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N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English
What is the Creation?

Excerpt from Stimme der Wassermannzeit, No. 89 December 1993

1. The Creation is the immeasurable mystery suspended in immeasurable expanse.
2. The Creation is identical to 'Universal Consciousness', which guides and prevails in the BEING of consciousness; it is a double-helix, egg-shaped configuration that simultaneously constitutes the Universe in its growing expansion. Its pulsating double-helix arms live as spiritual energy, while rotating against each other.
3. The Universe is the Creation’s internal and external body.
4. The Creation --- through its entirety pulsate the Universal 'Gemüt' (a non-translatable German term for the spiritual counterpart to the psyche) and the Universal Consciousness, the power of life and existence in general.
5. The Creation pervades everything and everything pervades the Creation, therefore forming oneness within itself. Within this oneness occur all life and all of the evolution allotted to it.
6. The Creation has the identical developmental and evolutionary process as every life form, --- however, its values of time are anchored in very high values indeed.
7. The Creation itself exists in a conscious creative state for seven Great-Times. --- Subsequently it lays dormant for an equal number of Great-Times, but this time they last seven times as long. Following this period, the Creation is awake to create once again for a period seven times as longer once again than the previous one. (One Great-Time is equal to 311,040,000,000,000 terrestrial years; seven Great-Times add up to 2,177,280,000,000,000 terrestrial years, also called an eternity; 7 x 7 Great-Times make one All-Great-Time.)
8. The Creation is the Creation and there exists no Creation other than it within its own Universe.
The Creation is the Creation of all creations such as the Universe, the galaxies, stars, earths (earth is equivalent to 'planets' in this context), skies, light and darkness, time, space and all multitudes of life forms in existence, each according to its own species.
9. The Creation is justice, love, strength, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, freedom, mercy, laws, directive, alliance, fulfillment, evolution, life, support, joy, beauty, peace, infallibility, equilibrium, spirit, forever, logic, growth, perfection, contentment, inexhaustibility, omnipotence, sweetness, infinity, solidarity, perception, harkening, elevation, the Sohar, gentleness, lucidity, purity, transformation, origin, future, power, reverence, allness and BEING.
10. The Creation is the BEING and non-BEING of life. It is the most immense mass of spiritual energy in the Universe.
11.The Creation is spirit in its purest form and immeasurable in its wisdom, knowledge, love and harmony in truth.
12. The Creation is a spiritually dynamic, pure-spirit energy that prevails over everything. Incomprehensible for human beings, it is an active, creative wisdom in the midst of its own incessant evolution; it is all-encompassing for all times.
13. The Creation is verity, the all-embracing, solace, comprehensiveness, guidance, equality, accuracy, cognition, empirical knowledge, admonition, discipline, recollection, revelation, praise, perfection, explanation and direction.
14. The Creation is the path of life; it is nature, light, fire and contemplation; The Creation is consciousness, and it is omnipresent.

Glory be to the Creation.

Billy Meier​