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Believing and Religion

Jan. 28, 2013

Hello Eduard, 

On the consciousness abilities/power. 

In my late teens I was in the kitchen of an LDS church in a discussion with the church custodian who was a former Bishop. We were interrupted by a water filtration sales man who told us about all the impurities found in water which he offered a free testing of all the water sources. 

I went with them because I was curious to learn about these impurities. He tested the nearest source of water which was the water fountain. I was surprised to see the test results showing so many different impurities. 

From there we went to every source of water and they all showed the same impurities. Returning to the kitchen he began his sales pitch. Towards the end I learned that the filtration system for my home was beyond my mother's affordability. 

I grabbed a glass, went to the fountain and filled the glass with water. I then visualized the water and the water molecules and "blessed" the water in that "all the impurities and harmful substances be removed" and that "the water be healthy for the body". 

I then proceeded to the kitchen and asked the sales man to test the water in the glass. He remarked that he had tested all the water sources. I asked him to test the water in the glass anyway. The tests showed the cleanest results and that there were no impurities of any kind. He asked where did I get this water from. I told him it was from the fountain. He exclaimed that it was the first source he tested and that it showed impurities. I told him and the custodian that I had blessed the water. 

My question is this. I know that the consciousness abilities/power can remove impurities from water for example. If I bless food the same way with the newly acquired understanding from the Teaching and bless it that its nutritional content is increased and that it nourishes the body, does it make it so? 

Salome and thank you to you both, 

“Blessing” the water in the way you describe does not remove “impurities” from the water, just as you cannot increase the nutritional content of food just by blessing it with your thoughts. Blessing water is esoteric nonsense. 
Btw: Living water is full of bacteria which are necessary for the purification. Btw: “Dead, suffocated water” without oxygen has a red colour, as Billy could witness during his trip with Quetzal deep down in the ocean.

Dec. 24,2012

Dear Billy, 

I have been fascinated with the possibility of parallel dimensions. According to the views of many great physicists like Dr Machio Kaku, multiples of myself, for example, could be carrying out slightly different lives simultaneously in the multiverse on parallel worlds. I would imagine that these multiverse replicas are not exact copies, so different people with different spirit forms. 

I read in the Figu material that we are living in the Goran dimension or as the Plejarens call it the Goran space-time configuration. I looked for more evidence in the Figu material for the multiverse and found line 85 in the Intro to the Spirit Teaching, “The entire universe which he sees is but one of many rooms and must be counted as myriads, because there are universes within universes, universes beyond universes, universes under universes, universes above universes and universes out of the universes within this ur -mighty, colossal and all-creative spiritual intelligence of the Creation’s existence.” 

From what I’ve learned, I would imagine that in the multiverse each space-time configuration would have a few parallels but with divergences, like purple ketchup instead of red or that the Beatles never broke up and are all alive and still making music. But the greater the divergence between these space-time configurations the more that they would become alternate instead of parallel dimensions. So there would be, for example, an alternate ‘universe within our universe’ where dinosaurs never died out on planet Earth and continued to evolve. 

So my question is do these parallel dimensions or space-time configurations really exist where there are copies of Earth and her inhabitants to some degree? 
Best regards, 
Anthony Alagna 

Such “views” or theories are just figments by physicists who are not aware at all about the spiritual realm and have no knowledge about the spirit-form. 
A spirit-form can never be divided or exist simultaneously in two or more locations.


Hello Billy, 

Through out much of your writings truth (Wahrheit) and reality (Realität) has been mentioned. I have wondered what does this actually apply to? Does it pertain to everyday reality which we all live and the physical circumstances which we find ourselves in, or does it apply to some reality that we as humans have no conscious connection to at this level of evolution? Is there a “real” reality which humans have not penetrated into, but at some point in the future will be understood or perceived? 

Thank you very much. 
Salome Scott 

(Message edited by scott on September 23, 2012) 

There is only one reality, and reality encompasses both the material and spiritual realm. 
That which one can perceive is reality, and reality contains the truth. 

Delusion or fantasies or belief are not reality and not truth. It is true, however, that belief and delusion etc. do exist, but the subject matter of belief and delusion is not reality and, therefore, has nothing to do with truth.


Hello, I thank you all for your hard work. 
My question is about belief, trust, and knowledge. It has been said that humans should not be believing in anything, but should learn and know the truth for themselves. Many of us that have recognized you as a true Prophet believe everything you say. Is it best to accept your words as truth even though we have not verified it on our own, or to trust the words of yours that we have not proven through logic or technology, or just take them as a probability until we do prove these things, or just accept that we don't know the truth until we can prove them with logic or technology? Since I see so much truth and wisdom in you and in your words, I think it would be best to just think of these things I cannot prove as a major probability, but not as the truth because everyone makes mistakes and can be wrong sometimes. But I also trust that what you say is true. Maybe it is a personal matter but I'm interested in how you deal with this when getting information from your trusted Plejaren friends. 
Thank You! 
- Carter 

People should neither believe in a prophet’s or any other person’s words, and also not look upon them (the words) as a probability. 
The correct way is learn the truth from reality. There is only one form or kind of truth: reality! And of course each human being must find the truth him- or herself. 
There are not different forms of truth, as is erroneously assumed, because truth results from reality.

July 28,2012
I have a question about the sacrifice. 
I question this because I see that many cultures around the world separated by thousands of kilometers practice that. 
The indians from america, africans, druids from europe, jews and so on... 

Why so many religions and tribes practiced the sacrifice? 
What is the "spiritual" mechanism behind the sacrifice? 

This is based on the human beings' hopes to receive something without working for it. It's a religious delusion. 
Another factor for practising sacrifices is to express thanks or praise. 

(Note by CF: A sacrifice is never justified and always represents an irrational act. It depends on the irrational belief that there is "something/someone" above or down or elsewhere who/which is demanding for donations or who/which is spending some kind of rewards etc. etc.)

June 24, 2012

Can you describe the rejoining of Religion and Relegeon and what the combining and its further development will result in? 
Thanks and Salome 

Truth would be found, which is or were the real sense of religion; and the right form of recognition of reality and the resulting truth.

June 24,2012

we have been misguided in having belief and faith. you recommended we "trust" instead. what are we to avoid in trusting? 

Actually, instead of believing and having faith, attaining "real wisdom" is recommended. To trust is on another level.

April 30,2012

Hello Billy, 

There was something else that I wanted you to answer, but it left my mind for now. For many many years, religion has oppressed, embarassed, hurt, insult, discriminate against, and degrade women. Yet, many women are so loyal to religion and that is not right. 

What make it worse is that they are more loyal to an imaginary god than their husbands to the point with the saying: Put god first. Another one, put Christ in your heart or trust Christ with your heart. It gets to a point that women have religion as a requirement to find a husband. If a religious woman finds out a potential partner for true love in life is not religious, she will reject that person. 

Many women somehow claiming that they can find comfort in a god that don't exist and will never exist. She will not be able to handle reality. This I know can be very certain, if a woman don't put religion as a requirment to be with her, it is guarenteed she will find true love and happiness with a man or women whom she wants to marry. 

What is so great about religion which is replacable that many women are so loyal to; what is it that religion offers to women that the people in their lives who actually exist that they can see, hear, and feel are being ignored? 


It is not only women, or more women who cling to religion. If you look at Catholicism or Islam you will notice that it is more the men who are under the spell of the religion than the women, because in those religions women are suppressed. 
Actually it is a fact that all people – women as well as men – who are caught in a religion, will not think in line with reality. Moreover, they are taking something for real which is, in reality, unreal and which can never be proven.

March 26,2012

Dear Herr Meier, 

I just returned from visiting the International UFO Conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona, and sponsored by a local organization (Open Minds magazine) that inherited Wendelle Stevens' library. Of course, some of the people attended the conference just to bask in the idea of an interplanetary society, but a few others seemed to me to be sincere seekers of the truth. As an example, consider Clifford Stone. He says he worked with the U.S. military as part of a program that retrieved extraterrestrial objects, and also had some dealings with extraterrestrials. He is retired now, and currently gathering unclassified government documents related to UFO's for public presentation. Clifford and I talked about you and the Plejaren, but how much he really knows I can't say. The story he tells is quite abit different from yours, yet like everyone else at the conference, he has accepted the fact that the Plejaren are visiting us. Other people at the conference presented far different stories from both Clifford's and yours. Of course, some of the people involved in the UFO movement are misleading people, but it seems that others are genuine seekers. Yet it seems that universally, all of the people at the conference acknowledged the Plejaren visitation, but paid it no further attention. 

There is a large chasm evident in the UFO field between the FIGU and this more general UFO movement, dispersed as it may be. For example, a recent article by the Open Minds magazine reviewed your 'case' and found it controversial. Talking with the people there, I get the sense that there are two main reasons for this. 

1. The story of the Plejaren visitation program is simply not as interesting as some of the other stories that are bandied about. It seems to me that people on this planet are so story-oriented that they will choose to believe a well-crafted story over an obvious truth. The Plejaren are visiting us from afar - that right there should be enough to grab their attention, but it is not, perhaps because the Plejaren story just doesn't feel right to them. 

2. You and the Plejaren have discounted so much of what other people are espousing, so much of what people present various proofs of, and want to believe in, that in turn few people want to consider the Plejaren story. Some people enjoy telling good stories, even when they do not make money doing so. Since you and the Plejaren have dismissed other extraterrestrial involvement on this planet, this confounds the people who enjoy looking for good mysteries rather than good answers. 

Of course the intention of the Mission is to inculcate an innate awareness of the need for natural and creational values in our sense of humanity, to do so realistically, honestly, in a grounded manner without upsetting anyone. After talking with people at this UFO Conference, I do believe something more could be done to reach out to these people with verifiable evidence, lest the story of the Plejaren visitation get left in the lurch, lest we Earthlings evolve stories that guide the development of our society along a path incongruous to that intended by the Mission. 

This brings me to the question at hand: how might we better introduce the message of the Plejaren to these people who are seeking out evidential explanations of UFO's in other places than FIGU? For instance, what is the possibility of ramping up the extraterrestrial program of interacting with us earthlings - for just this aspect of our society, for just the people who are already open to it? 

You can never convince another person of something. This is work each person must do for him- or herself. If a person is not open to look at reality you cannot do anything. Each person must gather proof for himself. 
If people want to believe in channeling and all kind of other claims and delusions and fraud and reptile nonsense, etc. it's their problem. 

(Note by CF: It's not the truth that needs people, but it's the people who need the truth.)

Dec. 24, 2011

Dear Billy and Christian, 

(moderators I just read the disclaimer saying questions with two questions will not be posted after I had already posted- please accept this post instead of my earlier posting which I have reworded to contain one question only) 

I know that Religion has about 800 years left on this planet. I also know that 4/5 of earth humanity suffers from Gotteswahnglaube (Gotteswahn und Gotteswahnkrankehit). I have been reading your books (Kelch der Wahrheit, Om and so many others) and striving for my personal evolution for some years now and will continue to do so until the end of my days or I run out of books- my question is do you think I can in my future incarnations I can avoid being born into a religious family or if that is not possible do you think I could draw on my impulses from the storage banks to break my consciousness free from the religious enslavement of Religion? In my future incarnations I wish to break free so I can find out about the mission, study again,and live my future incarnations with Wahrheit, Wissen, Weisheit, Liebe, Freiheit, Frieden, and Harmonie. 


In about 800 years from now a greater number of people will begin to think about reality and getting away from religious belief. 
In your case, and in the case of everyone, there is no guarantee that your spiritform will be born into a non-religious family.This, however, is no obstacle as several examples of FIGU members prove who were capable to detach themselves from the religious upbringing in religious families. 
Each person with his personality must find his way anew in each incarnation, to find the truth in reality.

Aug. 28,2011

Hello Billy and FIGU, 

People who believe in a god or any other supreme being always put their god and beliefs above people. This something that mostly religious women do. To make it worse, with the Christians, they put their so called "Jesus Christ" first and they say they have a personal relationship with him. 

I don't understand how people claim to have a relationship with a person that died and lived nearly 2000 ago. You can't have a relationship with an invisible person and a dead person. And, these religious people really need to learn that. 

Plus, these religious people hurt, insult, and discriminate against other people, especially the non-religious people. Also, they use their imaginary god to justifty their wrong doing. Now my question: 

Why should I respect a person and their beliefs if they use them to hurt me and others? 

You should respect them as human beings, and respect their freedom to believe whatever they want. But you must not respect their belief system. If you are personally confronted, you should clearly state that you are not interested at all in their belief system. In all situations keep your inner balance.

June 24,2011

Dear Billy, 
Most of the major dicoveries and inventions in the field of science in last few hundred years came from individuals living in the western nations like USA, England, Germany etc.This led to the rapid development of these nations. Why did the eastern nations fall behind such areas, eventhough some of these nations (like India) had their roots in civilizations dating back to ancient times? 

The more the people are bound by religions, the less they are open for science and reality. The Reformation in Europe by Luther was one of the factors to lessen the bounds of the strict religious belief of Catholicism. When religions had less hold on the thinking of the people, progress set in. 
In India, Hinduism is a hindring factor, as is also the case with Islam and other belief systems in many countries in the near or far East or in Africa etc.

Jan. 23,2011

Greetings Dear Billy, 

Thankyou for the clarification concerning the High Council and semi spirit. 

Another issue .... evil. 

Without going into exhaustive details is it accurate to form a conclusion that universal evil as we presently recognize it resulted from the premature allowing of new races to become created before the storage banks containing information from previous degenerate races was fully discharged ? 

So with that is it accurate that some negatively polarized vibrations remained active throughout the universal group subconscious and these gradually increased with the passage of time as various spiritforms became attracted to those particular types of impulses, acted upon them and therefore added to their potency. Like subscribing to a television - radio station presenting distorted worthless malicious trash. The garbage tip of the mind containing alluring themes centering on power, greed, illusion, delusion. 

So it's not the work of any sort of tangible living personality such as the devil, rather the collective negative thoughts, feelings, repressed emotions and desires which actually constitute evil, however as an act of and result of evil itself these factors have been personified as satan, lucifer, devil, malicious celestial beings, demons, anti creators etc by those seeking to divide and polarize humanity wherever it exists. 

How can humanity as a whole break the cycle, the absence of light ? 

Someting like an "universal evil" does not exist, but there exists an energy block around the planet that consists of the religious delusion and nonsense, and other negative thoughs emanated by the human beings who are thinking along such lines. And the people who are living and held in bondage by the belief systems are constantly influenced by that negative block of energy, like in a vicious circle. 

Entities like devil, satan, demons etc. are nothing real, but without exception just figments of religious delusion and imagination etc. 

It is said that breaking that cycle will probably begin in about 800 years from now on a larger scale. People then will start to occupy themselves with the realization that there is truth. But until the broad masses succeed in profoundly thinking about the truth, much more time will pass.

April 4,2010

Greetings Billy, 

As a natural reaction, we massage our temples in the hope of easing head ache. 

What is it that we should know and understand behind the practice of massaging/physical therapy/laying of hands to ease/eliminate the pain of another human body? 


Each to his own. 
If someone believes that something may help, it may possibly be effective/helpful.

April 4, 2010


Dear Billy, 
it has been stated that religion as it exists here on earth does not exist anywhere else in the universe,we also know through your writings that this type of religion exists in part because a more advanced race arrived on a primitive planet ( earth) and set themselves up as gods as we know them. My question is ,has this not happened on other planets and if so how did the primitive population avoid becoming mired in false beliefs such as we have here on earth? 

Thank you very much and good health to you. 


Of course religions do also exist on other planets, because some kind of religion is a natural occurrence during the evolution process of a humankind. But what is different here on Earth is the insane occurrence that a human being or objects and figments are turned into a god or gods who, in turn, shall be responsible for creation and supervising the thinking and course of life of the human beings, as it is the case within the Christian, Jewish, Islamic etc. religions. 



Dear Billy Meier, 

Thanks for taking the time out to look at and respond to these questions. It is really nice knowing that your perspective is somewhat accessible and open to inquiries, even the obviously silly ones. My question may also be somewhat silly. 

Coming from a belief in a more mystical perspective of our reality slowly developed over time, and now seeing it be stripped down to very little, where my gurus, angels, and fairies are just no longer so prevalent in my thinking, I gotta admit that I miss them - or rather I feel an emptiness in their lack. Having spent much of my life honing a sense of spirituality with a lively and diverse ecosystem, particularly in relation to what life is like between lives, I find myself hesitant to let these archetypes and comfortable fantasies cease. I don't want to lose my sense of a mysterious or even magical reality, although I do understand that I may have to as reality dictates. 

While I appreciate reality perceived directly, and very much so, I wonder if there is a way to incorporate a greater sense of the magical into genuine realistic awareness. Just as a for instance, not that I know much about the subject, the Andromedan peoples, with their partially spiritual physical state of being, are absolutely fascinating to me. Is there anyway to realize more about them - in an absolutely grounded and real context? However, this isn't a question specifically about the Andromedans, but rather one of how best to serve the constant quest for the infinite horizon that beckons one onward for ever further growth, for the ever mysterious - even in our day-to-day mundane lives. 

So, I s'pose a direct question is this: how might you suggest 'seeing' life (in the conceptually fundamental sense), or do you see this concern as the basis for religious thinking? 

Thanks again 

Dealing with mystical or magical "things“ is dealing with illusions. Life must be looked upon according to reality and realness, and not through wishful thinking. 
There are no Andromedan peoples, because the existence in the realm or level of the High Council cannot be looked upon as a human being realm, even if the spirit forms have been human beings. 

(Note by CF: There is enough „mysterious“ in "our day-to-day mundane“ life that needs to be detected or understood before we turn to the "infinite horizon“. In other words: There are enough fascinating "things“ around us to be learned, without any need for angels, deities or other non-existing "belief products“.)

Jan. 1,2009

Dear Billy, 
My question is regarding the indian/buddhist or other traditions experience of "Enlightenment". These events are generally characterised as a feeling and understanding of connectedness to the all that is and unconditional love. 
Does this experience have any correlation to your experience of the fine matter universe on the great spacer during a prolonged jump in hyperspace? 
Thank you. 



Enlightenment as described in the Buddhist teaching is non-existing. The situation described as enlightenment is a trance state (Trancezustand). Buddha means “the enlightened one” or “he who possesses perfect wisdom”. This is impossible, because perfection is not and never possible. Perfection is always relative. 

This trance state has nothing to do with Billy’s experience in the great spacer where he experienced pure “Empfindung” which came forth through the “Gemüt”.

June 25,2007
Username: Hector 

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Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 - 06:12 am: 

Hi Billy 

This planet earth is the only place in the universe where Religion and its lethal manifestations have disseminated and grown wild.Do you have any explanation why this is so, why this planet is a rare singularity on that matter? 

One of my ideas is that since the Sirius overlords "created" , engineered us, the earthman needs to look for Gods and Creators.There is a connection to "superior" creatures.Those scientists and overlords which are part of our ancient history needed to have a continuation here on earth, in the sense of myths, stories and tales.We had to be obedient then and as a result we have been obedient all these milennia.We felt the urge to serve the "creator".So why do we felt the need to create gods and deities, and the obligation to venerate them? And why is this planet an exception? 

Thank you. 

This has to do with certain groups and individuals who had the idea to present themselves as gods and to exploit their fellow-human beings. 

At least in one instance there was an export of our religious systems into another world, with devastating effects (which have been reversed in the meantime, though). 

(Note by CF: The power of religions, the whole "belief“ thing, has to do with the fact that most people here on this planet are shying back to take the full responsibility for their own thinking, feeling and acting, and prefer to convey all of this to a god, a guru, to higher beings etc. etc. As Billy and Ptaah more than once declared: Belief is a form of sickness/disesase which is located in two lobes of the brain.)

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