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Sept.30, 2014
Hello Eduard, 
For this round, I would like to ask for your help in understanding this creational law which states that a heterosexual male, born anywhere in our universe, is not a “fully-male” if this male likes or enjoys dancing with women. 
It is based on CR 112 and everyone’s understanding that you and your Plejaren friends were discussing this idea/truth. I’ve included the facebook discussion I had with three friends there, with whom I disagreed with their understanding. 
They insist that their understanding is correct. If indeed they are correct, I can only conclude there is a flaw in my present understanding of the natural creative laws. 
I included our discussion below. I would like to add that these three friends are very pro-figu, you would be pleased to know they take their consciousness evolution seriously and you would be proud of their steadfastness in their efforts to support the mission, wake people up to the truth and contribute generously always. Hence why I give their comments seriousness and my utmost consideration. 
Salome and thank-you to you both, 

(Friend1) The Spirit Teaching mentions dancing as a feminine female quality which only women should do if I remember correctly. If men do it, they have feminine traits or characteristics in a small...small degree..I might be wrong with the exact explanation 
(Friend2) I knew that's where you got it from my brother. 

(Eddie Martin) Friend1, where in the Spirit Teaching did you come across that? Thnx. 
(Friend3) Not the spirit teaching, but in the contact notes 
(Friend3) Semjase explained that men dancing is a sign that they are not fully male, and still have some female traits. 

(Eddie Martin) This Contact Report should be read very carefully. 
(Line 9) The Plejaren men dance; "alone or among their peers". 
(Line11 & Billy) Anyone who "carries certain female traits" due to "reversal of incarnation cycle" & "premature birth of the new personality" is a gay man. 

(Friend3) no, not true,you are reading it incorrectly, certain female traits do not have to express in homosexuality, but can be much more subtle, it depends on how weak or how strong these female traits express themselves. 

Eddie Martin Then explain please line 9. 
(Friend3) How many men dance with men or alone (as explained in line 9), not many, even very little in the western world. 
I think that some men who dance take offense to this information. 
For example, John Travolta is an avid dancer, and to my knowledge he is not gay, but a married man. 
Take for example the Dervish dancers, who are male and dancer amongst each other. 
100% masculine males do not dance with females. 

(Eddie Martin) Line 9 is in reference to Plejaren men. 
(Friend3) Line 9 describes how natural men (Plejaren men) behave, when it comes to dancing, they are fully male, in contrast to some men here on Earth. 

It’s not a universal law. What Semjase mentioned in CR 112 is the fact that because of overpopulation the reincarnation cycles are out of normal order, with the effect that a part of the male population is born too early and, as an effect, their masculinity is not fully distinct (ausgeprägt). 
The kind of dancing in question is that form of dancing when a man and woman are dancing real close. Dancing like ballet or artistic dancing etc. does not fall into that category/rating. 

June 29, 2014
Could you please explain what causes a heterosexual male human being to reincarnate in the next life as a heterosexual female human being and vice-versa? 

These are natural processes which the human being cannot influence or control.

March 23, 2014
Dear Billy 
I refer to the spirit-form of Androids. 
It was mentioned that Androids are enlivened by an artificially created spirit-form, i.e. they have no IMEDMAN spirit-form. 
My Question is : Would these artificially created spirit-form also observe the creative natural laws of reincarnation? 

OMEDAM is the word. 

The android spirit-forms are also capable of reincarnation, but not as human beings, but only as androids with android consciousness-forms. 

Oct. 27, 2013
Hi Billy, 
In a question & answer posed to you on December 3, 2005 by Scott you mentioned that, "On Earth the reincarnation cycles are out of order because of overpopulation. Yes, if a spirit form reincarnates too soon this causes problems." 
I wonder...can these problems that arise because of reincarnating too soon include such things as the various developmental disabilities such as autism and similar disorders? 
The reason I ask is because my only child, my son Jonah, has autism. According to some researchers there has been a great increase in the percentage of children diagnosed with autism, and these researchers don't know why. I wonder if some of this increase is the result of overpopulation and the decreased amount of time that the spirit form spends in the Beyond. 
Thank you to all at FIGU for all that you do! 

No, autism and developmental disabilities have nothing to do with the out-of-order-reincarnation cyles. 
The effects of the abnormal reincarnation cycles are, among other things, unconcernedness and disinterest for ethics, for gathering knowledge and wisdom, etc. The human beings do not develop in a consciousness-based valuable form.

Oct. 27, 2013
Dear Billy, does the normal incarnation cycle always change from one gendre to the next? In one of your responses to a question, you say it all depends on would that make the gendre of subsequent incarnations random? 
Thank you 

The gender/sex of a human being is determined by genetics which is a material factor.

Oct. 27, 2013
Indi (for Derrick) 
My question is: (In regard to reincarnation) Whether it be special love bonds between spouses or deep family bonds, or the most evolution in certain geographical places, how does the spirit form of the human being designate where and through whom it incarnates (reincarnates)? What factors play a role and why? 
Salome Robyn 

The spirit-form does not „designate“; quite to the contrary, it „is designated“ according to creational laws. Billy does not know how this works, but of course everything depends on Schwingungen (swinging waves).

July 27, 2013

Hi Billy, 

It was suggested that children under the age of 5 often connect with their past lives in some capacity that is unclear to me. This may suggest a connection to why most people cannot remember what happened before the age of 5. 

There is (was) a researcher, Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia who dedicated himself to the study of reincarnation cases of only children. Many of the documented cases do corroborate with your information. 

The reason I mention this is because it is abundantly clear that the majority of people following your information is interested in this, myself included. 

Now, my question then, has to do with what was exchanged on the English FIGU forum, where it was said (by youself) that "language," being culturally tied, is a factor in the spirit-form's re-entry to the next physical body. What I would like is a more clearly stated set of conditions -- that is my question. Here are just some things I contemplated on -- they are not questions but hopefully you can tie your answer to clarify this central question concerning the role of language/culture in the process governing reincarnation: 

* When a planet such as Earth is freshly populated with new physical "human" forms where no language existed 
* When a family that is bi-lingual and more 
* When a person is bi-lingual and more 
* When spirit form has a vibrational match with expecting parents on the other side of the planet that is of the same language/culture or different 
* When a spirit form has remained in the fine-matter world for much longer than the average "wait" time for re-entry (like 5 times the normal cycle of rebirth) due to region/cultural binds 
* When a person dies before living a full life -- there is a documented case of one person having reincarnated two more times in the same family due to murder (for a total of three personalities in one family's lifetime). This is clearly within the guideline of language/culture. 
* In a previous answer you gave to another, it was mentioned that spiritform that physically died in free-space would go to the nearest planet and how this ties to language/cultural selection 

I and many others would appreciate greatly an expanded explanation of this relationship. 

Language is not a factor regarding the reincarnation of a spirit-form into a certain embryo. It’s the cultural-consciousness-based factors which are decisive for the location of a reincarnation. What matters is the existing level of evolution (consciousness-based) at the time of a person’s death. 

(Note by CF = an example: The spirit-form of a Swiss person, who lived here all life, or a part of it, and is used to the way of thinking and the culture and level of knowledge etc. etc. in Switzerland, will reincarnate in Europe again, but not necessarily in Switzerland, but probably also in Austria or Germany or France etc, where a similar level of consciousness-based culture and way of life etc. etc. exists. 
If a person from, e.g., Afghanistan, migrates to Switzerland or Germany etc., lives the rest of his/her life here and gets used to the way of thinking, the traditions, the culture in the center countries of Europe, learns the language, etc., then the spirit-form of that person may reincarnate in Europe in a next existence, and not again in Afghanistan or Pakistan or India etc. 
If in a family of immigrants in Switzerland there’s a family member who does only live within his/her family, does not learn German or French etc, does only watch TV programs from his/her homeland, then such a person’s spirit-form will reincarnate in his/her original homeland or surrounding countries/cultures.)

July 27, 2013

Hello Billy, 

Recently I read about Ian Brady who had sexually assaulted and killed five children. He was declared criminally insane. How could it be possible when he managed to point out that he is less of a criminal compared to worldwide serial killers as Bush and T.Blair who capitalised on war economy? He also mentioned he does not regret it as well as these two former world leaders. My question is how spirit forms of such persons process knowledge of this life time to become more evolved in the next reincarnation with mental block capable to feel and think more reasonable way? 

The learning process continues in the next life, which starts without „any burden“ from a previous criminal existence. 
Btw: Murder is murder. For a victim there’s no difference whether „just“ one person or many more persons were killed as well. Life terminated and the learning process has been brutally terminated. Murder is always a severe transgression against humanity and a human being.

July 27, 2013

My father had passed away back in 2003 at the age of 71. According to the Plejaren, our population is currently at about 8.1 billion people. Is it possible that my father has already reincarnated as a different person in 2013? 
71 x 1.52 = 107.92 years the spirit spends in the fine-matter world based on a population of 529,000,000 
8,100,000,000 divided by 529,000,000 = 15.31 

So 107.92 years divided by 15.14 = 7.04 years the spirit stays in the fine-matter world based on a population of 8.1 billion people 

Is this correct or have I made a mistake? 

Such calculations are useless because the reincarnation cycles have been permanently damaged through/by the overpopulation catastrophe. It (the reincarnation cycle) will never again return to a normal ratio on Earth because already too many spirit-forms have been "activated“ due to overpopulation.

April 28, 2013

Greetings Billy, 

Thankyou for that confirmation concerning the analogy between universal cores and a fragment of Creation within the head. 


Somewhere or other was stated that universal boundaries (of universes) prevent the escape of energies of any kind so the question is: 

With Ashtar Sheran expiring in the Dal universe in 1983 what happens ? How are his so far acquired spirit values going to be transferred from his previous universe .... ours, Dern into his next re-incarnating body which will appear in Dal ? 

If a person leaves this universe and dies in another universe, he or she only takes with him or her those values and that knowledge which is linked/stored in his consciousness in the present actual life. The overall consciousness-block remains in this (old) universe and cannot be taken into the other universe. There, in the other universe, a new overall consciousness-block is built, starting with the knowledge etc. that was present at the time of the person’s death.

Feb.24, 2013

1st time question(ever!): 

Is it possible for the consciousness block to incarnate in more than one personality in a century(or very close time period), and have two incarnations at the same time? 

Thank you for the many years of your dedicated mission! 

If a person dies at an early age, it is possible that the new consciousness-block is incarnating within the same century again, but never at the same time.

Jan. 28,2013


If I'm not mistaken you had once said that there are no new spirits incarnating here on Earth. Could you please tell me approximately how many not new spirits are there in thr fine matter world? 

There are no “Neugeistformen” who will incarnate for the first time on Earth, but there are a lot of spirit-forms which are in an underdeveloped state of evolution, either incarnated, or in a “waiting position”. 
The number of “new spirit-forms” in the universe cannot be calculated.

Oct. 28,2012

Hello Billy and Christian: 

I was discussing with some friends about the first spirit form incarnating in a human body for the first time, and we know that from that point on the human must learn from nature, its laws to procure the evolution of the spirit form. From this learning process, the human gathers knowledge in the spirit form for the future reincarnations, or does the spirit form contain all knowledge from the beginning of its creation, and the human simply matches/compares knowledge through experiencing life. In other words, is the spirit form "empty" when reincarnating for the first time, or does it contain all knowledge that is not available to us, but only through living many lives? 

Thank you, 

When the human spirit-form enters a human body for the first time, it is neutral and has no knowledge. During the following re-incarnations, knowledge is “fed” through the material consciousness (via thoughts and feelings).


Dear Billy, 

Please accept my warmest greetings from California. 

I have an only 18 year old son, with special needs in the area of communication. He feels very wise and has led us down the path to finding your spiritual teachings. He feels like an old Spirit, for lack of a better description. 

Yet I have been told that the Spirit Form of children with special needs are new and young spirits who are just beginning their learning phase. 

Please help me understand if and how the Spirit Form of children with special needs are different? 

Thank you in advance for your kind response. 
Salome with Love ~ 

There are no new spirits or spirit-forms anymore here on Earth. 
Your son’s problem has nothing to do with the spirit-form, but with the consciousness and the psyche. 

(Note by CF: And probably a malfunctioning brain or some other physical malfunction may also play a role. 
All human beings who live on our planet have a spirit-form that has already incarnated many times.)

March 26,2012

Hello Eduard, 

I have taken your previous answer to heart. 
My thoughts about the transition of a very highly developed human into the high council are that the transition occurs after physical death, the spirit and its overall consciousness-block, and a fine-elemental body move over into the level of the high-council, where it stays in an ever increasingly finer form until entry into the level Arahat Athersata, can you shed your light on this? 

(Message edited by jacob on February 26, 2012) 

There's no sense going into details because you cannot make use of it anyway. What matters is how life's values are implementated into one's own life. 
What can be said regarding the transition process from the material world via level of High Council to Arahat Athersata: It's an automatism. Depending on a person's (and his descendant-personalities') efforts and intelligence etc., the process to gain "entrance" into the High Council realm encompasses between 40 and 60 million years. Based on the 60 million, it takes an average of 18 million years incarnated as a human being, and 42 million years in the "Jenseitsbereich" (other world).

Jan. 28, 2012

Hi Billy 
How do we know that reincarnation really exists. 
I still find it difficult to understand why we are here. There has to be more to it. Are we missing something important? Joe 

If there was no reincarnation of the spirit form and the evolving overall consciousness-block which creates a new consciousness-block for each new life, Earth (or any other planet) would be populated by idiots only who had no higher knowledge and could not accomplish anything. There would be no progress, no knowledge, no wisdom etc. 
Reincarnation is an evolutionary process which enables and secures the storage of knowledge that can be used (and based upon) in the next lives. This, in turn, makes it possible that the human being can evolve consciousness-related. 

Jan. 28,2012

hi billy how are u doing today? 

my question today is. 

do creation love me 

Yes, but not in the sense as you may think or imagine. Creation's love is manifested by the fact that the human being exists, that he/she is a product of love. 

It's the same thing with the saying "it has been Creation's idea…" The term "idea" cannot be used in the sense we human beings understand it. Creation's idea creates Fügungen (a logical series of cause and effect).

Jan. 28, 2012

Thanks Billy,for answering all previous questions for which i take on board and learn from 
Do babies/Spirits Choose thier 'Parents' (or maybe friends) before they come/enter into this world? or is it Random? The reason i ask is becuase of Traits or characteristics learned. 

No, they don't. It's not random in the sense that human beings understand the term. It's a Fügung, an application of the law of cause and effect, through the creational laws. It's the same principle as insemination/procreation.

Dec. 24,2011

Dear Eduard, 

After death, it takes about 1.5 times the life-span of a human to incarnate once again into the material life. During the time in the beyond, the actual time one earth is different then in the beyond dimension. 

What would be the exact ratio of the time here and the time there, if there is a measurable time in the beyond? 

Thank you, 

Warm regards to you, the CG, and all members around the world. 

In the so-called "beyond" (realm of the other world) there is no time calculation, because that realm is timeless. There are no watches in the "beyond".


Billy, can you please, if possible explain to me how did the Plejaren come to the conclusion that on Earth the human spirit or sprirt-forms has to stay the duration it was in the coarse matter world multiplied by about one and a half times in the fine matter world? I mean, how is this calculated? 

The ratio between the duration to exist in the "realm of the other world" (beyond) and the actual life is depending on the distance between a planet and its sun. This is a law of Creation and is working normally when there is no overpopulation on a planet.


Hi Billy, 

In one of your previous answers, you said that "David Wilcock is no Edgar Cayce." Since we know personalities do not reincarnate but the spirit form does, we can assume that your answer means the spirit-form of the two are not the same. If not, please elaborate. 

My question is which source was this confirmation from? 

Thank you. 

Just by thinking logically. If Edgar Cayce really had a more-than-average evolved spiritform, there would be the requirement of a longer time span to exist in the realm of the other world (Jenseits), in order to digest and to build up the new consciousness-block.


Hello Eduard and all at FIGU, your efforts are much appreciated. 
I just have a question and I hope you can answer it for me. I am slowly reading 'Dekalog Dodekalog' as my german is not too good yet, and verse number 459 on page 59 says ; "Yet without compliance in the laws and recommendations of the Creation this is not possible, because when the awake time of the Creation must give way to the time of slumber and you haven't in this time fulfilled your purpose of perfection and returning to the Creation, then you fall victim to Totsein for all-great-times in an absolute elimination." 
Can you explain to me what this means please. How can the spirit-form fall victim to an absolute elimination? 
Thank you for your time. 

You shall not take this literally because it is just a "if". In reality this will not be the case because no spirit form will be left back. Each spirit form will reach the level of Arahat Athersata and upwards. 

(Note by CF: Some stubborn and lazy people need 60 million years, others need 40 million years only to reach the level of the High Counsel. It looks like some individuals are in need of "einem 'Chlapf' mit der Geissel", as we say in Switzerland.)


Greetings Billy, 

A question concerning the number of reincarnations a spiritform undertakes during it's development. 

You have previously stated that once a spiritform reaches the High Council semi spirit level which might occur after 60-80 million years of material reincarnations then no more reincarnations take place and a spiritform at that level will gradually evolve and transform into the first level of pure spiritform Arahat Athersata. 

The question concerns the first 60-80 million years of material reincarnations occurring on various planets. 

Lets take a low average of 60 years per material life then 90 years in the beyond between lives making 150 years per reincarnation as an example. 

Then we must consider if it's actually possible for that to occur continuously in an unbroken series and for that to occur there must be a sufficient living population on the planet to facilitate this. 

With approximately 127 billion spiritforms assigned to this planet waiting in the queue it would take an extremely long time given the up to now relatively low population levels for each one to continuously reincarnate within the parameters of the cycle. 

Most human spiritforms are less than 1.5 million years old which indicates by the mathematics that they may have had 10,000 reincarnations at most. 
Most humans are not hulking brutes or grunting club swinging neanderthals though a few with that type of mentality manage to become political and religious leaders somehow but that's beside the point. 

Indigenous earth spirits who started reincarnating at the very start 4.5 million years ago might have had 30,000 reincarnations at most then the few spiritforms of extraterrestrial origin who died here are obviously older. 

The mathematics. 

150 years = 1 reincarnation. 
1,500 years = 10 reincarnations. 
15,000 years = 100 reincarnations. 
150,000 years = 1,000 reincarnations. 
1.5 million years = 10,000 reincarnations. 
15 million years = 100,000 reincarnations. 

60 million years = 400,000 reincarnations. 
75 million years = 500,000 reincarnations. 

So by the mathematics if an average age of 60 years material life is maintained and that's probably not correct as advanced populations can live to 1,000 years and beyond then logically how many reincarnations can fit into 60-80 million years ? 

On average it would probably be less than 500,000 yet Semjase & Ptaah have both stated in contact reports billions. Even if those were mistranslations or misinterpretations and they really said millions even that doesn't fit mathematically. 

So what exactly could it be ? How many reincarnations ? 

If the actual linear time requirement for material reincarnations was 60-80 billion years then some millions of reincarnations would indeed be possible using those mathematical calculations but you have stated it's 60-80 million years of material reincarnations and no more after the semi spirit level. 

Can you finally lay this issue to rest and explain how it works. 

Out of all the material I've read so far it's the only unexplainable anomaly though how a spiritform which enlivens a human body can visit itself via time travel into the past or future is also another difficult concept to grasp but that's another question. 

You cannot take an average to calculate the amount of lifetimes. The higher evolved a person is, the longer he lives. There are lives of less than one year, and there are lives longer than a thousand years. And a person who fulfills his reincarnation cycle within 40 million years, will have to use less incarnations than a person who needs 60 million years to get rid of his material body. All of this depends on the motivation, the learning and the evolution of the individual. 

Regarding Ptaah and Semjase speaking of "billions" of years: they meant (spoke of) humanity as a whole/collective, and not an individual. When they are talking about "Mensch der Erde" oder "der Erdenmensch", they mean humanity as a whole.


Hi Billy 

I refer to you answer that spiritforms were all the same at the beginning, while it took a very long time of evolution for an original spiritform to become a human spiritform. 

On the other hand, within FIGU Bulletin #41, Vol. 8, November 2002, regarding “How is a new spirit created and/or reproduced?” 

The answer is: “ …The designation “new spirit form” is given to and for it only at the point it actually enters/(is born) for the first time into a human body. The new spirit form was created in its Ur-form during the creation of the universal Material Belt by the creation force of the universe …” 

It seems that a human spiritform to be was never “new”, it reincarnated repeatedly and evolved on the long path of becoming a real human spiritform; and there seems there is no real distinction between the final evolutional stage of the primates and the first stage of the real human being. 

My question is: Could you please explain on what condition that the so-called “the new spiritform” enters for the first time into a human body? 



The "new" spirit form, the "Neugeistform" is called "new" because it enters into a human being for the first time if that human being has passed the stages when he appeared (and was) more of an animal-like form. 

(Note by CF: As Billy has been explained in former answers, the "new" spirit form has reincarnated before, but not with a human, but kind of an animalistic "nature". The spirit form that enlivened the "Adelobasileus cromptoni" evolved together with the physical body of the animal, over millions of years, until the shape of the body had become human, and the brain had developed enough so the start as a human being became possible.) 

Oct. 1,2011

Thanks for taking the time answering questions and enlighting us Billy 

By doing a search for answers,ive learnt that the 'spirit' generaly has no recollection of its 'Former Lives'! My questions is, when we are 'Reincarnated' many (possibly thousands or millions) times over, is it possible that we can 'link or meet again' live our lives meet again with any former 'physical' family or friends thats weve encountered in our previous lifetimes? (although we have no memories of it) ? if thats the case 'why' is it for a learning process? to the individuals. do we reincarnate as a same'Group' or people to meet again. I ask as you said that we generaly are 'reincarnated' into the same (Planet) 'country or was it culture' that we were born! 

Thank You for the time Clive 

Yes, that's possible, but not the rule. 
The spirit form reincarnates because of the learning process. This is generally so, and also so if there may be a case when two spirit forms have been reincarnated in two persons who are related to each other at that time and who, as other personalities, had been related before.


Dear Billy, 

If any humans from another world came to earth, lived and died here, it means their spirit-form would be bound to earth and their next incarnation would be on earth. 

Now if they are spiritually more developed than humans on earth, lets say a 1000 to 2000 years, does that mean that their spirit forms would stay in the beyond for a longer time, until the majority of humans on earth have reached similar or close spiritual development level? 

Thank You, 


This has already happened on Earth, e.g. when the Lyrians came to this planet and died here. They just "joined" the spirit forms of the original Earth humans. They had not to wait for the Earth humans to "catch up". The effect of an extraterrestrial spirit form is automatically "blocked" when it reincarnates on a foreign planet where the average evolutionary level of the people is lower. But of course there remains a influence to the effect that the person with the ET spirit form shows a somewhat higher level of evolution in the material life.

April 25,2011

Billy, how does the spirit review its last incarnation when it is in the fine matter world? 

The spirit form does not review its last re-incarnation, as, btw, is also the case with the former consciousness block because it has ceased to exist and has been dissolved into pure energy.

Jan. 23, 2011

Dear Billy 

Thanks for your recent answer on the “two sides” development of the Spirit-Form related to Human and apes. 

My existing understanding is that there are different types of spirit-form reside in different life-forms such as insects, fishes, plants, animals etc. 

My question is: Did all types of spirit-form evolve and branch off from one single original type of spirit-form? 


Yes, from one universal type of spirit form, a neutral energy form. During evolution, the spirit form that is within all kinds of living forms, evolves in unison with the life form in question, e.g. bacteria, plant, mammal, human being.

Nov. 29, 2010

Hi Billy we all know the problems overpopulation is causing to our planet. I imagine that overpopulation causes not only problems in this material dimension where people incarnate in material bodies(diesseits) but also in the beyond (jenseits). What I would like to know is if there can appear negative consecuencies to our next personality if due to overpopulation, instead of staying in the beyond say 152 years, we stay a mere 1 or 5 years. 

I came to this conclusion after thinking that the material realm and the beyond are two different manifestations of the same reality so, if overpopulation does provoke all kind of negative consecuences in the material real, it should also provoke negative consecuences in the beyond. 

Does a very short stay/permanence in the beyond imply or result in negative/unfavorable living conditions for our next personalities? How does overpopulation affect the processes taking place in the beyond? 

Thank you and stay well. 

If a spirit form is forced to reincarnate too soon, the overall consciousness-block had not enough time to fully "program" the new personality. As a result, there are human beings born who have great problems to get firm ground under their feet or, in other words, to live into their life. Other effects are weakness, non-thoroughness, instability, etc.


Dear Billy and Christian: 

I have a question about the evolution of the spirit. When a scientist dies in the middle of the jungle, his/her spirit will travel back to the culture, which is more suited to continue its evolution. Then I was wondering; is the spirit of a human attracted by the vibration of the spirits of their parents or the mother, so that the spirit is born from parents that are evolved as well? Or does the reincarnation of the spirit happen in a complete random way, but within the same culture? 

Thank you and Salome, Marcela 

The parents have no influence on the attraction of a spirit form into the embryo. Everything is occurring "fügungsmässig". The spirit form does incarnate into a region/culture where there is a similar average level of evolution to its own.

Oct. 25,2010

Billy, why does the spirit of the human being has to stay in the fine matter world for 152 years and is this based only when a planet has a human population of approximately five hundred million? 

This is a proportional number only and means that if a person lives 100 years, the duration in the fine matter world would last 152 years (if there is NO overpopulation on this planet). 

(Note by CF: This number of 152 is connected to planet Earth and does differ from planets in other solar systems.)

Aug. 29,2010


About multi/parallel dimensions and time travel. 

Are there parallel dimensions existing where i e.i. am a doctor and another dimension where i am a musician, or one where i dont exist at all, and do dimensions exist where e.i. a time traveler goes back in time and caused changes which in effect riped a different line of history or dimension of existence? 

Thank you. 

No, that's impossible. You only exist one time. One spirit form for one person.


Hello Eduard 

Thank you for answering my last question on "How does Creation know or calculate when a new spirit-form is needed within the Material Belt". 

Your answer leads me to more logical and clear thinking on this subject. Thank you. 

I do have one last question which has now arisen in my thinking from your answer. 

Out of all the spirit forms (say for the sake of this question, human spirit-forms) which was created by Creation before any life form existed in the universe, is there a procedure or a Creational Law that determines which of these spirit-forms will enter into an evolutional incarnation cycle? 

Or another way of asking, what happens to determine which spirit-forms will enter an evolutional incarnation cycle? 

Thank you 
Kind Regards 

The law of "Fügung" applies here. Something results depending on another fact. 
The motto is: Who "stands" next, comes next. 

(Note by CF: It doesn't matter at all for all the spirit forms whether they will be used for the human evolution or not. There is no personality involved, and in the end those spirit forms that have not been "used" just "return" into Creation where they originated. No spirit form is "wasted".)

Aug. 29,2010

thank you for anwsering my last question. so when i die i well not exist any longer if i got this right i only live once and thats it, so then i am the mind and the sprit is life and when the mind die i die and i well not exist any longer but the sprit is creation. my question is i am the mortal mind and i die well not exsit any longer.and the sprit lives forever that used my mind then when i die it just use's another mind so i'm only liveing once 

The "I" doesn't exist anylonger, but the essence of your life (all that you have learned: knowledge, wisdom, etc.) continues to exist and can be used by the new personality, the new "I" of the next incarnation. 
Yes, you as the person "Stevieo" only live once.

July 23,2010

Dear Billy, 

Which events cause human spiritforms to be created? 

James Moore 

Spirit forms were created before the first human being existed. 

Besides: 21 days after impregnation, a spirit form enters the human embryo and turns it into a fetus. 

July 23,2010


Hi Billy thank you for your tremendous work and extend this gratitude to the whole group. 

In recent weeks I have been thinking about the socalled storage banks and how they support(back up) human evolution. If I'm not wrong there exist universal, galactic and planetary storage banks where all kind of personal and colective knowledge is saved. Quite often has occurred and will continue to occur that space travelers have 
accidents with their space ships and from that moment on they shall reincarnate in a different planet or civilization. It comes to my mind the case of the bardans, Tunguska, 1917. 

My question is, will those stranded space travelers like the bardans in Tunguska feel like strange, disoriented, out of place, not integrated in their new planet's first encarnation because their "reference system" about civilization's habits and rules is completely different ? (Something similar had to happen to the old lyrans and wegans, but those lyrans and wegans have had so many reincarnations on Earth that they do not feel strange on Earth, but familiar and even consider themselves an earth human in all aspects. Again, the question: When incarnating for the first time on a different planet, do human beings feel "out of place" because they have no experiences in that planet (they have not stored a single experience, thought, feeling in their "new" planetary storage banks)? 

No. If a rather highly-evolved human being dies on another planet, his next consciousness-block is adjusted to the level on that planet. In the case of the Bardans or their spirit forms respectively, they will incarnate in the highest-possible cultural area on the planet. 
The consciousness-block is always adjusted the the evolutionary level of a population on a planet. A person could not exist if the gap/difference is too large.

March 1, 2010

Hello Billy, 

My question relates to reincarnation. I have come to understand through various sources that the Plejaren and yourself know for sure that reincarnation is a fact. I would like you to expound on the method of how this is known as fact, is it proven through the use of spiritual/consciousness abilities or do the Plejaren have technology that allows them to know or both. Please explain this as this is a point that comes up in my discussion with others, very often. 

Peace, Matt 

Incarnation is a fact, and this is proven by the fact that you can follow back "into" your own former incarnations if you have the ability to do so. This can be done through/via the storage banks. 

(Note by CF: Besides, it would be absolutely illogical and unjust if a person would incarnate/live only once and then either disappear into oblivion/nirvana or into a heaven up in the clouds to smell god's feet or settle down into hell where one must enjoy the warmth of eternal fire for all eternity. Our universe cannot having been built upon the tiniest amount of illogic because else it would not have become existent.)


Dear Billy, 

Are spirit forms usually part of a collective except during this time of overpopulation on Earth? In other words, if the population was closer to normal, would we be our grandparents, or great grandparents and so on? It is my understanding that this is how it normally works. And because of overpopulation, or other factors, some ET spirit forms have been born to Earth spirit parents or out of their 'collective' if there is such a thing. Please clarify or correct me if I am wrong. 

Lonnie Morton 

You are confusing things. 
Spirit forms are always a collective, a „We form“, just as the human beings on Earth are as humankind. 
Overpopulation has an effect only on the duration of the time between two incarnations. 
A questions: How can we be our grandparents when they are still alive?! 

Each personality is unique and will never be incarnated again. Therefore, nobody can incarnate as such and such.


Dear Billy 

Thanks for the answers towards the incarnation of a spirit-form into an embryo. 

It was mentioned that: it is “Universal” for a spirit-form to incarnate into the embryo on the 21st or 22nd day after fertilization. 

Yes. This applies for all hominide life forms = human beings on all planets in the universe. 

It was also mentioned that: this has to do with the distance between the planet and its sun, plus several other factors. 

No, this refers to the time span of the „life/live“ and the „after death/in the beyond life“ periods only, the ratio between the time alive and the time in the beyond. 

I am confused. 

Do you mean that all habitable planets across the universe are having almost the same angular self-rotation speed, hence the universal 21 or 22 days can apply to all? 

Or, do you mean that the universal 21 or 22 days would mean different length of time that is different from planet to planet? 

Get well soon and wishing you very good health 




Hi Christian, 
Dear Billy, 

Thank once again for answering my previous question. I knew the answer in my heart and appreciate the validation that my thinking is once again on the right track! Thankfully I did not suffer too much damage during my two year exploration of esoteric nonsense ;). 

On the subject of reincarnation I am trying to understand it in more depth. For example, if person who is born into this lifetime comes into a very hard life such as being born into a family where they suffered neglect, physical abuse, humiliation, poverty, and having to deal with uncaring or drug addicted parents chooses to rise above this and lead a decent life. How did the previous life determine personality and circumstances in this present lifetime, and how does the lifetime being experienced now and how it is lived determine the next incarnation? I am looking for a specific example using the above scenario so that I can understand the reincarnation process and how all this is all determined. 

Thank you to you Billy, and to everyone at FIGU for having the courage to participate in this important mission . I look forward to visiting the center in September! 

Karrol Steeves 

There is no influence from a former life, and there is no influence on a future life. Each life must be taken as a independent unit, led by a new and unburdened personality.


Dear Billy 

Thanks for your previous answer in confirming that it is universal a spirit-form will incarnate into the embryo on the 21st or 22nd day after fertilization. 

As the length of the day will be different from planet to planet, say: 

On Earth, it will be 24hours X 21days = 504 hours. 
On Planet A, it will be 36hours X 21days = 756 hours. 
On Planet B, it will be 90hours X 21days = 1890 hours. 

My question is : Does it mean that the time in hours before the incarnation of a spirit-form will be of very much different from planet to planet? 


No, this has to do with the distance between the planet and its sun, plus several other factors, like the way of life etc.

June 30,2009


what happens to the spirit while awaiting reincarnation? 

Since the spirit exists in timelessness, you can say that it rests or slumbers in a waiting position. In that state it can absorb (aufnehmen) information from the storage banks of the overall consciousness block (formerly called comprehensive consciousness block; see 
Another term for that state: slumber-like state of rest.

March 30,2009

Dear Billy: 

Regarding time spent in the beyond between material lives: Due to overpopulation, instead of 152 years between lives, what is the average time (these days), and can spiritforms literally spend only hours, days, weeks or months before reentering a fetus? Is there a formula based on the length of ones lifetime? If one lives only 20 years, will they generally spend less time in the beyond than one who lives to 80? 

Danke schön. 

The average time of 152 years between lives is just a ratio, based on a life that had a duration of 100 years. 
Due to overpopulation this ratio is put out of function and, therefore, no statements can be made regarding the length of a spirit-form’s period in the beyond. Therefore, if we take your example, the spirit-form of that person who has lived 80 years may incarnate sooner than the one of the other person.


Hello Mr Meier. I would like to ask about reincarnation. It seems that for every scientific bit of knowledge that their is to discover, there are hints and bits of evidence in nature that lead us to that knowledge. It seems to me that is also the case for spiritual knowledge. However, in spite of the fact that reincarnation seems evident to me, I can not seem to find any evidence for it in nature since I cannot find any evidence that the spirit exists. I understand and feel that the spirit exists, but that is just a belief since I don't don't actually "know" it exists. Is there anything in nature that is visible to average humans that points to the existence or likelyhood of reincarnation? Thanks for your help and advice... 


The easiest example is to observe plants that wither in winter and are growing anew in spring. Life is stored within the roots or the bulb. A tree that looses its leaves can be compared to the spirit form, and the new leaves and blossoms etc. are the new personality and consciousness. 

The spirit can be observed in the fact that there is life.

Oct. 26,2008

Dear Billy: 
Thank you once again for answering my questions; I appreciate each opportunity to clarify my learning through this section of the Forum. 
You have mentioned before that the spirit will reincarnate in the same culture and same level of evolution regarding knowledge, wisdom, love; so the spirit will reincarnate in a group of affinity to preserve continuity in its evolution. But my question is: 

Due to overpopulation is it possible that this law is being broken and spirits are reincarnating in different groups of society that are not of the same level of evolution. In other words; spirits are being forced to be born in different locations (no education/religious) where the spirit would suffer a setback? 


No, spirit forms do still reincarnate in the same cultural and consciousness-related region/society. What is different is the periods of life and afterlife = the time the spirit form is dwelling in the Beyond. 
Example: A spirit form of a Swiss person who has been educated in Switzerland will reincarnate again in the Western European region, and not in the Sahara desert region. 
But the spirit form of a person from Central Africa, who has come to Switzerland as a child and has been educated in Switzerland and continues to live there, may be incarnating again in Europe. 

Everything depends on the consciousness-related evolution.


Hi Billy 

The story of the Nokodemion spirit form is quite fascinating. My question adresses the 144218 peoples that freely decided to contribute/help/assist his mission 12000 million years ago. 

The "normal" evolutionary cycle of human beings include 40-80 million years up to the high council level and 60000-80000 million years to reach arahat athersata. 

There is something wrong with the evolutionary cicle of those 144218, because it does not match the "regular" or "normal" evolutionary cycle. They all should have already reached High Council level. What happens to them, to the so called "Getreuen", do they stay in the beyond for longer time between incarnations, in comparison to "normal" reincarnation cycles? 

There have been long periods when that group of spirit forms had been “laid on ice” (in a waiting position). However, this is a one-time exception, because all other spirit forms in our universe are evolving at normal speed and are finishing their incarnation cycles much faster and at “normal speed”. 

All the many descendants of those “Getreue” have already entered the level of Arahat Athersata and have lived through their normal evolutionary cycle.

Sept. 26,2008

Dear Billy, This is hard to put in words but I will give it a try. Right now I know that I am me. I know that I am not that other person sitting next to me, or that other person I see walking down the street, or that person on TV. I know that I am me. When I am reincarnated will I know that I am an individual? I may not remember who I was in a past life, but will I know that I am a being looking out of the new beings eyes? 

If a person is consciously evolving he will always know that "I am me“. 

You as a person do not reincarnate. There will be an entirely new “I” that has no memory or knowledge about this your present “I”.

Aug. 25,2008

Dear Billy, 

Since we are living in the most serious time in human history it seems like a "special" kind of love is necessary in order to endure the difficult times in the future. Is it possible that some who were in "true love" relationships in past lives have been or will be reunited in this life after a promise was made to do so, thus bringing about a special kind of certainty in love? 

Lonnie Morton 

Since there is always a new personality in each existence/incarnation (no exceptions!), it is not possible that two persons can promise to meet each other again in a next existence to continue with a “true love”. There is no pre-determination (Vorbestimmung). 
The correct way to improve the future is by realizing the Creational laws and commandments, and to live in line with them. 

Jan. 28,2008
Username: Norm 

Hi Billy, In each new incarnation, I would imagine that we will have different likes, hobbies & professions etc., than we did in the last lifetime, so its very possible we will not find your Teachings again. It would be nice to get some clarification on this from you. 

If a person really lives according to the spirit teachings or is really trying to live according to it, then the person will have a good chance to find to it in a next incarnation and take up the impulses. Everything depends on a person’s interest.

Jan. 28, 2008
Username: Kingman 

The short human life span of 70-100 years, along with the overpopulation of the planet, puts the reincarnation process with a shorter duration period for the spirit. In this situation many of the newer spirits evolving have less experiences and/or less time to review the life just left. Combine with a fast changing world along with weaker family ties, the less experienced spirit enters back into a new personality with great challenges. My question is, will this cause the personality unusual characteristics that seem to compound the problems of our societies. I acknowledge that a well structured family that raises a child correctly will have the strongest effect on the child's upbringing. It's the other child that is not as fortunate I am wondering about. Is this a receipt for a condition that will suddenly correct itself on a massive scale if allowed to continue to the natural threshold. 
a friend in america 

As long as there is overpopulation on Earth there will be negative effects because human beings (spirit form and consciousness-block) are reincarnated too early. These negative effects can also occur in children who are born into “well-structured” families. 
Interpersonal relations are disturbed or even destroyed, and there are also effects on the environment and the planet itself.