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Sexuality and Relationships 

June 29, 2014
I am a black man married to a white woman. My wife and I love each other very much and we are both aware of the spirit teaching and The Creation. We strive hard to live under The Creation's laws and recommendations and honestly, we do a good job of it. 
I've seen so much talk of you against interracial coupling and while I am not encouraging the world to suddenly mix into one race, I believe in exceptions. It is fair couples like us should exist and exist without being judged. Especially when we love each other and we strive under the spirit teachings. 
Do you aree with this Billy? 

Of course there are exceptions. What has been said is that the mixing of races on a broad scale, e.g. through mass migration, has many (but not only) negative effects, health-wise, cultural, political, etc. 

If you love each other then there’s absolutely no problem. Enjoy it. 

June 29, 2014
Dear Billy, 
If I understand what the Plejarens and you have stated that real or true love does not exist on earth between human beings. I understand there are many types of love, but real lasting love is not something humans are capable of at this time. 
Since and if this is the case, how are humans supposed to behave towards each other, especially when entering into committed relationships, when real love is missing? 
Thank you very much, 


They shall start by learning to live and perform absolute openness (Offenheit) towards oneself, the partner, the fellow-human beings, the fauna and flora and the universe. This means thinking, pondering, combining, making it right. 
On Earth there are a growing number of human beings who are on their way of acquiring and/or developing real love. Preferably they may be found among persons who are in a long-lasting partnership/marriage. 

April 29, 2014
Posted by Borthwey on Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 04:03 pm: 

For all its exhaustiveness on what is legitimate or not according to Creation's laws, the Goblet of Truth seems to me, to not go very far in what concerns polygynous marriages and at times, to make some apparent contradictions with it, namely in what concerns adultery. I know that polygyny is still not practiced on Earth in its correct form, but I ask this also as a question for future generations. My question is, what principles should the man adhere to in his love relationships with other women, if he is in a polygynous marriage? What kind of actions could constitute adultery within such a marriage, and merit the penalizations stated in the Goblet? Salome, David 

He should treat all of his wives equally, grant all of them the same rights, and have the consent of all of them for the multiple marriages. In other words: All of the wives have to agree and accept that their husband leads multiple official or non-official bonds/marriages. 
Contrary, if the man/husband has secret liaisons/relationships with different women (without the knowlege and consent of all women involved), he commits adultery. 
The same applies when a man or woman is married and has secret sexual partners. 

Feb.23, 2014
I broached the topic of cultural and racial integration on this forum, and admittedly opened another can of wriggly worms. Although I have worked at it, it's currently impossible to deal with this subject in a manner that is morally acceptable by all people. For the most part, the relevant posts have been removed from this forum. Indeed, some people consider critically examining the full drivers and impacts of coerced wholescale racial integration to itself be racist, and I have been named as much. For myself, it's not a topic I like to dwell on, but it is potentially germane to the Mission. 
From your view of the more distant future, perhaps several hundred or a thousand years down the line, do you see all the various races of people that live on Earth amalgamating into a single race of Earthling, or does the future hold distinct races with distinct communities, cultures, and traits? Whatever it may be, is the circumstance you see conducive to happiness in people? 

The process of races amalgamating is already occurring here on Earth. It is advisable that races do not mix with other races (at least not in great numbers) because this will and do lead to all kind of social and health problems, as well as to misunderstanding etc. 

July 27, 2013

Hello Herr Meier, 

What has been bothering me lately are concepts of the Gemüt and the Empfindung since they are important for true love. I'm having a difficult time telling Empfindung apart from the feelings and it seems to me that it is also difficult for the Plejaren, as they need some 70 years until they are ripe for marriage. 

My theory right now is that I'm overestimating the possibilities of the material consciousness. So I think that some things simply can't be generated by the thoughts and the feelings. That means that the "things" which are impossible to simply be generated for the thoughts and feelings must come from the Gemüt in the form of Empfindungen. Therefore I think that we can recognize Empfindungen from their effects, similar to the way as the spirit is recognized. 

Since Empfindung is very important for true love, and our limited lifetimes does not give us much time for development, would you mind explaining how we can best (and in the least amount of time) develop the ability to recognize Empfindungen? 

A person who has Empfindungen knows that these are Empfindungen. Contrary to feelings which are limited in occurrence/existence due to being based on the actual thoughts, an Empfindung, if once created, endures/exists permanently and cannot be destroyed anymore. A Empfindung is a lasting inner state and is detected/experienced when it has started to exist. 
Empfindungen have an effect both on the Gemüt and the psyche. 
Based on what has been explained above, it’s adviseble to start living in line with the creational laws and recommendations (principles), and sooner or later Empfindungen are created/realized. 

(Note by CF: An example for a possible Empfindung: A strong bond-love (Bündnisliebe) expresses – or can express – itself through a Empfindung, i.e. independently of the behaviour of your wife or husband, you „empfindest“ (perceive in a fine-fluidal wise) a close connectedness and bond with your partner, and you never have doubts about the choice of your partner and your bond, etc. etc.)

July 27, 2013
Hello Mr. Meier and the rest of Figu, 

My question is what constitute a wife? 
I understand this from the joint biological and legal perspective (marriage) but from your point of view (the spiritual teachings) what would constitute a wife? Would a caveman without the practice/tradition of marriage have a wife? And if a man having a wife is natural (as you have allude to), what natural condition/criteria determines that she is indeed his wife? 

P.S. If you choose to, since females also read these you could answer the reverse (as it relates to a husband) as this may be of help as-well to them. 

Live Long and Prosper, Peace... :-) 

A woman „constitutes“ a wife, and a man a husband. Besides the biological differences, there are no other. A woman/wife is a human being with a consciousness and spirit-form, just as this is the case with a man/husband. 

(Note by CF: And when a man and a woman decide to live and work and sleep etc. together for the rest of their life, or, as is often case, for limited time, then they can be labelled husband and wife.)

June 28,2013

Hello Mr. Meier and the rest of Figu, 

My Question is related to interpersonal relationships. 
What I want to know is the top 10 qualities that a man should look for in a woman? 

If a man is seriously asking such a question he is in real need to first develop his own best qualities. 

(Note by CF: And when/if he succeeds, he will realize that putting another person into a "box or frame of expectations“ is no successful way.) 

I can hear a response like everyone is unique, with different personalities, likes etc., but what I want to know is the top 10 qualities that are common for woman in general? Like the top ten qualities a man can find in a Terran female, which could also be found by him, in Semjase for example. If 10 is too much, I'll work with whatever amount you can provide. Thanks. 

Live Long and Prosper 
Zanderson: Conscious Evolution... 

June 28, 2013

Hello Billy 

In the Goblet of Truth somewhere in chapter 4, it states that a man can enter into a bond of marriage with a woman and her sisters. Now, I find that a little disturbing. Yet, for many years, I had eyes for women that I’m attracted to and I would like to be in a romantic relationship with some of them. Also, I was attracted to her younger or older sisters as well. Sometimes I would be more attracted to the younger sister; but at other times, I would be more attracted to the older sister than the younger one. I know many men has this happened to them before. If a man were allowed to be married to more than one woman in every country in the world, (based on the current state of the world, I would only marry two women) I would think about doing it. I wonder if the men on Erra marry a woman and her sisters as well. 

Now my question: 
Billy, why is a man allowed to marry a woman and her sisters? 


Because on the one hand polygamy (one man with more than wife) is natural, and on the other hand because a woman’s sisters are women too.

April 28, 2013


In the United States, Black, White, Latino, Native American, Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern people live here. What comes out of this is interracial couples which lead to interracial marriage and eventually leads to interracial children. That is, a Mexican woman marrying a Black man, Asian man marrying a White woman, and so on. 

With this comes a problem, the interracial child will have identity issues. What can make this worse is fights between two different races happening at school, in a neighborhood, in the workplace. the family of the two races arguing or fighting with each other, and so on. As result of this, the people who causes these conflicts will tell the interracial(mixed) child you can either be this race or that race. Now, this will damage the interracial(mixed) child severely to the point that he or she will commit suicide or not feel wanted by his or her parents. 

Billy is there any way you and the Plejarens can make a FIGU bulletin or have a contact report about interracial couples and children? I know it will really help them. 

Now my question: With what I describe to you about the scenarios that interracial couples and children face, what advice you would give to them? 


What you describe is happening not just these days, but has happened for centuries. 
The problem arises from the fact that there are many people, e.g. extreme right-wingers, or racists and religious fanatics etc. etc., who hate everyone who is not of the same faith or colour or doctrine etc. as they themselves. 

(Note by CF: Couples consisting of different races etc. should discuss the consequences and evaluate the situation BEFORE they “produce” offspring. [These discussions, of course, should also include a lot of other issues, as can be read here: Growth.html.] Basically, overpopulation greatly increases the problem, and interbreeding between races and cultures in great masses leads to various problems, not only those as described above.)

March 24,2013

Hello Billy, 

This will be the conclusion of me asking you about cousin-marriages. When this planet will have human population of 529,000,000, there are not more wars, religion, people will get along and accept each other unconditionally, diseases will be an extremely rare occurrence, the well-being of children is guaranteed, marriages will be long-lasting and happy, true love will be everywhere, the lakes and oceans will be pure and clean, everyone will always have enough to eat and drink, human beings will live in harmony with nature, no more rape and murders, and every single human will live and act according to the true spiritual teachings and so on. 
Billy, with the scenario I described, will the Earth human no longer have the desire to marry their own cousin? 

Marriage in my eyes is two human beings falling in love with each other knowing that they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. People need to only marry for love. 


Having a population decrease to 529 million human beings on Earth is no guarantee at all that there will be no wars and religion etc. Peace etc. is matter of thinking and consciousness-improvement, and not of population numbers. 
Equally, the desire to marry one’s cousin or other blood-relatives is a matter of controlling one’s own thinking and consciousness (and accepting the responsibility to prevent degeneration consequences through inbreeding). 

(Note by CF: Blood relationship offspring should be avoided for at least seven generations.)

March 24, 2013


excuse me mr meier. i have a ... 


(Note by CF: I can confirm that Billy ..." 

-Thank you for answering mr. meier and for verifying his existence mr. frehner. 

I quote: 
"Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2002 - 08:16 pm: 
Hello Billy 
It was said by Jmmanuel in the TJ, that "if two women bed down or sleep with each other it is not against Creation, because they are concievers..." 
Are Plejaren women bi-sexual then? 
ANSWER:Hi Lars, 
Some Plejaran women are bi-sexual, others not, just as it is the case here on Earth. 
Regading the information of women as being "conceivers...": What is mentioned in the TJ about this means that, under certain situations, a woman is able to conceive a baby from within herself (which is not possible for men). However, this is such a rare occurrence that it nearly never exists. But nevertheless the possibilities still lies within women. (In case that someone wants to ask: No, this did not happen to/with Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel.)" 

woman is able to conceive a baby from within herself. this is such a rare occurrence that it nearly never exists. 
-so that's like asexual reproduction? may i know how exactly that happens without sperm donation and without XX or XY chromosome? or the ovum of female mutates providing its own pair of chromosomes which produces however normal fertilization and fetus? in regard to this, are there certain consequences for the spirit inhabiting the being of this asexually reproduced material body?} 

This very rare occurrence is a material-biological matter and has no relation to or influence on the spirit form.

March 24, 2013

Hi Billy, 

Perhaps I misunderstood your previous answer, but when a male ties his tube as a form of contraception, you answered he is potentially harming himself later on healthwise. How is this different than, a man who practices abstinence and his sperm is not released; or, for that matter, can you comment on if it is healthier for a man who has no sexual partner to masturbate versus someone who does not release his sperm any other way? 

In the case of abstinence or masturbation the sperm does leave the body on its normal way through the prostate gland and the urethra, but when a man‘s seminal duct is cut and tied, the sperm must be "dissolved“ by the body/metabolism in some other and potentially harmful way.

Feb. 24,2013

Dear Herr Meier, 

My best wishes for you. I hope this winter finds y'all warm and sassy! 

It seems to me to be one the cosmos's worst jokes upon human life that women tend to be attracted to men who are older than they are. From what I understand, FIGU has recognized this mismatch when it lay down its recommendations for population control/reduction. Since this is the case, should older boys be paired with younger girls as they grow up? If this is a universal circumstance, how can it be fair? 

Je älter der Mensch wird, desto kräftiger im Wissen und der Weisheit wird er. The older a person (man or woman), the more power of knowledge and wisdom may be present. Older persons have more life experience (Lebenserfahrung), which is attractive to younger persons. 
Not only women are attracted to older men, but the other way round is also a fact: young men who are attracted to older women. 
Knowledge and wisdom and character are attractive. 
You can observe the same principles in the animal kingdom.

Feb. 24, 2013

Polygamy – A Natural Family Way-of-Life 

Hello Mr. Meier and the rest of FIGU. 
My Question for this round is, in regards to Polygamy and the polygamous family, how should it be approached by both genders? 

I think an effective answer would best be suited in a bulletin, but if it's ok feel free to place your response here. 

I asked this question because after thinking on the subject matter, several concerns arose to which I came to some answers (which may be wrong) but felt that the subject was not extensively covered (If I'm mistaken and this was already done, please point me in the relevant direction and that will suffice). 

I've decided to share a few of what I've arrived at so far and hope that this will be of some help (feel free to edit/delete whatever misguided notion I may have arrived at). 

The polygamous family is a natural way of life and is established by a single male in marriage with two or more females. Evidence of this natural tendency can be found in nature, demonstrated in the Gorilla and Lion kingdom to name a few (National Geography). While the human being is above the animals, such principles are found present in nature, for man to learn and reap the benefits from. 

The polygamous family has several benefits for both gender for which some are as follows: 
1- Having a large family without contributing to overpopulation; as a family with a husband and two wives can produce up to six children, with each wife having a maximum of three children (keeping with your 3 child max policy). 

2- For the females of such a family, each wife would represent not just having a sister but also a close female friend, to relate from one female to the next, things us males (well me anyways) usually fail to grasp (girl talk). 

3- In such a family construct, the various responsibilities can be shared amongst the members to achieve a more productive and progressive family, this can contribute to alleviation of any member feeling overburden with responsibilities. 

4- Such a family construct contributes more significantly to the eradication of traits such a jealousy and selfishness, for actually having it functional leads to nullification of these traits. 

5- It is highly likely (my opinion) those children born in a polygamous family will become exceedingly socially oriented, due to the high natural social nature woven in such a family construct. 

6- In the event that all members of the polygamous family are similarly spiritually oriented (Students of the Spiritual Teachings), I think that the consciousness/spiritual development would occur at a faster pace. 

The construct of the polygamous family also has some concerns for which some are as follows: 

1- It is advised that the male should be able to fully support each wife before undertaken any in a marriage. 

2- It is advised that legal documentation be constructed and agreed to, prior to marriage, so that in the event of a separation no discrimination may arise. 

3- (I had trouble establishing how best to achieve an acceptable means of decision making in such a setup, nevertheless this is what I came up with). In such a family construct, decision are achieved democratically, however the judgment of those responsible for a specific roles takes precedence and is superseded only by a superior logic. E.g. A role is assigned to a wife in the family to be responsible for all the investment activities (due to experience in that area) done on behalf of the family. Her decision can only be overwritten if a more productive investment plan (for example) is put forward by another member. In the event that a decision needs to be made but no roles are present the democratic process is put in place, so majority rules (the decision of the husband would decide a tie if such arise). 

I would appreciate your opinion on this. 

Salome, Live Long and Prosper 
Sanchez Anderson 

You have good ideas and have drawn logical conclusions. 
If jealousy is absent (important!), and love and understanding etc. is lived, polygamy is a good way of life. Billy knew a family in Pakistan, a man with three wives, who decided everything with each other. E.g. the four people decided about how long the man/husband shall live at each of his wives houses, 2 days or a week each, etc.Everything was decided democratically through consent.

Sept. 23,2012

Dear billy meier£¬I come from china£¬My name is Yao.I want to make a friend with you¡£If you want to do it £¬you can send a email to me.My email address is you very much. 

Besides having no time (and no public email address): Friendships don’t originate by exchanging emails. A friendship is a very profound “matter/issue” and involves deep thoughts, feelings, trust and the resulting behaviour.


Hello Billy and Christian, 

Human beings fall in love with each other and get married. Now, at one point in a person's life, he oe she will fall in love with someone. The person can fall in love with some that is older or younger than him or her. A person can fall in love with another person of a different race. Also, even a person can fall in love with his or her own cousin and so on. 

For many years, it has been said: "You can't help who you fall in love with". 

Billy, can you please explain is there any validation or none to the saying: "You can't help who you fall in love with."? 


"To fall in love with" generally and usually means affective love, that kind of love which is based on material reasons, like e.g. the outlook, a smile, wealth, the voice etc. etc. This kind of love can be controlled by the human beings (if they wish and intend to do so). However, in many cases people do not control their thoughts. 
Contrary to affective love is effective love, that form of love which encompasses everything that exists, all human beings, animals, plants, planets etc. If effective love is present within yourself, you are absolutely certain to co-live and co-exist with everything that exists within the universe and beyond.

Nov. 26,2011

Hi Billy, 

I refer to contact 211, specifically to the area where you talk about the superiority of women over men in intelligence and logicality, etc. Near the end of your statement, you mention "Therefore, the fact still remains, however, that the intelligence of the woman, even of both kinds of sexes, has its black sheep, which are of a completely different type, since even women become overburdening, despotic, attacking, and illogical, etc., as this also happens with men. There are degeneracies everywhere, but these don’t cancel out what I said with regard to the woman. 

I was wondering if you could explain what is meant by 'overburdening,' and how one can protect themselves from this. Thank you in advance! } 

"Überborden" means going to extremes, to exaggerate. The solution is clear, therefore.


Dear Billy 
My question is how can help somebody who has masochistic sexual preferences 
Thank you 

This is a private matter of the person involved. Therefore, the person must try to neutralize this based on his own decision and efforts. This is an arduous task.

Nov. 29,2010

Hi Eduard, 

Thanks again for your answers. 

@CF so many questions so little time. ( i will added to the list of questions for a later time) 

although i have alot of important questions, this one is bugging me. 

i think that this is a single question: 

picture this: 

-Man and Man can not bed down together (correct?) against creation. but what if one of the man choose to get a sex changed and become a woman, could they bed down together?( in this situation the woman can procreate because of advanced science) 
-The same question again, but this time the woman can not procreate. 
-The same situation but in this case the two women get a sex changed and become full men could they bed down together, since they were women before? 


The only act that would be against creation or creation's laws would be when there is a (successful) attempt/achievement to genetically manipulate males to become capable of bearing children.

June 27,2010

Greetings Eduard, 

Research on the effects of stress on people in the work place show that women have a harder time dealing with this type of energy due to their previous role in history as the mother and nurturer of the family. The researchers claim that the stay at home wife had fewer decisions to be made and suffered less stress. The male, due to the many decisions he is confronted by in the work place on a daily basis, endure much higher levels of stress. 

This seems to point to one of the reasons why women will generally live longer than their husbands. 

So with all this in mind, I am wondering if the ability to be non-confrontational and calm when faced with work related stressful situations can add to the longevity of a male worker. Would this all tie into the benefits of meditating as well? 

a friend in america 

As a rule, women are less stress-prone than men. And regarding longevity: There are quite a bunch of different responsible factors, like one's view towards life, nourishment/food, work, constitution, etc. etc., which may differ from person to person. There are smokers who live more than 100 years, while other person are dying from the effects of smoking at a young age. 

(Note by CF: Of course it is true that many women may have stress because they have to work for the family when they come home from their job, something a great many men don't do. If men would have to work the same amount as many women do, it's more than doubtful that they would do their task with less stress than women.)

May 4, 2010

Hallo Mr. Meier. 

Could you please explain the term Gleichstellung and how it relates to man and women relationships. The English language does not have an equal term, so it would be good if you could give us a concise definition of the term. 

Thank you for your valuable time. 

Both, man and woman, have the same rights and possibilities, and they have the right to develop equal capabilities. They must have equality at work and in a marriage, etc.

April 4 2010


Hello Billy, I hope you are well. 

Previously I asked about feelings, in short, where does love form from. 

You responded with: 

"Apart from the fact that "Gefühle" cannot be correctly defined in English, "Gefühlswelt" represents that which results from the world of thoughts as "feelings". "Feelings" and stirrings, which are something entirely different than emotions, do appear/exist in many thousand-fold forms. Love is not "formed" from feelings, but from thoughts only. Usually this is the so-called "gefühlsmässige" = feeling-related love, in contrast to the "gemütsbedingte" or "empfindungsmässige" love, which is not based on feelings, but on the so-called "Empfindungsliebe" (a word that cannot be translated into English)." 

I can realize that thinking about Creation and how everything is a part of Creation would grow ones emotion of what real love is. 

Do average Earth people have the ability to transmit their feelings, or is it the emotions(love/hate), to other living Earth people who are many miles apart and be felt by them. Or is it just the precursor to these (the thoughts that create these effects) that we can send unknowingly, or not. And in line with that question, what contains the most energy/strength/value, feelings or emotions? It seems emotions, being more thought out would contain greater value/effect. 
a friend in america 

No, thinking about Creation does not let grow emotions, but feelings. And real love is not based on emotions, but on thoughts and feelings. As a rule, emotions are linked with degeneration, and they cannot be controlled and appear suddenly. "Emotional love" is not real love. 

Emotions are stronger (in energy) than feelings. 
Emotions are e.g.: hatred, rage, craving for retaliation, etc. Contrary, love is not an emotion, and it also is not pure feeling, but includes knowledge and wisdom. 

People must learn to develop (and use) their feelings, to be based on thoughts that are not degenerated but in line with Creation's laws and recommendations. 

(Note by CF: And yes, it is possible to transmit/receive feelings if the human beings are open to "mitgefühl" (sympathy).

April 4, 2010

Hello Billy, 

From Contact 211 
“…Tatsächlich ist es nämlich so, wie ich erkannt habe, dass das weibliche Geschlecht in vielen Belangen des Lebens, des Menschseins und der Friedsamkeit usw. bemerkenswert weiterentwickelt ist als die Männer, folglich die Frauen viele Dinge intelligenter beurteilen und angehen. Auch ihre Logik scheint mir ausgeprägter zu sein, so aber auch ihr Sinn für wahre Freiheit, Liebe und Harmonie…” 

“…In fact, as I’ve realized, it is such that the female gender – in many aspects of life, humanity, and peacefulness, etc. – is remarkably more developed than the male gender; consequently, the women judge and approach many things more intelligently. Also, their logic seems to me to be more pronounced, as well as their sense of true freedom, love, and harmony…” 

It seems interesting that Creation, which is so logical itself, would make one sex in general more logical than other. By making one sex more logical, is Creation loosing an opportunity to learn through different perspective (strengths and weaknesses) of different sexes placed at the same logic level? 

Is your observation particular to these times and earth women only? 

Thank you. 
Salome. Suv 

It isn't Creation which made one sex more logical than the other. It is the human beings themselves who are responsible for their own consciousness-related and psychological "make-up". And of course there are women who are thinking and behaving more like men, and men who are thinking and feeling like women. Men also can be (and in many cases are) sensitive and subtle (feinsinnig). 

Creation just created the laws, but development and evolution are depending on the law of cause and effect. If human beings are developing just one side of their potential, like sensitivity or reason or logic, instead of trying to further/develop the completeness of their potential, the output/result is according to the efforts. In other words: If some capacities are neglected, they cannot grow. 

(Note by CF: If a man says: "If I'm not sensitive to my wife's needs, it's not my fault because I'm a man", it cannot be accepted as an excuse because each person can improve one's shortages, if there's a will, and a motivation, even if there will be no instant result. Btw: The same applies for women, too.)

March 1.2010

Billy, is beauty a priority for a Plejaren male and female when looking for a partner? Also if I may ask, when you went to Erra did you see any ugly looking Plejaren or are all Plejaren beautiful? 

This is a question only terrestrial people will ask. Among the Plejaren beauty has absolutely no priority when looking for a partner. 
Besides, Billy never saw an ugly person in his entire life, neither on Earth or on other worlds. Each person, even the ones who appear to be, or are labelled as monsters, have some beauty in them that is visible to the eyes that are ready to see.


Hello dear Billy 

you have explained that in this overpopulated world it is becoming more and more difficult to cultivate long lasting relationships 

what can you recommend to all persons in Earth who want to have and preserve long lasting friendships, partnerships and marriages? 

thank you very much 

i wish the best for you 

Don’t look at the outer side of the human beings alone, but rather see the internal values and behaviour (virtues, character, knowledge, wisdom, etc.). 
Learn to live good interpersonal relations and relationships. This needs learning. 
Build friendships. 
Educate/train yourself. 

(Note by CF: Here are some additional favourable "points“: 
Be aware of the difference between affective and effective love. 
Don’t try to change your partner; accept him/her as he/she is. 
Don’t have expectations of what the other person/your partner should do. 
Don’t look at your partner as your possession. 
Study the laws of love. 
Don’t chose a criminal or violent partner. 
Realize that there are other "things“ than material ones alone. 
As a rule: Don’t start a relationship with sexual intercourse.)

Dear Billy, 

In my previous question when I asked if spirit forms are part of a collective or we-form, what I meant was if it wasn't for overpopulation would spirit-forms which are part of a we-form incarnate as our great great grandparents in previous generations. It is my understanding that because of overpopulation it is not like this anymore, that spirit forms incarnate into a different family that is not part of the same we-form. 

Please explain, if you would, the circumstances that determines the incarnation lineage of spirit-forms that are part of a we-form. Under what circumstances do they incarnate in the same family, many generations apart of course? 

Lonnie Morton 

Incarnation "in the same family“ is a rare exception and not the rule, because there are no "familiar bonds“ over incarnations. 
Family bonds don’t play a role in the incarnation laws.


Dear billy 

Having met many people throughout my life one pattern to the human psychology uniformly never seems to change in that when dealing with them you have to be somewhat animate and quite expressive with your emotions, especially affection. 
It seems that with an introverted personality, it would be somewhat of a challenge to shore up affection for another from within and then to be able to express them appropriately for the others to understand clearly most of the time even if affection never aquates with true love. 
Often times in this present day and age in any social setting, generally people like to be with those particular people who are affectionate towards them thinking that its some form of love or at least a sign that the other person likes them. 
Yet I guess this would apply to all people living on this earth including me that from time to time we are forced to feign our affection for another because the occasion sometimes forces our hand or that the only way that people receive cues from body language is by seeing it, even if you don't want to there are occasions where you must to at least make the other person comfortable and at ease. 
Surely there are people who exploit their social skills to get ahead in life and to make good impressions for self regarding motives and to this our politians are adept at the charm offensive but all in all it equates with deception and dishonesty. 
I for one feel so inept where it concerns being expressive with my emotions as I am of the view that if I don't have any affection for another person, I prefer to suffer the deadening silence and the discomfort of it whilst receding to my inner thoughts than showing affection for another that I don't feel or have which sometimes makes things very awkard. 

My question is, is the emotion of affection tied to genetic predisposition of our biological makeup linked closely with our ability for survival and propagating the human species and that as often our emotions are a window to our thoughts and the inner world, the only way that safety for the species can be maintained is if the human develops the ability to spot various dangers and that we have developed the ability to recognise the physical and emotional cues of others to respond appropriately depending on what kind they are, we would naturally avoid people that are angry, aggressive or sullen and depressed? 

Real affection (which is no emotion) is an urge/striving (Streben) pre-determined by Creation and built on love and harmony. 
Regarding our behaviour towards other people as described by you: This has to do with sympathy and antipathy towards another person, and both are depending on one’s attitude, thinking and feeling.

Sept. 27,2009

Hallo Billy, 

My question is based on this quote from the Talmud Jmmanuel, which is in chapter 20 under Marriage, Divorce, and Celibacy: 

12.And the disciples said to him, "if this is the way it is between a man and his spouse, then it is not good to marry." 

13.But he spoke to them,"Not everyone understands this message, except those to whom it is given. 

14.Some do not enter into marriage because from the time of their birth, they are incapable of it; some do not enter marriage because other people have made them unsuited for it; and still others do not enter marriage because they renounce(to give up) it for the sake of consciousness-related strength. 

15. "Those who can grasp this, let them grasp it." 

So, to put it in another way, the ones that renounce marriage for the sake of consciousness-related strength, are the celibate ones. (if I understand this correctly) 

Now, celibacy can have two meanings, the first, the abstinence from sexual intercourse, and the second, the condition of being unmarried, because a person can be unmarried his whole life, but still be sexually active. 

So, what Jmmanuel is really saying(correct me if I’m wrong), is that some people abstain from sexual intercourse in order for them to strengthen their consciousness. 

Now the question, how does it work, how can abstaining from sexual intercourse(or sexually related practices), strengthen the consciousness? How does abstinence affect it? 

Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit! 

Sexual abstinency is no guarantee for consciousness-related progress. 
You do not understand it correctly. 
There are people who have decided to not marry and to concentrate on learning on their own etc. However, this does not mean at all that it is only the unmarried persons who will make progress. You may learn different things, depending whether you are married or not, but on both ways it is possible to make good progress.


Synergy, BEAM has seen at least Asket of the Timmars nude as far as her upper body when they were in the desert when they travelled before going back in time as I recall. They washed with water and she was bare from the waist up. 

As far as nudity I am under the understanding from something I read a while back that they do cover themselves for modesty but do not consider nudity a bad or immoral thing. More than it is just appropriate to wear clothes for other reasons, but I may have that wrong. 

As far as Plejaren anatomical differences, BEAM said they look and function physically just like us on Earth except with very slightly longer earlobes. They use the bathroom like we do except with more up to date facilities for them and they do wash with water and have also an ultrasonic method cleaning as well. 

By the way they do not use toilet paper but instead have a vibration related method of cleaning which also disinfects the appropriate area of the body. 

As far as stinking, it is just deduction on my part but, of course they sweat since they are like us but they don't consume poisoned/polluted food air and water so they don't ooze impurities from their pores in the way we do. If you stopped using deodorant but didn't live in a poisonous environment, once you got the bad stuff out of your system, you likely wouldn't stink when you sweat (though there would still be a natural odor noticeable to some degree). Also sweat tends to stink because of bacterial byproducts if the sweat isn't cleaned away immediately so that too is a factor... 

(Note by CF: Thank you. Well written.) 


Oh and I forgot Synergy, they have no pubic hair according to what Dyson wrote some time back... 

(Note by CF: Correct. The removal of pubic hair should be a common hygienic measure here on Earth, too.)


hello billy, 
my question is in regards to love, or true love (?) 
if over the course of many incarnations, two spirits incarnate into bodies and these 2 people meet one another and say for example, one life they are brother and sister, another life they are lovers, another they are friends, in another they are mother and daughter etc. 
is there some kind of bond or love that grows stronger where perhaps the two spirits are more or less determined to always come together. and that, perhaps at a certain point when these two are able to recall the past incarnations or view future ones, that these individuals would make the conscious effort to reunite again and again? 
or perhaps i should put it this way. if one has the ability to find out whether or not a person was there wife or husband etc in previous lives, and there was existing love between them, would it be a (from a spiritual viewpoint)advisable course of action to take, to seek to continue and strengthen that bond between two spirits? 
is there some thing you can perhaps state that may give me some valueble insight in regards to this idea? 
( i do realize it's one question per turn so please answer however you think is suitable) 
thank you. 

Since personalities (= that which makes a person and individual with a certain name and thinking etc.) do never incarnate again, but are dissolved after death, it is not relevant whether two spirit forms (or rather the connected personalities) have been in some interaction in former existences. Relationships, marriages and parent-child relations in this life are entirely non-relevant in future lives because each life has to deal with new people, relationships and circumstances.


Hi Billy and everyone at FIGU, 

I am not a parent my self, but I have seen a lot of parents kiss they baby(ies) in the lips/mouth and also when they are full grown-ups (teen/adults). For me is normal/natural (showing love) to kiss in their cheek but kissing a baby in the lips/mouth is not good because of hygiene, maybe give a disease to an infant. I want to know what you think about this. Thank you. 

You’re right: people should not kiss each other on their mouths, be it baby, relative, friend or strangers. 
(Note by CF: With the exception of marriage or love partners who are engaged in intimacy.) 

Aug. 24,2009

The questions of a sensitive nature is the last three questions} in order for you to more easily spot these sentences and ignore them - if necessary - alltogether when presenting them to the center. 

I respect if you chose to disregard those questions. 

I'm extremely curious about how similar we are in a more intimate way: 

Do they sweat like us? If they don't clean and shower themselves would they smell similairly unpleasant after a time as a human (of our kind) would do? 

Is nudity just as secret and personal to them as it is to us? 

Would it be possible for the center to publish some sort of a "scientifically" illustrated (not actual pictures) book about their anatomy with the organs, bodily functions and most of the things covered about their anatomy? 

Has Billy seen a naked plejaren and could he tell us about the anatomical differences between them and us? 

The Plejaren have a natural attitude towards nudity and their bodies in general. They have high and healthy morals.


Dear Billy, 

Will the spirit forms of one incarnations true love or life partners, be true loves or life partners in subsequent incarnations, and as follows; have they been true loves/life partners in past incarnations? 

Thank you. 


July 26,2009

Hi Billy, 

Is anything wrong with a married couple {one man, one woman} inviting an unmarried woman of her own free consent, to have sex with them? I am asking this one because I read it's okay for women to be bisexual but if the man marries a bisexual woman and she is his only wife, then I am thinking they probably need to invite an unmarried woman to have sex which would fulfill the wife. I don't know because then it would be a threesome but it would have to be protected sex from which no child would result. Again I haven't tried this and I am asking to get all the details I am unsure about. 

Thanks Moderators, Billy, 

As a rule, such a situation brings problems and even threatens or breaks a marriage. Being bisexual doesn’t mean that you must have sex with both genders in order to be satisfied of fulfilled. Besides, many women to not have bisexual interests. 

(Note by CF: Btw, inviting a person to have sex just for the sake of lust is not the correct way, because sex between persons should occur in a loving relationship.)

July 26,2009

Dear Billy, 
I learned in past espiritual studies that we tend to repeat the same situations life over life, meeting with the same people (reincarnated in other bodies), visit similar places, and so on, with slight changes from life to life, depending on how much we have learned from past mistakes. That explains why we feel certain familiarity with people, places and also the studies that come to our lives. 

In fact, when I started to read the writings related to your experiences and teachings, about how the Plejaren live, about the Creational laws, I initially felt like I was finding my true home (later I realized I first needed to get rid of all my past "baggage" that I'm carrying in my mind from some wrong teachings I was involved... but that's another story). 

So, is this familiarity with people, places, knowledge, in fact related to experiences in past lives and therefore, everything we learn in this life will drive in some way our acts in future lives, without us remembering it? 

Thank you Billy. 

ps. I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and all the FIGU members, and the moderators of this blog as well for the added comments to our questions which are very clear and useful. 

The familiarity with knowledge has to do with one’s own past, not with other persons’ incarnations. 
Familiarity with other people has to do with their behaviour, their level of evolution and sympathy etc. 

Human beings who are thinking along the same lines or who are oriented towards similar interests etc. are feeling some kind of attraction. All of this, however, has no link to family members etc. of past existences. No such links do exist.

June 30, 2009

Hello Mr Meier. It seems to me that the loss of a loved one through their death is one of the most painful events experienced by people in general as a part of normal life. I have read in FIGU materials that becoming too attached and not being able to let go of some things or circumstances is not good because it sets a person up to suffer more. I understand that people die as a natural part of life but my question is, what can we do to ease the pain of losing a loved one? I am familiar with some of the FIGU materials on the subject of death, so I believe I understand it to a fair degree. However, to be honest, I feel like it would be of little comfort to me if I were to lose someone very very close to me. So to restate my question, how can one really minimize the suffering that is felt when someone close to them has died? 

Thanks for your responses and I hope you and your loved ones are in good health. 


People must occupy themselves with birth, life, dying and death throughout their entire life, starting when they are a small child. And through his entire life, a person must never enter into too close relationship/bond with another person. There must always be kept a certain amount of distance between oneself and the other human beings, even in a family or in a marriage. If this is observed, the chance is high that the surviving person may overcome grief and pain much faster and easier. The suffering can be minimized if a person is thinking reasonably and is living in reality, which means to accept the reality of death etc. and to understand the true realty of death etc. 
If people are occupying themselves with death and dying throughout their lives, they have a better chance to learn how to cope with the loss of a loved one.

May 24,2009

Dear Billy and Christian: 

Many greetings to you and to Christian, I hope you both are doing very well. Thank you for the previous answer. 

My question this time is a little bit controversial. The other day I heard on the news that prostitution in the USA is growing among young people. They interviewed the young women, who get involved in this type of activity and they had endless excuses on why they chose to dot his instead of getting a normal job. 

After the show, you could go on line and chat with people about this problem and also ask questions to the journalists that made the documentary. We were talking and nobody could really say why it was wrong. Nobody could say why these young girls should not be prostitutes. Everybody just kept saying that it was wrong. 

Prostitution is, in my opinion, another wrong human behavior that is practiced on this planet, but some countries have accepted this activity like a normal behavior. In their view is not a crime, it doesn’t harm anybody, or does it? My question is: 

Why is prostitution a wrong doing from a spiritual point of view, meaning why should humans avoid this type of behavior? 

Many thanks in advance. 


The main reason why human beings should avoid prostitution is the preservation of human dignity. To sell one’s body or to buy a body is against human dignity. The sexual act between two people should be an act of love and/or affection. 

Another important reason against p. is the dissemination of diseases (just as it is the case with promiscuity). 

There is no Creational law against prostitution; it’s "just“ a Creational recommendation.

6. Carolynmoss OQ6: 

In the 23rd contact, line 75, (Message from the pleiades)Semjase says "our races are monogamous..." 
How then are the plejarens also described as polygamous, having multiple wives in the later contact notes published on the web and in Guido Moosebrugger's books,And Still They Fly, pg 13 Quetzal's "four pretty wives..." 
I have not found an explanation elsewhere, and this is a huge discrepancy. Please explain. 

In the Plejaren society it is allowed that a man can marry more than one wife. In the Plejaren Federation men and women have totally different ways or thinking and attitudes etc. than here on Earth. They are making use of the benefits of that system and the women don’t feel discriminated. Marriages are possible or allowed only if there is true love between the partners. 

(Note by CF: Your question gives reason to inform once again that Wendelle C. Stevens’ "Message from the Pleiades“ books contain many false translations and erroneous information, sometimes contrary to the truth. 
In the book "„Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Block 1“ you can read on page 185, sentence 93: "Among our races it is very often the case that there are marriages of the non-monogamous type only, after a detailed investigation of all the facts regarding a "Zusammengehörigkeit“ (word does not exist in English) has previously occurred.“ 
From this number – 93 instead of 75 – you can derive that there is quite some difference between the official Contact Reports and the ones published by Wendelle Stevens.)

Jan. 1,2009

Dear Billy, 

Thank you so much for all of your answers. Everyone greatly appreciates your clarifications. 

I would like to ask you something concerning love and relationships. It is my understanding that about 80% of people in relationships today are with the wrong person. You told me once that the way to know if someone is compatable is by reasoning using human intelligence and logic as well as searching ones own thoughts and feelings and feelings from the spiritual realm. You have also stated that most relationships are affectual love rather than effectual. 

Well, since there is no imposing morality in nature, or because people have to be free to learn from mistakes or not learn if they don't already know better, it seems to me that an indication of true love would be a special kind of certainty between two persons who know they are compatable and want to spend a lifetime together. Since we all make mistakes and come from different backgrounds, how can we make sure that the love we have found can indeed be a true love that will endure? Or, if I may ask, what special qualities, or attributes or knowledge is necessary to have and to keep an abiding relationship from dying. I think one of the saddest things in life is the loss of true love, even before you have had a chance with a certain person. 

Lonnie Morton 

There are no "feelings from the spiritual realms“; feelings belong into the material realm, and it is the"Empfindungen“ which are linked to the spiritual realm. 

There are certain prerequisites for true love. It should be asked: 

Are there certain similarities, like interests, ways of behaviour, being (Wesen), etc.? 

Are our feeling suited to each other? 

Are we capable to talk/discuss with each other? 

Do we have no quarrels (which is not the same as having differing opinions)? 

Do we have common interests? 

Do we lead a decent life? 

Are we virtuous? 

Do we have respect of other people and do we esteem them as much as we do ourselves? 

If these questions cannot be answered affirmative, the chance is rather low that a partnership or marriage will last for an entire life. 

The same is true also if only one of the partners fulfils all of the questions above. 

A relationship can only be successful if there are certain common interests, like e.g. a similar way of thinking (Denkweise). 

And of course effective love can grow during a relationship. 

People should not live together too soon. First they should try to find out whether or not they do harmonize which each other. 

(Note by CF: What is identified as “affectual love” is that kind of love which is described as “falling in love” in the English speaking world. This kind of love is built on fleeting factors like a way of laughing, an attractive body shape, the looks, a movement, a way to say certain things, intelligence, or wealth etc. etc.)

July 27,2008
Senior Member 

Dear Billy 

It was mentioned that the pubic hair of the human beings is the result of the DNA manipulation of the creator-overlord, to this end, the pubic hair is of no natural function. 

However, it seems there are still some organs that are of no or unknown purpose. 

Could you please also explain the function/purpose of the Hymen and Appendix? 

I would guess that they might not be manipulated by the creator-overlord. 



No, neither pubic hair, the hymen or appendix have anything to do with the „creator-overlords“. They are a product of natural evolution. Regarding pubic hair it can be said that there will be less of it depending on the evolution of human beings. 

(Note by CF: It is advisable that women and men remove their pubic hair, because there is no need for it anymore. A clean genital zone without hairs has several positive effects: Cleaning is much easier; there is less chance that parasites are finding a suitable place to live, and also the sexual activities may be quite more agreeable/pleasing.)

July 27,2008
New member 


Presumably my rather extensive question differs radically from most other questions, but still it is imperative not only to me but to many others. 

* Will the majority among human females remain emotionally and sexually dependant to human males in the far distant future or are the attraction-mechanisms towards males, among females, beginning to fade and disappear? 

The reason for asking is because of all the articles from the media, scientific or not, that in some way or another shows an increasing amount of homosexualls among females. They are publishing the research in a way which makes it seem like it's an evolutionary progress; perfectly natural . 

Will there be a time when human males simply are not desired and needed anymore by human females which will be completely independant and only have sexual relations with other females for pleasure and with males only for reproducing? 

The plejarens claimed all females are bisexual and this strenghten my thoughts about a world void of males. 

About the females among the plejarens related to my question at issue: Are their love and attraction, as well as dependency to the opposite sex (males), just as strong or even stronger compared to the males' love, attraction and dependency to females? 

With regards, 


Your scenario will not become a reality. Besides, there must be no dependency between man and woman, but Gleichwertigkeit (equality) and Gleichberechtigung (equal rights). 

(Note by CF: As long as the human being needs a physical body to exist, there will be a majority who is heterosexually orientated. 
The relationship between men and women in the Plejaren society (in a marriage) is based on true love, understanding and assistance. 
Here on Earth many couples are of the impression or belief that they feel real love for each other, while -- in reality -- it is only “Verliebtheit”, which is based on affective love, instead of effective love. 
The information that women are bisexual does not mean that all women want to have sex with other women. It means that it is potentially possible – and in extremely rare cases a reality -- that a woman can have a fertilization without the sperm of a male, kind of a self-insemination.)

April 26,2008
Username: James 

Given males are permitted multiple females, how does the male-to-female ratio accord? 

Welcome to Earth! 

"Permission“ doesn’t mean that all men shall marry more than one woman. Many shouldn’t even marry at all, as is also the case with many women. 
And probably without the overpopulation problem with its manifold negative effects the ratio would be even more apart = more females than males. 

(Note by CF: With the exception of countries like China etc., where boys are favoured and where a great number of female babies are aborted and killed, the female part of the population is greater than the male one.)

Jan. 28,2008
Senior Member 
Username: Savio 

Hi Billy 
It is understood that prostitution is not a healthy way of life, and having sex with the opposite sex is a natural urge. 
While masturbation has no concern with the opposite sex, is there any solution for all those people around the world, who for various reasons, cannot find sex-partners, to healthily satisfy this urge of nature? 


Besides having sex with the same or the opposite sex, the other natural and healthy way to satisfy one’s sexual urge is through masturbation. Contrary to prostitution, masturbation is healthy and natural and in no way dirty or against the will of any god or his representative(s). 

Oct. 29,2007
Username: Truthseeker 

Greetings Billy, 

What is your opinion and that of the Plejarens regarding the ages of child censorship of sex, and to what degree? 

I ask this because in my part of the world, I and many others while when we were growing up in our teen years, had always been brought up to believe that a person is not old enough to experience sex, watch porn related material, or even marry until about age 19, where-as in other places like in some places in the USA, this legal age limit is even higher at age 21. Yet beginning in my early age of 20s, I began to notice a slow decline in my own sexual drive and no longer felt the sexual desire like I once did back when was a teenager. 

Now I understand why a child should be censored from sexual related content if they're obviously underdeveloped to understand as such, but I also wonder what the correct age is for a child to eventually get to before they are permitted to see any sexual content or loose their virginity. I'd like to know any further thoughts on this regarding the Plejarens view of it. I was once taught to believe that when a person looses their virginity, that this would in fact forever corrupt their true innocents, particularly when it came to women. However to my horror when as I got older, I came to realize that this "corruption of innocents" was in fact usually the end result of domestic violence and sexual abuse happening to so many people behind closed doors. Any comment? 

Also just my observations, 

James Truthseeker 

It is a sad fact that there are happening many bad and even horrendous things behind the closed family doors. 
Basically it can be said that children and youths should have no intercourse during puberty and until the time when they have (really) become adults, which usually is not the case at teen age. During puberty sexual activities should be limited to masturbation. 
When a person has reached adulthood, it is not necessary or a duty to lead a chaste life until marriage. However, it is not necessary either to gather sexual experiences with as many different partners as possible. 

Regarding the sexual drive: Of course this drive is often quite strong during puberty and even later on, but is not limited to people of younger age. There are differences just as there are human beings. 

Education in sexual matters for children is okay, of course. (Note by CF: There is not a certain age to start this education; this depends on the individual development of a child.)

July 30, 2007
Username: Jacob 

Hi, Billy, 

I have always wondered about a very common issue in human relationships and it apperantly becomes more and more frequent in the western society, that is about divorce and adultery. 
If two people are in a relationship (without being legally married) where one partner has at least a bondinglove for the other, or even when a mutual bondinglove between the two partners exists, and one partner engages in physical (sexual) activities/relations with another person without the permission or knowledge of the other partner, does this constitute adultery or any compareable violation of natural creative law? 

The problem is that in our time of exorbitant overpopulation more and more people are not able to lead good and lasting relationships anymore. Many people are living regardless of the needs of their fellow-human beings. And many people are driven by their urges. Besides, many people are not marrying because of effective love, but from other reasons, like affective love, etc. 

If a married partner (or both) has/have sexual relations with another person or persons, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is adultery per se. If both are in mutual agreement, it is not. The decisive factor is whether the partner is put at his or her disadvantage. Therefore, if a partner doesn’t know about the unfaithfulness (e.g. sexual relation with a third person) of his partner this might not necessarily be looked at as adultery. 

(Note by CF: Be careful to not misinterpret that answer and do not be understood it as a free ticket to start sexual affairs with third parties, because: What, if the partner learns about the unfaithfulness? What if the partner is infected with a disease, like AIDS? What if the partner is neglected and is suffering (psychically) because the thoughts of the unfaithful one are mainly directed to the new and yet exciting (sexual) partner? etc. etc.

June 25,2007
Username: Memo00 

Hello dear Billy 

After meeting and talking with many persons i have realized that sexual infidelity is something very common. It may be attributed partially to the fact that monogamy is imposed into us, but mostly people only search for pleasure, not love. 

Yes, that’s true. 

It has been said than in the Plejaren world if a person would commit adultery then he/she would be exiled for the rest of his/her life 

my question is: 
What would be the proper punishment for the same transgression in our world? (and if the there should be a distinction between cheating only for sexual pleasure or when a man REALLY and honestly loves more than a woman) 

thank you very much for your time 
and i hope we can meet in person one day 

We must invent and apply an entirely new punishment system and adjust it to the seriousness of the crimes. This system exludes death penalty which is a crime against humanity, but involves separation from society for a certain time or even for life, separated by sex, and with the opportunity to learn and reflect one’s wrongdoing, besides working for one’s food and clothing etc. 

Sexual infidelity doesn’t belong into the „adultery“ category today, just as onanism and masturbation etc. The crimes of the „adultery“ category have changed during the past ages and include today the crimes of sodomy (which means sexual "actions“ with animals!, and not homosexuality!) and sexual abuse of children("Pädophilie“ in German).