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 The Might of Thought

Nov. 24, 2013
Hello Billly and Christian, 
Billy, my question is about the thoughts. Can one, single and same content thought (conscious or unconscious) have both values minus and plus at the same single time? You said that Thoughts emitted are changed during their returning flight into new working material. That, may be similar to having both values but the factor of 'becoming' a new working material turn it into a different thought. Also, in this regard, how I can approach this new working material so it helps in my evolution? 
With all respect since this questions are strongly connected in my study, I ask with all my deference to you and Christian for your response to both. Thank you both for the humongous work and everlasting work you are doing helping us to evolve and grow. 
Fredy Martinez 

It’s not a thing of a thought being simultaneously plus and minus. 
Thoughts that are sent out come back in the same wise as they are sent, except if they hit another person and thereby produced/triggered an effect. 

(Note by CF: A drastic example: If you throw a boomerang towards another person and miss him or her [unknown to him or her], then the boomerang falls to the ground or flies by you, and did no harm or substantial effect. But if you hit the other person, you will get a curse or something more drastic as a return, which must be addressed again in turn by you, etc. etc.)

April 28, 2013

Hi Billy 

Somewhere in our genetic code there is a impulse to kill. Do you know who inserted that code and will scientist able to reverse the code. 

There is no scientist necessary in order to reverse or neutralise that “code” or many other genetic dispositions. Since human beings are capable to influence their genetic structure/code through their thinking, it is possible to neutralise that special code by learning the spiritual teaching and to apply it in one’s everyday life and thinking etc. etc.



Hi Mr Meier. 

English speaking people usually use the term "power" where Germans use Macht. For example "höhere Macht" is "higher power" and the dictionary also lists a whole range of items like: 

Macht anstreben 
to aim at power 

Macht vermehren 
to increase power 

jds. Macht beschneiden 
to curtail sb.'s power 

Macht ergreifen 
pol. to seize power 

Macht dezentralisieren 
pol. to devolve power 

jdm. Macht verleihen 
idiom to vest sb. with power 

FIGU chose to translate Macht with might, and Kraft with power, which I think is correct in its essence. But since Macht and power are used in the same contexts, and correspond to the same sence, I think that it might be better to translate Macht as power. Could you please explain the difference between the terms Macht and Kraft, if there is any. 

Kraft ist das was Energie freigibt; Energie gibt Kraft frei. 
Macht ist ein Faktor, der beherrschend ist, etwas das über dem Normalen steht. Macht steht über der Kraft, nutzt die Kraft. 
Der Mensch hat Macht über sich selbst, oder auch nicht. Das Mächtigste, das existiert, ist die Schöpfung. 

Power is that which triggers/releases energy; energy releases power. 
Might is a factor that is ruling/dominating/controlling, something that is above that which is normal. Might uses power and is (stands) above power. 
The human being has might over himself, or not. And the mightiest that exists is Creation.


Dear Billy, 

You answered: 

"One’s genes can be, or are influenced by one’s thinking and acting, and according to the intensity of it." 

Coming from short parents, so for example i can actually make my self grow taller, at any age, if i somehow think about it? If so how? 


You could grow taller if you pull on the hair on your head (if there is any left) for seven hours a day during the next 50 years. 
(just a joke) 

Influencing the genes takes (or can take) effect on your offspring = children and next generations. This has to do with physical heredity.

July 26,2009

Hi Billy, 

It seems people are constantly sending out vibrations without their being conscious of this fact. In these vibrations there have been negative ones directed at you that your enemies were able to collect and eventually use against you in an attempt on your life. 

My question arises from witnessing friends speak in an unfavorable way towards a certain common friend of ours. This type of talking gathered more steam through other later discussions. Then I watched as these thoughts and words, even though unheard by the person being talked about, put this person into a depressed-like uncertain state of being once he entered the room the discussion took place in. This person was not normally someone who had problems with clarity or self identity, but with this group focus that was created, he was completely off balance and unable to be himself. 
All this was in a non-confrontational setting. 

In short, when we gather together and form ideas in groups it appears that we have an ability to affect others from a distance with these group ideas. Is there anything correct here? 
a friend in america 

Yes, that’s possible. It’s the power of thought.

July 26,2009

Hi Billy is positive thinking about a subject like making wish about a subject? 
is positive thinking about a subject you want to manifest or have happen. What people hope to do when they are making a wish or prayer? 

No, these are different factors. While positive thinking is lined up along certain lines of thought, and is connected with feelings, a wish is built on an expectation, with feelings of expectation.


Hello Mr. Edward. 
I sorry am not sure how to ask this shortly. 

My name is Sebastian and I am really glad that I am able to ask you a question. 
I would like to talk to you about something that I am investigating. 

Now I am 30 and after many years of believing and not believing in the bible with all many questions in my mind, I have finally, thanks to Youtube found about you and your story. 
Honestly if it was not for the Youtube I would probably never get to know about You. 

But going back I would like to tell you that after finding out and comparing to the things that I knew through reading few books and my thoughts about life, Bible and also currently Koran. I have found your case to be very true and very logical, and in simple way, now, it all make sense. 
Actually, I am glad because I never liked going to church thanks to what was in the bible – In my last day in church, I could not believe that I was going to church where priest would ask God to bless the statues and then people would later pray to them instead of God– that is real paganism. 

Years later I discovered You on Youtube. 
After doing my reading and reading about you and rethinking everything many times. 
My mind kind of to say, opened up and expanded beyond my brain. After I have found about you, I realized that my consciousness was closed with in the size of my head and now after getting to know your story, I feel as my consciousness starts in my head but it does not stop and is not closed like in prison, but rather expands farther around me. I am not sure if other people have the same feeling and is this something natural or normal, or is it just the feeling due to the fact, that in reality we are not alone and there is much more out there then our good little Terra. 

(Continuing with this thought) 
With all this in mind, I have to say to you that I observed rather strange/cool thing, and that I have it under my eye for about 3 months. 
It used to be in my house that the vegetables like lettuce in refrigerator would go bad very quickly, like the next day after buying. 
After reading about human thoughts, that with our positive and negative thoughts we affect things around. 
I decided to think different when taking lettuce for consumption and putting the rest back to refrigeration. Knowing in my head that if I will positivity think while I was touching the lettuce it would not go bad so fast – thanks to my touch and positive thinking. 
Actually I have to tell you, I have observed the difference and now the lettuce can stay in refrigeration for about week and still be in a good shape, by comparing it to one day as it was before. 
I have to say to you that I did know before about positive thinking while cooking etc, but never took is serious. 
My question is this, is this something real and if this is true why is this happening? Does this has to do with my feeling about opening me consciousness, positive thinking and dismissing religion for good. 
Maybe, is it because I am serious about it or because I always wanted to heal people with my hands, just like did this Emmanuel. (Although I know I am very far from it, but I do like to think differently.) 

With kind Regards. 
PS. Sorry for my English. Not my language. 

Yes, this is something real. As has been said above, thoughts are powerful and can have more or less impact on other human beings, but also on other life forms (like plants) and food etc. Of course this law applies to all people, the religious and the non-religious. 

(Note by CF: By the power of one’s thinking it is even possible to change genetic codes within one’s body. This has already be confirmed by scientists. The cells of a body, be it human or from a lettuce, are depending on impulses etc. and, therefore, can be, or rather are influenced by thought impulses. 
Besides, sub-atomic levels are also involved, because there are six other levels beneath the atomic level that exist and of which only two or three have been detected/proven so far, if I’m not mistaken.)


Dear Billy, 

Is it normal/common for one's thoughts to have a powerful impact on everyone around the person? Because I can't help but to notice and feel that mine do. 

Reece Stiller 

All thoughts have power and are influencing or affecting other persons.