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July 25, 2014
Hi Billy, 
What creature(s) that you are aware of beside humans have ego? It would seem to be true for anything that is consciousness-based evolution, but I just would like to confirm. 
Thank you. 

Each animal and Getier has an ego, even if it differs from the human one. Good examples of evidence can be attained when observing apes, ravens, or generally birds at the food cupboard, etc.

April 29, 2014
Posted by Memo00 on Monday, March 24, 2014 - 06:03 am: 

Hello dear Billy, i hope you are doing fine. 
I would like to know what is more important to determine if some music has a positive or negative effect on a person, the music itself (sounds) or the lyrics (words)? For example we have Mozart´s requiem mass, the music is good but the lyrics are just religious bullshit, and the same with Gregorian chants and many other kinds of music. 
Thank you very much for your time. Salome. 

What really matters is the overall impression, the harmony, the voices and the sound. The words are not as important. 

Nov. 24, 2013
If according to you or the Plejaren the German language stems from the Ancient Lyrian language then why is it that there are now over 6000 spoken languages worldwide? 
Because on the one hand there were people from different planets/worlds coming to Earth (who spoke different languages), and on the other hand there were human beings evolving here on Earth who developed their own languages. And of course there were all kinds of mixings of languages as well. 

Nov. 24, 2014
Hello Billy, Hope you are doing well. 
It is said that the black race came from the Sirius region. It is also said that the creator overlords came from the Sirius region too. So if correct, could one conclude that the black race was the original warrior race that came to earth so very long ago? Not sure if this makes sense, but of the three engendered races of “god” mentioned in the TJ, the black race was not mentioned thus making it the most likely candidates of this origin. This would also aid to explain why scientist say that all races originate from the Africans (black race), since genetic markers of this race "warrior race" would have being transmitted to all races since all present races share the same effects quick aging, aggression etc. but the reverse was not found true for genetic markers of other races. Is my understanding correct and if not what would the correct understanding be? 
Oh and thank you for your explanation that was posted to me at the end of September, I found really helpful. 

The „creator overlords“ came from a region beyond the Sirius region, from another dimension, and they had different skin colours. 

Regarding the terrestrial human races it is a fact that it is not Africa where the oldest human forebearers can be found. Young Eduard was shown by Sfath the oldest human-like skeleton with already five fingers in a pit in Northern Europe. From there that race moved eastwards.

Oct. 27, 2013
It’s a pleasure Mr. Meier! 
We know the white race came from the Lyria regions, The black race from Sirius, and the Yellow Race from Njssan. Where did the Red Race come from exactly? 
- Robert 

Billy doesn’t know. 

(Note by CF: In the book OM it is mentioned that Tetel, the son of a Lyrian father and an earthly mother is the father of the red species [Menschengeschlecht] on Earth.)

Oct. 27, 2013
The Black community in The United States is messed up. High unemployment among Blacks is high, (especially among the Black males), more children are being born out of wedlock, Blacks killed each other more than they are killed by any other race, more Blacks are getting on welfare, food stamps, etc., if you got to a welfare place, you will see more Blacks than any other race in line, when a Black man is waking down a road by itself; many people will be scared of him for no reason, when a few Black men cause trouble, all Black men a judged just because of the actions of a few and the media fuels this nonsense, and people always fear Black men as of the result of the media and many people, especially the Whites buy into it. 

To make things worse, there is no fathers in the homes of Black children and the boys are greatly affect by this. Plus, Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are a bunch of frauds and they don’t care for the Black community. Now, if a two or more White men were fighting, people would try to stop it; in contrast; if two or more Black men were fighting no one would stop them. In my eyes, no one cares for Black men and boys. There are many single moms in the Black community and the children suffered the most and turn to a life of crime. The Black women keep the father (especially when he will be and wants to be a father) of her children away unless he pays child support. This really hurt the father of the children and sometimes the father commits suicide. Many people say Black women are the worse stewards of children and I agree with them. This just some of the problems that occurs in the Black community in the United States. 
Billy what will it take to fix the Black community in the United States? 

It requires that each human being is treated alike and that there is not separation, but cooperation. The white people must accept the black etc. people as equal human beings, i.e. human beings of equal value. 
There are also similar problems within the „white community“, and also in other countries as well, even Switzerland, but in minor degree. 
Slavery and racism are still having a substancial effect in the U.S. 
Of course the „Black“ must also do their part to improve their own „fate“. 

(Note by CF: It is an urgent necessity in any society, in all races, nationalities, clans, groups of people etc. etc. on earth, and therefore also within the „black community“, that offspring is produced only by loving, mature couples who are not criminal and who are in a position to grant a good and harmonious education to their child/ren and who are in possession of the necessary material/financial conditions etc. etc .)

Oct. 27, 2013
If I'm not mistaken I had read somewhere here in the forum that Ptaah had discovered that there were future Earth humans visiting their past which would be our present time. Could you please, if possible, tell me in which contact report was this mentioned? 

Ptaah mentioned the „Erdzukünftigen“ (terrestrial human beings from our own future) in several contact reports, but he did not go into details.

Oct. 27,2013
Dear Billy, 
Ptaah during your 254th Contact, November 28, 1995, gave explanations as to why the "wedding" cake UFO(WCUFO) resembles trash can lids. But in his explanations he did not address the "fallen pin" issue. One of the main allegations pointed by skeptics is of the "fallen pin" which appears to be out-of-place, lying on the top of the middle section of the WCUFO where as the rest of the "pins" are located between the spheres as shown in the below picture. Did you get any clarification on the appearance of the "fallen pin" & its location on WCUFO and its function from Plejaren and if yes, what did they say ? 

That object of the seven-meter ship Billy was sitting on is about 60 cm long and goes into the ship’s wall. It’s not a loose object that has fallen down. 

(Note by CF: It is a funny thing to notice how skeptics are continuously trying to bend and adjust reality to their own wishes and expectations. A „fallen pin“, that’s really funny, especially when imagining a ship rattling and jumping during the start process and losing all kinds of screws and bolts. 
It is rather arrogant attitude to judge the design of such an unknown object and compare it with our technology, in light of the fact that the Plejaren ships are using technology and energy forms that are a long way beyond our limited understanding and science.)

Sept. 30,2013

Hi Billy, 
Thinking about Gautama Buddha and how he discovered the truth without any ET contact, and looking at the spiritual development of us earth beings (except a few) now, and extrapolating this to Siddhartha Gautama's time 2500 years ago, it makes little sense that Gautama Buddha had a "jump" in consciousness in just one lifetime to a level of a prophet. 
Is it possible to make a huge leap in consciousness of several millennium ahead of the rest in just one lifetime? 

No, that’s not possible. 
Gautama Buddha discovered some truths, but he also figured out things which were/are not in line with reality.

July 27, 2013

Hello, and good day to you Herr Meier, 
First I want to say thank you and that I truly appreciate all that you have done, are doing, and are about to do for the spread of truth upon this little planet called Earth. My question in part is, When a person has attained sufficient knowledge to know and feel the creational all around them, has been reading/applying the spiritual teaching to the daily life and has come to a realization in truth of how life truly is, through meditation/concentration/application of true knowledge. My question in part is ,is this a time in ones life when a true realization can come forth that the spirit and body can know of each other as a whole, and perhaps 'bits and pieces' so to speak of knowledge of a previous incarnation and/or knowledge attained and stored within the Akashic record surrounding this planet, can come forth into the present incarnation, that a person becomes truly wise though this true knowledge, if one has worked hard to achieve this... and if this can be the case, or not, referring to the same question, My true question is: does this effect those people that are in my immediate surroundings, such as family, through a neutral-positive vibration of true knowledge that has an effect on other people through perhaps a silent influence and/or impulse based on the creational truth that may cause other people to be perhaps curious and/or drawn to truthful information without being told where to learn/read of true knowledge physically? 
Thank you for your time and truth 

P.S. May you have a most wonderful, pleasing day of joy,may there be beauty in each place visited, and fulfillment of what was needing to be accomplished most. 

If a person has realized the truth of the creational laws and recommendations and is applying them in his or her everyday life, then this may also have an effect on other people. This can happen through speaking/talking/discussing, or perhaps other people are taking such a person as a „Vorbild“ (model). 

(Note by CF: "Akashic record“ is a theosophical term and means "world memory“. The "location“ where our knowledge and experiences etc. are stored is the "storage-banks“.)

April 28, 2013

Hi Eduard, 

I was curious as to what the nature of your meeting with Muskogee Medicine Man Philip Deere was about, and how did he hear about you? I have studied the thinking and ways of Native American Indians, and I do find many similarities with the Spirit Teaching. 
Thank you! 

Many native Indians in the U.S. were and are aware of Billy and his case/message, and this led to various visits of such persons at the SSSC. Philip Deere’s visit was organised by or via Frank Stuckert.

Feb. 24, 2013

Greetings Billy, 

Last summer I heard from a friend in Toronto that according to Christian who gave a presentation there, that the Plejarens made some mention that the descendents of Hyperborea, who were still living here on Earth, have now long since left their places from under Mt Shasta and also from under their surrounding areas in Alaska and in the Aluetion Islands. 

So my question being, when and why did they leave and where did they go? 

Better yet, if a contact report and it's number from which this was mentioned can be provided, in either German or in English or both, then that would be good too. 

Peace in knowing, 
James Truthseeker 

505th contact of November 18, 2010: 

Billy: Also denn: Erstens eine Frage zum Mount Shasta resp. zu den fernen Nachfahren Ausserirdischer, die dort gelebt haben, worüber ich mit deiner Tochter Semjase mehrfach gesprochen habe, so aber auch mit dir. Hier habe ich einen Gesprächsauszug von Semjase, den ich aus dem 34. Kontaktbericht vom 3. Dezember 1975 herauskopiert habe. 

270: Der Mount Shasta aber ist nicht der einzige Ort, wo diese Rasse lebt, denn sie haben sich schon zu sehr frühen Zeiten aufgeteilt in drei kleinere Völker, wobei die beiden andern unerkannt tief unterirdisch auf den Aleuten und in Alaska leben. 
271: Die ganze Population beträgt nur noch etwa 700 Menschen. 
Dazu hat mir Quetzal einmal ausserhalb eines offiziellen Gespräches gesagt, dass ihr alle Bewohner aus dem Mount Shasta und auf den Aleuten und in Alaska weggeholt habt. 

Ptaah: Das ist richtig. Wir haben uns bemüht, alle Bewohner der drei Orte dazu zu bewegen, zu ihren Völkern zurückzukehren, mit denen sie ja immer in Kontakt standen. Wir nannten ihnen die Begründungen für unseren eigenen Abzug von der Erde, was dazu führte, dass sie sich zurückzogen. Ihre Wohnstätten und alles Drum und Dran haben sie in den irdischen Urzustand zurückversetzt, folglich nichts mehr auf ihre einstige Anwesenheit hinweist. Der diesbezügliche Vorgang war der gleiche wie bei der Pyramide von Gizeh und auf dem Mars. 

Billy: Verstehe. Dann habt ihr sie also nicht selbst weggebracht, sondern sind von selbst mit jenen weggegangen, die sie aus ihrer eigentlichen Urheimat kamen, jedoch einfach auf euer Anraten hin. Da habe ich etwas falsch verstanden. Kannst du mir aber sagen, wohin diese Menschen eigentlich gehörten resp. zu welchem Volk? 

Ptaah: Das ist kein Geheimnis. Sie waren ferne Nachfahren einer Volkslinie der alten Lyraner, zu der sie auch zurückkehrten. 

Billy: Dann sind sie sozusagen mit euch Plejaren verwandt, denn die plejarischen Völker sind ja aus den alten Lyranern hervorgegangen. 

Ptaah: Das ist richtig. 

Billy Danke. Dann weist also im Mont Shasta sowie in Alaska und auf den Aleuten jetzt nichts mehr auf deren einstige Anwesenheit hin? 

Ptaah: Auch das ist richtig.

Feb. 24,2013

Hi Billy and other members ¨C I am from Shanghai, China. Lucky me that I found you and your spirit teaching last year which have endowed me with the real meaning of life since then. Besides myself studying your materials, in order to let more Chinese people aware of you and your spirit teaching, together with a couple of other net friends, I started to translate your material into Chinese, basically your contact reports of English version from since we don¡¯t know anything about German. Given such a big population in the country, the result of our efforts is tiny but we will go on and stick to it. The more I know about you, the more questions I have. I believe I will find most of the answers when I have read more of your teaching. 
When I read your teaching and do the translation, I realize that language could be one of biggest obstacles in the course of spreading your teaching. It is close to impossible to have all earthlings understand German so in a long term different language translation will be one of the keys to present the teaching to the world. I reckon there are some reasons why Plejarens don¡¯t provide other scripts in the major languages like English, Spanish or Chinese on top of the German original version, so that the teaching might be understood easily by people and spread faster. One is that German is the best language in the case of spirit teaching and the other is that they don¡¯t have the responsibility to do us such a favor since it is totally a business of non-German speakers who still have the option to learn German. Please correct me if my assumption is wrong. 
Now my question is what the real origin of Chinese is. Chinese seems to belong to a completely different language family compared to German, English and etc. Can you please shed some light on it and provide your comment on this language? 
Thank you and do stay healthy. 


Billy doen’t know the origin of Chinese. 
Translations from Billy’s texts into Chinese (and any other language) should always be done from the German original only. 

(Note by CF: Most probably the Chinese language was imported to Earth when the ancestors of the Chinese and Japanese came to Earth a couple of ten thousand years ago.)

Jan. 28, 2013

Hi Billy, 
Can you or the Plejarens comment on the case regarding "Missy, The Psychic Dog in Denver", Colorado, USA that took place in 1965? 
Apparently the ability of that particular dog had many people, including a mayor, confirm "her" ability with affidavits, and was also hosted on a radio station, as well as being invited by Disney to be on their program. 

This is particularly intriguing given the demonstrations of the dog's capabilities and the number of witnesses. 

Billy doesn’t know about that case. But since each animal has a psyche it is no surprise that some animals are showing more than average demonstrations of instinct-based behaviour etc. etc. Cats, dogs, dolphins and horses etc. are quite capable to react and interreact with human beings. 

Dec.24, 2012
Dear Billy and others, 

I hope all is well. Thanks to each and every one of you for your unwavering contributions. 
If you were asked to write a workable and fair peace treaty between Palestine and Israel, what would it cover? I ask you because after all, you are the one who came up with the best possible overpopulation control blueprint! 

Zhila, Thank you Billy. 

Too many among both peoples are bound to religious-sectarian formulas or belief-structures. Any treaty between the factions will be fake-treaties only. 
The human beings must first change their thinking and behaving to the positive and develop love, peace, freedom and harmony within themselves. 

(Note by CF: If you look at the facts, on both sides, it is clear that those in power do not, are not willing to achieve true peace.)


Dearest Billy. I hope you are feeling well. And I'd also like to give a special thanks to Christian for all he's done of his own volition, relating to the Spiritual Teaching for us in the the English speaking world. It is mucho appreciated.

Billy, In the last FIGU bulletin, you also spoke about debt and the europäischen Rettungsschirm ESM (European Rescue Fund ESM). 

"Und die wohl letzte Generalidiotie bei der Schuldenmacherei ist die, dass Schulden in unbegrenzter Form gemacht werden sollen, und zwar weit über die staatlichen Goldreserven hinaus, so wie es bereits in den 1970er Jahren in den USA geschehen ist, als der krankhaft dumme 37. USA-Präsident, Richard Milhous Nixon, veranlasste, dass der US-Dollar fortan nicht mehr an die staatlichen Goldreserven zu binden war und folgedem Schulden in unbegrenzter Höhe gemacht werden konnten. Das Fazit dieser abgrundtiefen Idiotie führte seither zu einem Schuldenberg der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, der sich auf über 15 Billionen Dollar beläuft." 

"And probably the last general idiocy in the debt-making is that debt should be made ​​in unlimited form, and extending well beyond the government's additional gold reserves, as has already happened during the 1970s in the USA, as the morbidly stupid 37th U.S. President, Richard Milhous Nixon, arranged that the dollar was now no longer bound to the government's gold reserves and consequently debt in unlimited amounts could be made. The conclusion of this deep abyss of idiocy, ever since resulted in a debt-mountain for the United States of America, which amounts to over 15 trillion U.S. dollars." 

You've spoken very positively about President Obama, yet he has presided over the largest increase in the US debt by any President. In Obamas 4 years the debt has increased by about $5 trillion USD. Can you please say a few words in general about what it means for the world now that Obama has been reelected and also whether Obama's huge debt increase is a big mistake? 

Many thanks. 

When Obama became president he had to deal with and face a situation he was not responsible for. It wasn’t him who caused the financial crisis. It were father and „Oberidiot“ son Bush who caused the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, connected with huge financial costs. 
One of Obama’s great achievment is installing a social insurance system for the poor. 

The debt increase is principally the result from actions – or false or non-actions – by former presidents and the congress etc. 

Making huge debts is a mistake at all times and everywhere.

Nov. 27,2012

Hello Billy, thank you so much for your time responding my question, 
What is truth? The nature of our consciousness can generate only one and just one-solo-single thought at at any determine time(linear) or our consciousness can generate two or more thoughts at the same exact time(simultaneous) 
My question involve a fundamental issue, about thoughts. Is our thinking lineal: T1 then T2 then T3? or T1 and T2 and T3 could happen at the same time. 
-The senses are receptors or information, and sure, we can capture information from sigh, hear, and from the 6 and 7th sense at the same time and processing this information may happen simultaneously in our consciousness, but may not be the case for our thoughts. 
The relation process/product:thinking/thoughs plays a role in this matter. 
Have we only one thought at any given time, or since thoughts are oscillation/waves they are not influenced by the TIME factor therefore, 5 thoughts can be triggered at the same time even if they oppose each other in value. 
Fredy Martinez 

Our thinking is both linear and serial. Thought are occurring/coming one after another etc. etc., but it is also possible to have three thoughts at the same time as you can easily recognize within yourself: 
1: In your mind you are repeating a succession of words (e.g. a prayer) = thought thread 1 
2: At the same time your thoughts may deal with some things you have experienced or you are planning = thought thread 2 
3: At the same time you are moving your arms or walk around or doing something with your body = thought thread 3. 
The focus of your consciousness will probably wander from one thread of thought to another. You can only focus one thought at a time.

Nov. 27,2012


When someone seeks your council (advise), how do you treat personal (private) matters regarding the seeker's requested confidentiality and how are others, that want to know these confidential matters dealt with when they feel the confidential information should be shared? My concern mainly is what confidentiality is and what its boundaries are. 

Thank you 

If someone (be it an individual or a group of people) requests that you keep personal/private and other matters confidential, you have to keep it/them confidential. No non-involved person or persons has or have any right to know/learn about what has been spoken about confidentially. Confidentiality means that you are entrusted to keep something confidential and do not tell it to anybody else. Confidentiality has to do with a secret. 
There are limits regarding confidentiality, however, e.g. if you are learning/getting informed about a serious crime. Actually, the so-called „seal of confession“ should be allowed to be broken when the priest etc. is informed of a serious crime. 
Btw: The same applies to or should apply to physicians/doctors etc. 

Oct. 28,2012

Salome Billy, 

Thank you and everyone there, very much, for the kindness and hospitality I experienced this summer during my visits to the center. 

Why do you folks at the center call it the "Semjase-Silver-Star-Center" and not the "Semjase-Silber-Stern-Zentrum"? 


“Silver” is an old German word, as is also the case with “Star”.


Billy and Christian, 

I have a question regarding translation of FIGU material (Billy's primarily but including those of other FIGU members writing also). I learning German I have spent a large amount of time engaged in translation work of the FIGU material. Since I focus my work on the original German texts I use several sources of to verify a translation of German words. I know there will never be a truly accurate English translation for many German words. I have been using the Oxford German Dictionary (German/English version ISBN 978-0-19-954568-1) as my final overriding source for translations as I have also found not errors - but differences in the FIGU German/English Dictionary versus Oxford. I am hoping you can recommend a source/dictionary that you have found to be the most accurate for this purpose. Are we to consider the FIGU German/English dictionary over the Oxford Dictionary? 

German: vervollkommnung 
FIGU dictionary: relative absolute fulfillment of ... 
Oxford: perfection 

Thanks & Salome 

Since the Oxford Dictionary (or any other dictionary, which is based on the limited range of the English language) often doesn’t convey the true meanings, you will have to use the FIGU German/English dictionary in order to come close to the real meaning of the German text. 
“Vervollkommnung” is a good example, because obviously “perfection” is NOT the correct translation, as is also the case with “Vollkommenheit” (= absolutely full development), when it is used regarding spiritual issues. 

(Not by CF: The word/term “Vervollkommnung” is not an end state or result, but an act, a process.)


Hi Billy, 

I appreciate your answer concerning the life force energy and thank you for the explanation. 
About this: 
"Besides the planetary influences like atmosphere, nourishment/food, etc., it's the cosmic-electromagnetic life-energy which builds the spirit form's hull or cover (Hülle), which is finite, contrary to the spirit form's energy, which is infinite. These processes have nothing to do with "free electrons", but belong into the high-fine-fluidal realm." 

which was your answer ..... 

Are you saying the spiritform has a sort of physical body (at it's own fine fluidal level) whereby the life force energy acts as a cellular regeneration agent similar to that required for a 3rd dimensional physical body which constantly replenishes and renews the cells from which it is composed ? 

Is this "hulle" the nebulous semi transparent shape you have previously described as being the actual appearance of a spiritform if someone were able to see one such as those of the High Council level at Andromeda ? 

Do all spiritforms at the higher levels have an actual and individual physical appearance by which they are able to recognize and distinguish each other ? 

Spirit forms have nothing to do with “bodies”. It’s a formless spiritual energy. The human spirit or spirit form is a “constant cumulation” (eine ständige Kumulation, Anreicherung). 

(Note by CF: The term “form” is used only for the human being’s understanding. Actually in the spiritual realm there’s no “form” as we understand it.)

Sept. 23,2012
Hello dear Billy 

i hope you are feeling good. Recently in my country (Mexico) and in many others around the globe, there have been protests against the government for different reasons. I would like to know if demonstrations are ok or not, i ask this because in a past answer you said: "Demonstrations are a form of war." ( I think some protests can be a form of education (by bringing public attention about evil machinations), so i would appreciate if you could clarify this. 

Thank you very much for your time. Salome. 

Protests are a form of war because a protest is always of an aggressive character. 
A demonstration can be peaceful or educating (aufklärend), but it can also be aggressive. A demonstration is the visible expression of an intention (Absicht). 

To answer your question: When people are gathering to give the government etc. a sign of concern or of non-agreement etc., and when the participants don’t destroy objects or throw stones etc. etc., it is not a warlike action.

(Note by CF: The information stands that are organized by FIGU Switzerland (CG49) in several cities are also a kind of demonstration, a peaceful one because the passers-by have to decide themselves whether or not they want do come near the stand and check/read what we are offering for free.)

July 28,2012
Dear Billy and the Plejaren, 

What is the best way to develop a wise and balanced relationship with this world's privately funded 'money industry'? Especially when considering how the need for ever greater amounts of money drives the practice of corruption, environmental destruction, cultural degradation, and social injustices of all sorts, how might we learn to best relate to money in THIS world? 

Money is a requirement and a necessity to have in our present world, and in itself it is a neutral thing. 
Money is a means to earn a living, to lead a good life, and to secure an old age without financial problems. 
What matters is how a human being thinks about money or deals with it. It is not important whether a person has much money or not, but whether there is greed and envy etc. present, or whether a person lives a modestlife, is modest with regard to his own wishes, etc.

July 28, 2012
Dear Billy 
It is my understanding that you announce certain contact notes at the exclusion of others. 
You also talk about a particular topic that is relevant to the particular time at the exclusion of others which I assume must be important enough to warrant further thought by the reader. 
It is also clear to me that there is always a reason and a purpose as to why you and any of the Plejaren friends would talk about a particular topic at a particular time which I assume must be done after careful consideration of what is going on in our terrestrial affairs that must be rectified or neutralised through announcing certain facts. 
In the matters to your recent discussion with Ptaah about the earth alien's activities on this earth, it seems to me from the tone of Ptaah's words that these earth aliens are interfering, whether directly or indirectly, in the affairs of terrestrial politics and human activities or even showing their flying machines in such a brazen way as to leave little doubt to the people witnessing it thereby causing psychological hysteria among certain people who happen to be religious who then take a wrong stand on the issue of extraterrestrial lifeforms and thereby cause more damage to the cause of the spreading of the truth by perpetuating more delusional ideas onto other people and thought vibrations to the collective consciousness. 

My question is how dangerous has the situation become for terrestrial affairs ever since the earth aliens made secret contact with certain governmental, corporate, secret service, military and scientific personnels of which you are not allowed to speak about yet but as a consequence certain negative causes have ultimately led to the arms race for weaponization of space which has the potential for triggering a WW4 scenario far into the future? 
Matt Lee 

There are NO contacts of any sort by "earth aliens" or reptilians etc. etc. with governments etc. etc. 
The three groups which are stationed here on Earth and who are known of by the Plejaren, but not contacted, are observers only.

June 24,2012

Hi Billy & Christian! 
Thanks once more for taking our questions. 
Billy, several years ago when Obama was running for President, you were asked what you thought of him and you replied - "Barack Obama can be looked upon as average, not too good, but also not too bad. John Mc Cain is in the same category as G. W. Bush. And it is very positive that Hillary Clinton did not win the preliminary elections because she is an extremely power-hungry person." 
Since then, Obama brought on his team the 'extremely power-hungry' Hillary Clinton. Also, your tone has seemed to change regarding Obama being average. You even said: "Billy ... says it is sure that President Obama is the best man the U.S. ever had as a president." 
Now with a little over 3 years as US President, what is your current assessment of Obama ? 

Thank you . Salome, Bruce 

Obama is still the best man the U.S. ever had as a president. 
A president of the U.S. is not as powerful as many people believe. There are all kinds of shady machinations going on behind his back. And during the last 3 years much dirt and mud was thrown into his path by the Republicans and other factions.

June 24,2012

Dear Billy, 
Most of the Hebrew alphabet resembles very much the Plejaren alphabet as is shown on the Figu postcard, however, not all the letters of the Plejaren are written in the same way in Hebrew language, but their names are almost identical. Can you please clarify - if the hebrew language today, is a derivative/bad copy of the Plejaren language of the past? 

The Hebrew alphabet is based on the Lyrian alphabet that was brought into the Near East region by the Gizeh Intelligences and other people of extraterrestrial origin.

April 30,2012

Dear Billy, someone posted this up on facebook claiming it is information from supposed contactee Dan Fry, disregarding the source is the information accurate? 

"There are three types or branches of science which are necessary for the proper development of mankind: the Spiritual Science, the Social Science and the Physical or Material Science. The spiritual and social sciences must come first. There can be no development of the material science unless there first exists a foundation of the spiritual and social sciences. You can prove this to yourself by considering the difference between man and the animals. The animal has no spiritual or social science and consequently has never developed a material science. A few of your insects such as the ant and the bee have developed a rudimentary form of social science to the extent that they are able to live together in large numbers, work together for their mutual welfare, and have a form of discipline which is common to all. As a result of this they also have developed a very limited material science, in that they do erect structures, and store food against a future time of need. The fact, however, that they have no spiritual science has proven an absolute bar to further development with the result that they have not advanced a single: step in thousands of years 


In the 424th contact of June 17, 2006 (see Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 10), Ptaah informed Billy that – contrary to earlier assumptions – Dan Fry had no encounters or contacts with extraterrestrials. Quote from sentence 35: "Einige andere, wie Dan Fry und Schmidt usw., wurden durch die Gizeh-Intelligenzen teleprojektiv in Scheinrealitäten mit visionären Erlebnissen versetzt, die sie als Realität erachteten." 
If Fry really claimed that the spriitual science must come first, he was on a wrong track. Quite the contrary is true.
1) physical science 
2) consciousness-related knowledge 
3) spiritual science (Geisteswissenschaft) – btw that's what FIGU is promoting/doing.


Dear Billy, 

You stated in my last question that President Obama has no FIGU connection. Then please clarify this statement written by Andrea Bertuccioli in one of the FIGU bulletins: 

"Obama's mission and the FIGU somehow run parallel and there exists a deep connection that reaches back thousands of years." 

What is this connection? 

Thanks very much, 

Obama has connections to the mission that lead back thousands of years. However, it is very unlikely that Obama has ever heard about FIGU and the mission. 

(Note by CF: In other words, Obama's spiritform has been involved in our mission before, a statement from which you can draw your own conclusion regarding the origin of his spiritform.) 

Dec. 24, 2011

Guten Tag Billy, 

I want to ask how it is with absolute pitch? Why some people have such ability and other don't? 

There may be different reasons for this: genetics; impulses from former existences through the storage banks; learning; interest; etc.


Hello dear Billy 

i hope you are feeling good. I would like to know if there exist a relationship between the colors that we see and the 12 musical notes used in western music. (something like when certain birth days are associated with colors and stones). 

Thank you very much for your time. 

Yes, there exists a relationship. There are people who can hear colours, and other people can see musical notes. 


Dear Billy 

I refer to Contact 60 where Semjase mentioned that Atlantis was destroyed in 9398 BCE, and this time frame was again confirmed by BEAM during a Q&A session. 

Wendelle Stevens relayed in his book that Atlantis was established by IHWH Atlant some 33,000 years ago and it all went well for 18,000 years before it was destroyed. 

I consider that the above 33,000 years ago figure matched reasonably with the above 9398 BCE confirmed destruction date. 

(33000 – 1977 – 18000 ~= 13023) 

However, in Contact 70, it was mentioned that Atlantis was established by IHWH Atlant some 133,000 years ago, an additional one hundred thousand years was inserted. 

It seems that Atlantis and Mu could not have been peaceful and prosperous for such a long time such as over 120,000 years. 

My question is: Could you confirm the approximate establishment date of Atlantis? Or if there is any mistake in the figures within Contact 70? 


There have been 4 different "versions" of Atlantis, not all of them existing at the same time: The region of the so-called Troy, Santorin, Atlantic, and North Africa.


Dear Billy 

Thanks for having clarified this question of aura. 

Now, here is a new question: 

Contradiction 4 


Post Number: 1949 
Registered: 12-1999 

Posted on Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 08:44 pm: 


Hi Billy, 

How are you? 

can pure reason be broken? Galileo and Cantor said that there are levels of infinity and this concept of infinity contradicts pure mathematics. so is this true? 

Thanks for coming to earth 


No, there's no contradiction.However, pure infinity is finite, and yes, infinity is divisible. 

Now, infinity is the substantive of infinite. Infinite and finite are contradictory. Therefore infinity cannot be finite. 
This answer has no logical meaning. 

Question: Can you explain what you meant? 


Yes, it has logical meaning! However, this is beyond human understanding because the concept of infinity cannot be grasped by the human being. 
An example: Knowledge in a person is infinite, but it is finite when he dies. 

Pure infinity is finite because everything is limited = finite.


Salome Eduard 

I hope all is well for you. 

How is it possible for the spirit-form to remain deep within the brain without ever moving out of the brain or to ask a different way how does the spirit-form attach itself to/within the brain? 

My thinking behind this question is that I often think that if a human being hits his head hard on something due to an accident or some other situation why does the spirit-form not get pushed somewhere else. So logically the spirit-form must be heald within the brain somehow which allows the spirit-form to remain there even when the head is hit hard. 

.... It was a nice and unique experience to be at the SSSC with you and other figu members in May. I am still pondering on some experiences I had there. 

Thank you 

The spirit form is pure spiritual energy and is not attached in a material way. It's focused in the brain, but is also enlivening the entire body, and it moves within the body with the body in agreement (?) with each movement. 

(Note by CF: We had a good laugh about your question. – I give you an analogy [through a question]: If you shake a battery or throw it onto the ground: Does electricity fall out of the battery, or does it remain in the battery?)

June 24,2011

Hi BEAM. I read in the archives that you studied Sasquatch from the safety of a beamship. So you wanted to see for yourself this elusive creature. Can you tell me whether these creatures can evolve into True Human Beings according to The Goblet of the Truth or is this impossible? 

Yes, that's possible, but it would need very long time.

June 24, 2011

Hello Billy 

If all the "artistic" expressions that do not represent reality as it is ("Abstract art ") are not really art, Are they of any use? (Apart from maybe being some form of therapy for the "artist" and a business for many) 

Thank you 

Ptaah once called abstract art a "Kindergreuel". Real art is an image of reality, be it nature, an object, or some representations of futuristic imaginations/images, i.e. objects, technical devices etc. that may be realized or met in the future. 

(Note by CF: I agree with you that therapy and business are strong factors in today's "art business".)

April 25,2011

Hello dear Billy 

i would like to know what is "art" for you and what is its importance in the life of the human being 

thank you very much 


Art is to represent something through word, picture and sculptures just as it is in reality, like e.g. portraits, landscapes, objects, etc. This is also the Plejaren's opinion. 

Btw: Music doesn't belong into this category. 

(Note by CF: I forgot to ask the second part of the question, actually a second question.  
I'd say that art in this sense has an uplifting and positive effect on the observer.)

April 25,2011


If Nokodemion has about 144, 000 offspring then surely they are the ones mentioned in the biblical Revelation. 
What is the relevance of the 144, 000 mentioned in the book called Revelation? or specifically I would like to know why they are incorporated into the writing. 

The 144,000 mentioned in the Revelation have nothing to do with the 144'207 human beings mentioned in the OM who, btw, are not Nokodemion's offspring, but have been a group of extraterrestrial human beings linked with a certain mission. They had done some negative actions with had negative effects on terrestrial humankind.

March 27,2011

Hi Billy, 

My question today is about "nature spirits". Please describe their purpose in life, their level of intelligence and their visual appearance. 

Thank you very much, 


Billy knows that they exist (he has seen one at the Semjase Silver Star Center; we even have an imprint of the fairy's tiny imprints on a piece of clay), but he doesn't know their purpose. They are very small human beings, with the ability to change (switch) dimensions. 

(Note by CF: Since Billy has never spoken with one of them (Little people; fairies; …), he cannot judge their intelligence.)

Jan. 23,2011

Hello To ALL And Billy/FIGU members. 

This my first posting on here after since joining 2yrs ago and just browsing/reading all related details and learning to get answers and insights and trying to educate myself and mind! on many subjects 
So i would like to ask my first ever question to you Billy. 

I have read and heard many reasons and explanations as to what "ORBS" are? 
iam told they are dead people, angels or family spirits/ghosts (you call Fluidal Energy) Iam currently reading up as much as possible as to 'What' they are! I have got many of them i have caught on camera,different,colours,sizes,brightness. 
Whats your view? Is it all Esoteric Nonsense? Whats yours/Plejarens explanation as to what 'Orbs' Are or mean? 

Any answers would be appreciated Thanks 

They are bio-organic life forms, but certainly NOT dead people, angels or family ghosts and other nonsense. And"bio-organic life forms" is a term with far-reaching meaning.

Nov. 29,2010

Billy I’m very confused by you & Ptaahs statement about where Hyperborea was/is. Is the current land mass called Greenland where Hyperborea was when it was positioned where Florida is positioned today? I’ll add this for more clarification. If I want to search for the remains of Hyperboria would I go to Florida or Greenland? 

It was in Florida, but Florida at that time was where Greenland is today.


Hi Billy and Christian, 

Thank you for your previous answer. 
There are books and stories about accidental 'time travel'. 
I think one of the most known is about Rundolf Fenz Junior. That man allegedly was hit by a car in the year 1958, he was dressed in a style that looked old-fashioned, even archaic. The impact was such that the man was killed outright. The deceased was carring an amount of money (antique bills) and several business cards bearing the name Rudolf Fenz. There was also a letter postmarked in 1876. 

I put a large question mark on such stories, mainly because there are no hard evidences to prove or disprove it. Many writers speculate that there are natural phenomenons which may cause that one spontaneously moves in time. 

Billy my question is it possible to move in time without using time travel technology, in other words are there any natural mechanisms allowing for that or we are dealing here with pure fiction? 

Beniamin Skowronski 

Billy doesn't know about Rudolf Fenz. 
He thinks that it is possible that there are natural mechanisms which could move a person from one dimension/time frame to another.

Oct. 25, 2010

Greetings Billy, 
A few times over the past few years you've mentioned that Arther Berlet, the one who wrote a book called "UFO contact from Planet Akart", was in fact a fraud, despite there being similarities from your info to the true planet Akart, however, it has more recently been brought to my attention that this statement of your contradicts yet another statement found in contact #38 in which this can be found in a list of UFO contactees as follows where it says; 

-Arther Berlet/Brazil. Had real vision contact. 
(Note: this was evidently deleted from the list in the Stevens Translations as line #90.5) 
And then a short time later your reply back to Semjase was; 

Meier- Fantastic. Slowly my head smokes from these matters. But I recognize from your information, that neither Raps nor Berlet have flown in spaceships, and just have these experiences in the form mentioned by you. 

My question being, does this real vision still mean Arther Berlet is still a fraud or have the Plejarens since made a correction here concerning this matter, or is it because he may have changed his actual story in some way for his book?? 

I'm assuming he may have had changed his story somewhat for his book. 

Peace in knowing, 
James Truthseeker. 

A real vision contact is no real contact (meaning face to face), which means that he is a fraud when he speaks or writes of real contacts and experiences.

July 23,2010

Dear Billy, 
Peace and health to you, 
There is currently another spate of videos on the internet debunking your photographic evidence, these as it happens are very well done and appear to show how most of your evidence can be reproduced to a certain extent, I think your old friend Kal Korff may be involved in some way and perhaps this is what the Plejaran alluded to when advising against Michael Horn getting involved in a collaboration with him on a dvd project. 

My question is, what is the best thing to do regarding these increasingly determined and increasingly well put together claims of fraud against you. Should people keep working on debunking the debunkers? Has enough been done to keep the message from falling away from the public eye again because of these, or are these debunkers themselves helping the cause by bringing others accidently to the information. 
Thank you. 

It's best to ignore them. Stupidity can only be dissolved by the afflicted person/s himself/themselves. Billy's photos, footage, metal samples, audio recordings etc. have been proven to be authentic and real a long 30 years ago. 

(Note by CF: Trying to produce effects with today's technical means and equipment that resemble results that were produced 30 years ago with with primitive means (not only viewed back from today, but also at that time) by a person with only one arm etc. is a waste of time. It's obvious that the individuals involved simply don't have the mental capacities to accept the truth when it does not correspond with their belief and delusion. 
Anyone who has read Billy's "Zeugenbuch" (book of witnesses / witnesses reports) will only show a weary smile towards the debunker's futile attempts of proving something that cannot be repeated because the original events are not occurring anew.) 

July 23,2010

Hello Billy and FIGU, 

Thanks for answering my last question. Now, this question is about Barack Obama. 

Barack Obama have received the Nobel Peace Prize and he has not been president of the United States for a whole year. The Nobel Peace Prize is a lifetime achievement award. I know Barack Obama does not deserve that award. To add more, he was nominated 10 or 12 days after he was inauguration in office. 

There are other people out there who deserve the Nobel Peace Prize more than Barack Obama. Sometimes, it seems like he gets way too much endorsement. Sometimes, it is very hard to see some of the good he is doing. When barack Obama received the prize, it made a lot of people angry. A president or any world leader who is in war does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. It is not right and it is so wrong on so many levels. 

Billy, do you think Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize? 


Anyone who is capable of logical thinking would realize that if anybody should be blamed about Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, then it is the committee who has decided to give Obama the Prize. It was not Obama who was striving for that prize, and it was obvious that it was not to his liking and that it is a burden for him. Therefore, any person who was angry about the incident and blamed Obama for it, is barking up the wrong tree. 

(Note by CF: There are over 300 million US Americans, and about 86 percent are more or less enslaved and impaired by religious thinking, which includes emotions of envy, hatred and revenge (an eye for an eye…). How shall one person (Obama) change and improve all that there is faulty in that country within just one or two years?! Obama's policy of détente regarding nuclear weapons alone is a huge improvement for the benefit of the whole planet. Besides, his thinking and behaviour, if compared with the arch-criminal and religious delusionist George W. Bush, is quite different. But of course Barack Obama will also make false decisions or err, but this is human and in no way gives reason for all of the hatred that is directed and built up towards him by ignorant and brainless people who are inhaling false and hate information from mind-dulling TV shows, religious leaders, tea party attendees, etc.)

June 27,2010

Hello Billy, 
When I am on an airplane flying high above the clouds and without too much consideration about this flying activity (I am not referring only to the times when I am on my way to SSSC or simply going on a holiday) I notice that I feel differently to what I experience on the ground: a calm comes over me and I feel peaceful in my mind as if I was somewhere else completely. Is this feeling a normal occurrence due to earth's vibrational frequencies? What causes this feeling? is this a result from previous anticipation thoughts? I also feel a similar positive occurrence when I leave the parameters of the city and go to the countryside. 
And yet when it is full moon, I feel that my brain has morphed to a piece of Swiss cheese and a mouse is playing hide and seek with my thinking. I feel the complete opposite to what I mentioned before. What are the causes of these opposites and Why? 
Thank you kindly, Bianca 

On the one hand, a concentration (masses) of people --- their vibrations and thoughts --- as in cities, can have an disturbing influence, just as one's imagination can also have an impact, e.g. people who believe that they are badly influenced by the moon, and then evoke the anticipated effects (unconsciously). 

When the moon is up in the sky, it is always there at full size. The only thing that changes is the amount of sunlit area of Moon that's visible to us. 

May 4, 2010

Dear Billy 

The very dangerous satanic, luciferian, devil worshipping, ritual child sacrificing, dispensationalistic, eschatological secret society members occupying the high echelons of government, corporate and secret groups that control it are continuing their vile campaign to dominate the world through multitude of devious and cunning psychological warfare on the supposedly dumb, idiotic and just so so stupid masses of willfully ignorant people. 
Through the complicity and the co-operation of lackeys in the media strategically positioned to do their bidding, the masses have been misdirected, miseducated, mis-disinformed, misadvised and diverted into an unthinking consumer cows brainwashed with so much trash and garbage produced from it. 
The very very important issues are never discussed at a meaningful level and only in small insignificant circles and no real solutions are achieved in this quagmire. 
One very pertinent issue that must be addressed and has been for sometime only in small circles is the insanities of weapons in space. 
The sophistication of already well established weapons in space that target ET vehicles and of course terrestrial targets must be mind boggling for the average joe on the street yet together with many other forms of secret technological weapons still classified and unknown, the fake ET invasion scenario is getting ever so closer to being consumated. 
Billy since most of these weapons are produced from the private corporate sector as opposed to the governmental military industrial complex which you still cannot discuss because of the obvious previously stated reasons, can you at least shed some light and information as much as it is permissible for this current time on how effectively the grassroots can counteract or even thwart to a degree this very dangerous state of affair surpassing the obvious answers of needing to be informed and being educated about it. 

Thank you 
Matt Lee 

What can be said is that there are no weapons in space "that target ET vehicles". 

(Note by CF: When Billy doesn't refer to the many claims in your e-mail, this doesn't mean that he takes them as granted and agrees with you, at least not entirely. 
Regarding your question: A change for the better (or worse) must always occur on the personal level, within each individual. It's the responsibility of the persons who are (getting) aware of dangerous developments and threats in their respective countries to stand up and publish their concerns, and to elect decent and non-egoistical representatives into the governments.)

March 1, 2010

Howdy Billy, hope you are well : ) 

In my understanding of things, lying, AKA: being deceptive or in some other way misrepresenting the truth, is one of the most fundamental (disagreements?) with our consensual reality. I would enjoy seeing what you think about this, especially from the perspective of the creational or universal laws as you know them. 

Some things to consider: 
- when is lying appropriate (as in the case of 'little white lies')? 
- when offering one's own opinion, is lying ever okay? 
- is lying okay in order to protect some creative process from destruction? 
- are some lies more valid than others? For instance, would a lie that is closer to the truth be more valid than a lie that is more directly in opposition to the truth? 

In association with this, I am interested in how common lies are in the greater universe, among the greater human races. How much deception has Earth-based humanity to wade through as we venture out into the universe? 

Love is always the way 

To lie means that a person is deliberately telling an untruth. 
In German there is a difference between "Lüge" (lie) and "Schwindel" (swindle; telling fibs or tricking). 
It can be said each person more or less is using swindle during his life, to avoid embarrassing situations or because of other reasons. 
A pure lie remains a pure lie. However, not everything that is looked upon by others as a lie is a lie. There are instances where someone is telling an untruth and doesn't know that it is an untruth, as e.g. in the case of rumours. As a rule, where's a rumour, there is a bigger or smaller portion of truth in it and, therefore, it cannot be classified as a pure lie. 
There are people, notorious liars, who believe that the untruth they perform/tell to be the truth. This also is a situation that cannot be classified as a pure lie, just as in the case of a schizophrenic who is stating things that only exist in his delusion but which, in reality, are not true. 

It goes without saying the higher evolved a race is (spiritual-teaching-wise), the less such human beings are in need of swindling or even lying. What remains, however, is that there are situations where something has to be explained by "talking around the bush".

March 1, 2010

Hello Billy and Christian, 

Thank you for answering my last question about Ptaah. 

We all lie, we sometimes lie everyday or every once in awhile. People have been lying for many many centuries. We all learn to lie from our parents. I do my best not to lie and it is something hard to do. Lying seems to becaome a normal part of human nature. If one be honest with himself or herself, maybe that person will not lie all the time. 

The person who is accused of lying took a polygraph test, hypnotic regression, and looking at the accuser in the eye does not prove that the person that is being accused is telling the truth. 

Billy, what is best way to tell if someone is telling the truth or lying? 


Not everything that is called a lie is a lie. 
To tell if someone tells the truth or is lying is a very difficult task and not possible in each case. 
Probably one feasible way is to keep one's attention on the tone of the voice (Tonfall), either by listening closely, or by electronic/technical means. The former is possible only if a person is capable of listening into one's own consciousness. 
There are people though, who are speaking an untruth where this cannot be detected, like e.g. schizophrenics, or in the case of pathological liars who are believing their lies.

March 1, 2010

Dear Billy, 

Thank you for suggesting that I read Bernadette's book about the history of Nokodemjon. This is the first I have heard about her book. I would very much like to know the contents. However, I regret that I do not know German yet. 

Inquiring further concerning the history of Nokodemjon and the mission I would like to ask; Why do the same individual spirits always seem to incarnate at the time of the prophet to form a core group when there are 144208 members altogether? And there always seems to have been the same problem during the early beginnings of these groups with interpersonal relationships as to who was the greater or older or wiser. If all of these members were specially educated and trained for this mission over millions and billions of years what role in the mission do the other members have and why do we not here more from them? 

Salome and good health to you. 
Lonnie O'day Morton 

In the same way that in an army you have the general and officers, while the great majority consists of the soldiers (or in a group of about 20 people where you have two to three persons who are taking a leading perspective or position), the similar thing is also valid for the people who are involved in the mission. There are a couple of them who are standing in the forefront (like e.g. the Core Group of 49), but most of them are doing their work and actions more in a private way. All of them, the "leading" persons as well as the ones in the "background", are equally important for the progress of the mission. When viewed in this way, nobody must "feel" of a lower importance if one is not a member of the Core Group etc. 

(Note by CF: The same principle is also valid within the Core Group where certain persons appear or are standing more in the foreground than others; this, however, does not imply that those persons in the foreground are more important or doing better than the other ones.)

March 1,2010

Thanks billy once again for your insight. 

But to continue further into Obama. 

[might wanna take the last answer from previous round] 

I understand that universal healthcare and others are great, but i fear that its backed by bad purposes. 

For example, the healthcare legislation. I have read some disturbing sections in that legislation and its terrifying. Fining people for not getting government healthcare, setting up tribunals to determine weither the patient is cost effective to keep alive, rationed healthcare. Its very difficult to say that i can support this when examples like that is put right into legislation. 

this is a perfect example of some terrifying ideas and no wonder people are against it. 

Also not to mention they do not have the money for it. 

I am sure that hes got great intentions, but hes talking to certain people, hanging out with certain people who does not exatly have alot of favourable ideas, such as purposely bankrupting the world(this CAN be good but i doubt enough people will give in). IT does not put on a good impression. 

So my question is this. How can we know for certain that things will start going for the better. I personally have not been able to observe anything visible so far as to what he is doing.(Bringing in Tim geithner as treasury does NOT help alot). 

Please understand im not bashing Obama, its just its very difficult times and its very hard to see what you say on him as possible. 

-Gerald Massey 

Billy doesn't know the details of the health care act. The U.S. should take the Swiss health care system as an example. Each person who is living in Switzerland (Swiss citizens as well as non-Swiss residents; adults and children) are obliged to have a health insurance membership, and this brings benefit and security to all people. Through this system health service is guaranteed to everybody in case of disease and accident. 
The health insurance is divided into two parts: an obligatory basis insurance, and a complementary insurance for all those people who can afford more services, as e.g. being allowed to have a single room or a greater variety of food in a hospital, among other things. 
To answer your question: The correct way is that people observe the words and actions of all participants in a neutral way, and to be aware of the manifold machinations of the many interest groups and political parties etc. which don't have the well-being of the entire nation in their focus, but pursue egoistical and shady goals only. 

(Note by CF: The big problem especially in the U.S. is that the people are not capable to look upon the machinations with a neutral awareness, but are easily manipulated because of their religious belief systems which are based on an authority – be it god or a fanatical preacher etc. – who is telling them what to do and to follow blindly. 
And what has already been stated before: President Obama really has an enormously heavy job to clean up the mess that he has inherited from his predecessors, and to stand up against all the many racists who cannot accept the fact that a black-skinned president has won the elections. Additionally, there are very strong political, secret and economical opponents working openly or secretly in the mud of the U.S. political system etc.)


Billy where it concern filial piety in all it's intended meaning, in reference to the laws of love even bad parents are suppose to be granted reverence and respect because they too are also an inviolable creation of Creation yet should they not also earn their respect from their children rather than demanding it just because they are your parents. 
My question is what could be said about the most appropriate form of filial piety and the form of conduct willed into action from children towards parents other than compassion, respect, understanding, patience, love, punishment (through well intended criticism), obedience (?) etc. 

with respect 
Matt Lee 

Human beings shall grant respect to their parents, but they must not approve bad deeds and behaviour. 
The same is true regarding all other human beings: Pay respect and reverence to all of them, because all are human beings and own a spirit form within them, which is linked with Creation. This doesn’t mean, though, that people must not be put into separation if they have committed a crime, or that bad or harmful behaviour must not be criticized or prevented.

Jan. 23, 2010

Dear Billy. 

thanks for your previous answer. For this round, though is something much different. 

You talk about Obama being the best possible president. This is VERY difficult to see as with all the actions that he has done so far is not very convincing. lets start by pointing out some things hes done. 

Sending more troops. If he is trying to keep peace wouldn't it be advisable to NOT send more troops to an area that is already destabilized.. 

He promised to close Guantanamo bay when he enters office. he has yet to do that and keeps pushing back the deadline to close it. 

National Healthcare. The US Government couldn't even manage Medicare and Medicaid. how in the world can they run universal healthcare. Not to mention they don't even have anymore money. 

The promise to not raise taxes. He has already raised taxes on middle class. 

And a few other obvious ones. He broke many other promises, so his credibility is sinking faster then titanic. 

the things hes done, the laws he passed has immense potential abuse. the laws they pass does not even benefit the people. 

so wouldn't Ron Paul(previous candidate for president, one who truly stands up for the people rather then special interests). 

Obama in my view seems to be bankrupting the country faster then what bush did. 

So to you. how can obama be the best possible presidential candidate. HE still has to listen to special interests. his voting record is against the constitution specifically 2nd amendment which states that the american people has the right to bear arms. Unfortunately its sad that people must defend themselves from a tyrannical government but unfortunately its the only thing stopping the government from completely running everyones lives. 

Having that said. if its not too much to ask. i would also like to get your opinion on another matter. 

Me and countless others are working almost to death to educate people about the flaws of the monetary system. and we are having tremendous success!!!!People are ready to change for the better. i already know many others who are already trying their best to grow their own gardens/get off the grid/seek independence/change within themselves at a motivational rate. i talk to 5 people, they talk to 5 people and so on. like the ripple effect.I've met quite a few people who left the banking institution because of the fraud that is perpetuated there. Ive talked to government officials who is alarmed at whats going on and so on and many others. Its very encouraging. 

Anyways i just want to know what you think about my success in presenting some facts about money and about why you think obama is the best candidate. 

kind regards. 
-Gerald Massey 

President Obama is facing the Herculean task of cleaning the gigantic mess that has been left by his many predecessors (presidents, parliaments, governmental agencies, voters, etc.). To accomplish that task and to bring a change to a brighter future, he needs the support of at least the majority of the population. Unfortunately, a really great part of the US American population is/are far too stupid to realize that by stirring up hatred against Obama and by running a primitive smear campaign they are really messing things up. Through their short-sighted behaviour they clearly display a lack of intelligence, and many of them pursue shady goals, which are not directed to the nation’s (or even world’s population’s) benefit, but only towards selfish reasons. 

Obviously there’s absolutely no understanding among Obama’s opponents about his real and constructive ideas. Anyone who is expecting that an US President could change all of the great problems in just one year is clearly demonstrating that he has no idea about the functioning of the political, financial, military and economic etc. system, circles and wire-pullers etc. who are putting every effort in preventing President Obama to realize his plans. 

The recent election in Massachusetts clearly shows that there is a broad lack of intelligence among many of the US population because they are not capable to see behind the surface of the US American political system and are not thinking in a long-term perspective, but are changing their view and opinion from day to day. Instead of learning to think clearly and intelligently, they let their brains be manipulated by the misinformation of TV channels and/or the hateful and fanatic sermon of loony preachers. 

US Americans should be proud of finally having a president with a good character and help him to make this world a better place. It seems that his qualities are more appreciated in foreign countries than in his home land. 

And what has to be said about national healthcare: It is a blatant shame that the USA up to now were not capable to implement a national healthcare which would bring great relief to the millions (!) of poor citizens. The quality of a nation is showing how it is acting towards the poor and needy. 

But to answer your question: Even a blind chicken may be lucky and find a corn here and there.



Dear Billy, 

You have said that in the year 3999 a very special group of people involved in this mission will leave the Earth and go to other worlds. Will this include anyone involved in the mission including Earth spirits or only those 144208 Lyrians who have been specially educated and trained for this mission over many millions of years? 

I would think that anyone who really dedicates him or herself to the mission will be among them. But the vast majority will be these Lyrians. Is that so? 

Lonnie Morton 

That special group will be from among the 144208 with spirit forms which of former existences in the Lyra system. There will be no people among them whose spirit forms originate on Earth. And it will not be the entire group of 144208 who will leave as a whole at the same time. 

(Note by CF: This does not mean that in later years – or probably before – people with „earth-born spirit forms“ may not travel or emigrate to other worlds as well.)


Hi Billy, 

In an earlier round of questions you said that Obama was the best president the US ever had. My question is how do you know that if you were not around when the other people were presidents to compare them to Obama? Did the P's tell you that? 

Many thanks 

Billy just notices and sees what Obama has achieved in only one year, something no other president has equalled before.


Hi Billy, 

Last time I asked a question about the US administration and you replied that Obama is the best president the US has ever had. There has been quite a lot of discussion and debate on the forum concerning your answer. Since we are frequently lead astray by the media it is hard to discern what is real and what is a lie concerning our political leaders. As you may know there is much alarm and character bashing about Obama's actions as president. Could you please give me some examples of things he is doing that will ultimately be good for the US? 

Thank you, 
Karrol Steeves 

If you look what he is saying and doing you will notice the good things yourself. 
Look at his way to lead the country (in contrast to his predecessor); 
He wants to reduce the masses of nuclear weapons; 
He wants to close Guantanamo; 
He wants to provide health insurance for the poor people; 
He is offering partnership to other countries, instead of playing the god-chosen world police authority; 
etc. etc. 
Obama’s approach to the world has brought much relief in other countries, and if he can continue with his plans much good will come from it. 

(Note by CF: Actually the US should be glad of having elected Barack Obama and let him do his good work instead of bashing him or throwing sticks between his legs. Many US Americans are too stupid, fanatical or captured in their religious delusion or racism to realize that a turn for a better future is possible with Obama, and that it is a Herculean task to clean the mess that the former presidents have accumulated.)


Hi Billy Herzliche Grüsse 

I have recently read the book "The story/history of Nokodemjon" and many things become clearer to me in relation with the socalled "Mission". Is one of the main goals of today's Mission to try to unite, integrate, converge the now separate and incompatible Lyran and Sirian lineages in the future? 

I mean the descendants of the Old Lyrans lineage and the Sirian lineages are now(today) quite incompatible in terms of spiritual evolution, technical advances and the acceptance of the Laws and Commandments of Creation. I guess there is a far future horizon in which both Lyran and Sirian lineages get mixed, and the result is a single, re-united lineage, and one of the efforts of todays Mission is to achieve such goal. 

Therefore in all those planets and worlds where the evolutionary level of their inhabitants is quite low it is necessary that you and your associates (Getreuen) appear to teach them the Spirit Teachings in order to make interaction and coexistence with advanced civilizations (like the Plejaren and the Timmers) possible ..... Am I somewhat correct? 

The goal of the Mission is to disseminate knowledge with regard to reality and truth.

Oct. 23,2009


Greetings and thanks for clarifying my last question. 

My question is what is the limit of evolution of non-human life forms in our Creation, i.e. how far a conscious living being without a human spirit can evolve according to natural Creational laws for e.g. space travel, primary telepathy, spiritual telepathy, etc? 

Certainly they cannot learn spiritual telepathy. 
The limit is when evolution is stopping the process, or when a catastrophe occurs. 

There already exist highly evolved animals on Earth, like e.g. silver wattle. 

(Note by CF: Billy had a silver wattle in his office, and each time he passed that plant its twigs swiftly moved in the direction where Billy was/stood. After Billy’s severe accident the plant withered and died.)



what do you think about the system locking up humans in jail i live in nebraska and i went to jail and not find it plesent and no one wont to be there i feel its wrong i would like your answer about that 

Locking people up in a jail/room for a long time is wrong. The correct way would be to install detention locations (Massnahmeerfüllungsorte), like e.g. islands or fenced in landscapes were the criminals have to work for their daily life, with their own hands and out in nature. 
As a rule, criminals tend to not learn or change when imprisoned in a small cell/room for a long time. 
The goal of any code of criminal procedure should be that the delinquent learns correct behaviour as well as internal and external hygiene etc. etc. 

However, as long at the "detention locations“ are not installed, we need jails. 

Oct. 23, 2009 


Hello Eduard 

Thank you for the chance and your time for me to ask you another question. 

I would like to go back to the first contact you had with Semjase. I quote 
"32. Many faunal or even floral life forms have also reached highly advanced levels of existence. 

33. So there are species that have acquired much knowledge and have freed themselves from their environment; they travel through space and also occasionally come to Earth. 

34. Many of them are rather unpleasant creatures and live in a certain barbarism that frequently is nearly as bad as the terrestrials'. 

35. One must be on one's guard from them because they often attack and destroy everything that gets in their way. 

36. Often they have destroyed whole planets or forced their inhabitants into barbaric slavery. 

37. This is one of our tasks: 

38. To warn the people on Earth of these creatures. 

39. Let the people know this because the time is approaching when a conflict with these degenerate human creatures becomes unavoidable. 

In line 32 Semjase explains that many faunal or even floral life forms have also reached highly advanced levels of existence. In line 33 Samjase explains that there are species that have acquired much knowlegde - and travel through space. In line 39 Samjase mentions that these are degenerate human creatures. 

My question is this: When Semjase speaks in line 33 about species is she refereing to human species or of plants/animals that have gained much knowledge and if its plants/animals how can plants/animals gain much knowledge without a brain and spirit-form like humans? 

Thank you for you time 

Kind regards 

My new Website address - 

She refers to human species, even if there are floral and faunal life forms (seeds and bacteria etc.) which are capable of leaving a planet and float/travel to other worlds/planets.


Dear Billy 

I hope you are feeling better. I am reading the goblet of truth and I have to thank for your explanation in regard to human beings not being born coded for evil deeds. This is something that I have pondered and sought the answer to for many years. 

When it comes to our evolution I am beginning to understand why the human beings on our planet reject the truth and want fantasy. Evolution is hard work and takes much self responsibilty. In the question I asked you last month about reincarnation I was really hoping you would tell me that I will not have to face the same pain and hardship that I have had to overcome in this life time. The realization that I may have an even harder life next time around is something I will have to learn to accept. 

Now for my question: Is the new administration in the US really any better than the one they just replaced? From what I have read. I don't see the US moving any farther away from a WWW III. 


Billy did not examine or ask about the administration, but he says it is sure that President Obama is the best man the U.S. ever had as a president.


Hi Billy, I've always wondered why Bigfoot has been so elusive. Is there anything you can tell us about this creature? 

Billy just observed a Bigfoot and a Yeti from out of the beamship, but he cannot give you details about their lives.

June 30, 2009

Dear Billy 

It was mentioned that a spirit-form will incarnate into the embryo on the 21st day after fertilization. 

We know that the length of the day will be different from planets to planets, hence it is reasonable to deduce that the amount of time before the embryo be spiritually animated will be different among different planets. 

My question is: Is the Twenty-One day (say 504 Hours) a Constant among the whole universe? If not, can you give us some other examples? 


The 21 (sometimes 22) days period is uniform throughout the universe and applies to all human life forms.

June 30, 2009

Billy Meier, thanks for answering my last question. 

Billy meier thye venus project/zeitgeist movement/z-land project is picking up some very nice momentum. As i stated a few rounds ago that the venus project is a project to help have a sustainable economy or world with money absent. The z-land project is taking place in new zealand as the testing grounds for the first experimental city. 

Ofcourse this city will use the most updated methods of technology available and asks for professions that is relevant to this for hel;p insight and so on. So this is a true global movement. 

You mentioned that we will have an attempt to eradicate money but will not succeed due to peoples needy attachment to materials or wealth. This of course is a prophecy and cna change. 

My question is this. Did the prophecy changed or will it still look very grim that this project will succeed. Also could you provide some tips to help take action with this if possible? 

-Gerald Massey 

There will be several unsuccessful attempts to eradicate money or a monetary system, and several hundreds of years will pass until the problem is solved. From this you may deduce that the project in question will not be successful in this respect. 
The necessary action is that the people get rid of their materialistic and greedy thinking. 

May 24, 2009

Hello Billy, 
In todays world it is possible to install a computer programme that actually reads out aloud pdf text files in any language and of varying quality. I would like to know if it is possible to receive the hidden codes that are embedded in the german text by listening to them via a digital robot voice (not human) even though I would not understand a word of what is being said? 
Peace John 

Yes, that’s possible. It’s not the sound or tone of the words, but the correct sequence of letters.

May 24, 2009

Hello Billy and all at the center, 

Our scientists say that most humans use only 10% of their brains. Do you know how much you or the P's use? 


The average brain quotient of the terrestrial population is 12-14%. 
Billy knows his brain quotient, but doesn’t tell.

May 24.2009

Hallo Billy, 

Dankeschön für ihrer antwort. 

Now, to another topic, concerning mass extinctions of animals and plants. Even these does have some kind of spiri forms. 

When a mass extinction occurs, many whole species are going extinct within a short period of time. 

This have happened several times in the history of earth. A good example was the dinosaurs, and especially the pterosaurs, a group of winged reptiles which could be large as an airplane. Just these reptiles was as I know, totally extinct. 

After such a mass extinction, the flora and fauna recovers, but the species are often very different and also the ecology system too. 

What happens to the spirit forms of extinct species? 

They do not have the same coarse forms to enter into while being back from the fine matter storage banks. Maybe, they could evolve or leave Earth to enter similar forms in other places. 

Vielen dank and stay well 

The "instinct spirit forms“ of extinct species are just stored in the storage banks. They do not wander off as is the case with human spirit forms if a planet is blown to pieces.

April 26, 2009

Greetings Billy, 

You may or may not know this answer, but I thought I may ask it anyway. Concerning Gilgamesh, would you know if he is like a very humble prophet or would he be more like a warrior or solder? 

Also someone commented to me once that if Gilgamesh were still alive today that he would in fact be quite wealthy since he would have had thousands of years to acquire great amounts of wealth, however I tend to believe a person like that would much prefer to live in a place of seclusion were wealth is not a priority. 

Thanks for your answers, 
James Truthseeker. 

Gilgamesh is a scientist and knowledgeable in many fields (geology, biology, physics etc.). He is a modest person and still working (presumed that he is still alive). And from this you can conclude that he is not a person of great wealth. 

Btw: Billy never met Gilgamesh. 

March 30,2009

Dear Billy , 

I thought recently if you can underline the Coded words/sentences in the German Texts? Is not useful for helping to understand more better the Codes/Codex and all the texts at last , via comparing to the same words in other languages (in native languages of readers). Is Not helpful to understand and get more clearly the most important meanings of the texts by this way? 

thank you very much 

You have a false understanding of the code. The code is woven into the entire text and is depending on the structure of the sentences and succession/sequence of words. 
The function or effect of the code is to trigger stirrings (Regungen hervorrufen) which have the effect that people are thinking about the matter. The effect is unconscious and is concerning all people on Earth. 

Feb. 28,2009
3. patm RQ3: 

Hello Billy. Will you please provide us with a map or chart identifying locations; so that we can start building global SSSCs to your specifications? Thanks. 


No. – In order to build other FIGU centres it is necessary that satellite Core Groups of 49 exist. It’s up to those CG49’s decision where its Centre will be located. 
It is possible that a „Land Group“ can have its own centre, however, but not until the land group has become an official CG49 does its centre become the official FIGU centre in a country. 

(Note by CF: There will be only one SSSC (with that name) in the entire universe: FIGU’s headquarter in Switzerland.)

Jan. 23,2009

Hello Billy, 

Talking about the current world events, there is riots breaking out in many countries due to the financial crisis and people waking up and realizing what the governments are doing. Is this the beggining of our revolution? Will this be our turning point to let government control our lives or will we the people prevail and defeat the ever increasing tyranical governments. Also sorry to ask so much but im very concerned. If the people defeat the government would this be an excellent time to bring in jacque frescos idea into view to prevent future elitism and government control, or will we be forced to live with money despite the enormous victory?? 

PS. Jacque Fresco ideas are based on resource system rather then monetary system. He believes that everyone should be equal and have equal access. It is similar to the P's system where they can simply ask and they shall receive but only if they have a resonsibility for it. 

-Gerald Massey 

Progress is occurring very slowly, and there is a very long way to go until that time in remote future when money will not play a role anymore. Hundreds of years will pass until that state of evolution will be attained. 

(Note by CF: The Venus project looks promising. However, they are looking through some kind of rose-coloured spectacles when they claim that „Earth is abundant with plentiful resources“. Anyone who is proposing ideas to solve the big problems of our time and simultaneously is not blaming the overpopulation catastrophe as the capital problem, can be compared to a person who is pouring water into the ocean. The goal of replacing the monetary system by a resources-based system has some promising aspects, though.)

Jan. 1,2009

Dear Billy, 
I would like to ask you about so called "gifts" or "talents". If a young child possess at a very young age extraordinary skills in music, art, science, math etc.then religious people claim that these are "holly spirit gifts" or "god gifts".On the other hand, our scientists claim that this is nothing more than genetic mixture inherited from intelligent parents. So i would like to ask you, if these "gifts" are really genetic based or is it 
perhaps a knowledge from previous lives? in other words ,if i learn very hard in my lifetime for example math, does it mean that this knowledge will somehow come back to me in my next incarnations? 


Several influences may be responsible for such skills: genetic reasons, but also impulses from the storage banks. Another influence can be a sickness, like e.g. autism, or even schizophrenia.

Jan. 1,2009


My question is about the meaning of people's names based on some of Semjase's remarks of the meanings of some peoples names being discussed at that time. 

How much influence and of what kind of influence on a person does the meaning of their name have, and how can a person best evaluate the meaning. Do we consider the earthly meaning if the name has one or do we have to consider off world meanings with regard to the sound that the spoken name has in lyrian or other universal meanings and/or spoken words or symbols? 

The main thing that matters is the sound (Klang) of a name. There are names that do not sound correct in connection with a person.

Sept. 26,2008

Greetings Billy, 

I'm interested in knowing your opinion in regards to "rules of aggression in self defense". 

I ask this because in my county of Canada it is kind of illegal to defend yourself against criminals and against people who are like Biker or gang bullies, etc. Especially when the police can't actually do anything unless the perpetrators have already caused harm or killed a person, while it is further illegal here to carry a concealed weapon for self defense. So what has actually happened is they want people to become completely dependent on the police while the police can't always be around in a time of everyones need, nor can they intervene until a crime has already occurred. And despite what people see in the movies, it would actually be illegal to be a super hero if such things could be for real. I've talked with police here and they said that they can actually lose their jobs if they talk about or disagree with decisions made by the courts, because of political differences of opinion which continues to be an even further problem for the police. Unfortunately the end result being that everyone here lives in fear. 

It almost appears to me that the governments of every country on the planet are like within themselves gangsters of varying territories to which it's citizens depend upon them for their social security needs and protection, and that these governments want to keep it that way and so the people never recognize the cause of such problems as being their conditioned co-dependencies on money, etc, rather then recognizing a better way of life because they've never experienced it. 

So having said all that, perhaps you know of a better way at getting to the heart of the problem; Is their a difference between an angry thought or thought of fear, and a negative thought? 

Thanks with a little something to think about, 

James Truthseeker 

In Switzerland it is also illegal to carry weapons in order to defend oneself. 

If you take the U.S.A. as an example where it is legal to carry weapons: just compare it with Canada: The crime rate in the U.S. is very much higher than in Canada. 

The more people who are walking around with weapons, the more insecure a society is. 

A warning to all “weapon lovers” is Florida where it is allowed/legal to shoot at anybody who intrudes your private sphere and evokes the air of a threat. 

Therefore it is not a surprise to learn that a father has shot his daughter who came home late at night, because he, in his cowardice, was thinking he had heard a burglar. 

In a free society it should not be necessary that the citizens are walking around and carrying weapons. It’s the task/obligation of the police to protect the decent and lawful citizens. The problem with many countries is, though, that there are criminal persons among the police forces; and there are police forces in many countries which are making their own rules and laws. 

To get out of this mess people shall turn to that which is good within them. 

(Note by CF: We forgot to discuss your question, but here’s my answer: Both of them, angry thoughts and thoughts of fear, are negative thoughts. Of course there’s a difference in the view of the persons in question, but both are producing bad effects on/to their “mental block” (consciousness, thoughts, feelings, psyche). 

Sept. 26,2008

August 16, 2008 

Dear Billy and Ptaah, 

I write to you with all due respect and reverence, and yet out of tremendous hurt and grievance. 

My name is Nir (my full name is in your system), and I am an Israeli, and grandson to a Holocaust survivor. 
I wish to respond to the following words said by Ptaah on contact 432: 

Ptaah: "It is unbelievably primitive, the destruction that was caused down there, especially through the Israelis, who have raged like the insane who are no longer in command of their reason and understanding. Not even the Nazis have operated in these contexts of unbelievably destructive rage..." 

I do not know if Ptaah is unaware of the atrocities the Nazis performed, or if his opinion is slanted by hatred towards Israelis, but his words are incorrect and tremendously insulting. While all acts of war are regrettable, Israel's response to an attack on its people can in no conceivable way be deemed worse than what the Nazis did in WWII. The Nazis have performed the very lowest and most deplorable of all human actions towards others in history, performing unimaginable acts too difficult to even remember. Do I need to recount how they burned people alive in Auschwitz as candles during Hanukkah, and made the prisoners observe and sing Hanukkah songs, just for their amusement? Do I need to remind Ptaah of the abominable experimentation with living human beings done by Dr. Mengele? Do I need to remind him of the gassing of millions? Of the murdering of a million and a half children? The mass graves? The massacres? The tortures? The killings? The rapes? 

As I mentioned above, I am the grandson of a Holocaust survivor. My grandmother's entire family (nine brothers and sisters, and both parents) were killed by the Nazis. I am extremely offended by Ptaah's words, and cannot grasp why he would say something so outrageous and false. Such malicious misrepresentation and slander against the Israeli people, not to mention abuse of the memory of six million people who lost their lives, victims of hatred, has no place anywhere, does not correspond to the truth, and does nothing other than fuel hostility and distance people from the truth. 

I respectfully ask that you address my grievance. 

With thanks, 


This excerpt is not from contact 432. Please give us the correct source. Thanks. 

It is a general error to believe that the German Nazi were the ones who “performed the very lowest and most deplorable of all human actions towards others in history”. This does not mean, however, that their deeds were extremely loathsome. 

Apart from the fact that terror and torture etc. are always an extremely horrifying experience to any victim, independently whether the torture is experienced in an Israeli, Russian, U.S. American, Iranian, Chinese or any other prison etc., there were kind of differences in the intensity of the crimes and manner in which the crimes were performed. (And what about an innocent victim who has to wait during many years in the death row for his execution? ) 

Of course it was extremely depraving and cruel what the Nazis were doing in the concentration camps, but the crimes during the Stalin regime generally were even worse than those of the Nazi. 

We can continue with other great crimes against humanity and human beings, as e.g. those by U.S. America which was kind of a culmination so far: the atomic bombarding of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the bombing of the German city of Dresden, where ten thousands of injured war victims and inhabitants were dying in a fire storm. And what about the atrocities of the Japanese in China? 

Or in more recent times: Remember the “killing fields” of Cambodia, or the slaughtering in Rwanda not too long ago. 

Not to be forgotten are the millions of people tortured to death by the Christian-Judean Churches/religion throughout the last 3,500 years and up to this day. 

It is a fact that many Israeli are rejecting any guilt or responsibility for the crimes that are performed by their authorities and military. Under the disguise of self-defense those people are excusing all atrocities and injustice. 

On the other hand it must be said that many Israelis do realize the injustice that Israel has done – and still is doing – to the native population of that region.


hello billy and thanks again 
my latest question is in regards to self defense. 

if someone is trying to kill me, and i choose instead of killing in self defence, to destroy that persons legs or arms with the hope that this persons loss of limbs may spark a moment of self reflection with a possible positive outcome in the thoughts and feelings of that would be murderer... somewehre down the road. 
would my actions be considered cruel torture or reasonable? 

thanks again. 

If there’s no other way to stop an attacker from killing you, then injuring the other person, e.g. destroying his hands etc., is a reasonable action. It may not be the primary intention, however, to injure a person with the aim that he may learn something; to protect one’s own life is the foremost goal. 
If the other person learns something from the injury, then that’s positive, of course.

July 27,2008

Dear Billy, What’s your opinion on these new type of horror movies that are real brutal & savage. In these new movies they show people being cut up & tortured. I can’t watch this stuff its sickening. Yet its popular with Hollywood & Teenagers. Should they be banned? 

If such movies wouldn’t be produced at all, there would be much less brutality in our societies.

July 27,2008

Salome Mr. Meier 

I am glad to hear your are in better health. I hope do not have anymore serious health problems. I would also like to say thank you for all your sacrifices. 

I have not been able to find anything specific on the origins of the black race. While all other race origins were explained the only things I could was they were spiritually advanced and came to Earth about 30,000 years ago. If it were possible could you explain a little where they were from and if they have any contact with the Plejaren? 

They came to Earth ca. 389,000 years ago and were called the dark people, and it is said that the ET Asasel fathered the dark race (Geschlecht) with a terrestrial wife (see OM, page 138, 31st canon, verse 561).

May 27,2008

Salome Billy, 

Language barriers are very divisive and really slows down our progress. I know that in the future, eventually, there will be one language for all. It is my understanding that English will be the world language since it is already the international language today. Will English be the world language on Earth in the future or will German eventually win out? 

My best wishes for your continued good health. I think you are going to outlive most of us. 

Lonnie Morton 

Probably it will be an artificial language, like Esperanto or Interkosmisch (Inter Cosmic). The world language will become a reality in about 1000 years. 
To learn German is advisable, of course, because learning the spirit teaching in the original language brings the most benefit.

March 24,2008
Username: Lonnie 

Hi Billy, 

It is my understanding that the year 3999 is the year of the exodus, when all human beings and spirit forms on Earth must be off this planet and on to other planets because our sun is dying. But here, during the last round of questions, it was stated that it will be 1.5 million years until the evacuation takes place. Which is correct? 

Lonnie Morton 

In the year 3999 it is a special group of people who will emigrate to other worlds after having accomplished a certain mission on planet earth.

Dec. 25,2007
Username: Hector 

Hi Billy 

Could you explain what is the purpose of astrological eras (zeitalters) like the aquarian age or pisces age ? Do they try to guarantee evolution through different periods with different characteristic features? 

It seems like such eras impregnate the lives and thoughts of human beings in a characteristic way, and some of them favor the compliance with the creational laws while other eras do not. 

It is not the astrological eras which influence the people, but the meaning that has been projected by the people into the zodiac/the astrological eras. 
E.g., the aquarian age has been called, or is called the Golden Age, because in our times there is a rapid change from the old religious-influenced ages into a world where reason and knowledge is growing in the populations much faster than it did in the last centuries.

Nov. 29,2007
Username: Vestri 

Hi Billy, 

I have a couple of question about Gilgamesh the ET living here on Earth with a 100,000 (50,000) year life span. 

How many years ahead of Earthman is his spirit evolution? 

Billy doesn’t know. 

Why don't the P's offer to help him move to a more suitable/peaceful planet so he can live out the rest of his life in peace and according to his spirit evolution. Surely he must feel like being/living amongst barbarians here. 

Vestri, the Plejarens have already asked Gilgamesh if he wanted to leave Earth, and he declined.-Scott

Username: Scott 

Hello Billy, 

I am confused about something. Are the "Storage Banks" and the "Akashic Records" the same thing or are they different? If they are different, what is that difference. 

Thank you 


The term “Akashic Records” was used during the first years (in the seventies) because the people were able to somehow grasp its meaning. As more and more information was given, the correct term “Storage Banks” had to be used. 
“Akashic Records” (Akasha-Chronik) is a term that has been invented/used by Rudolf Steiner, meaning “World Conscience”. It is something entirely different from the storage banks.

Aug.26, 2007
Username: Hector 

Hi Billy i have recently read the books of the austrian born Rudolph Steiner, father of the so called seems like he did understand or at least have cognition of concepts such as spirit, creation, inner being, meditation, storage banks and conscious/subconscious. 

Do i lose my time if i try to compare his teachings with your teachings, trying to find similarities and or coincidences? Where did Rudolph Steiner and Helena Petrovna get their knowledge about spiritual concepts? 

Thank you for your immense contribution, Grüsse 

Rudolf Steiner had no cognition of the storage banks, but used the term akashic records, which is something entirely different (and which is not real). 
It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to spend time to study Steiner’s and Blavatsky’s mix of information from all main religions and material written in Sanskrit.

Aug. 26,2007
Username: Ascendant 

Hello Billy, 
I have many questions though one I urgently wish to know regards the Plejaren government and how it is run. I agree that it is the ideal to strive for, but I am concerned about the abolition of currency. While I would welcome it as an end to poverty, and still work for the betterment of the community, I can't see everyone doing that. Essentially, I wish to know HOW to set up the ideal government in a way that would be stable; how advancement in technology or as a whole outside of wisdom would not be impeded by removing certain characteristics of Earth Governmental society. The Soviet Union did not have a positive outcome despite abolishing money. 

So HOW would the ideal evolved government be set up so that it would not have the horrible negative reprocussion of Russo-Chinese communism and allow everyone to live happy without burning poverty? 

I have pondered this for over a year since I have started reading of the Pleiadians and would treasure this answer more than any amount of money as a student of Creation. 

Dear Ascendant, 
What part of (Please -- one question per post, per round of questions.) didnt you understand. Please read the notes on the top of this page before using this section. That goes for everyone as well. 
Salome, Badr - Moderator 

There cannot be an „ideal evolved government“, if there is no „evolved people“, because each government must be elected by the people and must execute that what the people/population wants and decides. 
An evolved society does not need any monetary system because the people would own (or rather use) everything they need (on the pre-condition that each person who is able to work is doing so). There would be no poor and no rich people because all of them would have what they need. And since there is no overpopulation in an evolved society, the resources would be plenty. There would be no theft, and all people would have equal rights. 
The abolishment of money or any other trading system needs human beings who are living in line with spiritual laws and goals, instead of having to struggle for daily survival or amassing fortunes.

July 30, 2007
Username: Francofiori2004 

It seems it's increasing the number of "enfant prodige", as almost once a week you can hear about some 6 y/old kid who takes degree in maths or play piano like Mozart and such. Why is this happening? Or it has always been so? 
An amazing invention for natural health: 

There are two possible reasons: 
a) There is a genetic transfer through heredity (as it is also the case with faith/belief, etc.) 
b) Such persons, i.e. personalities have access to their former lives. 

Version a) is much more frequent. 

There may be a third possible reason: hard learning (like a female chess player from Hungary (?), a grand master who was trained by her father, together with her two sisters.) 

June 25,2007
Username: Norm 

Dear Billy, Why is Gilgamesh still on Earth & what is he doing? 

Probably he is working as a scientist where he has access to „heavy water“ which he is needing. 

Gilgamesh, whose original lifespan was 120.000 years (but is now reduced to about 50.000 years), will live here for the rest of his life. He cannot go back to his people even if he had a beamship to fly to his native planet. His home planet (in the spiral galaxy known as M94 – NGC 4736, 20 million light years away from us) has been destroyed by a catastrophe and all of his inhabitants have died. 
Gilgamensh belongs to a race of morphologists and is capable to change the shape of his body and size within several months. (Source: 226th contact of February 3, 1988)

May 1, 2007
Username: Solar 

Dear Billy, 

Will you permit to convert your books to electronic format (like pdf) and make them available for free in the internet? 


No, at least not for the near future. Electronic copies are making it even easier to falsify the teachings. 

(Note by CF: There are many texts/booklets etc. available on our German website. The books, however, will be continually published in hardcover format. Their content is valuable enough to be bought and held in the hands, etc.)