001) - German Only (note there are many other interviews with Billy but they are in German only)

The Silent Revolution of Truth - Michael Horn 

Interview with Billy by Christian Frehner - From Billy for Kids website

International UFO Congress in Laughlin 1999 - Phobol Cheng's Lecture on her childhood experiences concerning Asket and Billy 

Billy Meier in French TV