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June 29, 2014
Greetings Billy, 
could you please favor us with information so humans would understand the word "innocence" in relation with his Pysche, personality and the spirit form he has and its ignorance? 

Within the spiritual teaching „innocence“ means that which is available or does exist in a neutral-positive way. 
The term „Schuld“ (guilt), in contrast, represents all that which is negatively „geartet“, „ausgeartet“, perverted, etc. 

March 23, 2014
Hi Billy and Christian: 
Reading the Talmud Jmmanuel, it came to a surprising revelation to the translation team that on chapter 5 1-11, it's been said that one must or should be joyful in order to understand the spiritual teaching, to realize that knowing the truth is to be joyful. My question is, life having so many upside downs, is it of much importance to remain optimistic and happy in order to really understand the teaching of the spirit, to have a strong feeling of joy and this helps the consciousness or is it a reminder that we must be joyful since we found the truth and follow it? Thank you! 

In order to be open for the spiritual teaching, i.e. being open to learn it, you must be neutral and optimistic. A person who is walking through life with a wry face all the time, or a pessimist, is not capable to really learn the spiritual teaching and act according to the spiritual laws and recommendations. 

July 27, 2013

Hello Eduard, 

In addition to my uncovering of "consonance" and its significance and implications, I have finally uncovered the "joy" which the prophets repeatedly mention in the Goblet of Truth. At first I did not fully realize what they were referring to and I now have it in my possession and, it has become a cherished part of my being. I have also uncovered the 12 advisers/councilors which guide me in all things of my life; so much so that anything in disharmony with the laws & recommendations of Creation are repulsed. Although I am far from any attainment of any sense of perfection, I do find it immensely an impossibility to deviate from or, to not apply, the things I have learned in my thinking or deeds and actions. My 12 advisers/councilors, for example, have helped me touch the heart of someone who did me a grave wrong and injustice. This person is now an even better human being and our relationship is a new and warm friendship. There is immense power to be gained from the arduous study of the Goblet and it is my hope that all of us students (disciples/pro-figu) of the prophets will take courage, interest and desire and study the Goblet of Truth. If we-all the students of the prophets of today were to synergistically study the Goblet, we would recognize and uncover such wondrous power that we would be a force of absolute good in the world. It is my hope and intention to do all I can so that everyone I have loved and known who has passed away, will incarnate into a better world in their next incarnation. It is also my desire to learn and continue to grow in the knowledge of the teaching of the prophets; and to continue to think of ways to involve my fellow man in the interest and recognition of the Truth. Thank you so much for what you went through and the help of everyone at FIGU for making the Goblet of Truth translated and available to us your modest and appreciative students. 

It says in the Goblet of Truth under the heading; "An Important Message to the Readers of this Work"; wherein it says; "It makes no difference whether the text is read silently or aloud, or whether one person reads it aloud to another". 

My thoughts from contemplation have been the following. 

Would you and our Jshwjsh find it permissible to have recordings of someone (KG49?) read the Goblet and make it available to your students? [or permit others to make the recordings?]; I have reasoned that the recordings would be beneficial during meditation time, that it would help expedite the grasping of the German by helping us recognize the words we are learning and seeing their use and placement in the sentences and also directing more and more of our attention to the German texts in the Goblet. All of us the students could listen in our vehicles while driving, so on and so on. FIGU could charge a fee for the recordings to further help the Mission financially. 

Thank you to you both. 


Recordings of the spirit teaching are not useful because the flow/stream of the words and sentences enters one ear and goes out through the other one. 
In order to learn you have to study the teaching sentence after sentence (with books, not electronic devices). In order to have a benefit you have to study and apply what has learned in your everyday life. Just listening will not bring the expected benefit. 
The code can be compared with just a counsel or advice, which to observe etc. is up to each person’s own free will.

June 28, 2013

Hello Billy, 

I want to know is it acceptable to take your own life when you are in captivity and you know you will be severely tortured or even tortured to death? Please elaborate on this question if possible. 


Suicide is NEVER acceptable or justified. No exception. 

(Note by CF: Many people have been tortured and survived and are leading good lives after such a severe experience. Everything depends on a person’s right/correct (= neutral-positive) thinking. People who are committing suicide are either mentally sick (e.g. heavy depression), are just cowards and are certainly thinking in an erroneous/irrational way.) 

June 28, 2013

Hello Billy 

In the Goblet of Truth somewhere in chapter 4, it states that a man can enter into a bond of marriage with a woman and her sisters. Now, I find that a little disturbing. Yet, for many years, I had eyes for women that I’m attracted to and I would like to be in a romantic relationship with some of them. Also, I was attracted to her younger or older sisters as well. Sometimes I would be more attracted to the younger sister; but at other times, I would be more attracted to the older sister than the younger one. I know many men has this happened to them before. If a man were allowed to be married to more than one woman in every country in the world, (based on the current state of the world, I would only marry two women) I would think about doing it. I wonder if the men on Erra marry a woman and her sisters as well. 

Now my question: 
Billy, why is a man allowed to marry a woman and her sisters? 


Because on the one hand polygamy (one man with more than wife) is natural, and on the other hand because a woman’s sisters are women too.

April 28, 2013

Hello Eduard and Christian! I hope everything is good. 

Here's my question, which is related to torture. 

Consider the following scenario. 
A man who is detained knows the whereabouts of several people that will certanly die if they're not found in time, and this prisoner is the ONLY one who knows but is not willing to speak. 
What can be done in these case? I know that torture is not an option, and I would appeal to reason and logic in order to get the information. But also it is a fact that time is of the essence! 
What's your opinion on this scenario? 

To apply torture in any form is NEVER permitted, without exception. The only way to find a solution in this scenario is to invoke the detained person’s help and cooperation; trying to get humane thoughts and reasoning through to his/her consciousness. 

(Note by CF: It probably makes sense to involve his/her relatives or wife/husband etc. in order to find/trigger the desired information.) 

April 28, 2013

Greetings Billy, 

In the Goblet of Truth, you have written below - "you shall be conscious that YOU have already often lived ... just as YOU will continue again and again, as always new personalities... " 

As this YOU that "has already often lived and will continue again and again, as always new personalities", is not our current personality and material consciousness that is reading your words; Can you please further explain what you mean by this 'YOU' that 'has already often lived and will continue again and again, as always new personalities ...' ? 

"... an equally new personality is created which is then born anew, together with the spirit-form of the human being which, after the dying of the material body, also goes into its fine-fluidal realm of the other world and from out of there reincarnates again and, contrary to the personality, is alone capable of being reborn; so 
you shall be conscious that you have already often lived a material-current life as always new personalities, just as you will continue again 
and again, as always new personalities, to pass through new lives; and that will happen so often and for such a long time until your spirit, i.e. 
your spirit-form has developed so highly through your evolution of your consciousness that it no longer needs a material body and consciousness anymore and thus goes as a higher form into a higher level." 

"... mit einer ebenso neuen Persönlichkeit geschaffen wird, die dann neu gebiert, zusammen mit der Geistform des Menschen, die nach dem Sterben des materiellen Körpers ebenfalls in ihren feinstofflichen Jenseitsbereich eingeht und von dort aus wieder reinkarniert und gegensätzlich zur Persönlichkeit allein wiedergeburtsfähig ist; also sollt ihr euch bewusst sein, dass ihr als immer wieder neue 
Persönlichkeiten schon oft und oft ein materiell-aktuelles Leben gelebt habt, wie ihr aber auch weiterhin als immer wieder neue Persönlichkeiten neue Leben zu bestehen haben werdet; und das wird 
derart oft und lange sein, bis sich euer Geist resp. eure Geistform durch eure Evolution eures Bewusstseins derart hoch entwickelt hat, dass er resp. sie keines materiellen Körpers und Bewusstseins mehr bedarf und als höhere Form in eine höhere Ebene eingeht." 

With that YOU, each human being of all ages, generations and everywhere in the universe is addressed. 

(Note by CF: Each person who is capable to read the information from the Goblet of Truth is connected to a spirit-form which already has been connected with many previous personalities. In the GoT no special person is addressed, but humankind as a whole.)

April 28, 2013

Lieber Eduard, 

My father would like to know how the high powered weapons you keep in your safe fit in with the spirit/consciousness teachings. 

Viele Grüße 

The weapons have nothing to do with the spiritual teaching. They are just tools/devices that were used for work and for self-defense. Weapons may never be used to kill another person, even not so in a self-defense situation (if possible).

April 28, 2013

Hello Billy, 

What is the relation between education (especially analytical thinking) and the spirit teachings? 

Thank you. 

These are two different factors. With analytical thinking you e.g. try to solve a problem; the spiritual teaching gives the human beings the opportunity to learn. Learning (as e.g. learning to sing, to write, to ride a bicycle, etc.) is no analytical process.

April 28, 2013

Hello Eduard 

It is true and obvious to some human beings that violence does not stop violence and murder does not stop murder. When I was in Switzerland 2 years ago I asked Patric CG member about the conflict in Libya and he said what should of happened there is that a secret group should of gone into Libya and arrested those responsible in positions of power without further killing of human beings. 

What would be the correct way to end the senseless violence and murdering in Syria? 

The intelligent way to deal with all those crazy and war-mongering heads of states and governments and military and rebels/revolutionaries, etc. etc. (which are active not only in Syria, but many other countries) is to found anInternational Peace-Fighting Troop/Army which takes care that all attempts to start a war are stopped everywhere (= in all countries) at its root by capturing the responsible war-mongering persons and separate them from society for the rest of their lives.

April 28, 2013

Hello Billy, 

Thank you for your feedback, it confirmed my own thinking in this. I understand very well that I will never understand the universal consciousness Creation, the Absolutum this lifetime. I primarily study these things just to be aware of them and let them be a framework of how I see reality, however limited by my understanding. (nothing more, nothing less) 
This information exist in the spirit teaching (absolutum, zahl-anon, etc. etc. etc.), so I study it for the reason mentioned above. 

In contrast to the assumption of CF: The appearance of being knowledgeable to others has no importance whatsoever, acting for the sake to appear knowledgeable is merely ego driven. 

When I think about the following (freely translated) proverb: 

"The wise do not cry about the dead and about things of the past", it means the following to me: 

"It is wise not to unnecessarily dwell on things in the past, since you can not change them and you can not bring back the dead, but rather learn from things of the past and implement them in the here and now" 

This provides directly for instructions how to deal with that situation, and how to live it. 

My following question to you, is this process similar to the mental-block meditation, in its effects on the mental-block and the individuality-block? 

It is not important to know about the SEIN-Absolutum and all the other Absolutum forms, or about Creation Universal Consciousness, because you cannot understand them anyway. What is written in the Spirit Lessons and some books about these energy forms is just a information, not necessary for leading a good life. 
What is important is to learn the „Teaching of the Truth“, to understand it and to logially follow it (nachvollziehen). This will lead to answers of the following questions: How shall I behave, how do I treat my fellow-human beings, how can I become a true human being? 

The mental-block meditation has nothing to do with things from the past, but just helps to put or keep the mental-block in order.

March 24, 2013

Dear Billy, 

I would like your opinion about the following: 

I am currently taking a whole different approach with the spirit teaching then I did before, and it seems to be working for me. 

I basically split up the spirit teaching in two separate forms, but they remain one: 

1. Studying the natural-creative laws and recommendations, the structure of the spirit, spiritform levels, mechanics, dynamics, structures, knowledge about the universe, the universal-consciousness Creation up to the highest absolutum, what is currently available in the spirit teaching. 

This does not directly teaches me to be a better person, it only provides me with a framework of knowledge, but it does not make me a better person. Its knowledge without the wisdom. 

2. Studying the, what I call "Wisdom teaching" from the spirit teaching: For example, I collected all proverbs, verses from the OM which speak about " the wise" or a wise person(+), and I am now collecting all proverbs which address the unwise / fool (-). 

Wise vs Unwise 
Just vs Unjust 
Knowledgeable vs believer 

I see both as positive and negative and they form a unity. 
What I am basically saying is that I am analyzing the wisdom in those proverbs and verses, and gaining both empirical and theoretical knowledge, this provides me with the how and why on how to live right and just. 
What is your opinion about this, do you have any suggestions in this? 

Instead of focusing on "things“ you cannot and will not understand (e.g. Creation or the Absolutes Absolutum, etc.), or listing and collecting proverbs and verses etc., it is advisable to study one [or a few] of the verses or proverbs, pondering its content and meaning and trying to implement it into one’s own life, and live accordingly. 
The process is as follows: 
1) verinnerlichen 
2) in sich selbst umsetzen 
3) nach aussen wirksam werden lassen durch das eigene Handeln 

(Note by CF: What Billy means is that instead of just superficially collecting information it is better to thoroughly study a few values and then implement them in one’s thinking and acting, because that’s the way to improve/change knowledge into wisdom. 
1] The word "verinnerlichen“ does not exist in English, but could be explained as completely "taking up“ something’s meaning and value within oneself. 2] Assimilate what has been "verinnerlicht“ within oneself. 3] If it = the knowledge is really assimilated within oneself and when it profoundly permeates one’s thinking, it will influence one’s actions, which are visible and detectable by other people etc. 

And another thought: What really matters in a person’s personal evolution is not primarily being able to explain the functioning of machines or structures or workings of Creation etc. etc. to oneself and/or other people, probably wishing to appear knowledgeable, but rather to live the spiritual principles in one’s everyday life. Just knowing [or rather being aware of the knowledge] how a life should be lived, but not thinking and acting accordingly, brings not much benefit.)

Feb.24, 2013

Dear Eduard, 

I was recently thinking about the truth and wisdom inclined in the words from OM: "Blessed is he who has learned to wait joyously". Although the meaning of these words is quite clear one would still have to work hard and make certain effort in order to be sure and wait joyously for the outcome. Nothing comes from nothing, thus simply watching the events passing by without any progressive involvement is probably not the right way even though the "observer" can still learn from mistakes made by others. 
On the other hand we should be also striving - probably most of all- for our own development and proper and balanced spiritual evolution because if our peers are not ready for a change they will likely turn against us and attempt to bury our achievements with us. Nonetheless I wonder weather an individual has made enough effort to utilize his/her abilities or how she/he can find the perfect barometer of one's actions to not overdo or make fools out of one selves. 
I also remember that, on some occasions, you have mentioned that because of your extensive knowledge you have carried burden which (in my opinion) could also be negatively influencing your harmony as the waiting continues for the events to unfold. 
I would be deeply grateful for further explanations that you deem appropriate for previously cited OM quote. 


The word „gesegnet“ in German means „gedeihen“ („thriving“). The meaning of the sentence: 
Everything needs time to thrive/flourish. This is possible with patience only; without patience there is no learning. 

Feb. 24, 2013

Is there a definition and a set of procedures for the use of 'logical force' that the Plajaren abide by when implementing such an action? In other words, what range of actions are included in the Plajaren's 'logical force' methodology? 

I think that your entire Mission and that of FIGUs is the use of direct 'logical force', but what else besides the seeding of the spiritual teaching would be considered 'logical force'? 

Everything which is directed against that which is negative/bad, is logical force. In other words: Acting towards, and engaging for that which is good (in line with the spiritual principles etc.) is application of logical force.

Nov. 27,2012
Dear Billy, 

Perhaps this question has been asked before, but if not, could you tell me what happens to the “storage banks” if a planet has been destroyed and the spirit forms of that planet migrate to another planet? Do the storage banks of the old planet integrate with the storage banks of the new planet, or is a new storage bank created after the spirit forms have moved to the new planet? Is there a physical location within the atmosphere ie; 10,000 km from the surface of the planet where the storage banks are located, or is that the wrong type of comparison? 

Thank you again for your answers to all the people on the English Forum., over the period of 11 years you have answered approximately 2, 500 questions and Thank You Christian, that is a lot of translating! 


Impressive number. Thank you. 

Billy doesn’t know what will happen with the storage banks when a planet is destroyed. Most probably they are dissolving. He also doesn’t know about its location. 
In the spiritual teaching it is said that the storage banks are a spirit-energetical belt (geistenergetischer Gürtel).

Oct. 28, 2012
Hello Billy, 

Since love is the most important concept in the spiritual teaching and life, can you please explain what the symbol for love, which is shown in your book "Symbole der Geisteslehre", means. 

I hope that you are doing good and thank you for your time. 

The two circles mean absolute connectedness (absolute Verbundenheit), in a spiritual and material sense. The two half-circles represent the material life. 
All the parts of the symbol together represent the definition of love and mean the following: (Love is the) absolute certainty about the fact that oneself jointly lives and jointly exists in everything, (therefore) so in everything that exists: In fauna and flora, in the fellow human being, in each and every material and spiritual life-form of any kind, and in the presence of the entire universe and beyond.


Hello Billy. 
I'm working on the Goblet of truth from text to speech for English speaking people and I understand the value of receiving the impulses via the German language and storage banks through the reading of the teachings in German. I also understand the importance of studying the teachings comprehensively in whatever language that we already know. For some (such as myself) it seems to be a very difficult thing to accomplish/ Master the German language with all that I still must learn and with what time I have left to live. Do you think that it is wise for those that have difficulty comprehending the German language to first understand the teachings in their native language as much as possible while still striving to learn German? and can one receive the impulses while reading German even if they don't understand a lick of it? I know that this was not just one single question but they do go hand in hand and I often see the subject come up as some people don't see the value of text to speech and discount "audio translations" not realizing that they are very valuable to the blind and to people that have great difficulty reading because of poor eyesight. 
Thank you Billy. 

There is a fundamental difference between a blind person and a seeing person when they are hearing a text. Blind people are much more sensitive (sensibilisiert) and have another receptiveness. They are used to keep/memorize what they hear. 
When seeing persons hear a text, usually the message goes into one ear and out to the other one. 
Of course it is possible to learn by hearing, but this has to be connected with hypnotic procedures. 

(Note by CF: Of course it is better to read what is available in English than to not read about the spiritual teaching at all. There is also a big difference when you read the spiritual teaching from either a book or from a screen. The effect when reading it from a book (paper) is much more profound than when reading it from an electronic device, as has been explained by Ptaah this year.)

July 28,2012
Dear Billy and Christian, 

What do you mean in OM Kanon 32:2490 "Nicht hören, nicht sehen, nicht sprechen, das ist der Weisen Verhaltensweise." 
(not hearing, not seeing, not speaking, that is the wise one's behaviour) 

I can understand the not speaking part, but the seeing and hearing: isn't it important to be alert and open to what is going on in the world around you, or do you mean the wise ones are avoiding evil by not seeing and hearing the Ungerecthen, Unwissenden, and Narren things around them... In an essence blocking out the Uncreational and in doing so remaining open to the Creational laws and recommendations or conciousness related things or ? 
p.s. Thanks for all the in-depth OM Kanons they really make one think. 
Salome Corey 

It means that the wise one does not speak about the non-important things he sees or hears, and himself does not speaks about non-important things. 
A popular symbol of this saying is the one with the 3 monkeys.

June 24,2012

Greetings to you and all who share with you. 
If you can please explain in as much detail as you can about the Spirit Symbol "Mission" so that I and other may be able to learn from this. 
Also I purchased your Book of Spirit Symbols but, they contain no additional description other other than the name of the symbol. Is there other books available to read to find extended meaning of the Spirit Symbols of which I may obtain. If not I am content with what I have. 
Thank you my friend 

It would lead much too far and would need too much time to explain the Geistessymbole in detail. You could fill up books regarding the symbols. 
It's up to each person to find out the meaning or possible meaning, e.g. through meditation.

April 30,2012

Hello Eduard, 

In 2005 I asked you what Honor (Ehre) meant as a pillar of Wisdom, from the book OM, Kanon 31, on the pages 125-126 vers. 304-312 

Your Answer was: 

"Ehre/honour is an „extensive“ (weitlaeufig) term. Honour is used here as honour that is “lived” by the human being towards Creation, and this honour also includes reverence (without any fragment of fear). And honour is also lived towards everything that exists: the animals, the universe, human beings, the plants, etc. etc. Honour has to do with respect and awe (Achtung und Respekt)." 

It seems to me that all seven pillars of Wisdom also express themselves as high virtues in the personality/psyche of a person, which enable the psyche to be balanced and receptive to impulses from the Gemüt. Also that wisdom always shows with these 7 virtues present in the personality/psyche of a person. 

Could you explain Gerechtigkeit in the context of the seven pillars of Wisdom? 

"Gerechtigkeit" (fairness) is built on virtues like honour, honesty, dignity and "Würdigung", and is connected with assessment of something according to reality and truth. Fairness demands that one acts accordingly. 
"Gerechtigkeit" is a part of wisdom.

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In Contact Report 433, 2006, Ptaah speculated the possibilities behind the strange events at the SSSC(disappearance of 2 photographic slides, book, text on the computer & running backwards of Guido's two alarm clocks,..) either to be the work of humans from future earth or could be those of secret terrestrial laboratories that have developed electromagnetic teleportation-vibrations which initially manifest themselves in the area of their goal and then also disappear again without a trace, without allowing their origin to be determined because no coordinates whatsoever or other traces are able to be pursued and are therefore not verifiable. I would like to know, whether Plejaren or you, have come to know the truth of the matter and that is: Who actually are behind the strange events occuring at SSSC ? 
Below is Billy's reply to my question last month, mentioning that he would find out the name of the alien language. Please let Scott pass on the answer to me if Billy resolves the issue in the meantime. 

"49 Questions(2000) 

17. Is there a god, a devil, or a hell ? 

The Psyche 
Pages 52 & 53 

The word "god" is merely the ancient term from an equally ancient language of alien people whose existence and language could not reliably be proven until 1973, and again in 1994.Without a doubt, and although the theologians and other scientists disclaim this fact, the word "god" is not in any way synonymous with "Creation" in this ancient alien language. 

The ancient alien language you are referring to seems to be Lyrian. 
Did our scientists found the writings/scriptures/books in this alien langauge, as you have mentioned that it would be proven in 1973 & again in 1994 ? 


Answer: The two years mentioned above are relating to the publication dates of the book "Die Psyche". Billy will try to get information regarding that ancient language."}}

Jan. 28, 2012

Hi Christian, 

In FIGU books and publication, the Sanskrit vowel diacritic 'am' (Figure 1) written in Devanagari script is used to denote OM/Omfalon Murado. Why is this done? 

Is there any relation between OM used as in books written by BEAM and the sacred syllable OM/AUM of the eastern religions? If yes, why 'aum' (Figure 2) which is phonetically more similar to OM not used to denote OM? The 'aum' syllable is pronounced OM in daily use. 

[two]   [three]  
Figure 1 Figure 2 

The symbol in figure 1 was created by Nokodemion and, therefore, it's the original which was drawn from the storage banks by Billy. 

(Note by CF: In other words: When the symbol was created India did not yet exist.)

Jan. 28, 2012

Hi Billy, 

I have a question - What is the purpose of the spiritual teaching? I mean - Why? If all people in the Universe will eventually evolve into A.A., and beyond, then why rush it? There can be many mistakes had when people are presented with information that could be beyond their level of grasping, as Nokodemion found out when he instructed his first peoples Billions of years ago, as they degenerated towards evil, over and over again, because of this information being presented to them. Had they not been presented with this information, perhaps they would have evolved normally, and the possibility of degenerating would have been prevented. So, again, my question, Why the spiritual teaching? Is it a way to minimize the suffering of people through avoiding countless mistakes, as in like, a humanitarian mission(to avoid war, mistakes, etc.)? People will eventually figure it out if left on their own, and this could cause less confusion, and disasters. So, what is the purpose of the Spiritual teaching if all people will eventually reach A.A and beyond on their own? I don't understand. Why rush it? It's like speeding - the faster you go, the more the possibility exists of an accident. And, what is the purpose of this journey anyway? Also, if this spiritual teaching is necessary(has a purpose), will it be provided in the next Creation that follows this one, and why? I know it seems like a stupid question, but I would like some clarity on this situation (life). Ich verstehe nicht.... 

Thank you very much for your help... 


It's a creational law. You can compare it with a school. How would you be able to successfully learn knowledge (and to even get knowledge about the existence of certain learning stuff) if there is no teacher around? 
The greates part of human beings are not capable (and willing) to learn profoundly and originially by themselves. They need other – more knowledgeable human beings – to teach them things and values. 
If there were no prophets who bring the spiritual teaching to the fellow-human beings, there would be no guarantee that all human beings would be able to fulfill their evolutionary cycle before the universe begins its contraction process. 

It's always single human beings who are pulling the masses forward, everywhere in the universe. 

(Note by CF: And example of what would occur if there would be no teachers (and valuable teachings) is the great number of children and adults who grew up in families where they were not educated and raised properly and correctly and in line with virtues and values. So many people are stumbling through life, lacking of decency and following all kind of vices, in part because they never learned correct and healthy thinking from their parents, etc.)

Jan.28, 2011

Dear Billy and Christian, 

Can you explain sentences 67-70 found on page page 15 of the book "Dekalog/Dodekalog"-I was confused when I read this because I don't know if you mean the sentences apply to earth humanity as a whole or just those striving for evolution why is it that for a normal average human this lifetime and the next two lifetimes truth is unattainable (unerreichbar) then for three more lifetimes achieving more spiritual knowledge (Wissen) follows...? 


5 lifetimes plus 5 existences in the other world (between death an birth) makes a couple hundreds of years. These verses address consciousness-related knowledge only, not the so-called spiritual knowledge. 

(Note by CF: This corresponds with the prophecied about 800 years until terrestrial humankind is starting to acknowledge and live by the spiritual laws and recommendations on a broader scale.)

Dec. 24, 2011

Howdy Billy, this is a question for you. 

My wife has asked this question with the Plejaren in mind. 

"What is the best path towards spirituality here on Earth?" 

Actually the term "spirituality" has some kind of sectarian touch. The best path towards a consciousness-related life is to learn what's real, and live according to the spiritual teaching, namely the teaching of truth, the teaching of spirit, the teaching of life.


Dear Billy and Christian: 

I observe how humans here on earth kill animals in a violent way, for food or for fun; it seems to me that they don’t think about the suffering of the animal. My question is: 

Killing an animal with excess violence, does this act go against the 6th Creational commandment: You shall not kill in depravity? 


Yes, exactly.



What is the current number of Spiritual Teaching Lessons? 



Aug. 28,2011

Greetings Billy, 

Does studying the Symbole der Geisteslehre aid the spiritform in programming the next incarnation the next time it is Jenseits and allow faster Entwicklung? 

Salome, Corey 

No, it doesn't. The symbols can be used learning to meditate, or in meditation.


Hi Billy and Christian, 

At this years Passive Members meeting, I purchased the Book of OM. My idea is to translate this for myself in a process to also learn German. My question is, would I be better served starting the Spiritual Teachings for this task, or is the information in the Book of OM's equal in it's evolutive discourse. BTW I received book # 770, I thought that was a sign I was starting at the right place, lol! 

a friend in america 

The OM is a part of the spiritual teaching and difficult to translate. To start with the Spirit Lessons is more appropriate and enables you to learn along/within a certain learning system. 

June 24,2011

Billy, I would like to know your opinion about the value of converting the text of the spiritual teaching to recordings via human speech/reading. 

I would like to use the already translated english translations available on the internet and read them aloud and record for myself and others to listen to that perhaps cannot read or are blind and offer them as free downloads to anyone that wants them. 

Do you see this as too inferior a method of learning or does it have enough merit to allow this to be distributed in this way, perhaps with some sampling and approval from FIGU? 

Peace, Matt 

Basically, reading a text in a book etc. brings much better effect than just listening ( Note by CF: because when reading you can stop after each sentence and think about what you have just read; but when you let a text flow into your ears, it will flow through your brain and leave you on the other side). 

But of course for blind people, or people who cannot read, or barely read, listening to an audio text is much better than having no access to the teaching. Therefore it's okay to record them as audio files. 
However, this is no permission or approval for any official production of audio texts on a commercial basis! 

Btw: Reading it for yourself (or writing it down) may also have a good effect on you.

June 24,2011

Dear Billy, 
Every where around me i see people who look like they carry a heavy burden and I sense un-happiness, people walk with gloomy faces and talk of the pending disasters etc. 
And so I remind myself the time when you said to me 'dont worry', 'dont worry', but its difficult to feel happy inside when all around i sense the opposite, yet I really try, i do. My question is therefore for a positive outlook: in your Book of Symbols, I see the symbol of HUMOR. Can you please explain even a little how am i meant to read it ? i understand that i should be in a neutral positive mind/consciousness when thinking about Humor. How does this Humor symbol translate to a feeling of joy or happiness or positive outlook on life? or is the symbol a reminder of a quick glance of a passing thought/feeling only? where are its roots? I think that Humor and true honest fun are incredibly difficult to cultivate and master. 
Many thanks of appreciation, 
Salome Bianca 

You can use the symbol to think about humour. Besides, you can exercise your laughing muscles. You can do this in front of a mirror, or out in nature. Just think about positive and funny situations. 

March 27,2011

Billy, if I'm not mistaken it's possible to receive impulses from the storage banks if one reads the German original contact reports. However I would like to know if it is also possible to receive impulses if one were to read the English translations of the contact reports that are maybe good translations but not necessarily perfect translations? 

No. The "Contact Reports" contain no code. 
The code does exist in German texts only (in spiritual teaching texts).


Greetings Billy, 

In the book, Symbole der Geisteslehre, the spiritual symbol for Empfindung (spiritual fine-sensitive feeling) on page 87, appears to represent male/female sexual union. Can you confirm if that is not just my imagination and, if so, further elucidate the correlation between the two? 


It is just your imagination and associations. 
The two spheres represent "Empfindung, bestehend aus Ausgleich und Gleichheit" (spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling, consisting of reconciliation and equality). And the rose represents the "fineness of spiritual-fine-sensivitve feeling" (Feinheit der Empfindung). 


Dear Billy and Christian: 

Many greetings to you both and thank you for the reply. I would never kill a snake either. Unfortunately due to ignorance a lot of people in my country kill snakes because of fear. 

The reply about Creation was more profound than I thought, but I do understand the meaning now. My question this time is rather simple perhaps, but I find it difficult to think about positive degeneration. It is said that we on earth are either unbalanced to the negative pole or to the positive. I can only think about false humanitarian actions or caring too much for animal shelters as examples. I just find it difficult to think about a “bad positive”. If I am wrong, then what would be an example of positive degeneration? 

Thank you very much for your time, Salome Marcela 

Examples of positive degeneracy (positive Ausartung): 
- When a person donates money or is helping just to ease one's consciousness, and not because of the joy of being able and capable to help. 
- If you donate money to or help some person or institution who/which uses your money or help for negative purposes. 
If you are walking through the desert and meet a person who is nearly dead of thirst: if you have water with you and let the person drink from the bottle, that person will die (= positive degeneracy). But if you slowly start by letting drops of water trickle onto the lips of the nearly dead person, and slowly continue with wetting the mouth with droplets of water, etc., that person has the chance to survive (= no degeneracy). And if you pass the person and don't even try to help, then this is plain/negative degeneracy.

Nov. 29, 2010

Dear Billy and Christian: 

Thank you for the reply. Before I ask the question, I wanted to say that reading your biography I was amazed to know that you were such a good Cobra snake catcher, and from deduction I realized that you did this with only one arm. I like snakes as well, I know it sounds odd, but I do like them, and I have caught myself a few. I caught a baby snake when I was a child that I kept as a pet. And then I caught two more that I released. I would never attempt to catch a poisonous snake thought. 

Reading the 12 commandments of Creation, #2 says that “You shall keep holy the name of Creation and not abuse this name.” I understand that by keeping it holy, one must respect Creation’s name, not use it in absurd sentences or thoughts. But what does it mean to not abuse the name of Creation? 

Many kind greetings to you and the core group, Marcela 

Billy wants to inform you that he never killed the snakes that he caught, with one exception: A black cobra which had a deep and long wound. 

To not abuse the name of Creation means that one shall not attempt to turn a human being into a god or even representative of Creation, or even Creation itself. 
A belief system that claims that god is the creator of the universe etc. is equal to an abuse of the name of Creation.

Nov. 29,2010

From the Kelch der Wahrheit Introduction... 

"The tome comprises a total of 28 chapters." 
"the first 14 chapters from terrestrial storage banks" 
"Only in the cosmic storage banks have their teaching and explanations been retained and stored for all time down to the present day." 
"there had been provision for ages that the spiritual teaching of chapters 15 to 28 should be put into words by the last and seventh prophet" 
"expand the teaching of Nokodemion with his own addition, in which case it was also necessary to write chapters 15 to 20 in an old written language." 

Chapters 15 through 28, which will be put into words by you, why was it required to only write chapters 15 through 20 in the old written language and what is the significance of the final eight chapters not needing to be written in the old language? 

...still patiently waiting on the completion of the english translation of the last eight chapters... 


Chapters 15 through 20 were in part drawn from the storage banks where the sentences are stored in ancient language. The last eight chapters were written by Billy without using the storage banks.

Nov. 29,2010

Dear Billy, 
Since visiting the center in September and talking with the core group members I have been struck by the enormity of the challenge faced by you and the group tirelessly working away to get the message of the Plejaran out to the world which is largely unaware of you or dismisses you. I was shocked at how few passive members there were worldwide and personally I see constant attacks on the internet against you and your message which seems to hinder the whole process of getting any spiritual message out to the point almost of stagnation. The evidence initially presented to you by the Plejaran was intended to be presented in a way that would allow a gradual introduction of certain concepts into the psyche of the human species without forcing them to accept them as fact, this seems to have worked as the majority of the human population now accept the possibility of extraterrestrial life. 
My question is this: If the spiritual message has been largely ignored apparrently because the process of plausible deniability has worked too well, are there any plans to counteract this with withheld evidence? Or is the earth human to naturally gravitate towards real spirituality on his own without coming in contact with your message? 

Many thanks. 

Yes, the "earth human beings would naturally gravitate towards real spirituality", but of course not to such an extent as when there is a prophet around who brought and brings the true teaching. 
And there is a "No" to your first question. Each human being must learn at his own pace, and any plan or attempt to speed up the process of "accepting the spirit teaching" would be an act of coercion and force. It would be equal with missionizing, just as it is the case with religions and sects.

Oct. 25,2010

Dear Billy, 
Thanks for your last answer. 

If we don't know German well and are read " Kelch der Wahrheit" through a German synthetical voice system, must we listen to the text or can we simply hear it for the woven code to be efficient in us? 



You can either listen to it or just hear it. But don't start to imagine things and effects where there are none. Theprocess is unconscious, and the result is kind of an unconscious impulse to learn. 



Your book, Symbole der Geisteslehre, contains 601 illustrations of ideas/concepts that one transmits and receives telepathiclly. I understand with much meditation discipline, the symbols possibly enter ones awareness. Millions of these symbols exist. How do humans of Earth most efficiently compile more spiritual teaching symbols for visual study after their correct meaning is verified, translated, and recorded? 

Thank you, kindly 


Since the Symbole der Geisteslehre (symbols of the spiritual teaching) have been created by Nokodemion, terrestrial human beings cannot compile them through any means. This is possible only for the personalities of the Nokodemion line. 
These symbols may not be getting mixed with the symbols that are used in spiritual telepathy. Those symbols cannot be drawn.

April 4, 2010

Hi Eduard, 

Why are the spirit lessons not available to the public without FIGU membership, please? 

From what I read, it is because they are dangerous in the wrong hands. I do not understand how the truth could be dangerous so this must be incorrect. 

In my opinion they should be available online in electronic form, free of charge. Only paper-based books should be chargable. This is the case with the Goblet of Truth as you know. 

Thank you 


Billy's decision to publish the Goblet of Truth for free and in electronic form will remain to be an exception. All of our other books will be available in paper form only, be it in German or other languages. 
If we would publish the spirit lessons freely and in electronic form, much too much falsifications and problems would arise. There already exist enough problems with the inaccurate translation of the other texts. Any translation of the spiritual teachings from German is incomplete and open to false assumptions and misunderstandings. 

Btw: Even many persons who speak German as their native language have to learn to understand certain words and meanings, because nowadays many words are used falsely and, therefore, are not understood correctly anymore. And to read information between the lines is also something that has to be learned. 

(Note by CF: The Spirit Lessons are a series of lectures that must be studied one after another. And to be fruitful, the lectures must be studied and practiced thoroughly. If that great knowledge from the spirit lessons would be open to anybody in the internet, plenty of people would just pick that which seems spectacular to them and distort the information and misuse it. This would lead to effects that we could never take responsibility for.) 

March 1, 2010

Hello, Billy! 
I would like to ask you if when reading the teachings in German, somebody who does not understand German (but have read it in English) still can benefit from the impulses /encoded messages? If not, then it get lost and we cannot benefit from it in the next encarnations? 
Thank you for all you do,your sacrifices and hardship for helping us. 
Salome for all. 

Yes, you can benefit even if you don't understand German, but only for this lifetime, not the next incarnations. 

(Note by CF: But don't expect a wonder. You still have to work on and for yourself and lead and live your life yourself. Besides, the code has nothing to do with "encoded messages", but it just triggers impulses from your personal storage bank, and it's up to you whether or not you do something sensible with those impulses. 
And on another note: Billy doesn't "sacrifice" himself in any way. A sacrifice is false in any case and without exception, and human beings should avoid sacrifice in any aspects.)

March 1, 2010

Dear Billy: 

I once read on the forum that you mentioned the importance of getting knowledge in every life as much as possible. I was wondering about the kind of knowledge we should acquire. The one taught in schools and universities? To be more specific, one should study science and nature, or were you referring to the knowledge of the spiritual teachings contained in your books and contact reports? 
Thank you. 

Of course it is the spiritual teachings the people should search and strive for – and learn – because this knowledge is where evolution really happens.

March 1,2010

Mr Meier, 

Could you please explain the symobol of CREATION for us. I feel that the inner star represents the universe, and the seven rings around the star represents the 7 belts. But what are the outer line representing. 

It is good to hear from you again 
Many thanks 

David M. Gustafson 

The seven rings are representing the Universe, the circle/ring in the star represents the spiritual energy = creational consciousness of/with everything. 
The other structures in the corners represent the basic pillars of evolution: love, peace, freedom and harmony.

Jan. 23,2010

Dear Billy, 

Concerning the history of the mission from ancient times until now, a clear picture of the timeline would be very interesting and appreciated. When exactly did Nokodemjon and the first of the 144208 Lyrians come to the Earth? And when they leave the Earth at the end of the Aquarian Age in the year 3999 and go to other worlds, how long will these helpers and Nokodemjon continue to work together to fully accomplish this mission? 

I know that the mission on Earth is only going to last about another 800 years. But my thinking is that it must continue on into many other worlds of which you have already had contacts with their leaders. If I am not mistaken, and please correct me if I am wrong, it has been about 12 billion years already since Nokodemjon first returned from Arahat Athersata to bring his people back to reason before they destroyed all of Creation. Is this accurate? 

Salome to you, 
Lonnie Morton 

This would lead too far. However, you may read Bernadette Brand’s book about the history of Nokodemjon. 

Btw: The figure of 800 years doesn’t relate to the duration of the mission. In 800 years we can expect the first real reward from our mission because then the spiritual teaching will really spread on Earth and will free the people from the fangs of religion and belief. 

The mission itself never stops.


Salome Billy, 
Taking into consideration that i do not know German and so consequently am incredibly disadvantaged because I am unable to learn the Geistlehre, HOW can I learn otherwise to correct the negative imprinted ways of my thinking and behaviour in my Psyche since my childhood? 
WHAT must I do in order to recognize the negative and destructive characteristics and defects that I have? and in WHAT way the negative thoughts and feelings and actions can be released? 
HOW do I begin to change it all? 
I do practice the Pentra meditation, I do the 12 Affirmations and some other affirmations as well, but I feel like 'something' is holding me back'? feeling happy is even a chore, why? 
Herzlichen Danke, Salome Bianca 

Direct you thoughts to the truth in reality, i.e. to everyday life. Learn to act correctly. If negative things from the past arise, look at them and then let them pass. Try to live with your thoughts in the present, and not in the past. You cannot change things of the past, but you can now determine your future. 

Besides: Even if you could read the Geisteslehre in German, you would still face the same problem/s. 
Don’t let your head hang low. Perceverance is required. 

(Note by CF: Don’t try too hard; lean back, but stick at it. You cannot change all, but slowly just one thing after another. Be patient, be attentive, and don’t have high expectations.)


Dear Billy, 
What is the meaning of the rectangle at the bottom of the Peace Symbol? 

The rectangle represents the grounding/fundamental block of peace which holds together and bears the tree of peace and life. 
The black and white square represents the symbol of life and peace. 
The seven „feathers“ on top are the seven consciousness forms. 
The 2 x 3 „feathers“ below represent spiritual vibrations. 
The two wheels represent the universe and Creation and are connected.

Aug. 24,2009

hello billy 
i have been researching your information and am a believer i have taken your information seriously. i would like to know what srut is i found it in 

thank you 

Srut is the next higher training grade (Ausbildungsgrad) to an IHWH (with regard to spiritual teachings). The highest training grade is called "ban-srut“.

July 26,2009

Most Honorable Billy , 

Thank you very much for answering our endless questions. And sorry to bother you. 

I have a very serious question about the most probably your future followers from Muslim countries. I mean there was a real script of Jemmanuel teachings that by the help of Pljearns now in available for the people. But I wonder as you mentioned that most of the Quran also falsified and we now that spirit of Mohammad is the same as Jemmanuel ,s Spirit and also other prophets, that it means this lineage of all the prophets protect and had been sent by Plearians ( if I'm not wrong) , I think it would be tremendously useful if on behalf of the Muslim communities somehow /or by the help of Plearians : 1 - The real and untouched scrip of Quran would be fond. 2 – At least the true and untouched sections of the current Quran could be suggested 

Most regards and respect 

Actually the content of Kelch der Wahrheit/Goblet of Truth (of which, by the way, the first 4 sections are available in English on is identical with Mohammed’s teaching. A correct and true version of Mohammed’s teachings cannot be expected in the form of a „revised“ Quran. Take the content of Goblet of Truth and you have the true words of Mohammed. The Goblet of Truth represents the true teachings of the seven true prophets of the Nokodemion line.


Dear Billy Meier, 

I wish you and the members of FIGU the best in the days ahead... and that your mission, as I heard it right, to come to great success. 

But I have doubt about the success of your mission...and I ask you, how much time will it pass until your teachings will be heard, and the people to understand how important it is to have peace on Earth and to give proper respect to each human you say in your books. 

I was born in a village in Romania, and spent my childhood there, but my parents decided to immigrate in the west where I live a big city. And I can see the difference between the life there and here. I look at many people here and see many negative's getting worse from a spiritual and humanitarian point of fact, if you even spell those words out there....people start laughing at you. So in conclusion...what I see in this world is that it's getting worse and worse; people only dream of material wealth while ignoring the basics of how to live as human beings. How will all these and much more problems be solved and peace and prosperity to be achieved is very unclear to me 

If you could put some of your thoughts in your answer, I thank you. 


Success will be a very slow process and will need about 800 years until the spirit teaching has prevailed among the bigger part of terrestrial humankind. 

Each human being must use his reason and learn the truth. Creation’s laws and commandments shall be a model.

May 27,2008

Dear BEAM, 

Be Healthy all the time, and pardon for all annoying 
questions we make. 

I wish , I can meet you some time in my present life hopefully. 

As there are a lot of worries about the future events in the world, 

my question is if in the future the World could be managed by a Consensus Wised (Thought) Decisions , made for example by (with or without K49 participation) and by the Impulses of high advanced entities that in some manner we can say it used to be occasionally till this time? 

Thank you so much 


Your question is not clear. 
What can be said is that in about 800 years from now a substantial part of the people of Earth will turn towards the spirit teaching and enable peace to take hold. However, the prerequisite is that everything develops into the right direction. 
The publication of the book “Kelch der Wahrheit” will be one of the main factors for the spreading of the truth.

April 26,2008
Username: Jan 

Dear Billy/Christian, 

via the FIGU webside, I´ve just got to know some information regarding your newly finished, the largest and most important book «Kelch der Wahrheit». We all really happy to hear this great news! This kind of surprise and fascinating feelings with every your new book is something so valuable that we can hardly truly fully understand it these days, I suppose... 

Until today I´ve lived in my understanding that the most important book you´ve written regarding the mission is OM book. In the given description (An appeal for donation ...) it looks that this new book has got a special the biggest importance too. 

Having on mind that we should not think too much in terms what is bigger or better and rather simply learn from the teaching and use it in daily life, I´d like to ask: 

Will you please roughly describe Kelch der Wahrheit, what we can expect in this book? 

Thank you 

(Note by CF: In the first half of the book you can read about the teachings of the prophets of old, and then Billy’s actual teaching. It is about the necessity of leaving the false teachings of all religions behind and turn to the correct way of thinking an living, which involves taking responsibility for all of one’s thinking and acting, because everything is built on the law of cause and effect and interaction, etc. etc. The book provides an immense amount of valuable thoughts and advice. 
The book OM is important, too, as are all the other of Billy’s books. 
But one can say that this book, the “Kelch der Wahrheit”, is the summary of the core of the Mission.)

Jan. 28,2008
New member 
Username: Mehraein62 

Hallo Billy, 
hope be healthy all the time, as my first direct question here and 
Many thanks for your answer to our question, because of a vast Islamic Community in the world we have , I wonder if we could have more explanations about linage and origin of Islam , i think it would be very useful and illuminating for a big portion of Muslims Mind. 
Best regard 

The origin of Islam can be traced back to the teaching of Nokodemion, because Mohammed based his teaching on the ancient/original teaching of his former personality. Unfortunately, Mohammed’s teachings were falsified and, therefore, don’t represent the true teachings. 
At present, Billy is writing a new book, “Kelch der Wahrheit” (Goblet of Truth), which contains all ancient and original teachings brought to the people on Earth by the old prophets Henok, etc. (chapters 1-15 by the old prophets, plus additional chapters by Billy).

July 30, 2007
Username: Scott 

Hello Billy, 

As I understand it the OM which was transmitted to you from Ptaah, originated from Henok approximately 389,000 years ago. Do you know if Henok was the actual originator and writer of the OM, or did he receive it from someone else even prior to his time? 

Thank you again 

The OM was received by Billy from the storage banks and is leading back to the first Nokodemion. That’s billions of years back into time. Ptaah (and Quetzal) were helping Billy with his health problems at that time.

March 26, 2007
Username: Pratik11 

Greetings Mr. Meier, 
1. Why does FIGU use the Devanagiri script, which is the script of the language Hindi in India, for the representation of the OM? 

2. How is the script even related to the Plejarens, why don’t they use the Latin Script or the Script that their language Sarat uses? To my knowledge the script didn’t come from the Pleiades but from the Siddham script. If you do claim that the script or any relating script came from the Plejarens then surely there must be a proof of it on Earth, in India or nearby regions relating to it. 

3. Another thing I wanted to point out is that it doesn’t read as ‘OM’ (regarding the pronunciations of Hindi I have learnt), why? 


Please try and limit your questions to one per round. 

Answer to question #3: The symbol that is written on the book OM has been created by Nokodemion millions of years ago (when neither anybody was living on Earth nor speaking Hindi). It’s an abbreviation of Omfalon Murado, and there is no „Au“ in those two words. Omfalon Murado, by the way, means „navel of life“ or „navel of the world“, and it includes/embraces everything within the spirit teachings.