Arahat Athersata

$50 CAD

Rebirth, Life, Dying, Death and Sorrow  $65

​​The Way to Live 

$65 CAD 

Goblet of the Truth

 $70 CAD 

 FIGU Shop (Switzerland)  
There are numerous books (50+), booklets and other products available from FIGU-Shop (Switzerland). Although most of the material  is in German only there are some books and booklets translated into English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech and Russian.

Talmud Jmmanuel 

$65 CAD 

Through Space and Time

$60 CAD

FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

​​Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching    ​$65 CAD 

​​Talmud Jmmanuel (large print)  $120 CAD 

Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Origin of all Existence

Introduction to Meditation

$65 CAD

From the Depths of Outer Space  $65

And Still They Fly!

$65 CAD

They Are Here

$65 CAD

Decalogue/ Dodecalogue

$40 CAD


About the Fluidal -Energies ...  $65 CAD

FIGU Landesguppe Canada


​​The Psyche 

$40 CAD 

The Billy Meier Case: True or a Hoax? $30 CAD

Might of the Thoughts

$65 CAD