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July 25, 2014
In contact report 35 Ptaah speaks about the planet Akart which is only around 5 light years away from Earth. How can it be that NASA speak about potential Earth-like planets that are located much farther away and never even mention the planet Akart? 

Because Akart is not in our dimension, but in another space-time configuration. 

June 29, 2014, 
*Dear Billy and Christian, 
On Novemeber 24, 2007 you answered Baselineplayer's question in this section regarding the length of time our sun will begin to fade out and answered the following: "Hmm, you will have to wait a couple of years to start with the evacuation. In about 500 million years it will be visible that the sun is beginning „to fade out“." Did you mean 500,000 (five hundred thousand) years, not 500 million years? Contact reports with Ptaah state our sun will last 1.5 to 2.5 million more years which fits into James the Truthseekers answered question from January 27, 2008 in which you answered the time duration of the sun's fading out will last for 1.5 million years so I don't see where the 500 million years fits in and seems like too long of a time reckoning... 
Baselineplayer's question: 
James the truthseeker's question: 

Between 1,500,000,000 to 2,500,000,000 years is the correct number. 

June 29,2014
Dear Meier the following was my earlier question & your response: 
Can you describe the locations of Galactic Central Sun, Zodiac Central Sun & Universal Central galaxy ? 
Also how is Supermassive Black Hole of Milky Way different from the Galactic Central Sun? 
The Black Hole of the Milky way is within the the �Galactic Central Sun�. 
(Note by CF: A black hole appears black, and a sun usually shines/radiates light.) 

So is Galactic central Sun not really a sun or star but just the bright light at the centre of our galaxy which is in reality made of billions of stars and lots of hydrogen gas, which glows from the radiation from all those stars ? 
Also please respond to my earlier unanswered question regarding the meaning and locations of zodiac central sun & universal central galaxy ? 

Actually it is simple: In the middle of our galaxy there’s a black hole which is attracting suns. Since towards the centre of the Milky Way there are more stars than on or in the periphery, the stars etc. hich are attracted by the black hole are kind of condensed around the black hole during the process of being sucked in. And since the mass of bright stars around the black hole is very dense, the black hole is hidden behind the luminous mass of stars/suns which are „aligned“ around the black hole. 

(Note by CF: The locations of the zodiac central sun and universal central galaxy are somewhere out there. Are you planning to visit them? If it is really so important to you we could help starting a search.) 

March 23, 2014
Hello Mr. Meier, 
Can you describe the locations of Galactic Central Sun, Zodiac Central Sun & Universal Central galaxy ? 
Also how is Supermassive Black Hole of Milky Way different from the Galactic Central Sun? 

The Black Hole of the Milky way is within the the „Galactic Central Sun“. 

(Note by CF: A black hole appears black, and a sun usually shines/radiates light.) 

Oct. 27, 2013
Dear Billy and Christian: 
We know that the atom is in fact a galaxy like we see in the sky from telescopes. So a discussion came up with some members. If an atom is a galaxy with suns and planets, like neutrons, protons and electrons, we were wondering if there is life in that tiny galaxy like in the rest of the universe? Thank you so much, kind greetings to you and everybody in the SSSC. 
Salome Marcela 

The atom and also the components of its 7-level structure have a „Eigenleben“ (a life of its own), but Billy does not know whether there is some kind of life on the „hull“ of the particles.

Oct. 27, 2013
Dear Billy, 
Did Plejaren read & comment on the reports of the 'analysis of metal samples' done by EMPA(Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), Metallurgist Walter Walker & by Chemist Marcel Vogel? 

Billy doesn‘t know whether or not they read the reports. Probably yes. 
And what can be added is that, contrary to the Swiss EMPA laboratories, Marcel Vogel – as a very knowledgeable expert in his field – did a good job, over 30 years ago! 

If yes then what did Plejaren say ? 
Did the Plejaren accept all of their findings, especially Marcel Vogel's ? 
I am asking because it is only Marcel Vogel who made extraordinary claims on the origin of metal samples but the rest didn't. And besides that in the year 2011, a person in the USA named Ivan Alvarado who has a PhD in Engineering has analysed the claims of the Vogel and concluded the following which has put doubt on Vogel's earlier assertions: 
"In a nutshell, the notable claims of this sample are that it contains a wide range of elements, the hard-to-obtain element Thulium, and metal crystals exhibiting birefringence. All of these claims are in themselves not remarkable or notable. Thulium, though rare, was available in the 80s and there is no reason that a metal in crystal form would not exhibit some degree of birefringence. A sample can be made to contain many elements of the periodic table without using "cold fusion", as Vogel suggests. Thus, even in the case that all of the claims about Meier's samples are correct, it still is not clear why these would make them remarkable. However, it would be interesting if the elements shown were all chemically bonded, but Vogel presents no evidence and performs no test that would lead to establish chemical bonding or alloying between them." 
Ivan Alvarado obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. For over 10 years he has collaborated in multiple research programs in both academy and industry, all of them in the area of nano-scale fabrication for electronics and photonics. His areas of expertise are Electron Beam Lithography, Scanning Electron Microscopy, EDS Microanalysis, and Atomic Force Microscopy. He is a currently an active member of the Independent Investigations Group in Hollywood, California.

Sept. 30, 2013

Hello Billy, 
The majority of water on this planet is salt water and most of the freshwater is in the ice caps, this lead me to wonder about the weather on this planet. 
Now my question: 
Billy, if the oceans on a planet composed of freshwater, that is there is no ounce of saltwater anywhere on the planet; what would life and the weather/climate be like on such a planet? (This is a good question for you to ask Ptaah.) 

No, the majority of water on our planet is freshwater, 2 to 3 times more than salt water. It is located within the earth’s crust. 
A planet without salt water is hardly possible because through rain etc. minerals are washed out from the rocks and soil and then transported into the oceans.

Sept. 30,2013

In Existentes Leben In Universum, pp. 180-183, it says 
"According to predictions by the Plejarans, three large space projectiles have been situated for some time in the path of the SOL system and specifically in the path of Earth. It concerns three large objects which, to this point, are unknown to Earth scientists or are beyond their observations, but which should be discovered or rediscovered around the turn of the 80s-90s. 
What are those 3 objects ? Is Swift Tuttle a part of the three large objects or is it not included in the three large objects list ? 
This is my guess for the three objects & please correct me if i am wrong: 
a - Swift Tuttle(3.2 kms) 
b - 3.5 kms diameter unnamed object 
c - Double Planetoid-Toutatis(which once was a companion to the dinosaur-killing asteroid) 
I have found some scientific findings which have different values to those published by you. I would like to know, whether these values published by you in 1993 edition of the book do not contain any printing mistakes & thus are correct according to Plejaren or not. 
"All three objects should be located outside Pluto's orbit, hence far beyond the planet Pluto..." 
This means that the three objects Comet Swift-Tuttle, 3.5 kms dia. object & the Toutatis are beyond Pluto. We know that Comet Swift-Tuttle is beyond pluto but Toutatis according to the science is from the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter with a 4 year orbital period. 
"Another large space projectile - a comet with the name "Swift Tuttle" - having an approximate diameter of 3.2 kilometers, should come into a collision course with Earth during the years 2125-2128.." 
Comet Swift-Tuttle's diameter is given as 26 kms & not 3.2 kms according to science. 
"It(Toutatis) frequently endangered the Earth and shrouded it in its tail haze several times, causing temperature changes which often sustained a long time. Its speed amounts to about about 150,000 km/h and might enter into the Earth's region around the month of September, 2004, whereby a definite threat will be present that must be taken seriously, because, as the Plejarans state, the likelihood of a collision course exists." 
Toutatis speed is around 35,000 - 38,000 km/h as investigated by the science and not 150,000 km/h.

The information Billy wrote about in that book was told to him by the Plejaren. 
Two of the three „Weltraumgeschosse“ were Swift Tuttle and Toutatis.

Sept. 30,2013

Posted on Sunday, March 21, 2010 - 07:46 am 
Some God-believers claim that since the fundamental Physical Constants in our universe appears to be tweaked or designed for life to evolve(Fine tuned Universe), it must be the work of a Creator-God. As a counter to this argument, some scientists claim that, there could be multiple universes out there where the Universal Physical Constants could be different and hence probably no life, making our universe just to be place where those constants happened to be such that the life had come to exist. 
Are the Universal Physical Constants the same in the DAL & other Universes ? If not, then it seems to be that universes with life can exist even with different values of Universal Physical Constants. 

Billy's Answer: 
In every universe/Creation with a material belt there are the same physical laws. 
My question was related to the 'Universal Physical Constants'( fine structure constant, proton-to-electron mass ratio,...) & not the physical laws(gravity, electromagnetism,..). Some scientists speculate that even though same physical laws would exist in different universes, they might have Physical Constants which are different & suitable for each universe to exist. For example the proton-to-electron mass ratio in our universe is 1,836.152 but in other universes the value can be different. So my question was, are the 'Universal Physical Constants' same in different universes(having same physical laws) ? 

Each universe is physically-wise different than the other ones, except in the case of multiple-universes (twin, triplets, etc.), as is the case with the DERN and the DAL universes which have been created simultaneously and which are, therefore, „gleichgerichtet“ (equally directed). 
There exist 10 to the 49th different forms of universes.

March 24,2013

Hello Eduard and happy belated birthday. 

Your answer reminded me of when Quetzal said to you; "Nothing escapes you does it?" I stand corrected. It is not through ones thoughts but; "As one who knows". Jmmanuel gave an excellent allegory of "a little bird" in chapter 16 verse 45 in the Talmud Jmmanuel. 

I would like to also give you a very deeply felt gratitude for having completed the Goblet of Truth when you did and a special thank-you to everyone at FIGU for having helped to make it available for free at Had you not done so my life would have now been in a dire state. Words cannot express my gratitude, nor can they express the amazement and wonder of the knowledge which you have shared in the Goblet. I look forward to one day sharing with you how it has impacted my life, how it has given me the ability to control my fate and, I would like to tell you that I had finally experienced what is meant by 'consonance' in the Goblet ...what an amazing thing this is! I cannot thank you enough. Words can do it no justice. Thank you, thank you again. 

My question for this round pertains to a project I'm working on that I foresee and hope will do much good. If I understood correctly, there is a "Dark Star" on the other side of the Oort Cloud(?) and I would like to ask you if you would please tell me about it. Mainly what is meant by a 'dark star' and things relative to it so that I may include it in my project. 

This „dark star“ is discussed by the terrestrial scientists as „Nemesis“. They still speculate about its existence, but do not yet know. But in the future they will know that it exists. 

Also, a very special thank you to you Christian for telling me about the; "Dead, suffocated water without oxygen has a red colour, as Billy could witness during his trip with Quetzal deep down in the ocean." It would be nice to learn how large of areas this red water covers at the bottom of the ocean. I have included this in my project. Thank you again. 

Salome and thank-you to you both again, 

Feb. 24, 2013

Greetings Billy & Christian, 
On this forum we have been discussing the motions of SOL and Earth and the cause of the epochal transformations which are now occurring (caused by the radiations of the central sun of the zodiac constellations and the golden radiations of the central sun of the Milky Way galaxy), with reference to contacts 9 & 148. SOL orbits the central star of the Milky Way galaxy with a period of 317 million years, as well as orbiting the centre of the constellations which comprise the zodiac with a period of 25,860 years. Earth has a precessional motion about it's centre with a period of 25.860 years relative to the stars (resulting in the polar oscillation which you mention in C148). It seems likely that the gigantic star or Central Sun at the centre of the zodiac constellations causes both the motion of SOL about this centre as well as the precession of Earth. Are my assumptions correct and what is the name of this gigantic star and/or it's constellation, at the centre of the zodiac constellations, which is causing these motions? 


Billy doesn’t know the name of the dark star (actually a black hole). As a rule, a galaxy has a black hole in its centre. And through the attraction of the black hole, stars are drawn into the centre which appear as a great big central sun or star.} 


Hi Billy 
It was mentioned that our universe consists of seven belts, and we exist in the third – the material belt. It was also mentioned that the ETs travel to Earth and other distance stars via Hyperspace. My question is: Where would the Hyperspace exist within the seven belts? 

Hyperspace exists in the material belt only. The destination to jump to must be a material one. 
We exist in the fourth belt, and travelling through the fifth to the seventh is not performed using hyperspace, but through other means and ways.

April 30,2012

If pure infinity is finite, are there other universes in pure infinity? Or other Absolutum-Absolutum inside pure infinity? 

Everything that exists is never infinite. The only "thing" that is infinite is the "Absolute Nothing of infinite duration".
Infinity is time-limited (zeitbegrenzt). 
While a universe is expanding, it is infinite, and during the contraction period it is finite.

March 26,2012

At about what point in time will the suns increased activity which could destroy Earths electrical devices calm down? In other words: When will this potential catastrophe no longer be a threat? 
Thank you 
- Carter Klippel 

There is an 11-year and a 22-year cycle, and from time to time one of those peaks does not appear. The threat of the sun's increased activity will continue/remain for a long time. The future will show. 
If everything goes its normal way, the next peak should occur at the beginning of 2013.

March 26,2012

Dear Billy, 

Thanks for answering my last question. 
Coming back to the question of infinity. 

If infinity means with no begining and no end (cf. Christian's remark), then the Universe which had a begining and will have an end (when its contraction is completed - according to Billy - before rebirth) can't be qualified of infinite. 

There's a huge different in concept between being lost in the Universe on a "circular" path (locked on it until the Universe crushes), and the Universe in which you turn to be itself infinite in size. 
This is something a normal Earthling can understand. 

If an egg can be finite and infinite at the same time, then the same applies for a table, the Earth, a box ...everything with a surface, because you could turn on it continuously... 

Consequently, the Universe has no special property that its constituents haven't got. 

Well there's a confusion here between the finiteness of an object (in size) and the possibility to mouv on its surface and to come back to the departure point as many times as time gives the opportunity to do it. 


If all the objects of the Universe have the property to be finite and infinite at the same time, why did you speak of the Universe's infinity? 

Thanks Salome 

Yes, a table also has finite and infinite aspects. 

Why should Billy not have mentioned the Universe's infinity? It's a fact! 
Everything is finite-infinite.

March 26,2012

Hello Billy. Last time I posted, I asked about people who have had NDE's (Near Death Experiences). I commented that these people have reported coming back from these experiences with "New" previously unknown factual information they had no previous knowledge of. Your response was that these people were basically having an imaginary experience. How can someone imagion true facts they had never in their life known before. I would think this is impossible and illogical. I also asked if you or the Plejeran had ever actually experimented with NDE's. You response was that what happens to us when we die can never be proven. Proof can be gathered with experimentation. If no one ever experiments on this topic then of course nothing about the death experience can be learned or proven. What happens between our old life and our new one would be great information to have. My point is what happens to us when we die can be experimented with and proven. We have the technology to do this even now. It seems your view of what happens to us when we die is your belief only and not something you know for sure. I thought you and the Plejerans never talk about what you believe, only what you know. I am very curious to hear your response. Thank You 

If it is really (!) the case that they have gathered new facts it is by intuition, but certainly not information from the other side / the other world. 
(Note by CF: What's beyond death cannot be experimented and proven, at least not with terrestrial science. Earth scientists have not even yet detected spiritual energy or that there are seven stages/levels down from the atom!)

March 26,2012

Billy, is mining for diamonds and gold wrong? I mean should precious stones, precious metals etc be left untouched? The reason why I'm asking is because if I'm not mistaken the Plejaren themsleves don't wear any jewellery. 

Human beings need precious metals etc. to improve their technology. Terrestrial humankind has not yet received a technological level where it is possible to develop all necessary elements from electrons. 
Mining in the extent as it is happening today on Earth is "wrong" (= excessive). Cause: the overpopulation catastrophe.


Hello Billy and Christian, 
In physics a wave is a disturbance that travels through space and time. Is it a better way of thinking or viewing it , if due to a wave disturbance (maybe a high frequency vibration) space and time is created? 
Thank you very much and my best wishes for you 

Norberto Burciaga 

Actually everything is waves = vibrations. Waves are everywhere. Spiritual energy is also vibration. 

April 25,2011

Hi Billy, 

Thankyou for the reply. 

Quoting your answer from last month. 

"The spirit is powered by THE cosmic life force. 
What do you mean with "free energy"? The term that is used by the esoterics? 
Subatomic particles are not the same thing as the cosmic life force." 

By free energy I mean that which powers Tesla based devices, ET spacecraft, energy healing devices like those Quetzal & Ptaah used on you. 

So is the life force infused through acupuncture points which some call prana & chi the same force as that which powers devices enabling various work such as energy healing & generating power to be accomplished ? 

There is no such thing as "free energy". It's a fantasy term and figment. The basics of energy supply and application is normal electro-magnetic energy.

Oct. 25,2010

Hello Billy, 
Do you or the Plejarens know if it is necessary for Creations to be “twin” Creations in order to travel from one Creation to another? Can travel to another Creation (with a material belt) be accomplished, without that other Creation being a twin? My understanding of this is based on my knowledge that we live in a twin Universe/Creation, which is the reason the Plejarens are able to visit Asket and her people and vice versa. 
Thanks so very much 


Chrisitian will not be seeing Billy next month (September) which means this current round of answers will not be available until sometime in October. Thanks-Scott 

(Message edited by scott on August 29, 2010) 

No, that's not necessary. It is possible to travel into "non-twin" or "non-triplets" universes.

July 23,2010

Dear Billy 

It was mentioned that the Creational Law prevents low spiritually evolved people in achieving Hyperspace and Time travel capabilities. 

While Ashtar Sheran was able to penetrating into the DAL universe, it is logical to assume that they should have acquired Hyperspace travel technique, yet, Ashtar Sheran and his people should not be considered as high in spiritual evolution. 

My question is: What would be the typical status of spiritual evolution of those peoples who can achieve Hyperspace and Time travel capabilities? 


There is no "typical status of spiritual evolution" which allows human beings to achieve those capabilities. Several factors are playing a role. 

Along of his path of evolution, a human being is prone for negative thinking and behaviour for a long time. E.g. the IHWH who produced the IHWH mata, the "eye of god" (ring nebula), was an IHWH in his scientific field (astrophysics etc.), but spiritual-wise he obviously was not an example, because he must have suffered from megalomania and other bad traits. 
Therefore, an advanced level in certain fields does not guarantee that a person cannot act negatively anymore. 

(Note by CF: In the case of Ashtar Sheran (and his followers) it's obvious that he fell back into an old negative behaviour.)

June 27,2010

Greetings Dear Billy, 

Was the scientist Nicola Tesla provided with impulses to assist his research ? 




June 27,2010

Dear Billy and Christian, there is a popular riddle that has likely been around for ages: "What came first; the chicken or the egg?" 

Would it be that the chicken came first, rather the consciousness of the chicken, which arose in the 'slime', and through millenia evolved into the present day chicken, which at some point during its evolution became able to lay eggs? 

It's absolutely no riddle: The egg came first. --- The first "egg" was a cell. 

Btw: During Contact 494 of May 11, 2010, Ptaah answered Billy's question concerning the first unicellular organism responsible for the first development of life on Earth with this: "Your question refers to the "Stromatolithen", because they basically were the actual link from which all life formed. The time of the "Stromatolithen" was 3.5 milliard (billion) years ago."

March 1,2010

Hi Billy, 

How are you? 

can pure reason be broken? Galileo and Cantor said that there are levels of infinity and this concept of infinity contradicts pure mathematics. so is this true? 

Thanks for coming to earth 


No, there's no contradiction. However, pure infinity is finite, and yes, infinity is divisible.


Dear Billy, I was watching Steven Hawking on TV & he said that if he could get one question answered he would ask "Can something come from nothing?" How would you answer that question? 

With a „No“. From nothing comes nothing.

July 26,2009

Hello Mr Meier. In some of the FIGU writings it is mentioned that fluidal forces have frequencies too high to be measured by current Earth techniques. In other places, it is mentioned that these energies can somehow be detected in the ultraviolet range. Also it was mentioned somewhere else (maybe in one of the Kitchen Table Discussions?)that I don't recall that real Kirlian photography can show the very lowest of these energies in some way. 

My question to you is, how is it possible for ultraviolet frequencies to be related to fluidal forces when the fluidal forces are supposedly way too high a frequency range for us on Earth to detect? After all we can detect frequencies significantly higher than ultraviolet even if we don't fully understand them. Any help in clarification of this is appreciated. Thank you... 


On Earth there exist no techniques or devices to meaure those very high frequencies which are beyond the ultraviolet range. Fluidal forces are not entirely belonging into the pure-spiritual realms. 

(Note by CF: The ultraviolet range is open to above.)

March 30,2009

Hallo Billy, 

I hope you are well 

Am I right if I assume that the current block there we have stayed with the combustion engines as our main power source for movements, transports, heating, production etc, is now finally to be over and we will finally turn ourselves to other sources much more clean for our environment? 

I am currently thinking so that the old hydrocarbon combustion technology now have to be replaced and the economic strength for all the large companies/interests who have stayed attached to this, now either have o abandon this or be scrapped together with this old technology. 

Vielen dank für alles 


Regarding the invention and development of substitute for the combustion engines we (the people on Earth) are about 30 to 50 years behind. Decades ago we should have started to build alternatives. 
It’s the same thing with genetic research and manipulations which should have started many years before. But stupid lobbyism and antagonists (who often have a religious background), who are fighting against genetic research don’t have a hint what bad they are doing against much needed progress. They are preventing much good from being invented and tested. 

Genetic manipulations etc. would/will also play a role in finding new ways of clean motor technology etc.

March 30,2009
7. Bass boy RQ7: 

Dear Billy, 

How does the spirit remain connected to the human during or after teleportation? Another words, Does the process of teleportation includes disassembling the body atom by atom and then reassembling it after the transmission is complete or is there a different process all together? Thanks. 


The spirit-form, even being of a tiny form, may stretch/extend extremely long distances (kann sich ungeheuer ausbreiten). Even if the body is dissolved and reassembled near or far away, the spirit-form is always in contact with the body cells and atoms etc.


Greetings Billy, 

Now just to comment on something regarding the final removal of the MIBs along with all traces of their being ancient artifacts existing on Mars by the Siriun ETs back in 2006. 

I've been giving this a lot of thought lately, and I feel the Siriuns did the right thing along with making the right decisions in removing all traces of these ancient artifacts, because I think this would also prevent any secret service group from any one country in getting their hands on it first, who likely would have destroyed the truth themselves as they enforce further their UFO cover-ups of the truth here on Earth. However, a friend of mine has also warned me that ETs removing to much supporting evidence which supports the truth of your communications with ET forms of life, can actually cause harm to the over-all mission of FIGU in pushing it into a more religious direction, rather then allowing Earth human beings from discovering certain truths for themselves as confirmations, relating to humanities ancient past. 

The good news of course being that the MIBs will no longer be standing in the way of any furhter UFO disclosures if and when this happens. 

Therefore it would seem to me that the Siriun ETs are not quite finished here yet in what they may have to do. This is because I suspect the MIBs may have played a large part in not only influencing the UFO cover up in various countries, but also regarding the Xenophobia initiated by global secret service groups, aimed at instilling the fear of ETs into the world populace. 

So if the Siriun ETs want to eliminate all of the past influence of the MIBs done here on Earth, then I think they are going to have to help initiate like a UFO disclosure themselves. Something that would be just enough, which the mass media could not avoid, which would also be harmless enough to capture people's interest in UFOs, such as like an appearance of large UFOs that appear all over the world for about 30 minutes and then disappear again, like that which has happened over Mexico city. And then sometime after that, they can initiate contact with small groups of selected individuals, who would take them seriously, which over time can work itself towards an open public contact. They can contact Richard C Hoagland, who has dedicated a good portion of his life to the investigation of the monuments on Mars which are now no longer there. 

And then there is the ancient manipulation of our genes. I think we need the Siriuns ET's help to finally undo and correct the problem since this had involved ancient MIB creator overlords, but the general populace I think also needs to become more aware of the problem before it can ever be corrected. It would appear as though this ancient gene manipulation is partly responsible for the development of various confusions and mental illnesses in people's thinking here on Earth, such as Psychosis to schizophrenia which for some reason appears to be present to some degree in the vast majority of the earth human population with impaired reason. 

SO my question is, would you or someone be able to bring all this to the Siriun ETs attention so that they can finish helping to correct all which has being manipulated by the MIBs to us here on Earth? 

May 2009 be a good one for you and everyone else. 

James Truthseeker 

Such thoughts are on the same silly level as all of those people who are blaming today’s Germans of the crimes that the Nazis did during WWII and before. 

The Sirians of today are not responsible for the actions that were done thousands of years ago by their ancestors. 

The genetic manipulation must be corrected by our scientists, through our own research.

Jan. 1,2009

Thank you for the last round of questions... the different Omnioid forms of life was great and the interesting fact that the double helix formation is mirrored in our DNA... very nice. Thanks. 

My question is: Would an atom in the microcosm be equivalent to a star in the cosmic dimension? 

Live well, my friend… please convey my greetings to all near you… 



No. An atom can be compared with a gigantic galaxy.

Jan. 1,2009

Dear Billy, I think one of the greatest gifts that you & the Plejarens could give to Earth Humans would be Medical & Health related information. My question to you is. Why hasn’t there be more medical & health related information been released in the contact notes & other books that you write? 

Their directives do not permit that much medical information is released to the terrestrial population (or any other population on other worlds). We and our scientists have to learn and do our research for ourselves, because that’s the way of evolution. 

(Note by CF: There is quite an amount of medical information available in the contact notes.)

Oct. 26,2008
New member 

I am interested in the relationship of our human energy and the nature of the double spiral of creation. 

first of all my questions are just thoughts of mine which may not be accurate. But I cannot help but look at the double spiral and think of how much reminds me of the shape of the brain or a seed of a plant. 

my question is. 

When a human enters a state of consciousness, does the human brain initiate the same directional flow of energy (or creation) as the double spiral of creation does . And if this manifests for this person for the very first time what change happens to the spirit. And thank so much for your time. 

The basic principle must the same in everything. Therefore it could be as you suggest. The genetic structure of the genes (the double helix) resembles that of our universe. 


Dear Billy, 

Ptaah told you once, that Plejarans dont use a light years unit to measure distance, because it is our unique invention and completly wrong, because light in space dont always travel with constant velocity of "c". Yet in modern physics the speed of light in vacuum is "a holly constant" and always equal to "c". The constant speed of light for each observer is also a cornerstone of Einstein Theory Of Relativity. My question: Was Einstein wrong? Is his Theory of Relativity based on false assumptions? 

Yes, Einstein was wrong. The speed of light is not constant throughout the duration of the existence of our universe. It gradually slows down. There exists a half-life (Halbwertszeit). 
For us at the present time the speed of light is (appears) constant.

May 27,2008

Dear Billy, 

Good to hear you are feeling well again. 

Billy I was wondering about what Asket had told you. 

She said, "Creation is so logical, that it can be derived through Mathematics." 

I was wondering, with that being true, then can we also derive telepathy and telekinesis mathematically, as they are also abilities of your Spirit which is a part of creation. 

I don't like the idea of us just sitting around waiting for the Goblet of Truth to get translated. I feel everybody should contribute to it somehow. But that is a little difficult for some people. 

The Truth belongs to all, then all should contribute to it too right? 

Thats why i feel a little irritated that i can't help. I really really want to though. 



Yes, telepathy and telekinesis, and also reading and writing and other physical processes, etc. etc., can be grasped through Mathematics. However, you need to know the formula. 

Actually there is a way to help: You can donate some smaller or bigger amount, because the translation process will cost much money. We will let the book be translated by a professional translator / translating company.

Username: Vestri 

Hi Billy, 

I was watching a recent scientific documentary on how our planet was formed and the scientists in it really didn't know how our water got here. They said that one of the greatest mysteries in science is how all the water on Earth got here. Can you explain this. Thanks 

Actually scientists know about the origin of our water. It was brought to here by comets and through the effects of cold and heat between planet and outer space. And of course chemical processes were also involved.

Nov. 29, 2007
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Hello Billy, 

In Contact 251, it says that Japan and China will discover that the prevailing physics is not the last word in knowledge, but that there exists yet a higher level of physics which extends into fine-matter spheres. 

My question is, does this have to do with the source vibrations behind all sub-atomic particles or does this have more to do with what is said in Bulletin 43, that the laws of nature are not rules fixed for all time, but constantly experience adaptation and change according to the varying circumstances? 

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Ultimately, this will have to do with ultra-super sub-atomic "particles“, all of which does already belong into the spiritual realm.

June 25,2007
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Hello Billy, 
I have lived my entier life as a Vegetarian. I take milk products and sometimes egg. The Plejaren's have mentioned that a meat diet is essential. But, will this diet [without meat] cause any 'trouble' to me in the future, what is its drawback. What would you say to a person who doesn't encourage killing of animals and is hence vegetarian? 

It’s up to each vegetarian to decide what is good for him or her. Besides, milk products and egg etc. are also of animalistic nature. 
Recently Billy saw a documentary on TV where vegetarians and non-vegetarians were compared regarding life quality etc. during a test phase of about 8 months: The non-vegetarians had a somewhat better result regarding stability, but actually there were no big differences. 

Unfortunately, we are not capable at this time to artificially produce meat; therefore we will have to continue to kill animals. That’s the course of evolution. 

(Note by CF: It is important, therefore, that genetic research is supported instead of hampered, because the sooner artificial meat is available, the better for the animals (mammals, fish, etc.) of this earth.)

March 26, 2007
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Dear Billy, 

What is wrong with our pi-number calculation? Is there (as you claim) really some error in it? 

As Ptaah said during the 260th contact of February 3, 1998: „… the time is much too early to give more details …“ 
However, Core Group member Guido Moosbrugger made his own calculations, which can be seen in the book Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontakberichte, Block 7, page 484: The result: 3.144 605 512.