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Clarification for the “Goblet of Truth” and its Legal Distribution “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier as author and sole copyright holder of the work “Goblet of Truth” has decided for the disclosure and free of charge release of the most important work of the New-Time-Mission. Instead of the usual, conventional “Copyright”, a strict prohibition that does not allow a work to be copied or distributed under any circumstances, the “Creative Commons license” chosen by “Billy, and which is valid worldwide, states clearly and in a legally compliant manner that the work or, to be precise, the content may be copied, distributed and made publicly available. This right, however, is without exception completely bound to the following conditions, and in a form that is worldwide, legally effective and unambiguous: • Attribution You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). • Noncommercial You may not use this work for commercial purposes. This also excludes the distribution of copies at cost price. • No Derivative Works You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work. Although the abridged legal position presented above is clear and absolutely unambiguous it appears to have led to irritations by some English speaking persons. Instead of distributing the released work according to the license, they removed the name of the author (point 1) as well as the appertaining German text which must always be included in the “Goblet of Truth” under all circumstances, and without exception (point 2). According to the license a removal of any part of the “Goblet of Truth” corresponds to transforming the work which is strictly prohibited in this case. For this reason we once again clearly remind all those who do not comply with the included license and distribute or offer illegally modified copies of the work “Goblet of Truth” (or other works of Billy or FIGU that are under the same license) that a violation of the Creative Commons license cannot be tolerated by Billy and the FIGU Society and we will take legal action against all violations. We also would like to ask all persons who stand close to the Mission to immediately report to us violations or ambiguities in regards to the license.

Link to the complete license text(German):

The complete license text in English will be published in the near future in the online version of this document. Until then the short version can be retrieved from the following address:

Stephan A. Rickauer, Switzerland