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Purpose in Life 

Jan. 23,2011


Dear Billy, since your spiritform had already completed the cycle from material to spirit, through millions of incarnations and billions of years; and acheived a degree of relative perfection, why does this spiritform have to go through making mistakes during material incarnations and learning from them, as it had already gone through this once; or are the mistakes made & subsequently corrected, an unavoidable function of material life, no matter the lineage and previously accumulated wisdom, love, peace, harmony ...? 

As long as a human being has a material body, the person is making mistakes in order to learn. And if a human being with a very old spirit form incarnates on a planet, the body and personality have to adjust to the surrounding conditions because else such a human being could not exist among the other human beings.

Jan. 23,2010


what well happen to me when i die i remeber you saying that the other side(after you die) is like a sleep state so when i die the exsprences well be like going to sleep at night except when i wake up im in a new concious(body) and i wont remeber my past self cause i wont be conciouse of it is there really anything to fear about death 

also when u say we here to learn in this life so learn as much as you can do you mean i sould live my life any way i demand and wishes are liveing it the sprital way like people at a holy chruch beliveing in god even tho it's them selfs thats god 

Learning as much as possible during one’s life means – besides learning material knowledge etc. – that you strive to lead a virtuous life and realize/understand the meaning of life, the creational laws behind everything, and toavoid belief. Try to find the real truth behind everything. 



Hello Mr Meier, I hope you are well. I often ask questions of you from curiosity but this one is different. I have a real fear of not refinding the spirit teachings in my following lifetimes, or worse, I might find them and not know that they are really based on the truth. My question to you is this: What can a person do in order to assure to the they will have the maximum likely-hood of refinding the spirit teachings and of realizing their accuracy? 

Thank you so much for all that you have done to help us all. You are really a beautiful human being in every way that really matters. I don't say this as a compliment but only as a statement of what I see as being the truth. 


All you have to do – and can do – is to learn in this life as much as possible about the truth, and to get away from religion (one’s religious thinking and belief etc.) as far as possible. 

Everything you learn and know is stored in the storage bank, and in the next incarnation the new personality is hit by impulses from the storage banks and then has the free choice to accept the impulses, or to ignore them.


Hello Billy, 

I was discussing with some of the forum members about the spirit form and death. And I have come to grow skeptical about it. I can't conceive anything beyond death because there is no experience after that.The self dies and all the body parts disintegrate. So why tell us about all these things since there is no way for us of knowing this. You say that this is the Truth and the true words but we won't really know for sure. You say this is the right path, but all I see is just words. 

If you weren't instructed by the Plejaren(if happened) would you have ever known about this? And so, in what way will it help us if any at all? Won't your teachings and the way to achieve whatever we "need" to achieve cut off the possibility of nature to deliver unique individuals into being? 

The necessary information or knowledge respectively can only be received from the Arahat Athersata level. The Plejaren are not capable to gain that knowledge. 
To know or have knowledge about the processes before and after death is important for understanding the purpose and meaning of life.

Aug. 25,2008

Hi Billy, 
Is there such a thing as underachieving in life or disrupting your destiny? For instance, someone could be a mathematical/scientific genius but he/she ends up being a waiter in a restaurant and never meets their maximum potential. 

Mark Gilbo 

There are many people who do not make full use of their abilities. There are people who quit successful careers to devote their time to other tasks and make new experiences. 

(Note by CF: Of foremost importance is how a person is thinking, feeling and acting, and how he/she tries do improve one’s life regarding virtues, with the result of serving as a positive model to others.)

June 25,2007
New member 
Username: Aojukwu 

Hello Billy, 

I need to understand from a basic perspective what is our true purpose here on Earth? In other words, what are we attempting to achieve? Our lives have been shortened to a mere average of 100 years by some sort of genetic manipulation to which we are not aware of how to change. Now hearing that our existense could potentially live for somewhere close to 1000 years once we figure it out becomes somewhat of a encouragement knowing that we can't learn as much within the time we are here. But the proble is tha we would then have to start over with our next life because of our short life span. I just want to make sense out of why we eat certain foods and struggle for survival everyday. It almost makes no sense to be here if there isn't a purpose in all of our endeavors. 

To me that seems to be the question that will help many of us move forward as a nation and get to a higher level. So again, the question is what is our true purpose here on earth? 

Highest Regards, 


Our true purpose is our individual conciousness-related evolution, which means that we are (should be) learning constantly (also from our mistakes) and try to live according to the Creative laws and commandments. This process is the same with all human beings, be they living 100 years, 50 years or 50.000 years. 

(Note by CF: The more people who are realizing this, their true purpose, the faster peace will be possible here on Earth, and the less struggle for survival will be necessary because real and effective measurements against overpopulation will have been applied at last.)