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Death and Dying

Jan. 25, 2014
Hello Billy, 
I would like to ask you please to teach us about our thinking at the time we are passing to the beyond. You mentioned in the psyche (book) one short statement about it but no more. When we are dying what should be my thoughts? Feelings? How can I prepare myself for that instant? Can you give us a pray to be used and help us when facing such learning moment? with sincere and deepest deference, Fredy 

Fredy Martinez 

In the state of agony just prior to death your thinking will not function anymore in the normal manner you are accustomed to, and it cannot be controlled anymore, therefore. 

(Note by CF: Don’t worry about thinking falsely on your death-bed. If a person is preparing/confronting him-/herself during lifetime for/with death and reincarnation etc., fear of dying will vanish and a natural process will unfold.)

Nov.24, 2013
Hello Eduard. When for example you’re informed about overwhelmingly bad news, are subjected to annoyance or simply have enough then – as noted in contact reports - somehow you are able to take it in and process these in balanced form so that explosion and destruction is avoided and the whole thing is aligned in different way. Could you explain how this is done so that it could then be practiced? 

You have to think about everything and try to recognize reality, and then you have to process/digest it. But this varies from person to person. Each person must process this in line with his or her own ratio. 
Regarding reality: If a beloved person dies, or something terrible occurred to oneself, it is important to think about it, to process it, and then go forward on one’s life path. It must be accepted that what has passed is gone and will never be made unmade. The truth must be accepted and one has to say to oneself: „Now that has happened and is gone. But now I have to live forward and have to stop crying for the things of the past.“ 

(Note by CF: processing/digesting a loss of a person or an object does not mean to block out [verdrängen].)

Sept. 30, 2013


Dear Billy, could you please tell me what type of forces are involved when a person almost dies but remembers that a loved dead relative is with them the whole time? Is it an energy packet of all their previous lives or the energy packet of the dead relative? Or something else? 
Thank you so much for all you do. 

The consciousness with its memory.

July 27, 2013

Hi Eduard and Christian, 

If somehow the spirit could be seen (like seeing ultra-violet or infra-red lights), where would we see it go after the material body dies? In other words, the beyond, is it surrounding Earth? is it enveloping it? Is it in it? 


The "beyond“ is right here (where you are). It’s another dimension.

June 28,2013

Hello Billy, 

I want to know is it acceptable to take your own life when you are in captivity and you know you will be severely tortured or even tortured to death? Please elaborate on this question if possible. 


Suicide is NEVER acceptable or justified. No exception. 

(Note by CF: Many people have been tortured and survived and are leading good lives after such a severe experience. Everything depends on a person’s right/correct (= neutral-positive) thinking. People who are committing suicide are either mentally sick (e.g. heavy depression), are just cowards and are certainly thinking in an erroneous/irrational way.) 

March 24, 2013


Can we live longer by influencing our life cycle. 
Also is our death pre determined when we are born. Can we change this by meditation. 

Our life span is continuously influenced and determined by the way we think and act, and by environmental factors etc. Meditation is a method by influencing one’s life and, through this effect, influencing one‘s life span. 
In other words: No, our death date is not pre-determined when we are born.

Feb. 24, 2013


Other than the absence of brain activity (as an effect of physical/medical concerns), are there more circumstances/determinants (causes) for the life force (spirit-form) to separate from the material body? 

Terrestrial scientists are not yet able to prove 100% that a person has zero brain activity, which is a requirement or proof that a person is really dead. Therefore it is possible and a reality that doctors are taking/removing organs from bodies who’s owner is still alive and even aware of what’s happening him/her. That’s why some doctors are applying medicaments to be sure that the organ donator is unconscious when the organs are removed. 

Absolute zero brain activity is the sole requirement which separates the spirit-form from the body and results in a dead body/human being. From that results, in turn, that people who are reporting having been dead have not been dead. When a person has died, the spirit-form cannot return.

Oct. 28,2012

If a person has lost(?) his consciousness, such that he would said to be unconscious or in coma throughout his life; will there be any learning carried out by subconsciousness & unconsciousness ? What is the fate of that person, can he be allowed to die with the consent of his relatives(medical & other reasons like being unable to bear the costs) ? If the purpose of life is to evolve, which seems to be clearly(?) impaired and non-functional in this case,what would be the appropriate action while choosing between assisted suicide or letting him live(like a "vegetable", with no apparent learning?) ? Due to our present technology, some people who are with little consciousness also appears to be in coma or unconsciousness and i am not talking about such cases. I am talking about the cases in which people are truly said to be in coma. 

There are forms of a coma state where the consciousness is capable to take in and process information. However, terrestrial science is not yet ready to detect the difference in a state of coma where there is no development anymore, or where there is still some development. This makes it difficult (or impossible) to decide about the correct way to deal with such persons.

Sept. 23, 2012

Hello Billy, 

With reference to contact 238 where you and Ptaah discussed effect of good conscience and the self determination for dying that happens for mass murderers etc. You said: 

Das heißt, dass dieser Verbrecher und Massenmörder die psychischen und physischen Schrecken seiner Opfer, die er ja unbewusst aufnimmt, zu seiner eigenen Bestimmung für sein sterben macht, wobei sich dies jedoch nicht auf ein nächstes Leben einer neuen Persönlichkeit erstreckt. 
Dies ist die Form der Selbstbestrafung von solchen Fehlbaren, wenn sie nicht im fehlerhaften Leben vollumfänglich jenen Teil der Schuld abtragen können, der dazu führt, dass der normale Schuldabtragungsprozess im folgenden Todesleben des Gesamtbewusstseinsblocks durch Verarbeitung erfolgen kann, der sich jedoch nicht in Form von Hilfeleistungen an die einstigen Opfer in deren Wiederleben und neuen Persönlichkeiten ergibt. 

My question is: If a murderer dies very soon after committing the murder(s); lets say in an unnatural way in an accident or a gang-war, does the self determination comes into play, or these are exception cases – i.e. maybe not exception for the good conscience , but an exception case for the self determination? Again, if these are exceptions, can the mass-murderer/rapist unconsciously access the accumulated frights/pains of his/her victims in subsequent personalities? 

Thank you 

What has been explained above has been valid when the “codex” was still in function. However, since the codex has stopped to be in function (terminated in the nineties of the last millennium), there is no direct influence anymore into a next life. 

(Note by CF: Therefore, much information from the book “Leben und Tod” is not applicable anymore, because that book was written prior to the extinction of the codex for those people who were under the codex.

July 28,2012
Your Answers about Near Death Experiences were.. 
You cannot prove this by a "scientific experiment". A human being can prove this to himself if his consciousness-related evolutionary level has progressed enough. The experiences made by the personalities of the Nokodemion-Henok spirit form (which encompass billions of years) – through a process of a huge number of reincarnations – prove the correctness of the information. 
Experiences during a near-death situation have nothing in common with real death and the following existence in the other world (Jenseits). Such people have not more knowledge than before the accident etc., but they are deeply impressed by the effects they have experienced during their near-death state. Falsely assuming that they had been on the other side of death, they lose their angst of death, and this fundamentally changes their view of life. 
If it is really (!) the case that they have gathered new facts it is by intuition, but certainly not information from the other side / the other world. 
(Note by CF: What's beyond death cannot be experimented and proven, at least not with terrestrial science. Earth scientist have not even yet detected spiritual energy or that there are seven stages/levels down from the atom!) 

Thank You for sharing your thoughts about what happens to us when we die. I really don’t understand what you mean by “A human being can prove this to himself..” A fact should be provable to everyone. Personally I see belief as nothing more than a current unproven theory someone tends to incorporate in there thinking as having some evidence to support it. The danger of belief is, people forget there belief is not proven, and start behaving as if there theory is actually a proven truth. Until it is actually proven to be true it always must remain in its proper category as" theory only" 
. What happens to us when we die" can not be experimented with or proven " You have stated this twice in my conversations with you about Near Death Experiences. You also state,” if people having NDE's are gaining new factual information" while in the physical state of death; they could be gaining this information by intuition. The definition of" intuition "according to the dictionary is "the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason". Inference is defined as "the act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true" 
. My 4 main points are 
1. All facts and truth must be first processed as a belief and graduated into true factual knowledge once undeniable evidence is able to support it. It used to be believed, the world was flat. A few people "believed" it was round. This was a belief that was proven to be fact. Many times you have stated a “belief can never be proven”. Some beliefs end up as provable fact. 
2. What ever proof you have about the death experience is proof that terrestrial humans probably can’t understand. 
3. The death experience "CAN be experimented with and studied". Study the experiences of those who have had NDE's. The physical state of death can be carefully medically induced for short periods with volunteers to help gain further valuable evidence of the death experience. After being on the other side almost everyone comes back as a much better person. This is the value I see in this type of research. Your lifetime of good teaching does not affect people the way 5 minute on the other side does, unfortunately. 
4. If a person who temporarily dies, gains new factual information that makes them a better person, it’s not important how they got the information. What's important is, this new information makes them a much better person! Which again; is my main interest; in this type of research. 

My question is: If 1000 people were placed in a temporary state of physical death and 900 of them came back with new factual information and an equal or greater, amount of them, came back as a remarkably better person, wouldn’t that be a valuable tool to help us evolve? Kinda like a 5 minute microwave version of everything your trying to teach us! I do understand this type of research would involve considerable risk, but the accelerated evolution of who we are, seems quite relevant to the dangerously low level of evolution we are at right now. Besides that, I see no reason why the other side should be hidden from me. Am I to stupid to process what I could learn there? I feel like I’m on a field trip to help others find love they can not see or feel or understand in the physical world. This is how someone builds real wealth as I see it 
If this is a repost of same question I asked earlier please disregard 

Your thought experiment is illogical. Either a person is dead, or not. You cannot place a person into a temporary state of physical death. Therefore, reports from near-death experiences (NDE) are always reports about the individuals' thoughts, fanatasies etc. When the brain is lacking oxygen, seeing a tunnel of light etc. is a normal effect. And when people, who experienced a NDE, are seeing a situation from above, this has to do with an increased activity of the consciousness-powers as it is the case in the agony phase of a dying person. 

(Note by CF: Regarding your "I see no reason why the other side should be hidden from me" I refer to the fact that you will arrive there sooner or later and then can make up your own mind. 
Regarding your present life and your evolution it is absolutely irrelevant to know what "happens" in the other world. It is a person's thinking HERE in your present existence which is decisive regarding one's path of evolution. And since in the "other side/the other world there is no consciousness, there are also no thoughts present which you could see or feel etc.)

June 24,2012

Dear Billy, 
My mother is battling cancer at the moment and it will eventually take her in the not too distant future. She is aware of your writings through me but has not gotten too much into it, she has a spiritual but not religious nature herself. What would your advice be on helping people in the final stages of their lives to comprehend and prepare for the reality of what will actually occur? 

Just be there and show them that they are not alone during their last stage of life. And absolutely avoid influencing a dying person's opinion unless the dying person is asking for advice (if this occurs, just answer the question, but don't give a lecture). The way a person has lived (and thought), the way he or she dies. Nobody has the right to correct another person's – whether young, old or dying – views. 

(Note by CF: That's why it is important that human beings think about and ponder death and dying while they are young and healthy etc. The sooner you start thinking about death and researching the real facts about it, the better.)


Dear Billy 

In various countries of this world ceremonies are performed by children honouring their deceased parents and ancestors every year of the date of their passing and paying homage to the contributions made by them. 
The responsibility to perform the ceremony usually falls to the eldest son and in some cases where there are many ancestors, many ceremonies are performed each year. 
To me honouring the dead in this way is a futile and unnecessary waste of time as anyone living right now on this earth would realise, how many millions of ancestors must it took for them to come into existence and how many ancestors must you honour and perform ceremonies to, to do them justice. 

The act of honouring someone and paying respects to them is good but performing ceremony after ceremony requesting good fortune for the living is not that different to religious act of worshipping false GODs praying for ones wishes to come true. 

My question is can you share your thoughts regarding the millions of ceremonies held each year honouring the dead ancestors and whether it is an right act worthy of performing? 

Thank you 
Matt Lee 

Such ceremonies are a personal cult and should be avoided.

Aug.28 2011

Hello Billy, 
What sort of scientific experiments have you or the Plejaren done in the past that can help me understand your answer to my question about what happens to us when we die. You stated that anything people claim to experience when they briefly die is simply their imagination. 
This answer doesn’t make sense to me when all the facts are considered. Many people come back from a near death experience with new factual information they had never known before. The factual accuracy of this new information they obtain makes your claim they are having imaginary experiences seem completely wrong. Is your answer is based on scientific fact?. 
There is one very important and positive side effect of a near death experience that should be considered by everyone. Almost all near death experiences result in a more loving and focused person. These people seem to suddenly become very aware of life’s true meaning and purpose. Wouldn’t it be great if all the world’s leaders could somehow experience the other side for a few moments and then come back and rule with so much more wisdom and love. 
If their was a perfect machine that could help me visit the place NDE (near death experience) persons have visited, I would sign up for a connection to that machine in ernest. Do the Plejaren have such a machine? Have they used it scientifically to prove your answer is accurate? Is your answer simply yours and the Plejaren’s opinion or is it factual and proveable? 
Sincerely and respectfully, Doorknocker 
My handle is based on the biblical verse that goes similar to “ Knock and the door will be opened to you.” You have opened many doors for me Billy. I agree that belief is completely illogical. I just want to know the facts behind your answer on this one. 

You cannot prove this by a "scientific experiment". A human being can prove this to himself if his consciousness-related evolutionary level has progressed enough. The experiences made by the personalities of the Nokodemion-Henok spirit form (which encompass billions of years) – through a process of a huge number of reincarnations – prove the correctness of the information. 

Experiences during a near-death situation have nothing in common with real death and the following existence in the other world (Jenseits). Such people have not more knowledge than before the accident etc., but they are deeply impressed by the effects they have experienced during their near-death state. Falsely assuming that they had been on the other side of death, they lose their angst of death, and this fundamentally changes their view of life.

March 27, 2011

Dear Billy 

I have a friend by the name of Victor who has terminal cancer to his lungs and the doctors have given him several months to live. 
I guess right now its important for him to maintain his peace of mind so as to prevent undue stress which will make his condition worse and for those around him to remain relaxed around his presence so as to encourage good feelings and vibes to enable him to do so. 
My question is, what is the best approach, ways, conduct, behaviour and actions besides projecting loving feelings to him and looking after his material concerns should those around him engage in so that it will help him best in the road to his passage to the beyond? 

Thank you Billy 

The best approach is to keep up a normal contact as before. Perhaps the frequency of visits may be increased (if it is okay for the friend/patient). You can ask him if there is anything he needs. 
You don't have to change your approach, but continue with the one of before. Don't play a role before him.

Jan. 23,2011

Greetings Billy, 

While the impulses emanating from the remains of a diseased has not completely reached the Akashic Records yet, is it easily possible for someone else with an adequately developed pineal gland to access experiences of the diseased and what are the dangers in doing so? 


There is no Akashic Records, and when a person is dead there is nothing around to have access to, perhaps with one exception: through the fluidal forces. But since the person who enlivened the corpse has died, the personality has been dissolved, the spirit form is still in its realm and not yet reincarnated into a new body, and the new personality is not yet created by the overall-consciousness block; in short, there is no one around who could benefit from the fluidal forces emanating from the corpse.

June 27,2010

billy! im 21 have no car no money no education no job never had a job are a car never keeped up with money dropped out of school at the age of 16 and people around me just call me a bum and my friends just stop talking to me now sence i did nothing for my life and im 21. at the same time i feel like i dont care about my life i dont care about life at all i feel nothing most of the time,i feel lifeless. i feel in love at a young age(15) and sence then i stop careing about my life knowing that im heading toward a dead end.i was born a premature child and a good child also i never bother with anyone yet people just pick on me(y) then i feel like doing something bad to get them back but my thinking/mind tell me to just leave them alone and don't talk to them just worry about your self u(i) did nothing wrong all the time i feel like dieing like the life have been sucked out of me like i'm not me no more untill one day i was on the internet and out of no where my mind tell me to look up aliens and ufo's days them weeks then mounth's untill i found out about u then i learned more and more about the sprital teachings and the contact noat's. the contact noats i liked a lot i like psych,developed psych,creathing univerce and man develoment as i listen to all of this it made so much sence to me sence to me that be for i learned about u and the contact noats and sprital teachings. i all ready knew it in my thinking and when i try to explane to other people they dont care.cause where im from people try to deceve lie cheat kill all kinds of silly things.sorry for all the reading. 

my question is,let say if i did die i know u said that the i and you wont exist any longer and the other side is like a sleep state what would be my exprence as im dieing would it be like going to sleep are would it be like me not existing any more forever.what passes over to the other side you feelings and emotions and conceious are dose that part of u no longer excist is there awareness on the other side well i be aware of my self,are is it just simply would be the same exsprence that u had on the other side(timelessness) 

When you are dead you are dead. Your personality has ceased to exist. There are no thoughts and feelings after death.

May 4, 2010

Dear Billy, My question is about what's right to do when somebody is very sick, his body is in bad shape and the doctors begin hooking tubes all over his body in order to keep him alive,and making surgeries, etc. When and how we know we are interfiring too much in his time to die? Is it appropriate to just let his illness alone and his body take care of himself or run to the hospitals and keep somebody alive with all the tubes in his trachea for breathing, nasogastric for food, etcetera or / and in coma for years? 
What's is the correct way to act? 
Thank you very much for your light, 

If the consciousness doesn't function properly anymore, it is useless to artificially prolong life (unless the person involved has deliberately decided otherwise when he was still in full control of his consciousness).


Hi, Dear Billy 

It is my First time to send a question to you. 
I've read some of your info about "life and death" and that people should not be afraid to DIE, since it's a normal natural creational law that every living being dies (physical body), a spirit form goes to "other" side and comes back into a new body through "reincarnation". 
Now, do you or Plejaren know "true" nature of death? 
Is it a painful feeling at a moment of death? 
Do people see a long bright tunnel? 
Does our own "spirit" or Creation itself decides when a person is suppose to die? or something else?... 
Sorry if my question seems too complex. 

Thank you very much, 
I wish you a long and healthy life, 
and all Best to you and other FIGU members. 


Basically, the so-called death agony is a peaceful, harmonious state, a transition process from life to death. People who are watching a person die (during the death/last agony bystanders often misunderstand the heavy breathing and twitching etc. as fear; but it is just a ceasing of the body’s functions). 
Of course there are people who fear death or who have led a life full of hatred and greed etc., and if death nears they cling to life and suffer horribly (psyche) etc. This can be led back to the fact that their conscience which they have suppressed so long surfaces at last and starts to rebel. 

It goes without saying that dying through an execution is no peaceful occurrence, and dying instantly through an accident prevents a peaceful transition process. 

The time of death is determined by creational = natural laws, i.e. by the functioning or rather malfunctioning and wasting away of our physical body, through the aging process or by a disease etc.

Aug. 24,2009

Hi Billy 

Is it apathy or is it love, is it in the destruction of certain sentiments such as affection within oneself for others or is it in building up of certain passive aggressiveness factor to enable oneself to keep a certain distance even to one's close family members to prevent unnecessary suffering from losing them? 

Matt Lee 

It has to do with seeing the reality of life and accepting it. It has to do with thinking and feeling. 
If a person has a sound and realistic approach to death and life in general and does not shy back from thinking about death etc., then that person may deal with the loss of a loved one without falling into a depression or suffering for the rest of one’s life.

March 30, 2009

Good day Mr. Meier, I have read in your texts that, even though the material consciousness is not eternal, some part of it does exist for some time after the death of the material body in order that it can be processed before the next physical lifetime. I have also read that the material consciousness, although it interacts with the physical brain, is not itself made of coarse physical material, but rather a fine physical material. With this in mind, it occured to me that the material consciousness is already fine material (meaning fine physical matter) and so why should any training of the pineal gland be necessary in order to direct other fine matter? It seems to me that since the material consciousness is already fine material, that it would already have access to other fine matter/fluidal forces without the use of the pineal gland. Any clarification on this would be appreciated... Thank you. -Thomas Hall 

The material consciousness ceases to exist within a split-second after death and is becoming neutral energy. 
The material consciousness is half-material/physical, and not purely fine matter. The only „thing“ that is of fine matter are the Empfindungen (there is not word for that in English). 

The material consciousness may/does get information from the fine matter realm via the pineal gland.

5. Stafath RQ1: 

“Hello Billy, 

My question is about the Bardans that died in their ship by blowing it up in Earth's atmosphere. 
"Have their spirits reincarnated on Earth?" 

The spirit forms of all human beings who are dying on Earth or in a certain radius around it remain connected to that planet. (This is also the case with any other planet that is suitable to bear human life.) 
Whether all of their spirit forms (or some of them) have already incarnated, is unknown to Billy.

1. Yoid RQ1: 

“When I die will I feel the same as when I'm asleep, that I don't exist, but with my spirit form processing the data I stored in my lifetime? 

Thanks Billy’” 

When you have died you don’t feel anything because the "you“ or "I“ doesn’t exist any longer.

July 27,2008

Hello Billy 

I would like to know in wich ways was your experience in the endlessness, wich you had in the “Great voyage”, similar or different from what the CCB (or the spirit?) does or experiences after death. 

You can read this in the Contact Notes. The CCB has nothing to do with this, and it does not experience anything, except that it exists in the realm of the Beyond. 
After death, the material consciousness is deleted.

May 27,2008

Greetings, Billy. 

I understand from some of your statements that the spirit exists in an inactive or unconscious state while the person is alive. 
My question then, is: from your view, can leaving the body and the material consciousness behind at the time of death, be seen as an awakening of the spirit consciousness, or a rebirth of the spirit into the fine-matter world? 


The spirit in itself is not inactive, but active. The inactivity only exists with regard to the material world. 
After death, the spirit form has a period of rest until the next incarnation, but in itself it remains awake.

June 25,2007
Username: James 

I think it's much easier to accept ones own material death than thinking about the passing of a loved one. 

In some cultures another's death should be approach like a celebration of the life, and in others it's very obviously a dark and depressing occasion. People may sometimes be confused of what is an appropriate reaction, for instance they may feel guilty for not showing a lot of crying and grief. 

Is there a useful basic ritual to mourn the passing of a person close to you or what do the Plejaren and other spiritually advanced ET's do to make dealing with the death less painful and exaggerated? 

People should learn about, and prepare for, death their entire life, starting when they are a child. They have to learn to cope with grief even before they are confronted with the loss of a beloved one or one’s own dying. 
Rituals are not the correct way. 

(Note by CF: An immense amount of knowledge and wisdom about death, grief, dying, rebirth etc. can be read in Billy’s book „Wiedergeburt, Leben, Sterben, Tod und Trauer“ which gives the real facts about this „issue“ and is the reference book about this issue on this world. A must-reading for all people!)

May 1, 2007
Username: Newinitiation 

Hello Billy 

Billy I was wondering what your thoughts are considering euthanasia. 

Would it be ok for someone who is dying of a terminal illness to go through this procedure without breaking the Creational Natural Laws and commandments? 

Thanks you Billy 

{Euthanasia is always murder (there is no exception!).}