Talmud Jmmanuel (Large Print)

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The Talmud Jmmanuel is the truthly testament of Jmmanuel, named Jesus Christ.  The old, original document from the time of Jmmanuel was discovered in 1963 in the actual grave cave of Jmmanuel where it lay buried, sealed in resin for about 20 centuries and had survived the long time.  The discoverer of the real grave cave of Jmmanuel was later murdered in Baghdad, after he had already translated into German a large part of the old document for his friend "Billy Eduard A. Meier". What was the UFO connection to Jmmanuel (aka Jesus Christ)?  Who was his real father and where was he from?  Who was the real traitor, and what is behind the secret of the resurrection and the ascension to heaven?  What astonishing truths have been hidden from the Earth human being for two millennia and falsified beyond recognition, and why?

 TJ1: 87: "The fruit of your womb goes by the name of Jmmanuel, which is interpreted as 'the one with JHWH-knowledge', as the indication and the honour of the JHWH, through whose power and provision the Earth newly becomes fertilised with wakened (intelligent) human life, through the copulation of the wild terrestrial previous-wives  (Ur-wives, early-wives) by the celestial sons, the ones who travelled afar from the depths of the heavens (outer space, universe)."

In collaboration with Ptaah, the level of Arahat Athersata and the Plejaren language scientists, is an all-new, translated two-thousand-year-old writing, which was discovered in 1963 in Jerusalem and which describes the life and work of Jmmanuel (aka Jesus Christ); written down at that time by order of Jmmanuel by one of his disciples.

Expanded to include many more important and partially completely new explanations.

All-new translated edition with many explanations: 2011 (German) 2016 (English)

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Author: 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier

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Publisher: FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

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