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Aug. 26, 2014
Hi Christian and Billy, 
In the current time on Earth, what profession or career is most effective and has the greatest potential to change Earth for the better? For example, 
a businessman, an intellectual, a politician, a scientist, or a doctor? Or is it wrong to choose a career based on how much it can "change the world", as humanity will only change through the conscious recognition and cognition of each individual, and any material gains will be short lived? 

What matters is how one is applying the creational laws and recommendations in one’s own life and towards others, and whether or not one is living according to them and, thereby, is acting as a model. 

(Note by CF: The bad situation on our Earth is to a great extent caused by businessmen, intellectuals, politicians, scientists and also doctors, among many other professionals and fanatics etc. etc.) 

August 26, 2014
Dear Billy and Christian, 
When is it acceptable for the following to happen: 
1. revolutions 
2. civil wars 
3. uprisings that are good for the people because of an oppressive government which results in a formulation of a new and better government that tries to work for the people but can spur further conflict and civil wars of opposing parties as portions of the people want the negative "old ways" and "old leaders" back because they are unknowledgeable about what is good for them? 
(I realize that all of the above should be dealt with the recommendations of gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit and the multi-national peacekeeping troop, but since this is unfortunately not manifestable at this current time, I was looking for when it is acceptable for the above examples as we see unfolding everyday in the news.) 

Neither of the three occurrences is acceptable because in each „scenario“ people are killed etc. The only acceptable way is when peaceful persons are elected, i.e. persons who will not misuse their might as soon as they are in office. 

The only acceptable way of using weapons is through/by a multi-national peacekeeping troop which takes actions against the war-mongering parties/countries/persons. 

March 23, 2014
Hi Billy and Christian 
From my own perspective at least, unique cultural heritage and tradition of many nations are fast becoming obsolete and forced out by the dominant hegemony 
Is the destruction and disintegration of culture and tradition unique to many nations an inevitable part of true progress towards a one world where people seize to be bound and divided by obsolete customs or should people put enormous effort to preserve their own unique customs, culture, tradition and ways of life independent of external influences? 
Billy could you talk a little bit more on these issues and share your views here? 
Thank you 
Matt Lee 

No, the disintegration of culture and tradition is not a sign of true progess, because peoples/nations/societies should keep/preserve their good traditions and customs (and get rid of the bad/negative ones, e.g. genital mutilation, religious ceremonies, etc. etc.), and there should be no mixing of races and societies etc. 

(Note by CF: In FIGU Sonder-Bulletin No. 76 which will soon be published there’s an explanation by Ptaah about how they on Erra are dealing with the mixing of peoples and races etc.)