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The Spirit-form of the Human Being

Sept. 30, 2014
If by chance genetic engineers are able to extend the human life span hundreds of years, can the human spirit maintain its connection with the human body for this greater period of time, or is there a limit on how long the spirit can be connected to the human before it returns to the fine matter world? Can the human consciousness cope with this increased time which it must function if the life span is increased in a fairly short period of time? 
Thank you 

There’s no limit for the spirit-form. As long as the body functions correctly, the spirit-form remains connected. 

(Note by CF: And of course the consciousness can cope with an increased time because that’s an ongoing process that starts at birth. You can compare it with when a human being is born with a disability and copes with the situation resulting from it because he/she does not know how it feels without the disability, etc.) 

Feb.23, 2014
Hello Eduard, 
In one of your answers you state: "The spiritual consciousness cannot be compared with the material consciousness; it cannot be located at a certain place." 
Can we safely say in this case that the spirit consciousness, the spirit subconsciousness, censor, spirit central-consciousness and Gemüt are basically 'functions' or 'states' of the energy that composes the spiritform. 
In other words, its function is determined by 'state' (in lack of a better word) then shape/form/discrete mass like the brain for the material consciousness. 
What are your detailed thoughts about this topic? 

Geistenergetisch-impulsmässige Zustände (spirit-energetical-impulse-based states) is a suitable description.

Feb. 23, 2014
When the Sun dies and there is no more possibility to live on the planet, the ones that are alive will go somewhere else. What will happen to the ones that are not incarnated? 
Posted on Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 12:55 pm: 

The spirit-forms will move onward to other planets in other star systems.

Jan. 25, 2014
Hello Eduard 

What exactly is the Spiritual Consciousness and is it located within the Spirit-form itself? 
Thank you for your time 

The spiritual consciousness cannot be compared with the material consciousness; it cannot be located at a certain place. 
The spiritual consciousness is/are impulses/swinging waves which are active (wirken) on their own, like electricity that powers machines or a light bulb etc. 

The „schöpferische Geistenergie“ (creational spirit-energy) is interweaving the entire universe; it is a „intelligence“ of its own, but not like the one in human beings. That what the effect of the energy brings forth, e.g. lifeforms, matter, etc., can be called „intelligence“.

Jan. 25, 2014
Dear Herr Meier, 

You have made mention of genetically engineered human-animal hybrids potentially being put to use by humans in the future. Would these beings encapsulate human spirits? In other words, would an otherwise human spirit incarnate as one of these animal-human hybrids? 

If there is a human head (with a human brain), then there is a human spirit-form connected to it.