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Sept. 30, 2014
Hi Billy 
Thanks for making the original teaching of Jmmanuel available to mankind. 
It would be great if the original teaching, encounters and life stories of the mystified prophet Elijah (Elias) can be make available as well, it will then solve all the legends and mysteries around the prophet once and for all. 
My question being: Other than prophet Jmmanuel, would you intend to do the same for prophet Elijah ? 

In the “Goblet of the Truth” not only Elijah’s teaching is included, but also Mohammed’s. 
All of their teaching leads back to Nokodemion.

Aug. 26, 2014
I am not fluent in German. I can read and meditate with only one sentence or phrase at a time, for example, one line from the meditation from clear site, the 7 point meditation, or the spirit prayer in german. 
Regarding the evolution code, is it as effective by reading just one line vs a paragraph, a pamphlet or an entire book? Further more, since German is similar to the Lyran language, how does Billy's texts have a code but other german texts don't? And is it in all of Billy's written material including articles, contact notes, etc..? Thanks! 

The code has an effect in each part of the text, but what matters is that one makes an effort. 
The code has an effect without any coercion. It is a „feines Drängen“, a „fine pushing“. 
The free will is always guaranteed. 
The code is in the Spirit Lessons, in the spiritual teaching books, in booklets (A5 and A6 format), but not in den Contact notes. 

Aug., 26, 2014
Hi Billy & Christian, 
Since language is always changing, will your books still be readable in a few centuries or even millenia, or will they have to be adapted to contemporary German all the time? If so, will that be possible by earth humans, without degeneration of the text and without loss of the evolution code etc.? 
Best regards, 

As long as the German language exists the texts will be readable and understandable. Of course German will be further improved in and during the future, and new words will be created, but the original texts will remain unaltered. The code only exists in the actual book versions. 

July 25,2015
Hi Billy, 
If an English speaking person has found the Meier material in this lifetime and read all the english translated contact notes, bulletins, spirit teachings books, ect, and accepted/knows it all as being true but has done little meditation and pondering and implementation of the teachings into their daily life, would finding the Meier material have helped them raise their spirit evolution and awareness in this lifetime or not? 
Salome Darren 

Just reading the material and waiting that progess does happen will not bring any valuable results. Only dealing with and studying the material and implementing it in one’s daily life brings forth progress. 
The same is true regarding the code: If a person is not reacting to the impulses which are triggered by it, there will be no learning process. 

Feb.23, 2014
I would like to ask you about information in the new Talmud Jmmanuel,regarding the scrolls written by Judas Ischkerioth,and later found by yourself and Isa Rashid. 
In the new Talmud it is mentioned that a portion of the scrolls that were translated by Rashid and sent to you and were then later kept by the Plejaren. 
So my question is that if some portion of the scrolls still exist then will they later be used at some point to prove with tangible evidence,either placed by the Plejaren or entrusted with someone,to prove the true written testament of Jmmanuels life? 
Thank you for your time, 
Blake Parnell 

No,they were not sent to Billy, but were taken away from Isa Rashid directly, and what’s in the possession of the Plejaren now will not reappear here on Earth.

Jan. 25, 2014
Corey Two months ago (October 27, 2013) your answer was: 
Note by CF: 
Adam was procreated about 389,000 years ago. 
Between OM 31:565 and 31:566 over 380,000 years have passed. 
OM 31:566 corresponds with TJ page 10, verse 11. 
The OM and TJ show the correct numbers/dates. 

But the first explanation from page 13 of the new corrected TJ indicates Jmmanuel's grandfather Jakob and Jmmanuel's father Joseph (not biological father who was the ET Gabriel), are descended from the Semjasa-Adam line, which had existed for 13,500 years (from 2011), which the line had began by procreation from the ET Semjasa. Page 15 of the corrected TJ indicates that the extraterrestrial procreation father of Adam's named Semjasa, who is a former personality of Jmmanuel's, who is different from the EARLIER former ringleader Semjasa whose spirit-from also enlivened Gabriel (now Quetzal), and both Semjasas were rehabilitated by the JHWH Arus. 

By reading those pages it seems that to me there were 2 Semjasa's: 

1) former ringleader Semjasa (389,000 years ago) 
2) procreation father of Adam named Semjasa (13,500 years ago) 

This is also matched by contact 9 sentence 132 which indicates Arus and his sub-leaders left their homeworld and returned to Earth 13,000 years ago, where they led a bloody regime; sentence 145-147 mentions the high sub-leader Semjasa and his offspring Adam happening shortly thereafter Arus's arrival... 

This to me, is also matched by OM 31:555-6 that seems to say a new time a new task for a new JHWH to neutralize/remedy previous evil events on Earth (evil = 389,000 years ago?) to seek out the Earth again and create the new peoples of Earth (13,500 years ago?). The 3 new races = 31:560-562. 

Lastly in an answer to Christina (July 31, 2003) ( information that you yourself compiled, states that the Adam lineage began 13,500 years ago... 

It is also much more believable that 11,500 years passed between the 77 generations (new corrected TJ page 10-12) transpired between Adam procreating Seth, and Jakob procreating Joseph, then to think a full 387,000 years transpired over those 77 generations... 


The Adam mentioned in the TJ has lived about 13,500 years ago.

Nov.24, 2013

Dear Billy and Christian, 
My question is regarding "God-delusion and God-delusion insanity" page 231. You once again make the point of the unity of the negative and positive pole, and how how godly trinity energy cannot exist (father, son, holy spirit) because due to the laws of natural Physics regarding all levels there only exists coarse-material (Grobmatteriallen), fine-fluidal (Feinstofflichen), and pure spirit energetical realm (reinen Geistenergetischen). But in saying that, are you saying that a trinity can actually exist (coarse-material, fine-fluidal, and pure spirit energetical realm)? That seems sort of contradictory to what you have written in OM, Arahat Athersata, Die Psyche, TJ 2011 edition and others, that no trinity can exist as they claim in the belief-delusion-based irrational teaching of religion, only a oneness of two opposing poles (-/+). Or is this not a trinity but a matter of fact statement of what exists in all levels of Physicsform (naturwissenschaftliche Physik), and that the coarse-material and the fine-fluidal are two opposing poles? 

Coarse-material and fine-fluidal are belonging into the material realm, while the high-fine-fluidal belongs into the spirit-energetical realm. As an example, thoughts and feelings, just as gases, are belonging to the fine-fluidal realm. 

(Note by CF: A list of three things is not automatically a trinity.)

Nov. 24, 2014
Christian and Billy, 
I am confused by your note: 

Note by CF: 
Adam was procreated about 389,000 years ago. 
Between OM 31:565 and 31:566 over 380,000 years have passed. 
OM 31:566 corresponds with TJ page 10, verse 11. 
The OM and TJ show the correct numbers/dates. 

My translations may contain errors: 
OM 31:565 : 
Also ward gezeuget durch Gabrjiel und geboren durch das irdische Weib Sarana der Henok, der da belehrete die Menschenkinder der Erde, und der also lebete 366 Jahre. 
Thus Henok was fathered by Gabrjel and born by terrestrial woman Sarana, who then instructed the human children of the earth, and that thus lived 366 years. 

OM 31:566: 
Es bringeten aber die Lehren des Henok keine grossen Früchte unter den Menschkinder der Erde, also er ward wiedergeboren in nuer Ziet als Prophet and als Sohn des Jared. 
He brought however the teachings of Henok no great fruits among the human children of the earth, thus he was again-born in the new time as prophet and as son of Jared. 

My understanding was that ADAM was procreated by the second Semjasa, not the first Semjasa of 389,000 years ago. 
According to the Korrigenda for an Open Word, ADAM lived between 11062v - 9027v (born 13035 years before 1973 and lived for 2035 years) 

Please confirm with Billy if the Korrigenda is correct. 
Also the OM verse says that Henoch was born the son of Jared. 
Henoch II was born the son of the Plejaren Kretan. (per Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 11 page 222) 

My question to you: 
Which Henoch was born the son of Jared? 

Thanks & Salome 
Henoch III 
(Just as it was the case with Henok and Henoch, there was more than one Adam.)

Oct. 27, 2013
Was the prophet Mohammed's (Der Gespriesene) original (unmodified) 'Constitution/Treaty of Medina' establishing an Ummah (community) of Medina based on the 'Teaching of the Prophets' (Spirtual Teaching) and the information he received in his contacts with the Plejaren Gospod (Allah) (Der Rühmliche)? 
Thanks and Salome 

Mohammed himself did not write down his teaching, which of course was in line with the spiritual teaching. 
His teaching was written down be people who did not understand what they heard, and much of it was written down a long time after Mohammed’s death. 

(Note by CF: Mohammed’s teaching can be read in its original form in the "Goblet of Truth“.)

Oct. 27, 2013
Dear Billy and Christian, 
Is the time of Henoch I listed in FIGU Bulletin 50 (Klarstellung zu den Propheten Henok und Henoch) of 13,500 years ago still accurate, and if so, which of the following time reckonings for the procreation of Adam would you recommend we study: 

1). page 13 corrected Talmund Jmmanuel 2011 edition = 13,500 years ago (from 2011) 
2). OM canon 31:560 which says the procreation of Adam was 1,700 years before the first birth of Henok on Earth (calculated from OM canon 31:43 as 9308 vor Jmmanuel) or 9308 + 1700 = 11,008 years vor Jmmanuel's time or roughly 13,023 years ago (11,008 years vor Jmmanuel to the year 2013 = 13,023 years) 
3). The correction to "An Open Word" as 13,035 years ago (1975) = 11,060 vor Jmmanuel or 13,075 years ago (2013)? 

If Billy's previous personality of Henoch I was living 13,500 years ago, how could the procreation of Adam by Billy's previous personality of the ET Semjasa occur at the exact same time as noted in the corrected TJ? #2 does not match up with #1, and is some 477 years short. #3 is different from both #1 & #2 and 52 years more then #2 and 427 years short of #1. Help a researcher gain clarification like only you can ok? 
Salome Corey 

Yes, the 13,500 years for the first Henoch is still accurate. 
Henoch I was living about 11,500 years vor Jmmanuel 
Henoch II was living 9308 years vor Jmmanuel 
Henoch III was living between 4-5,000 years vor Jmmanuel 

Note by CF: 
Adam was procreated about 389,000 years ago. 
Between OM 31:565 and 31:566 over 380,000 years have passed. 
OM 31:566 corresponds with TJ page 10, verse 11. 
The OM and TJ show the correct numbers/dates.

Sept. 30, 2013
Posted on Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 10:17 pm: 
Hello Billy and Christian, 
Billy, based on the might of the thoughts book, what are you referring to when you say "true personality" 
What do you mean by true personality? And how do I recognize my true personality?, I got the meaning about 'correct thoughts', and 'true thoughts', but personality and psyche seems a different factor. How can a person have a personality that is not true. 
thank you so much for your spiritual decision of coming to us and bringing the light of the teachings of the spirit, sincerely, 
Moderator: thank you for your time fixing it 
(Message edited by scott on July 28, 2013) 
Fredy Martinez 

The true personality of a person represents how and what he really is, and not what he is acting/pretending (vorspielen) or supposed to be. 
Usually the human beings are presenting to themselves and to the environment their untrue personality, which means that they are acting. Nearly all human beings are actors and are – to a greater or smaller extent – hiding their true personality, often even to themselves. 

Small/young children are showing their true and unaltered personality.
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