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Prophecies and Predictions 

July 25, 2015
San Francisco Earthquake Photos: 
CR 104, 1978 
..And surely it doesn’t matter, if I then also publish these photographs, if they come out well, is that okay? 
89. Surely there would be nothing to object against this, for thereby very many people would then leave San Francisco and settle elsewhere before the catastrophe arises. 
90. This would save very many human lives. 
...Yet listen now: somewhere must be a building, which should be known as the America-Building or similar; so get me there. This I want to photograph above all, so that no one can come and claim that I would have taken photographs of the last great quake at the turn of the century. 
In CR 106, 1978, you come to know that a year earlier a similar looking painting was published in Geo magazine and talked to quetzal who then expressed the following statement: 

51. However, under the circumstances it is likely better, if I take the photographs, as well as also the negatives of the film, in order to protect you from further attacks. 

Wendelle stevens in his Message from the Pleiades says the following on this issue: 

"A few days after that, Meier was summoned to a new contact and was asked to bring the photographs with him which he did. The visitors(Plejaren) wanted to have their scientists look at the pictures, too, and they took the negatives and prints with them. When Meier tried to get the pictures back, he was rebuked for showing them to us without their approval, and against their instructions not to do so until after the event. Those pictures have never been returned to him. Thus today we do not have any solid evidence that those pictures were ever taken." 
Why did Quetzal change his position, when in CR 104, he gives permission to you to publish all the photos of future earthquake destruction of SF but again in CR 106 takes all these back ? 
And if what wendelle above says is true, why would plejaren rebuke you for showing these pics to the 10 members(including the American investigators) when these were supposed to be published for all the world to see and move away from SF to save their lives ? 

What caused Quetzal to change his decision ? 

Also how is that by taking away all the 11 color print photos(where 1 pic out of 11 was very similar to GEO magazines painting & the rest 10 would not be), would save you from further attacks when in fact you could publish all the 11 photos which gives you more credence/leverage to your side of the story thus convincing thousands of people in california & in other places to move away from their homes and save their lives. 

It was Quetzal’s decision because he was angry about the circumstances. 

(Note by CF: For any rationally thinking, intelligent person who is thoroughly studying the „Meier material“ it should be clear that San Francisco will be destroyed in the not too far future. No photos are necessary to come to this realisation. It’s just a case of whether or not an individual decision is made by all those people who are living in the San Franciso region. And this, by the way, also matters with other locations around the Pacific and elsewhere.) 

Feb.23, 2014
Dear Billy and Christian, 
In the future if the Henoch prophecies unfold, especially during the fall of Europe and the destruction of the USA, would this include subjegation of the USA and Europe at the hands of oppressors which could lead to prison camps of subjegated peoples and other forms of unfreedom in destroyed countries (possible foriegn military supremacy as a side effect of civil wars, anarchy, and war) as well as worlwide Islamic supremacy and rule over the destroyed northern hemisphere (collapse of Catholic church and Christian religion mentioned in Henoch prophecies) as possibilities? I know that the US/Nato/Europe, Russia, and China will be heavily involved in the war, but also Middle Eastern countries. 

Decisive or great factors which will play a role are catholicism and China.

Jan. 25, 2014
Dear Billy and Christian, 
I was doing a bit of calculating about the destroyer comet and the movement of Venus, that moved this planetary body from Uranus 8590 years ago. 1051 years past before the comet moved Venus once again. After this a long time of 2848 years past before another return of the destroyer comet. After this only a short time of 605 years past before the return, then 1773 years past to make the destroyer comets last appearance in this SOL system in the year 1680. My question is, if this is possible to be answered, based on these calculations, will the destroyer comet return in the year 2255 after only 575 years to possibly influence Venus and its orbit once more? or has this particular comet been removed from our SOL system by the Plejaren? As was spoken about in the contact notes. 
Thank you for your time, I appreciate your response as well as all that you have done, are doing, and are about to do, for the spread of knowledge of the truth on this planet called Earth. 

The destroyer comet will not return because it has been influenced by the Plejaren onto a course which leads it away from Earth.

March 24, 2013

Greetings Billy, 
With this news of the Pope retiring, there is talk of Henoch's Prophecy concerning the last Pope, a Petrus Romanus. There is also the Prophecy of the Popes of a St. Malachy, a 12th century Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland. His Prophecy of the Popes was supposedly written down in 1139 & found 450 years later in 1590. It says exactly the same thing as Henoch's Prophecy regarding the last Pope being a "Petrus Romanus" before the destruction of Rome. It seems far too precise to be coincidence. How is it that St Malachy has the exact same last Pope Prophecy as Henoch? Was this Saint impulsed by the Plejaren? How did this St. Malachy come up with his Prophecy of the Popes? 

In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit. 
Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus, quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur, & judex tremedus judicabit populum suum. Finis. 

This may be translated into English as: 

In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit [i.e., as bishop]. 
Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people. The End." 

Thank you, 

When Billy recently asked Ptaah about the prophecy regarding „the last Pope“ and the ensuing „Weltenbrand“, Ptaah said that concerning this (prophecy) many things have changed to the better and that for the the time being (vorderhand) there’s no sign that the prophecy will be fulfilled. (555th contact of March 2, 2013). 

(Note by CF: In other words: For the time being no WWIII may be expected.)

March 24,2013

Hi Billy and Christian! 

Dear Billy, I have a question regarding WWIII. In a 1982 English interview with Bob Zanotti (I am not sure if you remember this because I think this was before your collapse), you said in the last three minutes emphatically that WWIII was inevitable, and that it was going to happen, no matter how hard humans tried to avoid this. You also said that WWIII would start before the beginning of the year 2000, which obviously didn't happen. My question is: Did this delaying of WWIII have anything to do with the Peace Meditation? In 1982, I think there was no Peace Meditation present, and hence your dire prediction. Has the installation of the Peace Meditation delayed the onset of the Third World War, and can it possibly be prevented thereby? Thank you. Have a wonderful day. Salome. 

In 1982 the political and military situation/conditions on Earth were programmed towards WWIII. It has not been foreseen that one single person would act in a responsible and intelligent way and prevent WWIII. That person was the Russian officer Stanislaw Petrow who is responsible (and should be thanked for) that WWIII has been prevented. (There was another similar incident when another person acted correctly/reasonable.) 
Btw: Last month Stanislaw Petrow received an award in Germany: 

The shock of that near-outbreak of WWIII had stirred quite intense waves in certain governmental and military circles and brought about some change of thinking regarding the „cold war“ and nuclear missiles etc. etc. Ultimately this led to an end of the „cold war“.

Jan. 28,2013

Dear Billy, 

As I understand it, there are two different ways of stating future events. One is a “prediction” and the other is a “prophecy”. A “prediction” is something that will or must happen and a “prophecy” is something that “could” happen. What is different in the two concepts, because both are based on cause and effect, therefore the same rules should apply? 

Thank you 

1) A „Voraussage“ (prediction) is stating what will surely happen. 
2) A „Prophezeiung“ (prophesy) is stating what could happen if not deliberate steps are taken to change the course of events. 
3) A „Wahrscheinlichkeitsberechnung“ (probabilty calculation) considers the probabilty of how things will developed based on cause and effect. 
4) A „Zukunftsreise“ (visiting the future): visiting an event etc. in the future through technical means. 
5) A „Zukunftsvision“ (a vision of the future) 
6) „Zukunftstraum/Klartraum/Wahrtraum“ (future-dream/clear-dream/true dream) through which you get a “glimpse” etc. of events that will happen. 

(Note by CF: In some of those ways/methods of getting information about the future you don’t have a direct line of cause and effect.)

March 26,2012

Hi Billy, 

There has been many so-called psychics, clairvoyants, seers, prophets throughout history and even existing today that have been able to report their visions with enough amount of accuracy to defy the probability of random guessing. This also seems to suggest humans have the ability to do this and are just not aware of how to utilize it. It seems to me that the reason why prophetic information is given is to: 

a) Establish credibility to listen to someone 
b) Attempt to alter the outcome of the future (as it existed at the time of the vision) 

When future visions are not acted on, as had happened in most of Jmmanuel's prophetic statements, they become reality. This seems to suggest "predestination," that it is already known to him that things "will" happen according to what he saw. 

Can you clarify for me about these capabilities as they relate to "predestination"? 

Prophecies are prophecies until the time when they are either dissolved (if people have changed their behaviour and used their reasoning and responsibility, etc.) or have become reality (if people have not heeded the warning). 
In contrast, there are predictions that are stating things of the future that cannot be changed. Prophecies are probabilities, predictions is future reality. 

(Note by CF: Predetermination is something that is done every second in your life. This depends on the decisions that are taken, or not taken, in everyday life. The law of cause and effect.)

Oct. 1,2011

Hi Billy, 

After reading your prophecies and predictions and watching it become a reality, I begin to wonder if at least one of your prophecies would fail. It is like you said before that a prophecy can be averted if there was a change in consciousness, but I don't remember you saying that the prophecies should not or must not be fulfilled. Even when Nokodemion spoke of the seven prophets, that too is a prophecy that can only be averted if Nokodemion himself changed his consciousness. And if Nokodemion actually did change his consciousness, then the mission would of come to a compromise. If I'm correct, your mission is to spread the spiritual teachings to the Earth human being for the sake of their future survival. I must say, if ever World War III should come into play, Earth humanity itself would hardly or barely survive it. It would be nice if Earth humanity suddenly change for the better in order to prevent such a prophecy as well as other tragic events that may come, or perhaps not. With that being said, if Earth humanity, including yourself, were to change their consciousness and all of your prophecies, starting from this point onward, ceased to be fulfilled, would your mission come to a compromise? 

Please, take of yourself Billy. 


If Earth humanity as a whole (or a big majority) would change their consciousness in line with the creational laws and recommendations very fast, they could avert many of the negative prophecies. But of course the cosmic events could still not be changed. 

(Note by CF: The "if" mentioned above is just a theoretical assumption because in reality the Earth humanity as a whole cannot change its consciousness rapidly. This is a very slow process. 
Btw: This is not a case of "compromise", it's just cause and effect.) 

April 25,2011

Dear Billy, 

According to Contact 471 Quetzal is quoted as saying that the Red Meteor will enter the Earth's orbit even when the prophecy regarding the evil machinations and wars by the human beings on Earth are not fulfilled. He said it will be between 2029 and 2036. What does this mean about the prophecy concerning WW III? Does this mean that the prophecy about a possible WW III will not be fulfilled? Or the prophecy about a possible WW IV or both? 

Thanks very much 
Lonnie Morton 

Well, everything depends on the human beings's actions = the human beings' reason and understanding, or the lack of them. 

(Note by CF: The Red Meteor is already approaching, and now it's up to us [and our scientists] to solve the problem/threat once and for all by changing the comet's course.) 

March 27,2011

Hello, Mr. Eduard Albert Meier, sir. 

Thank you kindly for answering all of my previous questions, sir. I don't know how you have seen the things you have seen and not gone crazy or something, sir. 

My current question, sir, has to do with the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake that you said is something that cannot be prevented. You said this Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake is going to be a 9.0 Earthquake and parts of the Pacific Northwest are going to be devastated by both the Earthquake and a subsequent Tsunami. 

My question is: Will any of the Hawaiian Islands be adversely affected by this Earthquake and the subsequent Tsunami in the same way the Pacific Northwest will be affected? 

Thank you kindly, sir, and be well. 

Of course the Hawaiian Islands will also be affected. 
In the coming times more and more severe catastrophes will occur, and the Hawaiian Islands, just as other islands, will disappear into the sea. 

(Note by CF: In this context it may probably be of interest to those persons who are really pondering about leaving an area where there is the greatest danger of being hit by a catastrophe. Besides moving away from more or less active vulcanos or cities and villages that are located on the borders (vaults) of tectonic plates (e.g. "fire ring" around the Pacific), people should move to land that is at least 70 meters above sea level. Also avoid living at the shore of lakes or near river banks or on steep slopes, or beneath reservoirs.)


Hi Billy, 

Can you tell me when the foretold Australian Figu Center will roughly open and if it will be a success too. Also, can you please tell me any other further information regarding the Oz center. 

Thanks darren. 

Billy doesn't know, but if he knew, he would surely not tell you, because when people are foretold the future they quit struggling towards reaching a goal that is mentioned in the prediction. 
Everything (success or failure) depends on the thoughts and actions of the people in Australia. If there are people around who don't just wait for other persons doing the work and the struggling, then there will be success, earlier or later, depending on the individual's efforts. 

(Note by CF: That's one of the important reasons why prophecies are usually mentioning negative things only which have to be changed into a positive future.)

May 4, 2010


Hi Billy, 

I am sad to see that the P's are no longer going to supply us with prophecies. I understand that most of humanity does not listen but what about those of us that do? In my humble opinion, I think that they are instrumental in getting peoples attention and stimulating them to think. I know that for me they really helped to open my eyes to what is going on in the world, and what we are doing to the earth. Is there any chance that they would change their minds for those of us that listen? 


Karrol Steeves 

No. 30 years of predictions and prophecies have not found fruitful ground, but were either ignored or resulted in making Billy looking ridiculous.


Billy, regarding your trip into the future to the San Francisco earthquake; is this future event as you saw it, a done deal, a 100% certainty or can this event be avoided or the extent of damage, lessened by the course of our actions? 

Of course this future event cannot be avoided or lessened in any way. It will happen exactly as Billy saw it during his trip into the future. In other words: It is 100% certain that San Francisco will experience a severe catastrophe!

June 30, 2009

Billy, you have delineated the difference between prophecies & predictions. When a prophecy is announced, what are the odds or percentage for it to become realized? And regarding predictions; are predictions mathematically somewhat less than a 100% certainty? 

A prediction is always 100 % certain. The "odds“ for the realization of a prophecy are depending on the prophecised issue, and on the efforts people are making to change it.

March 30,2009
5. Stephen_moore RQ5: 

Hello Mr. Meier, 

In the Talmud there are the Predictions of Jeremia and Ilia. I fully understand their words in the Predictions. 

My Question is: 

Knowing that you are a true prophet now and that you have been able to gather knowledge from your own force of spirit (Visions etc), time travel and the storage banks, not forgetting the Plejaren and Asket as well as others in space. How did Jeremia and Elia gather their knowledge and more so the knowledge of you Eduard and the current times we are living in? 
Maybe I’m just not advanced spiritually enough to fully understand the processes of future visions and prophecy. 
But to clarify my question, I want to know, how a prophet that far back in Earth history was able to look so far into the future? I’m guessing time travel has something to do with it and very possibly Future visions from and knowledge from Arahat Athersata level. 


Stephen Moore 

They did it the same way as Billy does it today, by either directly ascertain the future (direkt ergründen), or through probability calculations. 
There is no time travel involved.

March 30,2009
4. Elreyjr RQ4: 

Dear Billy, 

Greetings. Could the contents of TJ 10:34-40, be a final condemnation for Israel and its people? It seems to me there is no passion or love, very much less compassion. What are the laws and directives of Creation which prevailed? 

With all humility, 


This is a man-made matter/problem. The prophecy has been viewed/made (by Jmmanuel) from the standpoint of that time. (A prophecy can be altered, depending on the thinking and acting etc. of the people involved.)


Billy: What is your current assessment regarding the WW3 prophecies, beginning in the next target dates of November 2010 or 2011? 

Prophecies can be changed, depending on the thoughts and actions of the human beings. 

and, if possible, your opinion of the new female prime minister of Israel, Tzipi Livni? 

She’s a power-hungry woman, and a religious and people-directed racist (= a racist regarding races, but also regarding other peoples). 

(Note by CF: And as a fierce supporter of the recent shameful Gaza war, she’s also a warmonger. Since starting a war and supporting warlike-activities is always a crime against humanity and Creation’s laws and recommendations, it is up to each human being to assess the situation and the guilt of the persons involved.)

Oct. 26,2008

Greetings Billy, 

Thanks for your last question as you also knew something about Florida to which I was unaware of since I have friends in Florida which is a scary thought for them. 

Recently there has been much talk about the Tsunami that will eventually hit the west coast of North America which is a bit of a concern since I know or talked to people who like to vacation on the Oregon beaches, etc. I assume then there's also going to be a lot of water traveling up the Columbia gorge river when this earthquake happens underwater west of Portland. SO by any chance do you know how high these waves will be and how far inland they will travel? Fortunately for me I still live so many miles or kilometers away from the coast in the south corner of Canada, but I worry for others whom I know or have even once known who could potentially get caught in this disaster. So I assume it would be safe then to stay 20 kilometers or 12 miles away from the beach, correct? 

Thanks and to Christian, I find your answers are good too. 

James Truthseeker. 

20 kilometers is very well possible. The distance depends on the topographic circumstances. The less steep the shore, the farther into the land the tsunami may reach. 
In the case of the Las Palmas land slide it is possible that the primary waves may reach 200 to 300 meters. 
If a comet would fall into the sea, waves of over 1000 meters are possible around the impact.


Hello Mr Meier and thank you once again for having answered our many questions. I was under the impression, based on FIGU books and materials that I have read, that Arahat Athersata can see the past and the present and the future. In addition to this, I understand from what you have said once that the pure spirit levels do not learn from mistakes but instead they learn by building on their knowledge through logic and creativity. In the book called Arahat Athersata, that spirit level states clearly that one of the five people here on Earth whose task it was to provide public confirmation of your contacts would not come into public view in that respect until around ten years after the book was written. In the meantime, this person has died (like the rest of the five people who had the same task as support for your story) and in fact, this person died far before the tens years after the book was written. In my very limited understanding, this leaves two possibilities: either Arahat Athersata made a mistake or it lied. I was under the understanding that neither of those options was possible. Can you clarify why Arahat Athersata would say something that was not true when that spirit level has direct access to a view of the future as if it were the present? All of your stories and knowledge have all had the ring of truth to my ears yet this question about Arahat Athersata has troubled me for some time and I haven't yet found a satisfactory answer. Thanks in advance for your help. I hope you are well... 

This has not been a prediction, but rather an announcement about what had been "programmed“ to occur in the future. 

You cannot program your future perfectly, because there is always the possibility of “Fügungen” (“providence” is not a correct translation), which means that through the law of cause and effect and resulting interactions the course of things may change.

Sept. 26, 2008

Greetings, Billy, I hope you are well. 

It is said a prediction -- unlike a prophecy -- cannot be changed and must occur. This means the La Palma mega tsunami, being a prediction, must occur. Of course, we know this must occur because our geological science also says it will occur. 

The Plejaren have told you that our governments should act to lessen the catastrophe that this will bring if ignored. So clearly we can control the degree to which this impacts humanity. I am proposing a choice of massive engineering undertakings that could potentially reduce the effects of the mega-tsunami to that of just a regular tsunami or even less. 

If we were to, over the years, manually dump this immense mountain into the sea ourselves we could surely lessen, much lessen, or even avoid the disaster. It seems to mean just wrong to fatally accept that millions must die when we have the knowledge and wherewithal to prevent a lot, most, or even all of that loss of life. 

My question is this: Shouldn't we, as humanity, attempt to avert this oncoming disaster completely irrespective of what predictions say? And isn't this a prediction because it is physically going to occur, and given that we can influence this event can we not turn it into a prophecy so that we can prevent it from happening completely by doing what is physically necessary to prevent it? 

I much appreciate your time and consideration, 


A prediction can never be changed into a prophecy. Since the catastrophe triggered by the Las Palmas volcano will surely happen, this information is a prediction and not a prophecy. 

(Note by CF: If you are just thinking a little bit about the probability that anybody would lift a shovel to start removing lava rock from the Las Palmas volcano and to transport the material [and dump it in] to the deepest part of the Atlantic, you will realize the illogic of your fallible “plan” to trick Creations laws.)

July 27,2008
Senior Member 

Hi Billy 

I refer to the Predictions of the Prophet Jeremia (4th TJ page 250-E). 

“When the new prophet appears 1937 years after the birth of the prophet Jmmanuel, the time will begin when children will be ….” 

As it was mentioned that Jmmanuel was born in 4 B.C., hence 1937 years after the birth of Jmmanuel will be 1933 A.D. However, our prophet of the new age was actually born in 1937, not 1933. 
Can you clear the picture for us? 


When Quetzal made the translations he put the text into a form that would be close to the original, but also easily understandable for today’s readers. 

(Note by CF: He did not want to insert a footnote into his extremely competent translation. The “normal” reader is not interested into this “four years difference” thing, but wants to read the message and shall realize the fact that Jmmanuel’s second successor will be born in 1937 according to our present calendar. 
Regarding Quetzal’s extremely skilled translation abilities: To read the German version is like feeling a fresh and strong breeze blowing through one’s brain. It is astonishing to realize how it is possible to explain details of the future in a limited range of words from the past.)

Oct. 29,2007
Username: Sirashwin 

Dear Billy 

Thanks for your answer to my previous question. We all are very very grateful for your taking time in answering our questions. 

I guess this would be too personal a question, but i can't resist asking it. Could you please tell us all what exactly is shown in the photograph mentioned in Contact #228 ? 

34. Tatsächlich bewundere ich immer wieder deine Erkenntnisse und Kenntnisse. 
34. I actually always again admire your knowledge and cognizance. 
35. Ja, es ist von Richtigkeit, was du sagst. 
35. Yes. What you say is correct. 
36. Aber du verschweigst mir trotzdem etwas, mein Freund. 
36. But nevertheless you conceal something from me, my friend. 

Du hast recht, lieber Freund. 
You are right, dear friend. 
Doch wenn du dich erinnerst, habe ich ptaah vor etwa 10 Jahren ein Photo gegeben, das ich von jemandem anonym erhalten habe. 
Indeed if you remember, I gave Ptaah a photograph about ten years ago, that I received from someone anonymously. 
Es war wohl im Monat November oder Dezember des Jahrs 1978 oder 1979 (Spätere Anm.: 117. Kontakt vom Mittwoch, den 29. November 1978, 15.12 Uhr, ab Billy ..., bis Ptaah, Sätze 98-118). 

It was, to be sure, in the month of November or December in the year 1978 or 1979 (later notation: Contact 117 on Wednesday November 29th, 1978, 3:12PM, from Billy ..., until Ptaah, sentences 98-118). 

Wenn ihr der Sache des Photos auf den Grund geht und alles erforscht, dann werdet ihr das Geheimnis zweifellos lüften. 
If you get to the bottom of the matter of the photograph, and research everything, then you will undoubtedly solve the secret. 
Eigentlich hätte es euch ja schon damals auffallen müssen, doch aus irgendwelchen Gründen - so vermute ich - habt ihr wohl trotz der Wichtigkeit des Photos keine Nachforschungen darüber angestellt und die Wichtigkeit auch nicht erkannt. 
It actually must have already been conspicuous to you at that time, yet for some reason – so I suppose – you have, indeed, in spite of the importance of the photograph, made no inquiries about it, and also not recognized the importance. 

Thanking You 

PS - Scott i guess you are right; i must have mistaken "one" for "won" 

It’s a text in old-Lyrian language, written by the prophet Henok/Henoch, mentioning (as a prediction) the six other prophets coming after him. This photo was given to Billy by a person from Germany, who had received it from a person (a butler) in England; and the photo was taken of the original which is owned by a collector. 
Photo #1059 is available from FIGU (with a translation of the entire text into German). 

(Note by CF: To give you an example, here’s a short extract: Ego sar las propet las truti, dera na sana abser dors ego agan hus inos importin sarn em las onom: … = Ich bin der Künder der Wahrheit, und in dieser Mission werde ich wieder sein unter wichtigen Malen mit der Benennung: … = I am the herald of truth, and in that mission I will be again (= live again) in several important times by the name of: …)

Username: Hector 

Hi Herr Meier 

Maybe this is a tough question for you to respond but i'm intrigued about the survival of FIGU and the mission if third world war breaks out and the northern hemisphere is completely destroyed. 

We figu friends worldwide would be more comforted if you tell us that the SSSC and Figu will still exist after a hypothetical WWW3 and your teachings will make their way to the public..... 

Thanks in advance 

What is certain is that the teachings will survive. However, there has been no time travel into the future to see if the SSSC will still exist in one hundred years from now. 
Even if we knew the future we would not tell about it because if the people would «believe» it to be a fact they would lean back in their chairs and start waiting for the future to unfold. 
That’s the reason why the positive things are not mentioned in predictions or prophecies (with exceptions): People should pay attention on the threats and dangers etc. and try to change them into positive things/effects.