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Sept. 30, 2014
Hi Billy and Christian 
Besides eating a wholesome well balanced diet, what could the mother do for her unborn child growing in her womb to help him develop the best he can before birth. 
What is the decisive element and factor to a healthy development of the unborn child growing inside the mother's stomach? 
Matt lee 

A “mentale Ausgeglichenheit” (mental equalisedness) is very important, which means avoiding any extreme thinking (with the resulting feelings and emotions). The mother should really take care of her psyche and think in an equalised/balanced way, having loving thoughts and feelings, etc. 
Btw: This kind of thinking may even alleviate negative genetic factors in the fetus. 

Aug. 26, 2014
Hello Billy and Christian 
My question is once the spirit enters the embryo on the 21st day how long into the pregnancy does the foetus have to be before it can interact with the parents even just at a subconscious and unconscious level with the stimulus that the parents provide for him/her whether in thoughts, voice/sound, feelings or touch? 
Thank you 
Matt lee 

During pregnancy it is a one-way process from the mother and father etc. to the fetus, i.e. the fetus only receives. This happens unconsciously and non-consciously. These „outside impulses“ are building the Grundcharakter (basic character), followed by the Erziehungs- and Selbsterziehungscharakter (educational and self-educational character). 

June 29, 2014
Hi Billy, 
Do you think raising (handling) your kids differently would have produced different outcome? 
I ask this since many of your experiences suggest predestination, including what happened with the meeting of your wife, the subsequent naming of your kids, and your relationship with Methi, your son. 
It appears that, as parents, we have a role to play, by title. Yet, as spiritual beings, we also have a responsibility to let things happen without interference when children do not come into physical harm with their own decisions. The roles and responsibilities sometime conflict with one another. 
For example, at the moment, my parenting emphasis is on self-responsibility and critical thinking. However, in doing so it gives the impression of irresponsible parenting to my spouse. 
Your comments are greatly appreciated. 
(Message edited by scott on April 29, 2014) 

Billy had no admission (Zugang) for the education of his children because his „dear ex-wife“ had choked off and sabotaged all of his efforts to this effect. Only when his ex-wife had left was he in a position to help educate the two sons, Atlant and Natan, to whom he is the father in the absence of their biological fathers. From his older children, Gilgamesha, Atlantis and Methusalem, only Atlantis found his way back to his father Billy and has since then started to live a decent life, developed positively and married well, and he has become a Core Group of 49 member. 
Also Atlant and Natan, who were directly under Billy’s educational influence, have developed to valuable members of society and are doing well. 

(Note by CF: Making sure that one’s children develop critical thinking, which means that they shall and can think independently and not just believe, and that they may learn to realize that they are responsible for all their thinking and resulting feelings and actions, is one of the main tasks of parents to achieve [which, unfortunately, only a minority of responsible-minded parents is willing to fulfil].) 

April 29, 2014
Posted by Creational on Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 06:04 pm: 

Dear Billy et al., 
Thank you for answering the most important question regarding the relative peace on Earth. You made my day! 
I have a request sir. I have two daughters, 19 and 29. It is difficult to communicate your truth with them without appearing as a missionary. 
I highly appreciate your recommendation and advise as to how to trigger their interest to want to delve more into the material while keeping a balanced approach. 
Salome with Love, 

Stop any attempt to trigger their interest! They must find their way and find their interests themselves. 
What you can do is to be a good father. Try to implement the creational-natural principles (virtues) into your daily life, and if they ask you questions, answer them. In doing so you may be an example which your daughters may take as a model to be applied to their own life. 

Jan. 25,2014
Hello Billy and Christian: 

I have a 6 year old daughter and she noticed that everywhere we go there is a cross. On buildings and clothing, she asked me what it means, and I told her the truth about who Jmmanuel was, and she was very interested to know more. Then I thought about her talking about it in her school. My question is, should we tell children the truth at an early age or should we wait a few years to explain to them that it is not the popular knowledge just yet? Thank you. 


They must be told/tought the truth from an early age on, but of course in a way that is adjusted to their understanding. This can be assured by just answering their questions, and nothing more. Let them ponder the answers. It’s up to them (their thinking) to follow a thought and ask further questions. 

In the case of the cross (which, actually and according to the facts around Jmmanuel’s cruxifiction should not be a cross, but an „Y“) you could have told your daughter that there are many many people who believe that great importance is connected with the cross, but that this is no necessity to believe the same, etc. etc. 

(Note by CF: It is up to the child to realize that obviously it is possible to have a meaning/opinion that differs from the majority, etc. etc.)

Nov. 24, 2013
Hi Billy and Christian, 
I hope this isn't an inappropriate question, but what is the best way to loud and unruly toddlers? I try my best to deal with them in a calm and rational manner, but the screaming and crying feels like it's making me go crazy sometimes. 
Much appreciated! 

All you can and should do is trying to keep your nerves under control. Sometimes it cannot be avoided to get loud, hopefully with a positive result; but certainly one should never scream and lose one’s control.

Oct. 27, 2013
The Black community in The United States is messed up. High unemployment among Blacks is high, (especially among the Black males), more children are being born out of wedlock, Blacks killed each other more than they are killed by any other race, more Blacks are getting on welfare, food stamps, etc., if you got to a welfare place, you will see more Blacks than any other race in line, when a Black man is waking down a road by itself; many people will be scared of him for no reason, when a few Black men cause trouble, all Black men a judged just because of the actions of a few and the media fuels this nonsense, and people always fear Black men as of the result of the media and many people, especially the Whites buy into it. 

To make things worse, there is no fathers in the homes of Black children and the boys are greatly affect by this. Plus, Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are a bunch of frauds and they don’t care for the Black community. Now, if a two or more White men were fighting, people would try to stop it; in contrast; if two or more Black men were fighting no one would stop them. In my eyes, no one cares for Black men and boys. There are many single moms in the Black community and the children suffered the most and turn to a life of crime. The Black women keep the father (especially when he will be and wants to be a father) of her children away unless he pays child support. This really hurt the father of the children and sometimes the father commits suicide. Many people say Black women are the worse stewards of children and I agree with them. This just some of the problems that occurs in the Black community in the United States. 
Billy what will it take to fix the Black community in the United States? 

It requires that each human being is treated alike and that there is not separation, but cooperation. The white people must accept the black etc. people as equal human beings, i.e. human beings of equal value. 
There are also similar problems within the „white community“, and also in other countries as well, even Switzerland, but in minor degree. 
Slavery and racism are still having a substancial effect in the U.S. 
Of course the „Black“ must also do their part to improve their own „fate“. 

(Note by CF: It is an urgent necessity in any society, in all races, nationalities, clans, groups of people etc. etc. on earth, and therefore also within the „black community“, that offspring is produced only by loving, mature couples who are not criminal and who are in a position to grant a good and harmonious education to their child/ren and who are in possession of the necessary material/financial conditions etc. etc .)