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The Plejaren and Other ETs 

Feb. 25, 2014
Dearest Billy, 
I hope this finds you well. Just a quick question. Why would the Plejarens waste their "time" on such a primitive species of Human? Surely they are wise enough to realize they do not need to correct the actions of some faction of their descendants. Thanks. 

Being a part of an extremely old mission to help the Nokodemion spirit-form to teach human species all over the universe is absolutely not „wasting time“.

Oct. 27, 2013
Hello Billy 
Hope all is well with you. 
I remember a contact report in which you stated that Samajase, based on her looks, seemed to be in her 30s, however she was over 300 years old (if my memory is correct). So my question is would a plajeran at around 100 years of age look like a 10 year old earthling? Personally I think that the maturation period of humans universally would be roughly standard, therefore late teens to early 20s. So a 100 year old Erran (for example) would look like a recently matured earthling who would be in their late teens to early 20s as oppose to a 10 year old. Is this assumption correct? 

Yes. The physical bodies of the Plejaren’s children mature with about the same „speed/rate“ as human beings on Earth.

Sept. 30, 2013

Hello Billy and Christian: 
Kind greetings to you! When the Plejaren communicate with terrestrial humans using impulses, do they use simple thought transmission (Gedankenübertragung) so simply sending their thoughts to a person in particular or do they use a machine to concentrate their thoughts and send impulses that way? 
Thank you for your time, Marcela 

They are using machines/technical means (Apparaturen).

July 27, 2013

Hello Mr Billy Meier, It has been a pleasure to have finally been able to submit a question to you. I have always missed the "Submit a question" portion of this forum and I am glad that I have the chance to do so. With that being said: 

One of the most curious questions mankind has always asked about extraterrestrials such as the "Pleijaren" is what do they look like. The Pleijaren state that they do not allow their pictures to be taken due to the fact many individuals can send harmful energy directed at those in the picture. In the past "Asket" from the DAL universe allowed her picture to be taken, only because she reside in another universe and no negative thought energy can penetrate the energetic barriers into another universe to harm the living clearly stated by the "Pleijaren". Now for my question: 

Is it possible for the Pleijaren or another race to show earth mankind pictures of other extraterrestrial races that live in another universe or dimension who are already deceased without causing emotional or physical harm? 

to be more specific, "Can pictures of dead bodies of other races in other universes be shown"? Surely no harm can be done, being that the spirit form has already left the body, plus the corpse is also protected by the universal energetic barriers. 

Earth human, has a very big imagination. Because many do not know what true extraterrestrials look like, many people tend to make up stories in movies and video games of what we think they look like and then start to believe those stories and lies until they turn into Gods/Goddess figures. A few pictures every now and then (even if they stay there at the Semajase Silver Star Center) can really help sort out what is false and what is truth of their appearance. 

Again, thank you for taking the time to read, and answer my submitted question. I would also like to give thanks to each and every member of F.I.G.U the Pleijaren, and other unknown races for their hard work in bringing the spiritual teachings and truth to us. Oh! and one more thing, if he is still with us(living)ask "Guido Moosbrugger" when does he plan on making an apple pie with his extraterrestrial apple to share with the Pleijaren! I'm pretty sure "Ptaah" or "Quetzal" are hungry with all the teleporting, turning invisible, and running through the woods dodging scary earth monsters lately. (Joking! HAHAHA!) 

The main reason for the absence of photos of ET persons is that it prevents people from focussing on such pictures and making idols of the ET persons. This is religious thinking and acting and has to be be avoided. 
In this respect: Meditating while or by looking at a photo of Billy is nonsense and evidence of false attitude and thinking. Billy is no guru to be adored and idolized. Such actions belong into religious behaviour.

June 28,2013

Dear Billy, 

in order to better image life of Plejaren and their evolution, do you know if every Plejare/Plejarin on Erra has already mastered prime telepathy? 

Yes, Billy knows that No, not every P. has mastered prime telepathy. 
In other words: There are Plejaren who don’t master prime telepathy.  

On the other hand, I can imagine that there are people as well, who are not as much interested in this topic, as others may be. 

Thank you 

June 28,2013



If the ability be aware of or sensitive to something is said to be called as 'being conscious'; then are all those androids(created to think & do things for themselves) created by ET's(Plejaren & others) said to be truly conscious or self-conscious as we do ? 
If we have created an artifical brain with the same complexity of a human brain powered by some artifical or organic machine,will it become conscious(like we experience) ? Or does it definitively need a spirit-form for it to be truly called conscious or self-conscious entity ? In other words, is being self-conscious or having a subjective integral experience the product of just the spirit-form or is it also possible with artificial/Organic machines ? 

It is also possible to create artificial brains/androids, which are conscious of themselves. What is necessary is that there is a spirit-form present." 

Please correct me if i am wrong. In your answer are you suggesting that androids can only be self-conscious(like we humans do) when they have a spirit-form(SF) ? If that is the case, then which type of SF would this be ? 

I am guessing that by using a OMEDAM SF for an android would violate the natural law because androids are initially created for a purpose, mostly to do/assist things for human beings or the like. So i think it would not be ethical to use the SF of a human being for material purposes. So i am guessing the SF might belong to other than the OMEDAM SFs. 

Androids are enlivened by an artificially-created spirit-form, i.e. they have no OMEDAM SF. 

(Note by CF: Therefore their conciousness and self-consciousness processes must be different than that of real human beings.)

Feb.24, 2013


Hello Billy, 

Sometime last year or the year before last, on this forum I asked you what advice you would give to first-cousins that are married to each other. As far as I can remember, you said: According to the spiritual teachings, closely related people should not have children up to the seventh generation. 

Now, with a society that Erra is, I wonder do the Plejarens use the term cousins when referring to other family members. I have no problems with cousin marrying with each other as long as they truly love each other. I know that a person cannot marry his or her own parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, and his or her own grandchildren. Now my question: 

Billy, to the best of your knowledge, can first-cousins on Erra allowed to be married to each other or not, please explain why? 

Salome, MarBar 

Of course the Plejaren do not marry (and have children) within their relationship up to 7 generations, which includes cousins. 

(Note by CF: The Plejaren are accepting their responsibilities and do not act against the spiritual principles, since it is a fact that incest [having children within the same bloodline] will lead to degenerating effects sooner or later, not only physical ones, but also consciousness-based ones.)

Jan. 28,2013


Since I asked you about why the Plejaren allowed the Bafath to do all those wrong things to Earth humanity for thousands of years, your responded saying the Plejaren had nothing to do with them. (I wonder if the Plejarens even thought about reasoning with the Bafath.) Sometimes, I wonder why they decided to make an attempt to kill you instead of trying to kill the other prophets like Mohammed or Jmmanuel when the two were living. 

I read somewhere, from the “Essence of the Notes”, that the other ETs kidnapped people from other planets sometimes and the Plejaren try to reason with the malevolent ETs to return the kidnapped humans back to their planets. Now my question: 

Since the Plejarens knew the Bafath was causing many problems for the Earth humans for thousands of years, what was the problem that the Plejarens could not try to reason with the Bafath? 


Their directives don’t allow to interfere with other people on worlds whose population is far lower evolved than they are. 
The Bafaths were also active in the time of Mohammed and Jmmanuel, waging people up against the prophet, as e.g. prior to Jmmanuel’s crucifiction.

Dec.24, 2012


Since the Plejaren are about 30 million years more advanced than we are spiritually, is it possible for them to find out not only their past incarnation but also their future incarnations without using any technological devices? 

Even if some of them are capable they don’t research their own individual future. If people know their individual future, or some aspects of it, they are not free anymore to live a life from one moment to the other. There would always be the danger or probability that the “knowledge” influences one’s actions differently than if the future or aspects of it were not known. 
In other words: The Plejaren do not research their own individual future. 
The Plejaren don’t cast horoscopes either.

Nov. 27,2012

Greetings Edward; 

For those Extraterrestrials who have the unpleasant task of recording / monitoring Earths events they would have to be very well prepared to see how uncontrolled Earth humans can be towards one another. Such as witnessing horrifying brutality amongst our people through the means of war, political uprisings, natural or otherwise unnatural disasters etc. etc. How are the Extraterrestrials able to recover from such emotional shock to their system. I would have to assume that whomever is appointed the responsibility of registering these events must also be affected by such tragedies towards another lifeform and that they would have to spend several years in recovery to get back to health from seeing such hellish brutality. Not to mention those who have to take care of them must also be in shock to see just how unbearable our violent actions really are and that the affect it has on Extraterrestrials who have never seen such an extreme level of violence from sick people. 

Hi David, If I remember correctly, Enjana one of the Plejarens witnessed some of the atrocities of the Gulf War. She was quite affected by this. This was mentioned in Christian's talk at Laughlin UFO Congress in 2006. 


(Message edited by scott on October 28, 2012) 

The Plejaren must cope with atrocities and horrifying brutality in the same way as we terrestrial human beings have to. Rational and intellectual thinking and the resulting feelings are decisive for getting over such “psyche-burdening” experiences. 

Btw: Taljda was the one who suffered from the observations, not Enjana (see CR 238).

Oct. 28,2012 

Hiya Billy, [Yay it's question time] 

I just want to firstly say, thank you for taking time to answer our questions. And also that Ptaah is a very handsome man. Can you ask him to take me out on date please? 

Here is my question to you: Speaking of Ptaah, I'm just wanting to know, does he have a wife? As we don't hear much about his personal life. And I'm curious about that. 

Thanks Billy *you Rock Majorly* 

Orphelia. *inserts heart emote* 

Ptaah's 3rd wife died in the early part of 2010, after a marriage of over 540 years. 


(Message edited by scott on September 24, 2012) 

Yes, Ptaah was married to three wives, and all of them have died in the meantime. 

(Note by CF: Ptaah has three children: Semjase, Plejia and Yucata. Ptaah will die at the age of about 1218 years. Actually he’s 664 years old.)

Sept. 23,2012

Hello Billy 

There is a shift in attitude nowadays towards restricting smoking in public places in many developed countries due to health concerns and smokers like myself in general are viewed with disdain by those who don't smoke who have to endure breathing second hand smoke with disgust. 

Smoking from my personal experience is definitely time consuming, expensive, makes you tired, irritable especially getting off long trips from air travel or public transport, unhealthy and cause discomfort to other people.

But our society's fixation on demonizing smokers but rarely the cigarette producers extends this two faced attitude to other things such as alcohol. 

The huge amount of tax collected by the government dissuades any official from genuinely condemning and taking on the giant multinational companies producing these drugs which should be banned from society altogether because of its ill effects and criminalize all users and producers such as they do other with hard drugs. 

My question is what is the law in the Plejaren society in regards to alcohol, tobacco, hard drugs such as cocaine, meth and others that we don't know of yet which produces similar effects in the human brain or can anyone there take drugs? 

Matt Lee 

The Plejaren don’t use unhealthy “things” like alcohol, tobacco etc. etc. 
They have a beverage that contains a small amount of alcohol, but it is not used commonly and regularly. 

(Note by CF: Actually why should a person use things you are addicted to, stuff that is bad for your health and your consciousness? 
The human being’s aim or goal should be to enjoy and bear life without any chemical “crutches”.)

June24, 2012

Hallo Billy and Christian, I have noticed from the drawings of Sfath, Ptaah, Quetzal and finally you yourself Billy, that there is one thing you all have in common, and that is the beard. Why is that? Does the beard of man play any significant role in the spiritual fine sensitive matters? If so, would it be foolish then for a male to perminantly remove facial hair by using technical means such as laser hair removal, which destroy the hair follicles? 

The only bearded Plejaren Billy met were Sfath, Ptaah and Quetzal. The other men he's met didn't or don't wear a beard. 
The decision to wear/grow a beard is a personal one and has no "spiritual" meaning. During his lifetime, Billy had his first beard at the age of 17. Later he shaved several times and had "beard-less" periods.

Feb. 26, 2012

Hi Billy, 

We all know that when people die their bodies are either cremated or buried in a graveyard or a cemetery. The problem is, due to our numbers especially in heavily populated cities, the cemeteries take up too much space and, at the same time, are running out of space. Therefore, cemeteries become crowded and tightly packed, taking the appearance of a miniature city, in my opinion. Not only does it take up space, I don't think the environment can benefit from it with all of the tombstones as well as all of the fancy, expensive coffins buried underneath. I, personally, think it is better if we plant a tree directly over the body instead of a tombstone. Not only is it good for the environment, it can protect the body from being tampered with. I discussed this topic with friends. One pointed out that it is illegal, others liked the idea, and another thought that some people have no choice but to be cremated in certain areas. I think that it is a good idea if many, if not all, of the countries accepted this idea especially in deforested areas. But before we can take any action, we would like to know your opinion on this matter. 

So whaddaya say? 

After death, the Plejaren's bodies are buried in remote and barren areas and are let there to rest in peace. Besides, the relatives do not visit those "graveyards" after the funeral anymore. 

(Note by CF: And of course the Plejaren do not behave in an exaggerated way like many terrestrial people do who are buying expensive coffins etc. they cannot afford and who are making a big show of a funeral. 
Planting trees in deforested areas is a good idea at all times, with and without a body buried beneath.)

Feb. 26, 2012
In my post # 99 I have highlighted an area of the WCUFO. There looks to be a seam or a joining of the material that is used for the craft. I would assume that many, or all space craft would be seamless in design? 

Yes, they are seamless, but there are certain exceptions: 
The "Wedding cake ship" can be "stretched" horizontally and vertically in order to gain more space, while the older beamships could lift the cupola part vertically. 
You can compare the mechanism with a telescope.

Nov. 26,2011
Hello Eddie!! 

  I hope you are well, I am sure you are. 
I have seen a photo of you from 2011 in summer, you look very healthy and happy; I am content and pleased. 
Im learning german to make connections with my past you too know this.. 

Hope to speak/see you very soon. 

Q: Have the Plejarens started contacting other humans telepathically already? 

I know most well that the people of earth are 
backwards.. But they all deserve a chance and I cant wait to give them that chance. A great opportunity! 

I hope it will all go well; "Saving Humanity". 
I hope it wont take too long... 
After uniting all the races of Earth, we must unite the beings of the Galaxy and after that those of the Universe (which already happens naturaly). 
The Universe is our family and I am quite happy and humbled to know this. 

Salome Eduard =] 
Andres Criado 

No, the Plejeren have not started to telephatically contact other people, telepathically in the sense of giving and receiving answers/information. 
They use impulses only that are directed to scientists, to trigger ideas and hints regarding new inventions and realizations etc. Those scientists, however, are not aware of the origin of their "invention" or "realization". 

March 27,2011

Dear Christian and Billy, 

What is the long-term goal of the Mission, and is it on track? 


The spreading of love, peace, freedom and harmony on Earth. 
The Mission is on track, albeit at the beginning of the actual phase.

Jan. 23, 2011

Billy, if I'm not mistaken the Plejaren are about 30 million years more advanced than we Earth humans are spiritually. Does this necessarily mean that 30 million years have to pass in order for us to be spiritually as advanced as the Plejaren? 

Yes, more or less. This depends on the efforts of terrestrial humankind. If there is constant and earnest studying/learning of the spiritual teaching, the developoment will be faster than when people are continuing to adhere to religious thinking.

Nov. 29,2010

Greetings Dear Billy, 

Concerning the High Council. 

Semi spirit is a confusing term so are these beings still mortal or at a stage beyond re-incarnation ? Also could you briefly describe their appearance and level of mental capability compared to say Ptaah or Quetzal. Are their minds something like an advanced super JHWH ? With Ptaah & Quetzal thanks to the contact reports we at least have a guiding benchmark. 

If they are still mortal are you aware of their lifespans and in that case a further issue then arises. Since these beings are presumably drawn from diverse human species scattered all over the universe who have evolved to a certain stage do they permanently dwell on their home planet and continue to procreate there ? How did they arrive on the planet which hosts the High Council ? 


There is only one (1) High Council in our universe and spread over/through it, but it is highly probable that there are different "locations" where it is possible to "plug in" = get in contact with the HC. So when Ptaah is contacting the HC, he will do this in his dimension, not in ours. 
In the Andromeda region the HC exists in a somewhat more concentrated (konzentriert) cloud-like form, kind of a "Ausgangspunkt" (starting-point) or sender/receiver. 
The HC is half-material and, therefore, cannot procreate offspring anymore.


Dear Mr. Eduard Albert Meier, 

Thank you for answering my previous questions. 
I apologize if I came across as aggressive. That was not my intention. Please forgive me if I came off that way. 

I remember sometime back the Plejaren investigated 
the incident of TWA Flight 800 being shot down. They even went so far as to explain what happened. Why would the Plejaren do this? I thought they are not the World's Police? Their investigation went so far as to name who was responsible for the crime. 

I am confused as to why they would investigate the TWA Flight 800 incident and name who was responsible, but looking into the case of "The East Area Rapist" aka "The Original Night Stalker" is something that they would refuse to investigate? 

Could you please explain to me, sir, why the Plejaren would investigate one incident, but not the other? 

Thank you kindly. 

While events like the shooting at TWA Flight 800 are part of the Plejaren normal observation mission, usual and unusual crimes are not on their priority list, so to speak. On several instances the P's provided certain data about mass murderers, like Jack the ripper or Jim Jones, etc. And just recently Billy had a talk with Ptaah about some capital criminals. That contact report will surely be published sometime in the near future.

June 27,2010


Dear Billy, 

The Plejaren live in a space-time configuration that is a few seconds different to ours. Please explain the meaning of the term "space-time configuration" giving a reference to any relationship that may exist between them. 
I haven't read your German-language books yet, sorry. I will get around to it one day of course. 

James G. T. Moore 

The world we are living in is a space-time-configuration, a "realm" or "room", a continuum where space and time exist. 
The space-time configuration the Plejaren live in is not a "few seconds" different, but only a fraction of a second.

A continuum, btw, exists either of space and time, or space and duration.

June 27,2010

Dear Billy Meier, 

Would you discuss the Plejaren concept of community? For instance, upon what foundation community is based, and why people form communities? 


The human being needs other people for his own evolution, for progress, security, nourishment, etc. And this is something that applies to all human beings in the universe.

March 1, 2010

Hello Mr Meier, I hope you are well. I have a question about the Plejaren specifically. I would like to know what kind of problems still plague them? If one excludes specific technical problems and little personal problems that arise, it is difficult for me to imagine the Plejaren people having any serious problems at all. I understand that they are still humans but their level of harmony and advancement makes it seem as if their lives would be spent more for furthering their development then for actually overcoming serious problems. If you do not have specific information on this, I would like your opinion about how life there must be in relation to this topic (problems encountered at that level of development). 

Thanks very much and greetings to all at the center! 

Of course they also have problems in the same way as we have, like e.g. when a loved one dies. This just happened to Ptaah when his third wife died last Monday after a marriage of 543 years! Perhaps the one or other person may somewhat have some "Mitgefühl" for a situation like that. 
Now all of Ptaah's three wives are dead and gone.

March 1, 2010

Billy, is beauty a priority for a Plejaren male and female when looking for a partner? Also if I may ask, when you went to Erra did you see any ugly looking Plejaren or are all Plejaren beautiful? 

This is a question only terrestrial people will ask. Among the Plejaren beauty has absolutely no priority when looking for a partner. 
Besides, Billy never saw an ugly person in his entire life, neither on Earth or on other worlds. Each person, even the ones who appear to be, or are labelled as monsters, have some beauty in them that is visible to the eyes that are ready to see.



Hello Billy and FIGU, 

I appriciate what you are doing for the people of Earth by bring out the true spiritual teachings. Please don't take this the wrong way, I love you, Semjase, and the Plejarens. I realized I want my spirit form's future incarnations to be a Jschwjsch like Ptaah. I know it will take many many many incarnation for such a task to be accomplished. Ptaah need to take you to the Naica Caves in Mexico one day. Now, my question is about Ptaah. 

Is Ptaah still married and does he have any brothers or sisters? 

(Message edited by scott on December 27, 2009) 

Yes, he is still married (two of his three wives have died) and he has brothers and sisters.


Hello Billy, 

My question concerns the Plejaren diet -- the foods they eat. You have told us they eat fruits and vegetables and meats and these are also mentioned in the Goblet of Truth -- and thank you for G of T! 

But do the Plejaren also eat grains and grain products like breads, pies, tarts, cakes etc, and if they do, do they eat a lesser amount than the fruits and vegetable and meats or more? Also do they genetically engineer fish as well as meat to eat? Presumably, if we live near the sea or rivers, as well as meat, fish are a good food to eat too.

Thank you so much for all your diligent work, writings, and publications. One day I hope to read them all. 

Peace and good health be yours, Billy 


Yes, they also eat grain and grain products like bread and sweets etc. And yes, they artificially grow fish just like meat.


Dear Billy, 

In one of the books on Pleiadian/Plejaren spirituality ('Star Wisdom') there is mention of the P's putting an interfering hand into the natural development of spirit forms. ie. the following... 

'When a Pleiadian woman falls in love with a less developed man from some other star system, she can easily bring him up to her high level by the use of the advanced Pleiadian science' 

Further to that.. 

'In fact whole races of beings can be brought up to a very high level of wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence by such means without the need for each individual having to go through the different evolutionary steps' 

Well essentially main question being - to engage in a practice like this - well just strikes me as cheating on Creation somehow - is there wisdom in doing such a thing in the first place? Shouldn't a spirit form always have to go through the hoops at precisely its own pace at all times? Always learning from its own mistakes as it were, in the usual normal manner, unimpeded by external forces/technology? 

& After all, if it is the case that this was EVER done by them (accelerate the levels of entire races) - then what would be to stop them from doing that to us earth humans, to get us on the right track faster (lets face it, things are not looking good) - for the benefit of everyone, them included (considering that us humans are nearly at the stage of actually being able to.. destroy the entire DERN universe, apparently) 

(I realise that the P's have a policy of fairly strict non-interference - but just now playing devil's advocate temporarily - just from the point of view of coming from this angle ie that there are possible double standards at play here in this particular instance on the part of the Plejaren ways of dealing with things.) 

What Semjase explained was more theory than reality. If there’s a too great difference in the evolutional-vibrational level of two persons, it is not possible to artificially minimalize that „gap“. 

(Note by CF: In other words: It is not feasible that a terrestrial human being can be cognitively and intellectually "lifted“ to the evolutive level of a Plejaren. There’s too much difference between both persons. 
You can compare it with the following example: If a professor from the University of Zurich would meet an indigenous woman (an adult) in the heart of the Amazonas jungle and want to marry her and bring her into his circles, there would arise unsurmountable problems of understanding and mentality etc.)


Dear Billy, 

Peace be with you. In contact report 217 Quetzal said, "...cow's milk , contains many substances that cannot exactly be designated as promoting health....Also in regards to calcium in milk...this does not advance the construction of bones, rather is truly a thief of calcium, that removes the body's own calcium, and indeed from the bones, whereby through milk, for the body and the bones, a successful calcium supplement therefore does not result, rather quite the contrary, it is a calcium demolisher." 

I cannot doubt this at all, because a former US ambassador's wife told me personally that scientists in the US discovered just this same fact and went to the government asking them to publicize the truth, but the government, according to this ambassador's wife thanked the scientists but told them they couldn't publicize that because the dairy industry was just to important for the economy. The ex-ambassador never drank milk. 

The Plejaren do not kill animals nor eat the meat of animals killed by them because they do not kill the animals, and presumably they do not drink the milk of cows nor just keep cows like pets. 

My question then is: Why or for what purpose does Quetzal farm his cows? 

For his own pleasure. He does not drink the milk, but lets it drink by the calves. 

Quetzal is kind of an „Altertumsfan“ = he is very interested in the old and modest, even primitive times. He has built himself a log cabin where he is studying in reclusion, and into which his wives are not allowed to enter. 
He is also working in his garden using garden tools to dig in the soil, etc. 

Thank you and stay well. 


June 30,2009

Dear Billy, 
Many thanks for continuing to take the time to answer questions from us all. 
During your contacts, did the plejaran explain to you fully the outcome of the publics reaction to your experiences and were you required to release information in a way that guaranteed this outcome. What I mean is, did the plejaran know that your contact evidence ( photo's , metal samples etc) would be tampered with and was this part of their plan to provide plausible deniability? While I'm asking, were the Plejaran responsible for removing the metal sample from Marcel Vogel for example, to prevent further definative proof? 
Thank you 



Billy was informed in advance that his life would be very hard and that he would have to face several problems. For example he knew prior to getting to know his now ex-wife Kalliope that he would marry her and that the marriage would not be a pleasant one. Billy did not know details about his marriage (wife’s behaviour), nor that everything would turn out to be even worse. 
The Plejaren wanted to deliver enough evidence so open-minded persons would be able to realize the authenticity of the contacts with extraterrestrial human beings and the reality of their flying devices, etc. 

March 30,2009

Hello dear Billy 

i hope you are doing fine 

in the FIGU website and in different FIGU books there have been published portraits of some Plejaren and other persons from outerspace. 

I noticed that like many persons here on Earth, women from other planets (well at least in the case of Semjase, Asket, Alena, etc.) let their hair grow long while men keep it shorter (Sfath, Ptaah, Quetzal, Kohun and Athar, etc.)

I would like to know if there is any important reason for this or if it only has to do with cultural reasons, hygiene or aesthetics. 

Thank you 

Cultural reasons. Billy never saw a woman on Erra with short hair. Men, on the other hand, usually wear their hair short. Quetzal’s hair is a little bit longer, but Billy saw no man who wore his hair down over his shoulder or even down to the waist.


Dear Billy, sincerest wishes for your good health and happiness. 

On pages 7 & 8 of Guido’s book; ”And Still They Fly”, it mentions advanced human beings that are not entirely physical from a region in the Andromeda galaxy called the “Nabulanians”, that visited Earth in 1979. As stated in the book, these advanced humans stayed in the vicinity of the Earth for a number of months to fulfil a very special mission. 
If you are permitted to give details at this time can you please elaborate on what that special mission was and was it successfully completed by the Nabulanians? 


They were representatives (Beauftragte) from the High Council and had the task to „see“ (analyse) what the Plejaren were doing and what they had achieved. 

As can be seen today: they were successful.

Jan. 23,2009
2. Creational RQ1: 

“Dear Billy, Your evolved Spiritform comes to us from the advanced level of Arahat Athersata. We are grateful that you have undertaken the mission to restore the Truth of Creation to us. 
From a young age in this incarnation, how did you come to conclude that of all possibilities, it was the Plejarens to be the most trustworthy?” 

Because the Plejaren are involved in the mission for thousands of years. 

(Note by CF: The word/term „Plejaren“ is plural and does not have an „s“ at the end. It means both the star cluster called the Plejaren, and also the people coming from there. The word is pronounced „play-ar-en“, and it must be pronounced correctly. This, by the way, is also the case with Plejaren names, like e.g. Semjase, which is pronounced „Sem-ya-se“; the last „e“ is pronounced as the „e“ in „exist“; „e“ may not be pronounced as an „i“, because this would totally alter the meaning of the name.)

Jan. 1,2009

Greetings Billy, 

I'm curious. Since the Plejarens live for say up to 1000 years, is there an age standard or condition to which they need to be at in order to date or get married? Meaning if a Plejaren man were to date a Plejaren woman, then do they have to be within the same age or a certain age limit to do so? Or could a Plejaran man or women date or marry someone who could be the same age as their great great great grand son or great great great grand father, with a 500 year or more age difference, etc. 

Just curious. 

James Truthseeker 

There can be marriages between partners differing in age for hundreds of years. Ptaah, e.g., has been married to women who were much older than himself (they have died in the meantime). Only one of his wives is still alive.


Dear Sir, 

What is the Plejaren definition of a human being with regards to variations in physical appearance, please? 

Many Thanks 


During the 469th contact of 11th August 2009, Ptaah listed the following different kinds of human beings that they know of: 
Humanoids (like the Plejaren themselves and the Earth humans) 
Amphiboids (people who resemble animals that live in the water; they live on land and in water, like Asina and her people) 
Reptileoids (human-reptilian forms with a skin covered with scales) 
Insectoids (human-insectoid forms; their skin having a chitin quality) 
Sauroids (human-sauropode form, their skin resembling that of an elephant) 
Primatoide (human-primate form with more hair on his skin than the Earth human) 
Condicoids (humanoids who are capable to move along through levitation, like the ones who were seen sitting on the roof of the SSSC) 
Teropoids (human-birdlike body with a long neck, face and beak-like mouth) 
Hydroids (human-fishlike body, who are living in the water, but can leave it for longer periods) 
Thermoids (humanoids who are living in hot zones of very high temperature) 
Frigoroids (humanoids who are living in regions with very low temperatures) 
Aërioids (humanoids who are breathing poisonous gas or living in different gas environments, respectively). 
Acoroids (humanoids of humanoid body, whose skin is covered by a fine acid layer, as it is the case with the Trilaner (Trilans). 
Floroids (humanlike and diverse plant bodies) 
Kentauroids (life forms with part human, part horse-like bodies) 
Faunoids (bodies part human, part animals with hooves) 
Cheruboids (very light human life forms, with wings with which they are capable to fly) 
Seraphoids (very light life forms with a human-animal body, with feathered wings by which they are able to fly). 

The non-humanoid life forms are called Peregrinhumanoids, which means strange-humanoids (Fremdartighumanoide). 

Note: There are no Reptiloids disguised as members of governments etc. on Earth!

March 24,2008
Username: Phi_spiral 

Greetings to you again, Billy! 

In the 238th Contact, it says that the first genuinely recognizable human forms of life were created on the oldest planets of our Milky Way system about 9,000,000 to 12,000,000 years ago, and, before these then became real humans, who could really be designated human, certainly yet nearly another 1,000,000 years passed, or perhaps even more. 

However, in the 236th Contact, it says the following: 

Ptaah 191. The first three peoples who first came to Earth were simultaneously the red ones, the brown ones and the white ones. 
193. That was about 22,000,000 years ago as the Destroyer had done its work of destruction in the Lyran home systems. 

If these dates are correct, then the first human life forms on Earth were extraterrestrial. I wonder if you could clarify what happened to these earliest inhabitants; i.e. did they degenerate, did they move on to another planet or die off altogether? 

Kind regards 

The first incident relates to the human beings who originated here on Earth, the “earthlings”. 
The second one relates to extraterrestrials who came to Earth. 
According to the 70th contact it was the Plejaren’s ancestors who visited Earth for the first time 22 million years ago. However, they withdrew again and later deported criminals to earth and left them here.

March 24, 2008
Username: Borthwey 

dear Billy, 

Can "the average Erran" visit other planets and galaxies, if yes, how exactly (does he request a beamship?) and, is it common? 

Yes, they can visit other worlds, and of course they are travelling in beamships. 
However, they don’t have mass tourism like we here on earth. Mass tourism is forbidden to them.

Username: Daniel 

Greetings dear BEAM, 
I have a simple question related to the day to day life. I wonder what kind of excercise is recommended by the Plejarens? 
I would like to know how they keep their body healthy and if they practice exercise or what are their customs related to this matter. 
Wish you excellent health and peace. 

They are working and moving around, walking, working in their gardens. But they do not perform any “Leistungssport” (competitive sport, like marathon, jogging, etc.). 
As Ptaah once said: In order to be fit and well it is sufficient to walk for 20 to 30 minutes, daily and with a good pace (but not running).

Username: Kaare 

Dear Billy, 

From what I have learned of Earth history is that when a new continent or new land has been discovered, it has been colonized by whoever discovered it. Wherefore my question is: How do the Plejarans look at colonization of planets they might find that are habitable but not yet inhabited by humans or do not belong to anybody. In such a case do they for instance ask for volunteers from their home planet Erra to settle there, or do they have a non colonization policy in place that prohibits colonization of other planets ? 

Thank you 


The Plejarens don’t occupy or colonize all planets that are suitable for supporting human life. To do so depends on their needs and plans. 
Besides, if compared with the enormous number of star systems in our Milky Way, there is only a small number of inhabitable planets available (some 7 millions of them).

March 26, 2007
Username: Tony 

Hi Billy, 

if the Plejarens suffer from no diseases or illnesses, does that mean that all Plejarens die of old age, such as pass away in their sleep? 

They are dying when their time has come. Their heart stops beating at the end of the natural aging process. They don’t die of infirmity.