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April 29, 2014
Dear Herr Meier, 
Thank you for taking the time to answer questions from the FIGU forum. Reading your responses each month acquaints us with a little bit more realistic thinking for what seems to have a cumulative effect, so thank you for that. 

I could be wrong on this, but I believe I read somewhere in the records of your conversations that the average length of time a advanced civilization lasts is only 5 - 10 thousand years. Whatever the length of time may be, on average approximately how many advanced civilizations does a spirit live through before it no longer incarnates in human form? Certainly there are many variables to derive this answer, but can you give a very broad figure, or a range? 
(Thank you for the more exacting interpretation in the previous month's question, Christian.) 

In the Plejaren Federation, especially on Erra, the civilization is very advanced and enjoys peace since over 50,000 years, and the probability of a downfall of their culture is nearly zero. 
Here on Earth during the last 13.500 years, we didn’t have long periods of „advanced civilizations“. And our own civilization could experience a heavy downfall if the overpopulation catastrophe continues to grow. Sooner or later a worldwide power failure could occur. Our western world wouldn’t be a very civilized world after a few weeks without electric power! 
To answer the core of your question: The „broad figure or range“ cannot be stated, except for the fact that a human being’s spirit-form needs between 40 to 60 million years to be evolved enough that no physical body is needed anymore. 

Jan. 25, 2014
Dear Billy 

Thanks for all your previous valuable answers. 
Within our universe, some planets are overpopulated and some are not. 

My question being: How do we know that it is a creational natural law that one family should not have more than 3 children? 


This number was read (abgerufen) based on the planet’s arable land, a limit of 529 million and the resulting effect of a humankind living in a surplus of food etc. The limit of 3 children will ensure that the population remains stable since there are couples who will have less, or even no children. Of course this maximum of 3 children per marriage/couple is valid for a human population within a normal range = without overpopulation. Having less than 3 children, or even none, is good for the planet and advisable, at least as long as the population is over the 529 million or up to 1 billion limit.

July 27, 2013

Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with Zebra Mussels, which have invaded the lakes and water supplies in the USA, which make water shortages more likely. I realise our overpopulation as well as our tendency to travel and schlepp unintended species is a major problem, but is there anyway to combat these zebra mussels? 

1) Stop and reduce overpopulation 
2) Massively reduce globalization. 
Unfortunately, much damage cannot be repaired or made unmade anymore.

April 28, 2013


In the United States, Black, White, Latino, Native American, Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern people live here. What comes out of this is interracial couples which lead to interracial marriage and eventually leads to interracial children. That is, a Mexican woman marrying a Black man, Asian man marrying a White woman, and so on. 

With this comes a problem, the interracial child will have identity issues. What can make this worse is fights between two different races happening at school, in a neighborhood, in the workplace. the family of the two races arguing or fighting with each other, and so on. As result of this, the people who causes these conflicts will tell the interracial(mixed) child you can either be this race or that race. Now, this will damage the interracial(mixed) child severely to the point that he or she will commit suicide or not feel wanted by his or her parents. 

Billy is there any way you and the Plejarens can make a FIGU bulletin or have a contact report about interracial couples and children? I know it will really help them. 

Now my question: With what I describe to you about the scenarios that interracial couples and children face, what advice you would give to them? 


What you describe is happening not just these days, but has happened for centuries. 
The problem arises from the fact that there are many people, e.g. extreme right-wingers, or racists and religious fanatics etc. etc., who hate everyone who is not of the same faith or colour or doctrine etc. as they themselves. 

(Note by CF: Couples consisting of different races etc. should discuss the consequences and evaluate the situation BEFORE they “produce” offspring. [These discussions, of course, should also include a lot of other issues, as can be read here: Growth.html.] Basically, overpopulation greatly increases the problem, and interbreeding between races and cultures in great masses leads to various problems, not only those as described above.)

March 24,2013

Hello Billy, 

This will be the conclusion of me asking you about cousin-marriages. When this planet will have human population of 529,000,000, there are not more wars, religion, people will get along and accept each other unconditionally, diseases will be an extremely rare occurrence, the well-being of children is guaranteed, marriages will be long-lasting and happy, true love will be everywhere, the lakes and oceans will be pure and clean, everyone will always have enough to eat and drink, human beings will live in harmony with nature, no more rape and murders, and every single human will live and act according to the true spiritual teachings and so on. 
Billy, with the scenario I described, will the Earth human no longer have the desire to marry their own cousin? 

Marriage in my eyes is two human beings falling in love with each other knowing that they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. People need to only marry for love. 


Having a population decrease to 529 million human beings on Earth is no guarantee at all that there will be no wars and religion etc. Peace etc. is matter of thinking and consciousness-improvement, and not of population numbers. 
Equally, the desire to marry one’s cousin or other blood-relatives is a matter of controlling one’s own thinking and conciousness (and accepting the responsibility to prevent degeneration consequences through inbreeding). 

(Note by CF: Blood relationship offspring should be avoided for at least seven generations.)

March 24, 2013

Moderators: please accept this refined version of my question instead. Thanks! 

Dear Billy and Christian, 

What do you think of terrestrial scientists and UN demographics explanations that population numbers will naturally stablilize at 9.2 billion in the year 2050 due to low and similiar birth and death rates as more developing countries become industrialized and women are empowered and educated which, according to them, will lead to smaller families (demographic transition)? Given the last Plejeran Biogram count of 8.1 billion, I don't see how population levels would only grow by 1.1 billion over the next 37 years. 

I think they are underestimating our problem of overpopulation, even in industrialized countries, and when it comes to non-industrialized countries, the population of Africa is expected to triple this century for example, so I don't see why they always underfiqure. The UN "medium estimate" for the year 2100 is an underfiqured 10 billion, but the "high estimate" for the year 2300 is a whopping 36.4 billion! If they can forsee numbers like that using their high estimates, which are probably closer to the truth, I just can't see why nothing is being done. This subject makes me think of the profound truth of "Arahat Athersata" pg 21-24 verse 7-36! 


The terrestrial "scientists“ who are responsible for the UN demographic numbers are just guessers. Their numbers are far away from reality! As a rule of thumb, after each decade 1 billion/milliard human beings more populate this Earth, and there’s no decrease or slow-down in sight. 

(Note by CF: In a next FIGU-Sonderbulletin an article about these false numbers will be published.)

Nov. 27,2012

Hello Billy and Christian: 

I was thinking about women who get pregnant and use drugs during pregnancy. Usually the situation is only acknowledge by doctors when it is too late or the baby is born with drug-related problems. My question is, should authorities or a law force sterilization for these women as a sanction for neglecting an unburned child and should this sterilization be stopped if the woman proves to be healthy? 

Thank you, 

Just as the world-wide measures against overpopulation that we propagate will not be implemented, the same will not happen regarding necessary forced sterilizations. 
The peoples and authorities are not intelligent and reasonable enough to take the necessary measures.



Legislative actions on reproductive health with government support has surfaced world-wide and is encountering opposition especially from the Catholics. What can you say about the issue relative to your words regarding marriage, family, birth check, overpopulation bomb, etc.? 

As has been mentioned above, you have to speak about the problem, write about it, inform the authorities, etc. etc. People must come to realize that there is a huge problem that urgently needs a solution and concrete actions at the roots.


The environment and number of people on Earth are constantly changing and so is global culture and level of understanding. There are new forms of easier and faster communication; new ways of interacting with people and staying in touch with them. But despite of any new technology, any magnificent discovery, any wonder that one can think one will listen if you tell them "limit the birth rate or simply stop having kids if you're not even sure you can raise them properly". Indirect approach won't work either because as long as it happens to somebody else then it's fine. 
It seems impossible to speak about this problem without causing reproach, fear and immediate demand for self sacrifice in the same respect. 
There was, or still is, foundation that was providing vaccines, but who knows what was their success with this method. If it comes to the subject of overpopulation I feel completely lost and helpless because we love our families and hate people who tell us what to do. What would you consider to be - currently - the best way to, at least, lay strong foundations for future action and understanding regarding this difficult problem? 


People have to confront themselves with reality. Regarding overpopulation this means that firstly they have to realize the problem and its terrible effects, and then act accordingly in their own private sphere of life. Additionally, you can talk about the problem, write about it, publish, talk, write, etc. etc.

April 30,2012

Hi Billy and Christian: 

I would like to send all of you in the center kind regards. 
The Plejaren have calculated that 8 billion persons live on earth and it is going up like we know, however, persons claim that there are a lot of people dying as well. Since our calculations are so precarious, it is impossible to determine the number of people dying. 

My question is, could Figu calculate (with the help of the Plejaren) the number of people dying to show scientists/everybody that this is minimal and doesn’t affect the exponential curve? 

Thank you! 
Salome Marcela 

Any normal human being (including scientists) should be capable to understand that an increase in population is calculated by subtracting the number of deaths from the number of births in a given period (in the case of a population decrease of course the calculation is opposite). 

Note by CF: Therefore, by using the exact, real population numbers provided by Ptaah 

7,101,500,011 on 8th April 2004 (08:04 pm) 
7,503,846,002 on 31st December 2005 (midnight) 
7,684,227,416 am 11th December 2007 (midnight) 
7,831,814,138 am 31st December 2008 (midnight) 
8,102,716,701 am 31st December 2010 (midnight) 
8,199,430,908 am 31st December 2011 (midnight) 

it is possible to calculate an average population increase of 116 million human beings per year during the period of 2006 to 2011 (= 6 years). From this results an average surplus of births (increase of population) of 3.68 human beings per second! 
According to the terrestrial offices of statistics, the actual population number on Earth is estimated to be about 7,005,718'000 human beings (source: on April 8, 2012), and the surplus/increase is claimed to be about 2.5 human beings per second. A massive misjudgement! 
Recommended reading:

Feb.26, 2012


I have question in regards to Physical (or Material) Intellect Quotient (PIQ). Tables were presented in "And Still They Fly" and originally taken from "Things Worth Knowing". 

Here are tops of the tables from years 1978 and 1844. What is here strange, that number of human beings (HB) with higher physical quotient decreased. And decreased not only in the percentage but also in numbers despite growth of our population. 

year 1978: 
3 HB : <24% PIQ 
14 HB : 20-24% PIQ 
1'246 HB : 18-20% PIQ 
456'021 HB : 16-18% PIQ 

year 1844: 
28'000 HB : <24% PIQ 
42'000 HB : 20-24% PIQ 
112'000 HB : 18-20% PIQ 
71'400'000 HB : 16-18% PIQ 

What is the cause of this decrease? Does it mean that people living now in general are less developed than people who lived in 19th century? 

Thank You, 

Overpopulation is the reason. More and more people are losing the high values and are just striving and living for purely material values.


Hello Herr Meier. 

My question this time is about man-made global warming. There are usually discussions on many websites and forums about global-warming and quite often there is a consensus that global warming is real and happening. But what many people have difficulties with is finding the direct link that proves that it is caused by humans. Some scientists says that it is CO2, but many people do not agree with this as there are supposedly other sources of CO2 like volcanoes that emit more much more CO2 than we do. So basically most people accept that global warming is real, but have problems accepting that it is man-made. 

I am also having difficulties finding and understanding the exact cause of us humans which makes the global temperatures rise up. Could you please tell us what you know about this? 

Thanks a lot, 

The "exact cause" is overpopulation, and the "multiple causes" its manifold effects: a rapid increase of cars; power plants (coal, gas, oil); ever more cattle etc. which produces huge amounts of methane (including pet animals); heating in winter; cooling in summer; airplane traffic; etc. etc. 

We are already over 8 billion (milliard) human beings living on the planet. 8 billion is a huge number which exceeds the understanding of most people. 

The Plejaren tell us that about 75 % of global warming is man-made. 

Nov. 26,2011

Hello Eduard, 

I find that you are somewhat hypocritical in your teaching and practice that you have put forward. Some examples of your hypocrisy are the following: 

> All over the Billy Meier Case it talks about over population this, over population that, and how there should be a worldwide birth control. Knowing this at an early stage in life, why did you get married and have 3 children, I don’t mind you getting married, but why did you have 3 children isn’t this hypocritical? Also to my understanding, now you have a fourth child correct? 

The population check measures we are propagating clearly mention a limit of 3 children per woman. Those 4 children have been born by two women. 

(Note by CF: If you don't stop your indecent and silly behaviour – and restrict yourself to one question only – we will not accept further questions from you!) 

April 25,2011

Thank you, BEAM, the Plejaren, everyone at FIGU, and everyone else helping your mission. 
It seems as though the catastrophe that you described in contact 469 on the 11th of August 2008, regarding the depletion of oil reserves and losing the ability to transport food and goods, is starting to unfold. What can we do, as individuals, and also in a collective way, to prevent or lessen the effects of this catastrophe, if its not already too late? 

1) Reduce the human population through a radical birthrate check. 
2) Use the Earth's underground heat for producing heating and energy (= directly use our planet's inner core's heat which is abundently available and can be used without any harmful consequences). 
3) Develop powerful, small (lithium based?) batteries for electrically-driven vehicles.

March 27,2011

Hello Eduard, 

Firstly I would like to wish you a pleasant and calm day on February 3rd. Also I wish to portray my thanks to Ptaah and Quetzal for the recent population count. 

Billy, now that the human population has boomed over 8.1 billion, with no signs of any real change on the earth, by human beings in their irresponsibility towards the ever increasing overpopulation problem, what can still be done to reduce the affects on our planet and in our lives? 

To elaborate on my question: 
It is clear to myself and many who are and are not aware of the Figu material that things are changing for the worse in our climate, in countries and the oceans due to overpopulation. Floods, snowstorms, permafrost melting, desertification and much more. It is also clear, which you have spoken about before, that earth humans are past the point whereby all these things could be avoided. 

This leads me back to my question on what can still be done to reduce these affects. How is it possible to bring about a change in our societies, political persons, the religious erroneous teaching and so on? 

It seems no one is listening or are just avoiding the issue and the few that are trying to bring about awareness are not making enough progress however much they try or are just avoiding the issue. 

Thanks for you time, 

The only way to bring about a change to the better over several hundreds of centuries is to immediately enforce a radical birth stop, and to stop polluting the air and environment. 
Nothing else will really help. 
All those debates and conferences about the climate change or the exchange of carbon dioxide certificates or increasing the price of gasoline etc. etc. are stupid and a waste of time. All of this will bring NO success in any way. 

(Note by CF: All the governments are criminally neglecting their responsibility of confronting the population with the hard facts and to immediately introduce measures that are dealing with the problem at its roots, and not just smear cosmetics over the catastrophic misery.)

Jan. 23,2011

Hi Billy 

The number of non-incarnated spirits which are associated with Earth is much greater than 1.5 times the total human population number, which in theory is the number that would be required for each spirit to stay in the beyond during the equivalent of 1.5 human lifetimes (which from what I remember is the average amount of time that ideally is needed). 

How is it to be explained then, that some spirits stay in the beyond for a less than ideal period of time? 

Because of overpopulation the incarnation cycle system is severely disturbed.



My question relates to the Codex mentioned in one of his contacts with Quetzal, from contact 154. 

In this contact it lists the star signs of groups of peoples (white, african, etc) and the ages for males and females for when the become of determinate age to come in contact with their destined life partner. 

My question is, does this codex apply to all Earth humans and how can one really determine if they have met their destined life partner? I did read elsewhere in Billy's articles that a man can determine a partner for himself given that all true love, harmony, and equality, etc form the basis of the relationship. 

Given all that I have read, it is difficult to make a final determination for myself in regards to this because I am a hybrid of multiple races, not to mention I was born 'in-between' signs (Virgo/Libra) and from reading the contact I have made some mistakes in my life which makes me think that it may not be possible anymore to do this. 

Because of the overpopulation catastrophe many normal laws regarding incarnation etc. are out of order. 
Something like a "destined life partner“ only applies to those human beings who are a part of the codex. This is a small minority only. Therefore you don’t have to bother about those figures. 

(Note by CF: Don’t have any expectations regarding a partner, be open, and don’t hurry.)



Hello Eduard. 

First I would like to wish you and your family a very happy new year. 

My question concerns the very recent snow storms that have spread across the northern hemisphere in December 2009. From my understanding almost all of north america had been hit by snow storms (some very powerful). Europe had seen much snow with some countries seeing snow which is very rare for them. 
I understand from your previous prophesies that date back to 1950's that because of human activities and overpopulation we will see the kind of storms we have seen in december 2009. 

My question is, 

Are these recent snow storms in the northern hemisphere the result of overpopulation, respectively climate change due to the melting of the polar ice caps which is disrupting the air and water currents above and in the atlantic ocean? 

All the best for 2010, Eduard 
Kind regards 

Yes, the climate change and the ever increasing number of severe catastrophes are the result of overpopulationwhich lets a broad variety of environmental factors get out of order.


Dear Billy, 

Recently, it was mentioned in the Australian newspapers that the population of our country had surpassed 22,000,000 people. Immigration is supposed to be playing a significant part of this over the birthing process. 
My question.. According to your knowledge, and/or that of the Plejaren, what is an ideal population number for the Australian continent and its respective islands? 

Thank you and Salome. 


You can calculate it for yourself: 

Australia: Surface: 7,686,850 km2 
Determine the percentage of farmland and pasture suited for the production of food (desert landscape with hardly any rain, but with some camels or sheep grazing on it, does not count). 
Calculate 12 people per 1 square kilometer of good arable land.


Hello Eduard 

Hope all is good for you. 

Just a quick question - Do you or the Plejaren know the exact figure of human beings on planet Earth and when was this figure calculated, if possible? 

Thanks Eduard 

Kind regards 

Yes, they know, and they know when this figure is calculated. 
However, when they know the result they also know that the number has changed in the meantime because each second the population number changes. 

To give you some additional information: Each human being’s consciousness emanates a certain vibration which is different to any other human being within the universe. With their very sophisticated devices the P’s are able/capable to count each and every vibration/frequency on Earth. And since they have divided the Earth into a grid pattern they are able to detect any human being’s location if they have stored his vibration frequency. And from this results that if a vibration frequency ceases to exist they know that a human being has died. 
In order to count the human beings on planet Earth at any given moment they just have to scan the grid and count the human vibrations.


Dear Billy: 

Thank you for answering my question. On this opportunity I would like to reformulate a question that I asked in the past. 

Would it be counterproductive to distribute some Figu information to the public remaining oneself anonymous? For example, if I post some information about overpopulation on a public board at school, would that create adverse reactions in people? Or would it be a form of catching the attention of people that can benefit from the information provided by Figu? 

Thank you and many greetings. 

This would be some form of missionizing/proselytizing. You should avoid to do this. If people are asking you, or when in a discussion the overpopulation topic is mentioned, you can express your opinion. You should not confront people with your opinion, however, if they are not ready for it or did not ask for it. 

What you can do, or could do, is to hang a flyer on a public board announcing that anyone who is interested to learn something about an effective measure against the overpopulation problem etc. can contact you at 
People have to make their own decisions whether they want to know – or not know – a thing or information etc.


Best Greetings Billy, 

I hope you are feeling better now, and that you should remain healthy. 

I am aware by direct experience, that all of Nature is full of a Living Spirit which is aware of our presence and aware of our intent. It seems so that the Spirit of Nature does Love and Sustain us Human Beings DESPITE the general ignorance of most people. 

Could it then be that Nature will engage in a re-balance of the Human Over-Population? 

Thank You, Billy, for The Goblet of Truth and for The OM, which we hope to see translated and published soon in the English. Thank You for bringing the Truth of Creation to Earth. 


It’s nature’s system (a system of nature) that will have its effects, like pandemics, epidemics, catastrophes, etc. if humankind is not effectively fighting overpopulation. 
And no, there is no "Spirit of Nature“ which does love and sustain us.

July 26,2009

Hi BIlly and CH, 

i used the word "mind" as in brain within the context of thats what we use to meditate, connect, or as you explained, expand our consciousness towards Creation. 

Another question i have, is about the recommended 1 acre of garden, and 20 acres of living space; i know why a person would need the one acre of land in order to grow what is needed to survive. But im not clear about the reason for the 20 acres of living space, if its based on "space" alone (why that much?), or does it have some other spiritual purpose? 

Thank you for EVERYTHING. 

No, there is no spiritual purpose behind this. It means that it is necessary that considerably more land is not used directly by human beings for the production of food (like forests, alps, wetland, arid land, etc.) where animals are free to roam, and for positively influencing the climate etc. etc.

June 30, 2009

Dear Billy, 
Do you know if the so called "Wands of Horus", supposedly from Egyptian lore, have any value to a person. I have included a link. 
Thank you, Matthew

Billy doesn’t have enough knowledge about this to give you a responsible answer. 


Hello Mr. Edward, hope you are fine. 

I have a question regarding: 
Survival of the fittest. Let the strongest survive, etc. 
I understand this is a natural law and this is how I understand it. 

It all depends on the situation, and if there is a mean to help. 
In amazon, in some cases, because the Indian lives are so dangerous, mothers who have twins have to kill one baby because it would be impossible for her to watch for two. 

If she would decided to watch for two, both of them would probably die, because baby needs constant protection from all the things that are out there. This is all based on survival, so not really weak. (This info is from doctors who work there) 

Today in developed countries, where there is government help for people with mental, physical problems, in medical way, technological and material, we are able to do it better. 

I believe X ages ago most children who were born with problems, would have died quickly as the parents had to stay in the field all day long, and many times the weaker lives were consumed by the death because they needed medical help that was not there or other means depending on situation and the disability. 
I believe in many cases weak adults or children were abandon but I do not really have good idea about the situation. 

Many times the families were simply hungry and only stronger survived the hunger. 
Today developed nations have means to help, so no longer laws like that apply. 

I understand the difference in neglecting weak or abusing weak. 
It is absolutely wrong to have means to take care and not help or to kill. 

Today nations which are more developed then others and have means to help, should help other in food, etc, but most importantly help them build their own infrastructure so they would be able to take care of themselves, as you said it. 
Still thou in developed nations there is many homeless, hungry people. 
Currently in USA big homes stay empty or they are being destroyed while people live in tents, how is that logical human behavior I am not sure, and how can we talk about topic like this one, 
when it comes to helping weak and in Palestine one nations destroys the other......... 

Survival of the fittest. 
I believe this cannot also lead to self suicide, when we are talking about surviving of the species. 
One should not sacrifice himself for the weak, when the weak will most likely not survive. 

Just want to let you know, that I am not thinking in terms of weak meaning less muscles. 
I understand that less or more muscles have nothing to do with surviving skills. 

Can you kindly please explain, how this law was understood in previous times, how did people took care of the weak humans depending on their age, how should we understand this natural law in current times, where I am wrong, and if this law is more for animal world then the human. 

I am sorry Mr. Edward I really was not able to form this question in to one. 
If anything maybe you could give a greater answer to it in your bulletin if it does not exist. 

With kind regards. 

There is a difference between the fauna and the animal world in comparison to the human beings. 
Human beings have a spirit form and a consciousness that are capable of individual consciousness-related progress. One of the human beings’ tasks is that the strong ones shall help the feeble/week ones. 
The human being is able to consciously live according to the spiritual laws and recommendations, or to live against them. He can build a culture and can use nature for his well-being and steady progress, etc. 
But of course many people are misusing the word "help“ or "aid“ and are doing damage instead of good. Sending food into overpopulated countries does not solve any problem. Real help means to teach the people how to take care for themselves and how to lead a live in line with nature and the natural and local resources. This includes education about the overpopulation catastrophe 

Btw: It is never justified to sacrifice oneself in any way. To engage oneself is okay, but not to sacrifice. 
To do one’s best for the weak ones is possible only if a person is primarily looking for oneself and living a good life and be healthy. 

(Note by CF: Surviving of the fittest applies to the animal realm. 
As a result of overpopulation, people are becoming more and more confused and feeble-minded and prone to diseases. Besides avoiding or correcting overpopulation, people should refrain from enhancing degeneration and weakness. They should act on several levels, like fighting about one’s "Wehleidigkeit“ (I did not find a correct English translation) which makes it necessary to control one’s thoughts and to show endurance in problematic situations. Suicide or euthanasia are also acts of cowardliness, Unwürde (did not find the English translation) and illogical thinking.)

May 24, 2009

Beste Grüße lieber Billy 

Your work for the Truth of Creation and the Truth of the Spirit are very much appreciated. 

My question is about the current problem of Global Over-Population. 

Some of us from the Forums are making the effort to bring awareness of the problem and the solutions of the Birth-Stop initiative to people of Earth. We are now forwarding messages of your concern for this, to Ambassadors, United Nations officials, Non-Government Organizations, and such. We hope these will eventually reach to the 'common' people of Earth. All this, of course, for an effective reduction of the Global Over-Population. 

Can you suggest, if this is appropriate, how to more effectively get this message to a greater number of the Earth Humans? 

Thank you for your leadership in this, and for your assistance here on behalf of of the Earth Humans. 


If a person does not want to use reason and intelligence, all external efforts are in vain. You can just continue with your campaign. To get at/to the people in "high“ positions is a feasible way.

April 26, 2009

Dear Billy: 

Greetings to you and to Christian and thank you very much for the information about marihuana. 

My question is about the mission this time. I go to college and I could easily distribute the Figu material and copy the brochures about overpopulation, the HAARP project, etc… I could also give information about the existence of the TJ and other links that would lead people to find the web site. 

However, I was hesitating in doing so, because I wasn’t sure if the Figu information is to be distributed to the public in this way. The possibilities are great because at my University anyone can post information of any type freely. 

Should I distribute the information as general information (as a personal opinion, without plagarizing) or should I copy Figu material with the link to the web site? So there would be three ways to accomplish this: First, through the knowledge about extraterrestrial life, the existence of the TJ or the overpopulation problem? 

I would like to help the mission to the extent of my possibilities, not because I feel obligated, but because I really have the possibility. Many thanks in advance. 


You should be quite careful and distribute your knowledge on a small scale only, and only to people which you know well and who are on a search for real knowledge. 

The least "dangerous“ material for you own „safety“ is the overpopulation problem. But here also a certain amount of caution is advisable if you confront other people with FIGU’s approach to the problem. 

It is important to avoid trying to missionize/proselytize and confront other people with facts and opinions they don’t want to hear.


Dear Billy: now that the Japanese government has released a research satellite in orbital around the earth that will track-analyse-detect- methane gas and C02 emissions do you think that the people who will research the data may at least begin to realize that our planet is 14times over the recommended numbers for population growth based on the following "because the calculation of the natural population limit of a country is not based on its total acreage of fertile land and that one square kilometre of fertile ground can plentifully/abundantly nourish at the most 12 people. That basically should be a simple point to comprehend." (a*) and that the only way to effectively restore the earth is for all people's to respect present and future natural limits by respecting our natural limitations where procreation is concerned? Arigatou gozaimasu Danke and Thank you 

* offener Brief number one as well as the Hüter der Erde one-four 

Yes, they will realize that overpopulation plays an imminent role in this whole thing. However, many scientists already know about the overpopulation problem and that there are too much human beings living on this planet.

Sept. 26,2008

Hello Billy, 

I hope that you are doing ok in the physical and also that you enjoyed my few words and Brenda company during her stay at the center. 

My question is, during the great journey you have visited many planets and some of them are many time bigger than the earth, so big that we can't even begin to imagine the size of them. So i was wondering if you could tell me what is the proper limit for the habitants of these planets knowing that an earth size planet should be about 500 millions? 


The optimal number of human beings for a planet depends on the amount of arable land.


Dear Billy, greetings and many thanks from a fellow earth worm. 
My question is, with overpopulation our spirits spend less time between lives. What problems if any could this lack of time to get over (released from) the previous life and prepare for the next life could the person experience because of the short rebirth cycle. 
Peace to you from, 

A short time-span between incarnations does not lead to problems with an incarnation. Certain things have to be worked out again in a next existence anyway.

Jan. 28,2008
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The short human life span of 70-100 years, along with the overpopulation of the planet, puts the reincarnation process with a shorter duration period for the spirit. In this situation many of the newer spirits evolving have less experiences and/or less time to review the life just left. Combine with a fast changing world along with weaker family ties, the less experienced spirit enters back into a new personality with great challenges. My question is, will this cause the personality unusual characteristics that seem to compound the problems of our societies. I acknowledge that a well structured family that raises a child correctly will have the strongest effect on the child's upbringing. It's the other child that is not as fortunate I am wondering about. Is this a receipt for a condition that will suddenly correct itself on a massive scale if allowed to continue to the natural threshold. 

a friend in america 

As long as there is overpopulation on Earth there will be negative effects because human beings (spirit form and consciousness-block) are reincarnated too early. These negative effects can also occur in children who are born into “well-structured” families. 
Interpersonal relations are disturbed or even destroyed, and there are also effects on the environment and the planet itself.

Dec. 25,2007
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Billy, do you know if overpopulation is the ultimate cause of a higher percentage of people who suffer from allergies? 

Yes, overpopulation is related and cause for many ills, like drug abuse, pollution of the environment and food, and ever new chemicals are produced. etc. 
And also because of overpopulation people are getting more and more “soft” and don’t have the stamina they used to have. The people’s attitude also plays a role.

Oct. 29,2007
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Hi Billy 

It was mentioned that a spiritform will enter a human fetus on the 21st day after the insemination. 
However, due to overpopulation, spiritforms are forced to reincarnate before they are really ready, that causes many problems to the new born human beings. 
I think, if only “ready spiritforms” are allowed to reincarnate, the evolution of human beings will take a more healthy and successful course. 
On the other hand, letting those fetus without a ready spiritform taking a natural miscarriage course would also party solve the overpopulation problem. 
My question is : 
Is there any reason that Creation did not prohibit this kind of early reincarnation of unready spiritforms so as to prevent those mental illness of those unfortunate human beings? 



Creation does neither prohibit anything, nor does it enforce anything. Creation doesn’t punish, and it doesn’t praise.
Creation has created the law of cause and effect. Therefore, if people are multiplying like rabbits, they either have to endure the ensuing effects, or they are free to change their habits etc. 
The human being has to live according to the spiritual laws, to the laws of cause and effect. If you are doing good, you will bring forth a positive effect. 

Therefore, for the time being, many people will suffer from the effects of having been borne too early.

June 25, 2007
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Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 - 06:00 am: 

  Dear Billy, 
according to Ptaah's information regarding development of Earth's population, around 1900 years have passed from the time of Jmmanuel for reaching the first billion (twice than normal for Terra) and than in short period of 100 years we reach more than 7 billions of inhabitants. With daily growth of around 500000, it is hard to imagine that number will start to decrease soon. Sadly to say also, that 7 year cycle of birth rate check is not already in use. 

Can you tell me, what can be the maximum possible number of Earth inhabitants, before the ignorant majority of people realize the danger of overpopulation, and start to practice the birth control? 

Thank you, 

This depends on the human beings’ intelligence. If humankind doesn’t want to accept the fact that overpopulationis the principal factor of all the great ills here on this planet, it can well be that we will have a population of 10, 15 or even 20 milliard/billion people until real and effective measures are taken against this catastrophe. 

(Note by CF: As long as the population of all nations, including the governments, do not accept the fact that there does not exist a right to have/beget children, unless certain basic conditions are fulfilled, as long there will be no real and effective measures be taken against overpopulation, and all the big problems of our time will constantly worsen.)

March 26,2007

Hello Billy 

I was wondering what your solutions are concerning illegal migration because here in Australia, the asylum seekers and illegal immigrants as they are labelled has been an ongoing issue in respects to their rights and on a limbo detention without resolution. 
Some vile academics and politicians think that the most effective solutions in deterring would be people smugglers and asylum seekers is to set an example through detaining them in such horrid conditions out in the middle of nowhere and leaving them in such wretched conditions. 
You have spoke about instituting world wide birth control, adoption of spiritual Creational principles by every person and elimination of forces and degeneration that opposes the Creational force to placate population numbers that'll solve the population and environmental crisis and I would assume this is the way towards solving this illegal migration issue but on the short term side I would very much like to know how you would go about solving this issue spiritually if ever it is possible? 

Thank you Billy 


There is no such thing like a „spiritual“ solution. 
The „deterring“ solution is a deeply unhuman and intolerable measure. 
The correct and effective way is to return the asylum seekers to their home lands/countries. (Note by CF: An exception has to made regarding the genuine refugees who’s lives were personally threatened in their home country. A general bad situation in a country cannot be accepted as reason for asylum, especially not in our era of massive overpopulation.) 
However, the most urgent solution to be taken still is the birthrate check, because if the terrestrial population growth cannot be stopped and then continually reduced, all the big problems of our time cannot be solved.