FIGU Landesgruppe Canada


Sept.30, 2014
According to James Deardorff, about 85% of the Bible contains false information. Could you please, if possible, tell what what percentage of the Quran contains false information? 

Billy doesn’t know, but as an average it can be stated that only about 12 to 15 percent within the theachings of all major religions correspond with the truth. Within certain sects, the percentage is even lower, as e.g. actually with regard to the I.S. caliphate. 

March 23, 2014
Hello Eduard and happy belated birthday. 
For the last few months I have been putting your last answer to me into daily exercise. This has lead me to one unpleasant realization and would like your thoughts and recommendations. I would like to present your answer in the pro-figu study group on facebook so everyone may discuss and ponder your words. You may not realize it but your words carry much weight with us and it is with great modesty that we give them much consideration. 
Myself and other pro-figu folks are very enthusiastic. And with great boldness we post or comment on posts with what we intend to wake people up. To make them aware of the falseness of religions and expose them to the truth. 
Exercising your last answer to me, I have come to a realization that in our enthusiasm for the truth, we may have overlooked the insights and recommendations contained in the Goblet. Unfortunately, some of us do not reference the Goblet for various reasons, including due to individual limitations with internet access or the inaccessibility during the corrections. 
Myself and others, I fear, have perhaps quite possibly come off rather offensive and even insulting towards religious people and their beliefs. I fear that this may be counter productive to the mission and not conducive to our cultivating those values spoken of in the Goblet. 
Would you please, share with us your thoughts and insights that, we should consider and remember in our dealings with the religious, so that we can discuss these and learn to apply ourselves effectively? 
Salome and thank-you to you both, 

Everybody has to accept the thinking of each other, which includes religious thinking. This, however, shall not prevent oneself from making statements about the negativitiy of religions and sects, etc. However, this can be done in a neutral way and does not need a direct/personally addressed critique of another individual, at least as long as oneself is not directly attacked. Of course it is acceptable to correct or reply to a false accusation or attack.