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Pure Spirit Levels 

Feb. 23, 2014
it is said there is an issue about "hearsay" on the contents of the written religious articles there being no one to authenticate the contents. 
what makes/goes with all your materials especially the transmissions from Arahat Athersata and from your contact persons for it not to be considered hearsay also? 

Because the transmissions from Arahat Athersata, Petale and the extraterrestrial contact persons are recorded literally, and not just based on hearsay. The reason for this is that this time (today) any religious-sectarian influence to distort the truth must be eliminated and avoided in the „teaching of the prophets“.

Oct. 25,2010

Hello Eduard 
When I was at the SSSC in May I was told that you could find out about a person. Their past, future, where their spirit form originated from and their level of evolution. 

I understand that you are able to calculate a persons level of evolution and you possess the ability of clairvoyance.

I am somewhat confused with the rest. I know that the Plejaren can help with finding out about a spirit form and past incarnations by ways of the High Council and the AA. 

Would it be possible if you could openly talk here about the following question. If you do not wish to talk about this then that is fine and not a problem. 

Question, How is it possible for you to gain information on a persons past lives and also where their spirit form originated (planet). Would this be telepathic communication to the higher spiritual planes and/or going through the storage banks? 

Thanks Eduard, if you do not wish to talk about your abilities here then it is not a problem. 

Kind Regards 

Yes, it is possible. 
No, neither telepathy or access to storage banks are involved. The process is to let the Arahat Athersata level doing the search and then transfer the result to Billy. Since the "connection" with AA is very strenuous, Billy does not perform such searches anymore. 

(Note by CF: As a rule it does not make sense and is not necessary to know about one's former incarnations/personalities because the actual life must be lived now anyway. There are already too many sick [schizophrenic] people living on earth who are ruffling up their egos by delusionally claiming former personalities. And there have been persons who could not digest the information about their former incarnations and then became psychotic etc. 
Contrary to AA, Billy himself has no direct access to other people's storage banks.)


Best Greetings Billy, and to all CG = Salome 
Have now heard of third Universe with also an account that certain ones of the old Nokodemion lineage are there. 

My question relates to the Arahat Athersata. Does the Arahat Athersata, the same WE-form from which came Nokodemion, extend into the DAL and also into this new-found Universe? 

Thank you. Keep yourself warm and healthy. 

With Love. Salome 

No; the spirit levels Arahat Athersata up to Petale are limited to our universe.

July 23,2010


Hello Mr Meier, I hope you and your family are well. I have a serious difficulty understanding one thing that I have encountered in your writings which I can't seem to figure out for myself. You have said that the spirit levels of Arahat Athersata and above have evolved past making mistakes. You have also said that higher evolved spirit forms and humans would not lie. You have also mentioned that Arahat Athersata sees all times, past, present, and future. 

With all that in mind, I cannot reconcile how that spirit level said in the book "Arahat Athersata" that 2 specific people would be alive tens years after the book was released but those 2 people, Miriam and Anatol in fact died well before the 10 years passed. 

The German version of "Arahat Athersata" is quite clear and there is no indication of the given statements about Miriam and Anatol being anything but straight facts. 

Please, please Mr Meier, explain how it is that Arahat Athersata would either lie or it would make a mistake when it has the capability of seeing the actual future. Even if Arahat Athersata did not look into the future, I find it difficult to believe that high spirit forms such as that level would make a statement without verifying it to be true when it could easily look into the future... 

Thank you so much for your help and if I may ask you to please be as direct and detailed as possible in your answer, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks again... 
Thomas Hall 

Arahat Athersata just cited information from decisions and determinations that were made by a group of people about 13.500 years ago. AA did not perform a "look into the future" itself or check the accurateness of the unfolding of the events in our time. When AA gave the information to Billy, Anatol and Petra-Meriam were still alive. 
Even if AA is capable to look into the future, just as well as into the past, the pure-spirit level usually doesn't perform predictions or "looks into the future", but is occupied with the evolution process in its own spiritual sphere. 
AA neither "lies" nor has any reason for "verifying" anything that has been decided by human beings.


Dear Billy, 

We have had Ishwish who have come to earth in the past who were evil even though they posses a huge amount of wisdom and spiritual capability. But shouldn't knowledge, wisdom and spirituality progressively decrease the probability of a human being becoming evil? 

My question is: At what level it is absolutely impossible to find evil human beings or human collectives in the Universe - high council, Arahat Athersata... 

Danke schön 

The evil Ishwish had great knowledge in technics, physics, astronomy etc., but obviously no "huge amount of wisdom“ or "spiritual capability“. 

At the levels of the High Council or Arahat Athersata you cannot speak of human beings anymore. 

Human beings can perform evil deeds up to a certain level of evolution and only when living in a physical body. If a human being is highly evolved he cannot perform evil deeds anymore because he has realized the spiritual laws and recommendations and does not want to act against them.