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 Our Shared Lineage that Ensures Ongoing Evolution

Catherine Mossman

In November of 2013 a good friend was told she had months to live. This came as a shock to all of us close to her, as she was only 46 at the time. She died 6 months later. My partner and I were with her every step of the way. The process provided us with many insights and impelled us both to delve directly into Billy’s writings and explanations about death and the dying process.

Billy’s book Wiedergeburt, Leben, Sterben, Tod and Trauer (Reincarnation, Life, Dying, Death and Mourning) was published in 2004. This book is incredibly rich with information about what occurs before death, during death, and the death-life that follows. Even the process of mourning (Trauer) is talked about. It is truly amazing to read, and reread and indeed, one could write countless articles concerning all the wisdom to be found therein. Following are some distillations of some of what I found to be particularly interesting concerning certain creational functions that ensure our ongoing evolution from life to life, and indeed our interconnection with each other.

Throughout our lives all that we think, learn, talk about, do, feel, dream, including our talents and even the smallest nuances of how we speak and enunciate are stored in our individual storage-banks, which are located in the realm of our overall-consciousness block. Our spirit-forms began creating our overall-consciousness block during our first incarnation as a human being approximately 4-12 million years ago. Therefore, our spirit-form and our overall-consciousness block are enduringly aligned, that is, until we evolve to the point where our spirit-form no longer requires its material-experiencing and learning counterpart, i.e., the material consciousness, in order to evolve. This will be when the span of our accumulated lives reaches the range of 40-60 million years.

In the meantime, through our storage banks, and the processes within the realm of our overall-consciousness block, it is ensured that our evolutionary standing, or level, is taken up again from where our material-consciousness left off in our previous life. After our temporal bodies cease to live and our spirit-form and material-consciousness have vacated, our departed material-consciousness is dissolved by the overall-consciousness block, after which our accumulated experience, knowledge, cognitions, wisdom, love, etc., is gathered, worked-through, processed, refined and a new material-consciousness and personality is formed in order to incarnate, along with our reincarnating spirit-form. Some of that refining includes the transmission of true, fine-spiritual values that have been gained during one’s lifetime, to the spirit-form. As it is the spirt-form that is the enduring part-piece of Creation, it is indeed, the purpose of material evolution to ultimately evolve the spirit-form.

As an interesting aside, the duration spent on the ‘other side’, in ideal circumstances, i.e., not on an overpopulated planet, normally takes about 1.5 times one’s lifespan. So, for example, with a lifespan of 100 years the time on the other side would be roughly 150 years. However, in this day and non-ideal age of out of control overpopulation, ‘we’, whoever that may be, can actually be back in a body as soon as 10-30 years! Unfortunately, that can cut short one’s overall-consciousness block processing time and can result in a potentially incompletely formed new material-consciousness and thus, the potential for a confused and or stunted personality, with various problems and difficulties, coming too soon to their next life.

And so now we are back to the crux of what I would like to focus on: whether we are consciously aware of it, or not (and most of us are not) our current personality taps into our vast individual storage-banks, through our material-subconsciousness and draws upon and receives information stemming from our previous lives’ deposited knowledge and experience. This ‘tapping in’ is enabled through ongoing impulses emanating from our storage-banks. And so, though it be not the same ‘I’ that looks out through the eyes of whom we are currently calling ‘me, myself and I’, it is the same spirit form that is there enlivening and serving as the power source for the material-consciousness/ ego that is ‘in house’ presently. This present ‘me’ is founded from out of, and continues to receive impulses from, the lineage of experience, wisdom, knowledge, etc., gathered in our storage-bank and overall-consciousness block. And, it goes without saying, that all our past lives’ gathered experiences, as well as our current life experiences, both contribute to who we are today. In other words, we have the inner forces and the outer forces working upon us. Indeed, how we perceive, interpret, learn our lessons and act is greatly influenced by what we bring to bear from our accumulated past-lives’ knowledge.

Interestingly, each spirit-form has its own ‘tone’ as Billy called it. That tone is unique, it is akin to a certain vibration or frequency. It strengthens, and grows stronger as it receives the transmitted true fine-spiritual values that its overall-consciousness block gathers throughout the Earthly experiences of the material-consciousness. And so our life to life experience is not only aligned with that ‘tone’ and therefore retains the thread of cohesive upwards growth from one to the next, that column of lineage also has its own characteristic frequency. It is not clear whether that spirit tone and the lineage frequency are the same; yet, suffice to say they are bound together.

At our current general level of evolution we use this past-knowledge subconsciously, as previously stated, however, far in the future, once we reach a stronger standing in our evolution we will be able to consciously ‘go to the bank’, so to speak, and draw on information from our earlier lives, should we so wish.

On page 31 of Wiedergeburt, Leben, Sterben, Tod and Trauer (Reincarnation, Life, Dying, Death and Mourning), Billy writes and I translate:

“Das kann natürlich auch anderen Egos resp. Bewusstseinsformen resp. Persönlichkeiten Nutzen bringen, wenn sie die gleichen Frequenzen zu erzeugen vermögen und so ebenfalls an das Gespeicherte gelangen.“

It can be, naturally, that also other egos, respectively, consciousness-forms, respectively, personalities can be brought to use, if they are able to generate the same frequencies and thus, likewise, access that which is stored.

“Dadurch also wird es möglich, dass z.B. Fähigkeiten usw. einer früheren Persönlichkeit von einer neuen Persönlichkeit bewusst oder unbewusst „abgerufen“ und neuerlich nutzbar gemacht werden können, was auch Persönlichkeiten resp. Egos möglich ist, die in keinem Wandlungszusammenhang mit einer frequenzmässig auf die gleiche Ebene kommen und sich das Abgelagerte, das Gespeicherte, zunutze machen können.“

It is thereby possible that, for example, capabilities, etc. of a previous personality can be "retreived" andagain be used by a current personality, consciously or unconsciously; what is also possible is that personalities, respetively, egos, which have no connection with the same frequency based level can come and are able to make use of, the deposited and the stored.

This is something I find most interesting! So, our consciousness has the ability to not only access our own ‘frequency’ of past lives but it can also tune in to another person’s ‘lineage’ by generating a different frequency and thereby can make use of the knowledge and abilities of those previous personalities. To me this is hearkening to the underlying ‘we-form’ that invisibly connects us all. In other words the whole planet’s accumulated knowledge is potentially at our beck and call, unaided by material interventions. But, this is a long way off for all of us; however, aside from Billy’s advanced spirit-form age and commensurate abilities, there are always exceptions to be found.

To that end there is someone living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Luiz Antonio Gasparetto (born in 1949), who is one of those people who is able to access the storage-banks of others. (Pictured below)

However, for him this is not a conscious ability; it is a flukey ability that began manifesting at the age of 13. He erroneously ascribes this ‘gift’ as being from channeled ‘spirits’ who come to him. However, as his parents were heavily involved in the Spiritualist movement and various esoteric circles, that is the parlance he grew up with and thus this is the context from which he naturally attributes his abilities. In actuality, his material-consciousness receives, via his material-subconsciousness, impulses and capablities through somehow accessing the consciousness-block frequencies of deceased personalities. It is possible that some may be from his own consciousness-block lineage, but it is also clear that they cannot all be, as some of the personalities he accesses have lifetimes overlapping with his own, and with each other.

His particular gift is to be able to tap into the artistic ‘imaginings’, as Billy referred to it, of past painting masters and replicate their style. He did this in what appears to be a trance state with his eyes closed. Sometimes he is able to produce two different genres simultaneously! He has been able to tap into the storage banks of 44 different past personalities from as early as the mid 1400’s up to the mid 1900’s. Picasso and Matisse’s are two who’s lives actually overlap with Gasparetto’s.

Here are pictures of some of the past personalities that Gasparetto captured in chronological order:

I would not have known about Luiz Gasparetto if it had not been for the documentary film that Philip McAiney made about him back in 1986. Philip is a Canadian passive member of FIGU Switzerland. He has given me permission to use some of his clips to illustrate some of the styles of the personalities that Gasparetto subconsciously accessed and manifested. After Philip completed the editing of this film in 1989 he sent it with Randy Winters to SSSC to show to Billy and some of the core-group members there at the time.

If you have the ability to go on to the internet here is a YouTube link to the movie Mr. McAiney made:

As this essay was initially prepared as a PowerPoint presentation I had broken it up into the various clips of the artists’ works, however the Youtube movie extract is only nine minutes long. Early on in the move we see Luiz talking about his early experiences with the onset of his abilities and how he erroneously attributes them. At the end of this segment we see that he’s done a painting signed with the distinct chop mark of Toulouse-Lautrec.

He does one in the style of Modigliani upside down.

Sometimes he could even tap into two personalities at the same time, one hand producing one portrait, whilst the other produced another portrait, one above the other on the same page. When you see that the two signatures belong to Manet and Renoir.

There is a classic Da Vinci styled work. Philip informed me that in this case he is reproducing the face of Moses!

We also see a Matisse work, Vincent Van Gogh, Renoir and Pablo Picasso.

And so, thanks to Mr. McAiney’s efforts, we all are able to see this extraordinary ability that Luiz possesses. Though in the movie the explanation for the ability is erroneous, the documenting of it all is invaluable. And here I must come to the defense of Mr. McAiney who, at that time, did not yet know about the true source of Gasparetto’s abilities and was influenced by the milieu he found himself living in at that time in LA, replete with so-called mystics and channellers. Until mankind becomes knowledgeable about the truth of Creation and its laws and recommendations we will continue to hear all kinds of absurd and fanciful explanations for events/ occurrences that actually can be logically explained.

Regarding what Billy had to say about the film. He said that the channeling and talking to spirits was a bunch of nonsense. (The Gasparetto segment was one within a series entitled UFO’s and Channeling.) However, he said that Gasparetto was not faking what he did and that he actually was accessing the ‘imaginings’ of these previous personalities. He was not able to say how.

And so, some day, we will all have the ability to access and make use of whatever information is out there in the planetary storage banks that we all contribute to. At that point we will truly understand the interconnectivity of the ‘we-form’ that we are all a part of. The amazing ability of Luiz Gasparetto gives us a little objective inkling of that connection.

This book, Wiedergeburt, Leben, Sterben, Tod and Trauer, with its detailed explanation of the processes involved as we approach death, succumb to and then cross over into our death-life gives us all-important information about what can be expected and anticipated. The ability to tap into each other’s knowledge and information, though in the future, is also amazing. And through the interconnectedness of our own lineage with that of our fellow human beings the necessity to help each other to understand this information can only be for the greater good of us all, and ultimately the evolution of Creation!

Through this information we can take comfort in, and even joyously approach, the inevitable dissolution of our present personality. With certainty, a new ‘I’ will ‘wake-up’ from the long-sleep on the other side, looking out through the eyes of an infant. The new material-consciousness of this infant will be formed from out of a foundation of information linked into our overall-consciousness block and storage banks, from which it will already be receiving constant impulses and it will be powered anew with the spirit-form that is tonally unique and symbiotically tied to our material lives.

The impact of the death of our friend, though tragic, is ameliorated by the further understandings we gathered about death and renewal. The cycle of life and death goes on; the constant becoming and passing away is immutable. Death is inexorably bound to life, indeed as Billy stated, and here I paraphrase: ‘Death is only another dimension of life, through which Creation pulses equally in the living and on the other side”. Death is a subject that should be introduced to us while we are children, indeed, as early as age three we can comprehend it. Death is not a subject to be ignored, shunned, thought of as taboo or delicate, etc. By constantly being aware of the transience of life we understand how precious and fragile it is; we learn to choose wisely as to the manner in which we use our time and therefore to learn as much as we can during our stays here on Earth-school.

I am eternally grateful to have the great guidance of our friend with the ancient spirit-form, Billy Meier, to share his knowledge with us all.

Catherine Mossman, Penetanguishene, ON. July 16, 2014