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Feb. 23, 2014
it is said there is an issue about "hearsay" on the contents of the written religious articles there being no one to authenticate the contents. 
what makes/goes with all your materials especially the transmissions from Arahat Athersata and from your contact persons for it not to be considered hearsay also? 

Because the transmissions from Arahat Athersata, Petale and the extraterrestrial contact persons are recorded literally, and not just based on hearsay. The reason for this is that this time (today) any religious-sectarian influence to distort the truth must be eliminated and avoided in the „teaching of the prophets“.

April 28, 2013

Hi Billy, 

Thank you for patiently answering all the questions. 

In reading these questions and answers, I have a suggestion (not a question): Perhaps it could be considered that people allowed to ask TWO QUESTION per round but you select the ONE you want to answer, since quite a number of these have "don't knows" as a response and people have to wait at least a month before getting a chance to ask again. If one of them is a DON'T KNOW then perhaps that can be said and just move on the to other one? It is by no means a solution and please do understand that I'm only thinking in the context of the originator of these questions and the time gap (since I am one of them). I do understand this will take away your time to tend to other matters but it is just a consideration ... 

Now ... 

Reading just what I have been able to catch up with in the materials you have released (in English), I would like to know: 

What is the Plejaren's policy on the use of untruths within the context of the objective of a mission? 

If you do not know, can you please just provide your best "guess" since you are the most qualified person based on these exclusive contacts to draw your own conclusions? 

Untruth (in the sense of lying) has no place in the mission. 

(Note by CF: Regarding your suggesting of two questions per round: This cannot be accepted! It’s up to each person to think logically before writing down and forwarding a question. Obviously, quite a number of those who are sending in questions are not aware that they are wasting precious opportunities by asking questions which are not helpful at all and, therefore, don’t lead to fruitful and valuable answers which could help people to lead a better life. – Billy will not live forever, and therefore the valuable opportunity should really be used to ask questions which will have some real benefit not only to the person who is asking, but also for the generations to come.)

Jan. 28, 2013

Dear Eduard, please accept my greetings and traditional best wishes of strength, energy, happiness and peace in 2013 for you, C/49 and everyone actively involved in the mission. 

I am worried that despite many of your explanations, published material and examples of misery, crime, stagnation, mental slavery and other conceivable burdens that humans bring upon themselves accepting religion and blind/uneducated belief, the new form/forms of such religion may rise based on falsification/misinterpretation of your relatively recently published teachings. If such madness cannot be prevented, due to individual blindness, stupidity, corruption, etc. what words of yours would you direct to anyone who could become or is already enslaved by such modern evil and worships you as a god and savior and who irrationally thinks ,that by taking up a "blind follower" role or praising you as divine or guru he/she is worthy of “salvation” or can grant himself/herself any other product of imagination like good fortune, blessed marriage, relief from pain or grief, “higher” social status etc.? 


FIGU will guarantee that all of Billy’s original books/texts will be preserved in its original form and no translation of the spiritual teaching texts will be permitted to be printed without the original German text printed on each opposite page. 

(Note by CF: This however will not prevent religious fanatics and lunatics etc. to change texts etc. according to their delusion and misunderstanding etc. but that’s not our problem. It will be up to people who are looking for the real truth to keep their attention to FIGU’s publishing work.)


Hello Billy, please accept my warmest greetings, as they also extend to C/49 and all involved in the mission. 

The subject of death requires a lot of understanding and, to be honest, to the point that Earth people have probably greatest difficulty to talk about it. It involves mixture of feelings which can greatly deviate from neutral-positive in one moment and be completely different in another. In addition lack of knowledge and logical thinking regarding the time of “rest” and transition into new personality evokes sadness, disappointment and in extreme cases may lead to panic, fear, uncertainty etc. The task of teaching people of Earth about death is also complicated one because none of us can yet perceive his/her previous incarnations and thus be reaffirmed of unconditional validity of the process of reincarnation. For this reason anxiety will still have to be present in anyone who perceives reality with even slightest of doubt. Understanding of the process of getting old, dying and rebirth in the sense of seasonal changes in nature can be related to very easily. However, when faced with actual death of a very close someone - the personification of nature may not be as easily agreed upon within each individual. The best way each person may deal with this is most likely dependent on their own way of thinking and reasoning and can’t be formulated into “working-for-all” advice. 
Moreover, justifying explanation regarding the necessity of rest (which I assume could be used instead of the word “death” or being dead) may be in the form of black holes which take only to transform and give again or, most importantly, in the natural Creation’s cycles of evolution and progress. I further assume that no change and respectfully no transition on the evolutionary latter has ever happened for the worst or in the regressive manner but, to the contrary, each rest is subsequently followed by more evolved creation with all new strength and purpose to create and evolve even further. 

I do like this saying: hope for the best and prepare for the worst and in this light I would like, with great pleasure, to ask you what are the main objectives of everyone involved in the mission during your transition into rest and following time - whenever it may occur? I am mostly worried about people’s need for authority and in their reluctance in self-pursuit of logic, truth and reality. It is obvious that questions generate more questions and at some point the scholars will be forced to come up with the answers and agree upon them by themselves. Thus, to conclude and restate aforementioned, shall this inevitable time of your rest come, how do you wish us to continue your work in the most respectful, efficient and agreeable way? 

That all interested people are continuing normally with the mission. 
Btw: “Rest” does not mean the same as “death” or “being dead”. 

(Note by CF: Euphemism has no value at all when people want to, or have to, face reality. It’s up to each person to decide whether to confront himself or herself with the reality/facts of death, with grief and dying etc., or to remain bound within religious thinking, uncertainty, fear or a “burying-one’s-head-in-the sand” attitude.)

June 24,2011

Dear Billy, 
good health to you, my question is..The original statement of purpose of the contacts was to provoke a worldwide discussion and controversy about the reality of alien life elsewhere in the universe with an added actually more important task of disseminating the spiritual teachings of the Plejaran, the first task has been done very well as we are still arguing with the same intensity over the case to the present day, but it appears that the spiritual teachings are not even looked at by most as the evidence is presented in such a way that it is impossible to prove or disprove the reality of the contacts. While the rational for this is understandable 30 or 40 years ago when the concept of alien life was itself almost alien to the public, things have changed in the mean time and even ( according to the contact notes)the Plejaran have also changed their minds about various ways to approach the problem in regards to the contacts and things they expect of the various humans involved in the mission. My point being : Is there to be no release of further evidence that is in the possession of FIGU to counter balance the relentless attacks of mainstream skeptics which keeps people from even glancing at the spiritual content which is the only important aspect of your incredible adventure? Speaking to FIGU members on my last visit , they said that Aliens and space ships were not interesting to them any more, that is fair enough as they have had the opportunity to witness many things for them selves and live the reality of what you are trying to get across but the vast majority of the population of earth have no such clarity and only see what is before them, they did not have the chance to have the experience which core group members have had, most of whom according to the contact notes had their own doubts for many years which were only allayed over time through direct experiences. It was mentioned that only recently members were shown pictures and film of an off planet trip, surely evidence like this would help publicise the mission , or is all the evidence presented in such a way that it would be difficult to fully validate it? I mention this because even the best photographic evidence for example the hasenbol series could have been devastatingly proved without doubt had a branch been a tiny bit more in seems too much like predetermined presentation with knowledge of how exactly it would be received, is this the reality? My apologies, that became two questions but they are intimately related. 

Today the possibilities and opportunities etc. to fake pictures are wide-spread. A picture is no proof for anything anymore. In the seventies this was quite a different matter. 

Besides: People who cannot accept what has been proven until now by Lee Elders, Wendelle C. Stevens etc., won't accept new "evidence". 

(Note by CF: The strongest proof of the genuineness of the "case" is the dozens of books that were written by Billy. Any person with an open mind and reasonable thinking will realize the truth when he or she reads his books which are so full of information and depth and wisdom etc. that many lives are not enough to grasp the dimensions and profoundness of the teaching etc. 
Besides, seeing some lights, even ships, on the sky, is like seeing an interesting car driving by. They are just vehicles. Proof is to be found in the books, and in the resulting realizations and thoughts: logic!)

April 25,2011

Hi Billy, it is good to know that your still answering questions, knowing you are still alive. My question is, once you pass on billy, how will your many many books and original texts and pictures and possessions be protected from people trying to falsify or change up your information, so when you die it is no longer in correlation with truth? Also, is there any possible way for any new additions to the actual core group members living in switzerland? Last question, when you try to move an object or increase a candle flame in height, how do you go abouts doing it? I know it has to do with fluidal energy and concentration, but someone can stare at a candle forever and be really concentrated and nothing happens, are there steps to "visualizing, or feeling" the actions you want to take place. You do not have to answer all the questions but preferrably the 2nd and 3rd questions. Thank you billy, I will never forget the duty you accepted to fulfill along time ago! Not until the day I die I will forget about you! Hopefully in a new incarnation I will find my way back to your absolute truths! Please give billy my words. I really want him to know how people feel about what he's done. 

The core group in Switzerland, together with all the other FIGU groups worldwide, will preserve and disseminate Billy's original German texts in unaltered form for all times. The core group is still open for new members, and it will remain so because all of its present and future members will die and have to be replaced. 
Regarding the third question: This has nothing to do with fluidal forces and is not to be learned easily.

March 27,2011

Dear Christian and Billy, 

What is the long-term goal of the Mission, and is it on track? 


The spreading of love, peace, freedom and harmony on Earth. 
The Mission is on track, albeit at the beginning of the actual phase.