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June 29, 2014

Dear Mr. Lepuniv, 

Perhaps you need to show a little respect? Billy has answered thousands of questions from thousands of people over many years. I highly doubt you or anyone else could maintain a complete level of accuracy for decades which even comes close to what Billy has provided. If you don't like the answers which you are given perhaps you need to go somewhere else, it is a privilege, not a right to participate on this forum ! 

Scott FIGU Forum Moderator 

Dear Billy, 
You've just said about me "Ususally nitpicky people are human beings who are convinced that they are smarter than others, while in reality…" 

Thank you for holding me in contempt and being at the same time anti-your-own-teaching! 
What a example for a Prophet!! 

You speak about logic in your teaching but when we remark you that what is said in English on this side is not, you get on your high horse wheras you don't read what is written on the site yourself! 

When we write to you at FIGU in Switzerland, the answer in English is consitent, but on this site most of the time, the answer is beside the point, biased. 

Sorry not to be either a believer (what we should not be according your own teaching) or a yesman! 

You should have hired the service of a specialist in translation from English to Swiss-German, this would have avoided a lot of time spent to try to get some precision. (I'm sure that there are people with a master in English among the FIGU friendly Swiss-German people) 

I hereby allow your Playarian friend to scan my thoughts and see if they were logical, consitant with what I wrote in English and compare them to what you were conveyed and the answers I got! 

If you want to abide by logical law, then why shouldn't this site be cleansened from illogical sentences? 

On this site, you remark to others that this or that is a nonsense, but you don't seem to appreciate when common earthlings remark you that there is something wrong... 

This being said: 


To Savio who asked you questionS about what determined the gender in a baby, you answered: 

A, B and C I coloured in red. 

The gender is not determined immediately after impregnation, but by the personality that enters the embryo (together with the spirit form) on the 21st day of pregnancy. It is the new personality that has been created by the comprehensive consciousness block (Gesamtbewusstseinblock) that „steers/directs“ the developing embryo in order to remain a female body or to become a male body. This process is made possible by the spirit’s force/power. The spirit form is responsible for the necessary impulses for this process, but the spirit form itself does NOT decide about the gender. 
A It’s the new personality and its aspects/goals/etc. that determine the gender of the developing baby/human being. 

B The gender is determined by genetics alone. 

C As far as Billy knows the chromosomes are the determining factor. 

B and C are consitent but obviouly contradictory with A. 


Do you agree with the assertion in green? 

Take care! 


(Message edited by scott on April 29, 2014) 

No, the claim in green is not correct, because all three, A), B) and C) are correct, since all of these are factors that are involved in the whole process of determining the gender/sex of a human being. 
First, the ovum is fertilized by the sperm. During the next 21 days the embryo is developing. 
All the while a consciousness-block has been developed via overall consciousness-block in the other world (Jenseits) and is ready to incarnate in an embryo. 
The influences of the consciousness-block, together with genes, determine the gender of the baby, because the process is not only a genetical one. 

(Note by CF: I think it is advisable to use the occasion and explain some aspects of the question-answer process in this part of the FIGU forum: 
When Billy and I sit together in the SSSC kitchen to fulfil the task of answering the forum questions I have all questions in English in front of me on the table. I don’t make a translation of the entire texts/questions, but verbally present the essence of each question to Billy, of course in Swiss German. If something is unclear, we are reading the sentences, as for example has been the case with the question by Egerrt in this round of questions. 
During the meeting I’m making notes on the leaves in front of me, and for a couple of years, I also record the discussion so I could listen to one of Billy’s answers if my notes are not adequate enough. 

Of course the transcription of Billy’s answers does not encompass/cover all of what he explained. As everyone may have noticed in the meantime, the answers to your questions are quite short. This is on purpose, because on the one hand, answering all aspects would lead to far and would demand too much of our time, and, on the other hand, the main part of the thinking process must be performed by those who are asking. 

As can be deduced from the example of Lepuniv’s post above, short answers provoke new questions and leave off interesting aspects that could also have been answered in connection with a question. That’s a risk that has to be accepted. 

Finally, I recommend that you chose questions which are potentially helpful and useful to a lot of people, like questions of a spiritual-teaching nature. Then there’s a chance that an answer may be a little longer than usual.  
And it should also be avoided trying to shine before the readers by writing long introductory sermons. 

And yes, trying to not being “nitpicky” is also appreciated. 

I wish you a good summer [or winter, depending were you are living]. 

And thank you, Scott, for reliably publishing my answers for so many years in the forum!) 

I will have to agree many years  [:-)] -Scott