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Sept. 30, 2014
Greetings Mr. question is: does consuming an alcohol beverage prior to the Peace Meditation have any adverse consequences? 
Thank you for all you have done! 

For the meditation your consciousness should be clear. 

Aug.26, 2014
Dear Billy, 
What is the particular benefit gained from adhering to a meditation schedule, where one performs the same meditation at the same time of day, every day? In other words, why does it matter to always do it at the same time? 

It is not necessary to adhere to a meditation schedule. What’s important is meditation in itself. Perhaps a meditation schedule may help some persons to regularly meditate (so they do not forget to meditate). 

Aug. 26, 2014
Dear Billy, 
My question is this. During a Pentra meditation at a passive meeting both myself and Anton Hahnekamp experienced something unusual. We were both sitting very close to the meditation pyramid and during the meditation I experienced a series of visual patterns that occurred in a particular order. At first I thought I was imagining it at the beginning of the meditation but as I tried to clear my mind and focus only on the word Pentra the visualizations increased in intensity so I just observed them. It appeared to be a glowing x type shape which was radiating energy, this then gradually transformed into what I can only describe as a series of waves as if watching the ocean coming in. It lasted for the duration of the meditation and was very pleasant. 
When I spoke to Anton about it afterwards he was very surprised as he said he saw the same thing.None of the core group members we spoke to could explain this to us. Is there anything you could tell me about this experience that occurred. How is it possible that we both saw the same thing during the meditation? 
Many thanks. Tony Quinn 

This could be a sign of a deeper meditative state. The symbols and patterns etc. being experienced in meditation have to be explained – and investigated – by each person himself or herself. 

Dear Billy, 
while many esoteric, new-age and alternative directions are booming nowadays, quite a lot people from these circles generally realize that the reincarnation is real thing. Many of them, however, as a result, very oft claim their beliefs about alleged facts from their past lives etc. 
My question is: How many years roughly do you reckon it may take until people here on Earth in general progress so far so that they themselves conscious realize and ever realistically evaluate flashbacks from their past lives? 
Thank you for your answer. 

Generally this will need several millennia, but can be sped up through meditation, which could bring results in 10, 20, 30 or 50 years, depending on the efforts. But in order to be successful really deep meditation is necessary. It could be possible in 8 years if the person is constantly meditating (with breaks only for eating and sleeping).

Feb. 23, 2014
Hello Billy, 
Some people are saying it is impossible to meditate in one’s dreams, but I have tried it once by focusing on a distant point and noticed the dream “freeze framed” just like if someone stopped the show for about 3 seconds. I have been doing some experimentation on my own while in the dream state and will discuss it some other time. 
It seems related to when people die and send out feelers to their loved ones that also lasts for 3 arc seconds, so the question I have is this 3 second duration related to the maximum size of the planet in this DERN universe in order for such “feelers” to reach other human beings? 

It is possible to meditate in one’s dream, but only if one is capable to consciously dream. In his younger days, Billy used to have a pad beside his bed, and when he had some realizations from a meditative state in his dream, he deliberately woke up and made some notes. Parts of the Spirit Lessons were written in such a way. 
It is possible to train this ability. 
Btw: Terrestrial scientists are doing research in this field, e.g. at the University of Zurich, as he learned from a TV documentary some time ago. 

(Note by CF: I forgot discuss the second paragraph, but based on Billy‘s comment regarding the first paragraph, it is highly probable that you are wrong with your assumption because meditation in a dream is certainly not limited to 3 seconds.)

Feb. 23, 2014
Dear Christian/Billy and figu, 
What is in fact an agate that can be combined with the smaller travel pyramid 
to enhance its power (harnessing capabilities) from 2 people to 7? In other words, what is it and how does it generally work? 

An agate has the innate structure/characteristics to receive and amplify/send out vibrations.

Feb. 23, 2014
Hello Billy and Christian: 

I was reading "Meditation und das Leben selbst sind die besten Lehrer" and you wrote that there are three forms of meditation that are particularly beneficial, the analysis-meditation, the concentration-meditation and the compassion/sympathy-meditation. I understand the concentration meditation, but how are the other mediations practiced? Do we generate our own thoughts regarding that specific relation between our own person and the other humans/living forms? In other words, the generation of thoughts are made by our own free understanding and directed to our consciousness? 
Thank you very much! 

Yes, your question is the answer. To develop „Mitgefühl“ (feelings for others) is only possible through one‘s thoughts, which in turn trigger the resulting feelings.

Jan. 25, 2014
Hello Herr Meier, 

Another question about Autogenic Meditation. The fundamental exercises (Grundübungen) and the organ exercises (Organübungen) are all based on focusing on specific sentences to bring about a desired effect. It seems to me though that the sentences are important at the beginning, until one learns how to bring about the actual effect, such as calmness, warmth, etc. Is it more beneficial and more effective to focus on the actual effect than on the sentence, once one learns how to bring about the desired effect or state? 


What one experiences is important, i.e. the effect is more important than the sentence.

Nov. 24, 2013
Hello Billy and Christian: 
During the peace meditation I am able to get to see a red space in front of my eyes. It has a dimension or 3d effect, not considerably big. Then with a slight change of my eyes, this red space disappears and I go back to a black vision from where I work my self "up" to the red zone. Is this a normal meditation experience, meaning, should I keep the red zone as much as possible or the changes in colors are normal, thank you. 
(Message edited by scott on October 28, 2013) 

It is possible that you are unconsciously doing a Farbmeditation (colour meditation). 
No, it is not necessary to keep the red zone, because you are doing the peace meditation. 

If Billy remembers correctly, his former teacher Dharmawara has written a book about colour meditaion.

Nov. 24,2014
Hello Herr Meier. I hope that you are doing fine. 
This time I have another question related to Autogenic meditation. However, it is more of a personal issue and it deals with tension of the body and control over one's body. A while back it came to my attention how people can basically change the shape of their face over a period of time. This is highly evident in people who do drugs such as Methamphetamine, where people actually disfigure their faces. Although, this disfigurement does not seem to be entirely permanent, but simply they unconsciously get used to placing a lot of pressure and tension semi-permanently in certain sections of the face, which may be a result of what is called muscle memory. 
Anyway, my issue is that before I started meditating, I would tense up the right side of my face a lot and now I have trouble making the tension and lack thereof the same on the left and right side of the head. It seems also that my walking is not fully symmetric and even my breathing between the left and right side is irregular. Although I was able to "heal" it partially through the regular Autogenic mediation, I'd like to target this issue specifically. Would you mind helping me form an Autogenic meditation sentence that will make my right and left side of the body operate more symmetrically? 
With regards, 

No, this is not a muscle memory effect, but is influenced by your thinking and feelings, i.e. it is of psycho-physiological origin (psychsomatische Ursache). 
Since each person is different from another and, therefore, no general „sentence“ would bring the desired effect, you will have to find out the solution from within your own thinking; you have to direct yourself onto yourself (auf sich selbst ausrichten). 

Regarding changing faces it is interesting to observe that many people’s faces are adjusting their features (plus gestures/behaviour etc.) to their dog or pet cat or bird etc. This is especially the case with many owners of mastiffs or greyhounds, etc. And it is also not too rare to observe resembling faces with old couples who are very harmonious with/to each other.

Oct. 27, 2013
Hi Billy All at Figu 
Concentrating or focusing on a candle flame i think can help in focus mind,conecentraion or meditation.... Do you think that different'Crystals' can help ones mind or person by way of focusing as they all have thier own unique properties,Can you explain please. 
I ask as theres confusion as to if it alls esoteric nonsense? 

You can concentrate on a flame, a crystal, your hand, a finger, another object, a flower, etc. etc. It’s just a focus point for your concentration/meditation. 
And you can also learn about an object by studying it and concentrate with your consciousness on it. 

(Note by CF: It’s your own consciousness which helps your mind, not the crystal.)

Sept. 30,2013


Hello Herr Meier, 
For the last couple of months, I've been trying to become proficient with the Autogenic mediation, as it is explained in your book Meditation aus klarer Sicht. There is something that is unclear to me though, and it seems like a contradiction to what was explained earlier in the book, in the section Fremdgedanken, Fremdgefühle, Gefühle, Beachtung bei der Meditation from page 261. So I was hoping that you could clear this up for me. 
As one of the fundamental Ziele (aims of fulfillment) for the Autogenic meditation it is stated: 
3) Self-recognition, self-assessment, self-criticism, overcoming-oneself, self-control and self-actualization through an immersive view within. 
3)Selbsterkenntnis, Selbstbewertung, Selbstkritik, Selbstbewältigung, Selbstkontrolle und Selbstverwirklichung durch eine versenkungsmässige Innenschau 
What troubles me is the Selbstkritik (self-criticism), because in the previously mentioned section it was stated that self-criticism is not appropriate for mediation. 
5) Selbstkritik zu üben ist in der Meditation nicht angebracht, denn sie lenkt ab und verunmöglicht die meditative Übung. 
So my question is why is self-criticism one of the things that should be attained with Autogenic meditation, but not something that should be practiced with conventional mediation? 
With great regards 

„Selbstkritik“ in the first example means: to judge, analyze and observe „things“ and thoughts etc. etc. critically and as they are. 
In the second example, „Selbstkritik“ is used in the sense of „Fremdgedanken“, which means that during meditation you shall not criticise yourself.

July 27, 2013

Aloha Billy and Christian, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your honorable work in bringing to us humans the necessary creational materials into the darkest corners of the universes. 

Years before I even knew about you or the creational materials brought forward, I studied one of the hardest of Zen meditation method of Nothingness. It mentioned that once one has realize what nothingness is, then that person will become “enlighten” or “obtain” the Nirvana which Buddha always strived for. It took me more than 2 years of study and discipline to finally get rid of my ego to realize that all material thoughts including the “self” was obstacles in experiencing enlightenment. 

One thing I’ve noticed that when one does finally get to this stage, they have an uncanny ability to read people’s minds and at the same time also notice an additional presence surrounding them. Although I was speaking to someone, I also noticed this presence around them that they have no idea it was part of them. 

Now that you’ve mentioned that there is a meditation type called the Liberation Meditation which is so similar to the Zen meditation of Nothingness, I was wondering if indeed when one finally “masters” the Liberation Meditation and frees themselves of the material restrictions (at least temporally), then at that precise moment in time when the material conscious becomes transparent, does the Conscious become aware of not only its own subconscious, but also the subconscious of others as well, which explains the presence of this surrounding others that I have seen previously? 

I was going to ask another related question regarding the subconscious and the difference between passive verses active resistance, but will save it next time. Thank you 

The Liberation Meditation is used to free oneself from all that which one has built/created and which does restrict (einengen) oneself. This is something entirely different from the Zen meditation of nothingness.

July 27,2013

Hello Eduard. 

Through learning I noticed that there is something quite phenomenal about the natural laws. It is only upon arriving at very certain way of thinking when other possibilities and cognitions are waiting to be recognized. There is no other way no matter how many thanks of praises or sacrifices or wealth or anything of this sort any human thinks he can spare to win wisdom for himself. It is also very interesting when Semjase, Quetzel, Ptaah and others can also convey their thoughts to each other to ensure their equal evolution. Through this any new recognition of one can be shared with others without any degeneration or abnormal consequences. And, if I didn't succumb to an error somewhere along those conclusions, do similar possibilities also currently exist among any Earth humans who may or may not be aware of this? 

Through a "meditatives Denken (meditative thinking), impulses are "retrieved“ from the storage-banks. Usually, this process occurs unconsciously. 

On another level, talking and speaking with other persons (both of terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin) also is a field of learning.

June 28, 2013

Hallo Billy, 

Concerning prayer, who or what am I speaking to specifically when I address my words or thoughts, and why? 

Much Love, 
Melissa Swem 

Just direct prayer to yourself. Don’t imagine something special. Speak it to yourself. 
Actually you are speaking/talking to your consciousness. 

(Note by CF: This is also the case if the word „spirit“ is used in a prayer. Your subconsciousness is linked/connected to the spirit-form and, therefore, the „message“ is automatically „forwarded“ to the consciousness.)

March 24, 2013


Can we live longer by influencing our life cycle. 
Also is our death pre determined when we are born. Can we change this by meditation. 

Our life span is continuously influenced and determined by the way we think and act, and by environmental factors etc. Meditation is a method by influencing one’s life and, through this effect, influencing one‘s life span. 
In other words: No, our death date is not pre-determined when we are born.

Jan. 28, 2013

Salome Billy. 

My question is this - 
In the healing meditation you imagine your forehead to be cool and your body to be warm and heavy. Can you please explain shortly why certain parts of the body should be a certain feeling compared to others but also is there a healing practice that can be used to diseases or viruses since the mind and thoughts are powerful enough? 

I hope to meet you one day soon Billy. I found your information at 13 became serious at 16 and still now do not have a job to become a passive member but I still study the Spiritual Teaching and it has completely changed me forever. I don't look at anything the same as before, it is quite amazing to see people as just simply human beings, lots of learning can be gathered from that. Gaining sympathy and peace, love, harmony and balance has become a part of me that will never go away. 

I actually have another question and I will leave it up to you and Christian with which one you want to answer because I know you can only as one question. (I would prefer you answer this one) Is it okay to do meditation when you are really tired? I have sat on the couch and would go in and out of sleep and it is impossible for me to sleep on my back. One day I laid on my back and just breathed normall but did not think or control my breathing and just let everything go freely. What I experienced is almost a quicker process of concentration and I also felt a rushing sensation in my head that would get stronger and stronger and also "heard" a vibration that had a certain rhythm to it similar to a heartbeat. Is this okay to do? 
So my official question is was I experiencing a certain concentration from being really tired or was it me being consciously awake while my body was sleeping? 

These are experiences which are normal during the process of learning meditation. It is okay to meditate when you are tired, because you can meditate into sleep (and possibly continue with the meditation in a half-sleep state).

Dec.24 ,2012

Hello Billy and Christian, 
Recently I have increased my meditation practice and the last couple of times during the meditation exersice I have experienced a feeling of inner spaceousness( like a great, boundless space opening up in my consciousness). I then try to concentrate on the space but as soon as a thought arises it goes. I have experienced this before when I first started to meditate several years ago. I am following the guidelines and methods in Einfuehrung in die Meditation. 
My question is; is this a sign of a real meditation or is it some kind of illusion(of the eyes/vision etc.)? 
Thanks Billy, any feedback will be useful. 

Yes, that’s a sign of real meditation. Just let it happen and don’t try to concentrate on what’s happening. Just perceive and register.

Nov. 27,2012

In the prayer Mein Geist it says: "Dein Name sei geheiligt" (Your name shall be honoured). What does that mean and what is the purpose of saying it? 


In the old language the expression “name” or “your name” was used as an equivalent of “creation” or “spirit” etc. Besides: In the old languages the term “consciousness” did not exist. 
The actual/factual meaning is “the/your consciousness must be controlled”. 
Btw: While saying the prayer it is not necessary to think about the “modern” meaning because one’s sub-consciousness still knows the real meaning because of genetic heredity.

Sept. 23, 2012

Hi Billy, many greetings to you and Christian: 
I was thinking about the peace meditation and I know that millions of Pleyaren participate and they are actually helping the fluidal powers of the planet and it has (and had before) a very good effect on the thinking of people on the planet, of course with our participation as well. 

I wanted to know if they will continue participating with us for many years to come or probably centuries. Or are they going to eventually not participate in the meditation at some point? 

Thank you, Marcela 

They are participating as long as Billy lives.

July 28,2012
Hi Billy 
What is so special about Copper that gives it the capability of blocking thoughts if a structure is covered in Copper? Does copper plating have a certain atom configuration that does not allow thought vibrations to penetrate? 
Thank you for your time and thank you for all your great work. 

Copper has a high electro-magnetic conductivity. It does not block thoughts, but when used in the right form (pyramid), the electromagnetic vibrations of thoughts etc. are, or can be concentrated on a certain spot within the form/pyramid.

June 24,2012

Hello Billy and Christian, 
I was wondering about how participating in the Peace Meditation can actually neutralize negative thoughts or events in the world, granted that it is done correctly. I thought that maybe, for example, each person participating in the meditation might send out positive-neutral waves, which affect people, who are in closer proximity, more strongly... Im not sure if this is actually how it happens though because I have also come up with a few other theories of mine for how it works. 
Could you explain the way that a human being participating in the Peace Meditation is changing the world by sitting there and meditating, as in a basic explanation of the process of the transfer of energy from the person to the rest of the world? 
Rem Robinson 

The huge negative energy block that has been, and is, fed by the religious and sectarian belief systems (thoughts), will be "weakened". The vibrations of the thoughts emanated by performing the peace meditation are weakening the negative block in the sense that there is a neutralizing effect. The thoughts (= electro-magnetic vibrations/waves) are sent out through the mental-block and are "displacing" the religious etc. energy block. And since there are several billion Plejaren human beings who are assisting us by also doing the peace medition, there is is a noticeable effect here on Earth. 

The effect is working via the sub-consciousness.

March 26,2012

Greetings Billy, 

In contact report 10 it says that your spirit records all thoughts and motions. My question refers to "motions" does this necessarily mean that if you meditate everyday at the same time, it builds a "momentum" or building of your energy or fluidal energies, similar to how through experience and studying the spirit teaching if done properly and persistently you may recognize creation more throughout life, and daily experience, including in your feelings and perceptions? I send my love to you Eduard, I know you don't think it is necessary for people to thank you, because truly I say to you, just as you say to us, every job or work requires its pay or dues. So we all need to pay dues to you for your life long struggle and hard work. Salome. 


The spirit or spirit form records not all thoughts and motions, but the essence, the values, that which is positive-neutral. The rest (thoughts, feelings, motions, etc.) is recorded in the storage banks. 
Meditating in the way that you describe above may have those effects. Your fluidal forces will be stored in the room etc. where you regularly meditate.

March 26,2012

Hello Mr. Meier, 

I would like to ask a question about the pineal gland. 

I know it is said that one should meditate in order to use the pineal gland capabilities, but to me this is like saying if one wants to build abs one should exercise, however I think it would be best to state the type of exercise that is more specific/focused with abs development to achieve better results such as crunch rather just generalizing and stating to exercise. So my question is, how or what specifically does one need to do to direct or allow energy (not sure if it’s my energy or cosmic energy) to flow freely towards, and into/through, the pineal gland? 

P.S. Happy belated birthday.... 

The goal is not to improve the pineal gland, but to live a life in line with the virtues and high values like love, harmony, peace and freedom etc. In the course of time (over many generations) and through the application of meditation etc., there is a possibility that the pineal gland will grow again.

March 26, 2012

Hi Billy (and Christian), 

Are there special qualities that allow Agate, within a copper pyramid, to amplify impulses created during meditation to be transmitted to the consolidator at SSSC? 


Yes, the Agate is suited to amplify the "schwingungsmässige Verbindung" (vibration-related connection) with the crystal block at the SSSC. The copper pyramid (by FIGU design) is meant to be used for the Peace Meditation only (at certain times). If used for one's personal meditation, it has a symbolic effect only (= no link to the SSSC). (Exception: CG49 members may make effective use of the pyramid on other occasions etc. in connection with certain aspects which have to do with the SSSC's big meditation pyramid.)

Feb. 26,  2012

Hi Billy, 

How can I find out about my previous incarnations? 

You cannot. 
Basically it's possible to get a glimpse of a past life during meditation, but it is certainly not possible through the so-called "Rückführungen" (trying to gain information through seances and hypnosis etc.).

Feb. 26,2012

Dear Beam and Christian 

Thank you for being available and answering questions, very helpful. 
I was reading in contatc 149 when Quetzal visited you in the Meditation Center and you both comment on the nauseating, destructive, and malicious vibrations present. To deal with this problem Quetzal asked the "little ones," to clean the Meditation Center. 
Q:Is there anyway to clean such vibrations from a room ourselves? 

There are different ways: 
- Using joss-sticks for a longer time 
- Neutralizing the current vibrations with one's own by nursing good and balanced etc. thoughts 
- To prevent outside influences, the room can be shielded with copper 
- To meditate in the room

June 24,2011

Salome Billy. 

Thank you for you answer in relation to the Pineal Gland: 

My thoughts lead me to the following conclusion: 

If the link from my wesen (conscious essence) to the fine-structured matter/world is a strong link, then any learning in my current incarnation will better serve me in my spiritual evolution and anything I do for work and in my family life, and for the FIGU mission will be better and in tune with my Spirit evolution. 

My new question is please: 
Please advise to me, the best method, or thoughts processes, or actual physical exercises, or actual sounds repetitions, or foods, for improving my Pineal gland, for making its effects stronger in my consciousness, and for improving it's function in general. 

Liebe Grüsse, und Salome. 

Improving one's pineal gland is possible only through one's thinking (Gedankenweg) and meditation. You have to align and direct your thoughts to the laws and recommendations of Creation. Learn to be attentive (achtsam).

June 24,2011

Hello to Billy and the Team, Big Thank You 

Is it correct to say, or is there some truth that, Creation is a thought energy that in it self is responsible for the growth of Nature as nature is Creation's thought energy manifest, and the human being can actually direct this thought energy of Creation by constant visualizations or praying as to materialize what ever the human desires ? 

Kind Regards 

No, it is not correct. Creation is not "a thought energy", but a "geistenergetische Impulskraft". Creation pulsates and impulsates. (Note by CF: Billy has just created a new word in German: "impulsieren"; and, therefore, also in English.) 

Yes, the human being can direct his thought energies towards Creation. However, since Creation in itself cannot be understood or grasped by a human being, the thought energies are in fact directed to the laws and recommendations of creation. Prayers, as described/formulated in the spiritual teaching (like the prayer that has been given by Jmmanuel), are directed to one's own consciousness. If some thought or wish etc. is directed to the spirit (one's own), it's always the consciousness/sub-consciousness which is addressed.

April 25,2011


Hi Billy, 
I use the concentration exercise called the sun meditation. I have decided that once I complete the programme I then start over from the beginning again eg the 5 minute mark. Am I correct in doing it this way? Also sometimes I do it more than once a day, is this ok as well? 
Have you any other variations of concentration exercises? 
Thankyou and Peace 

It would make sense that you chose a meditation/concentration exercise that suits you (your personality) and stick to it. 

You'll find quite a choice of them in the book "Meditation aus klarer Sicht".

Jan. 23,2011


Warm Greetings Billy and Christian, 

I've read in the contact notes, that the vocalization of the term, spirit, or, Creation, on a regular basis, will allow for ones growth in spiritual consciousness to increase at a quickened pace. 

If this is true, is it because we are bringing the subject up and learning from the repetition of said subject, or does the sounding of the words activate some kind of energy/knowledge that is otherwise, more or less, dormant. I'm thinking that ones mind, at the time of this vocalization, would need to be focusing on these subjects for any beneficial reactions to occur. Not simply uttering the words at any passing moment. Or, does it work both ways? 

Is it a simple teaching clue to help one always recognize the Creation in each moment we confront life? Am I answering my own question? Any additional insight you could offer would be appreciated. 


Not "growth in spiritual consciousness", but "material consciousness". The spiritual consciousness is not a consciousness in the form as is understood by the human being concerning the material consciousness. Spiritual consciousness is just a "storage of vibrational impulses" (Speicherung von Schwingungsimpulsen). 

Terms like "Creation's knowledge" or "Creation's wisdom" are an equivalent of "the storage of a principle", from which resulted and results the laws and recommendations. 
Repeating valuable terms/words like e. g. "love, peace, freedom and harmony" has an influence on the sub-consciousness if the terms/words are deliberately used. By repeating those words/terms over a long time, the values are slowly starting to have an effect within the person.

Jan.23, 2011

Hello Billy, 

The Shanti Mantras (Peace incantations) from Hindu Vedas and Upanishads very closely match the Salome Peace meditation. For example below is a translation of one version of Shanti mantra into English 

Om dyauh santirantariksam santih 
prthivi santirapah santirosadhayah santih 
vanaspatayah santirvisvedevah santirbrahma santih 
sarvam santih santireva santih 
sa ma santiredhi 
Om santih, santih, santih 

roughly translated as: 

May peace radiate there in the whole sky as well as in the vast ethereal space everywhere. 
May peace reign all over this earth, in water and in all herbs, trees and creepers. 
May peace flow over the whole universe. 
May peace be in the (Supreme Being) Brahman. 
And may there always exist in all peace and peace alone. 
Om peace, peace and peace! 

Except for the fourth line where Universe seem to be replaced with a personification of the Universe, as common practice in Hindu religion, the rest of the lines seem to be an expanded version of Salome Peace meditation. 

My question is – how could such similarity arise if not any prophet from the Nokodemion/Henoch lineage was responsible for the original/uncorrupted Vedic text? 

There may probably be seen a remote resemblance, but those mantras have nothing to do with the Nokodemion lineage. 

(Note by CF: It does not need a prophet to create thoughts like this.)

June 27,2010

Dear Billy and Christian: 

10 years ago, when I first came to the USA, I was very tired and overwhelmed by seeing a different place. I soon started to have random silly thoughts. I would have sudden silly thoughts about my family. As soon as I rested, these thoughts disappear, and I was back to normal. Just a few years ago, I was once again under a very stressful situation and I soon started to have these stupid thoughts about everything. I couldn’t control these thoughts until I found the TJ and later Figu. This discovery brought a new meaning to life and amazingly I got a better control of these unintentional negative thoughts. I consider myself a very centered person, who hardly kill flies, but as I am trying to learn how to meditate and learn the spiritual teachings, these random negative thoughts are coming back. I have stopped the meditation and I even stopped reading the teachings until I can get a hold of this situation, but now I really want to continue. Billy, how can I control these random unintentional thoughts that have nothing to do with who I am. Or can you recomend me one of your books that will help me? 

Very thankful, Marcela 

You have two choices: 1) You have to chase away the silly thoughts (by saying to them: "Hau ab / Beat it!", or "verschwinde / get away!" etc.), or 2) to replace the silly thoughts by doing a slight and simple meditation, e.g. counting numbers, etc. You must avoid getting into stress. Don't try to force your development/evolution.Have a rest often, and occupy yourself with daily life. 
It is possible that unconscious religious thoughts and guilty feelings are triggering the stressful effects, the so-called "Widersacherkräfte", antagonistic forces, that you are producting within yourself, but which are "sachfremd". (Note by CF: = which are not in line with the things you want to do/achieve.)

June 27,2010

Greetings, Billy, 
A coordinated countdown has been installed on the Future of Mankind UK website which should help us all with the exact timing of the Peace Meditation everywhere on earth. Would you advise if reciting the Peace Meditation is helpful at random times in addition to the scheduled FIGU times? 
Thank you for all you have done to spread the spiritual teachings and truth. 

Only a Peace Meditation where a great mass of people combine their efforts, like on the scheduled times, will bring the desired effect. Doing the Peace Meditation on random times will have no effect regarding peace, but will be just a meditation exercise. 

(Note by CF: …which, btw, is not a bad thing and in a personal way useful.)



Hi Billy, 

I wanted to ask you a question concerning the occult forces in meditation. From what I understood there are mainly 2 origins for occult forces, namely the external and intenal. I want to ask you about the internal origins. I have schizophrenia and shouldn't meditate. I can only restrict myself to the concentration exercises. How can we eliminate the evil desires that spring from within man (woman also) and cause the occult forces. As I was reading the pamphlet what you were describing really seemed to be like you were describing schizophrenia, with the evil desires accumulating a power of their own and forcing the personality into subjection. I have two interrelated questions that are part of the same question (I hope Scott will agree). Are you describing schizophrenia in the occult forces pamphlet and how does one overcome this occult force if one wants to learn how to meditate? What's the difference between the occult internal force and schizophrenia, aside from patients with physical injury to the brain (brain damage)? 

Thanks Billy, and have a nice day! 

By misusing the internal occult forces you can trigger schizophrenia, e.g. if you are creating a second (or more) personality (personalities). 
Occult forces are always created by the person himself. Therefore it is important that people have to control their consciousness, thoughts and feelings etc. 
Schizophrenia is a consciousness-related illness, while occult forces are forces applied by or brought about by the human being. 

(Note by CF: It could be said that schizophrenia is one of the results by using occult forces (falsely).)



thanks for your insight. 

regarding my last post. 

"ive been having these "epiphanies". its seems like in my dream im always high up in the trees talking to other people in a peaceful environment. eventually i make way to a big tree and sit down and talk to it. whenever i talk to it everytime i come up with a realization or an epiphany. 

for example lately i gained an immense amount of understanding and knowledge of love, kiss, personalities, programming methods, communication, dejavus, change in my personalities, etc...And it effects me the same morning i wake up. 

i try to describe this, but i cant find the words for it. while within my consciousness it retains its full meaning and i cant share its full meaning because i cant explain it. not even close. 

my question is this. is this the result of my nonstop hardwork of meditation finally beginning to pay off or delusional? 

Any insight, explanations, advice would be great. 

-Gerald Massey 

It very much looks like the result of incorrect attempts and wishing too much. It could be that you have provoked imaginations or, as you say, epiphanies. If a person is forcing the meditation process there is danger of develping schizophrenia and delusion. Such effects as described by you are produced by the consiousness and through imagination." 

although it was pleasant these epiphanies were unexpected and most of them i dont even know what they are about. but its nice to know that your suggesting otherwise. 

my question is this. after i reach this white/green space(i managed to overcome this black space kick finally), what is to be expected. or should i just keep meditating with as much neutral as i can. 

They must find it difficult...Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather then the truth as the authority 

-Gerald Massey 

Billy cannot tell you what you will expect next. It’s up to you to experience. 

To meditate as neutral as possible is always the safest way.


dear billy, 

thank you for answering my first question. 
this question concerns meditation, i havent meditated for a long time i just started last month and on my second meditation my whole body started to tingle and the shake, since then i was able to do it at will, also two days later what is commonly known as the third eye chakra stared to tingle as well but this can last for hours even when im not meditating, lastly when i meditate my arm sometimes go up by themselves. 

billy my question is what does all this mean? 

im confused and scared at the same time about it i dont want to do the wrong thing. 


It looks indeed like you are doing the wrong thing. Don’t do such things on will because it/this is dangerous. You can develop imaginations, even delusion!

Oct. 23,2009


Hi Billy, 

You once advised that people with Skizophrenia should not do meditation as it was unsafe for them (not sure if it was in or out of the pyramid or both?) 

Should a person with Bipolar mood disorder (once termed depression) do meditation, thanks. 

Actually sick persons can or could meditate, but with schizophrenia there is danger that the affected person is sliding deeper into delusion and that a problem is made bigger than it really is. 

Regarding Bipolar mood disorder: Meditation can be fine if the person is in control and does not circle or drown in a problem. If the person cannot detach himself from the problem, but is concentrating and imprisoned in the problem, he shall stop a meditation process. 

A normal, settled life (style) and regular work would be the best remedy and aid. 
Btw: It is possible to use one’s work for meditation, as a meditative process.


hiya billy. 

ive been having these "epiphanies". its seems like in my dream im always high up in the trees talking to other people in a peaceful environment. eventually i make way to a big tree and sit down and talk to it. whenever i talk to it everytime i come up with a realization or an epiphany. 

for example lately i gained an immense amount of understanding and knowledge of love, kiss, personalities, programming methods, communication, dejavus, change in my personalities, etc...And it effects me the same morning i wake up. 

i try to describe this, but i cant find the words for it. while within my consciousness it retains its full meaning and i cant share its full meaning because i cant explain it. not even close. 

my question is this. is this the result of my nonstop hardwork of meditation finally beginning to pay off or delusional? 

Any insight, explanations, advice would be great. 

-Gerald Massey 

It very much looks like the result of incorrect attempts and wishing too much. It could be that you have provoked imaginations or, as you say, epiphanies. If a person is forcing the meditation process there is danger of developing schizophrenia and delusion. Such effects as described by you are produced by the consciousness and through imagination. 

July 26,2009

Dear Mr. Meier 

In bulletin 38 you spoke of the importance of the Pineal Gland in sensing fluidal forces and how it has atrophied in humans beings. You said the caused by humans overly materialistic thinking. I see what you mean in the rigid thinking of some individuals. Like scientists dogmatic refusal to consider the possibility that faster than light travel is possible. You have also said, meditation allows fluidal energy to flow to the pineal gland. Since Meditation is a process of pure observation, it occurred to me as when thoughts are silenced this allows the fluidal energy to reach the Pineal gland. I am I right in my conclusion and could you add a little more information on we can restore the Pineal glands full functions. 


No, the Pineal gland is only "dealing“ with fine-structured vibrations. Thoughts and meditation have to do with theconsciousness. 

June 30,2009

Hi Billy, 

To follow up; If the consciousness connects our mind (with Creation), while, different from my understanding, the spirit is just the "power" source that functions like an unlimited battery, and we are evidently already connected. What else is there to tap into, within, with meditation, and the purpose? 

Much love and peace, always. 

We are "tapping“ into the realm of the consciousness, because it is the consciousness that matters. Meditation helps to improve our consciousness. 

(Note by CF: It’s not the mind, that is connected with Creation, but the consciousness. Question: Does the word "mind“ not mean the same as "consciousness“. When looking into a dictionary it is difficult for me the understand what you are meaning with the word "mind“; there are so many different meanings.)

June 30, 2009

In a previous answer to a question I asked, you gave the response that living a life of virtue as being an early sign of a persons evolution towards living truthfully(spiritually). This of course sounds obvious, but the simplicity makes it easy to overlook as an obvious trait of an emerging spiritual evolution. 

My question today is, 

When you describe different times/moments one may meditate, like when working, or on a walk, listening to questions posed by the English FIGU Forum(very funny), and other common tasks, am I to assume that the benefits received from this type of meditation to be as effective as a strict, very programmed methodology? 

a friend in america 

The meditation that is done by most people throughout the day is usually entirely unconscious. And the benefits are unconsciously achieved and, therefore, usually not realized. 

A conscious meditation brings faster and more success. And success or benefit is consciously realized. The answer then is: By a strict and programmed meditation method you have a much higher chance to achieve more benefit.

June 30,2009

Dear Billy, 

Thanks for your work. 

More than 10 years ago, I remembered focussing on my existance, lying in the dark breathing strongly. 
As I was doing so, I suddenly heard a treble, displeasant sound and felt I was sort of starting to move up to 30cm above myself. 
I got so scared that I immediately stopped this activity to come back quick. 
Since then, I’ve tried to duplicate the experiment, but I think I’m too scared to approach this state again. 
What do you think it was really? Is it dangerous to try to duplicate ? 

Keep on with your work. 

This is a natural occurrence that one can experience during the learning process of meditation. 
It could very well be that through breathing strongly you did hyperventilate (?) („hyperventilieren“ in German). This can lead to angst conditions, visions, vertigo, etc.

June 30, 2009

Dear Billy: 

Semjase has said in contact #10: “The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep; it records all thoughts and motions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false-if he has learned to pay attention.” 

When she says if the human has learned to pay attention, she means that we are able to pay attention, when we meditate and progress until the initiation, or through impulses from the storage banks? 

Thank you. 

To pay attention means to meditate, because paying attention is a form of meditation. Even a talk with another person may be a meditation. 
Paying attention means to hold the focus on some factor, like listening, observing, etc.

May 24, 2009

Billy, i've been progrsssing through meditation and managed to reach a point of nullification where i lose all normal senses and just feel like im iso0lated or not even feeling anything physical anymore. But once i get past this after a few moments i hit this .....feeling, its terrifying and i dont like it. and everytime i hit this, it knocks me out of my meditated state...Any ideas to what this can be. 

Krishnamurti is very intelligent, i gathered many useful tips on meditation from him. 

(Message edited by Scott on April 27, 2009) 

-Gerald Massey 

This is an absolutely normal occurrence. You don’t have to worry and must overcome/transgress that difficulty.Just let yourself fall on the next occasion.

March 30,2009
8. Jplagasse RQ8: 

Hi Billy, 

A question I’ve had for quite a while now: 

The meditations... how can it be that our earth meditation times coincide with the rest of the universe? It is said that other worlds also meditate to coincide with our times. YET... how can the meditation times coincide EXACTLY with other worlds? Even with the p's home world, there is a minute time difference with our own. How can our meditation times be exactly the same as the p's, and other worlds? 

Now... I can imagine several scenarios or possibilities which would explain this; however I REALLY would like to hear something directly from the p's or you on this!!! 

Kindest regards, 

They are able to synchronize the beginning of their meditation with the one on Earth. Through our meditation pyramid, we are linked to theirs at a velocity of 10 to the power of 7000, which is equal to simultaneousness.


dear billy, 

lately meditation has REALLY picked up fairly quick. during my last mditation, i experienced somewhat a vision with everything a light blue color and a little bit after that it felt like i was almost floating and this light happy go cheerful feeling is still with me since my meditation on jan 22nd (yesterday). mind me im not the best for describing experiences. it feels like im on the right track. i just want to confirm, is this feeling is the right track. would this be normal once a person gets "in the zone" of meditation. 

-Gerald Massey 

Yes, you are "on the right track“. This is a state of being detached from the material realm. This is a normal occurrence within meditation. Your consciousness has experienced kind of a detachment.


Alot of people I listen to suggest that meditation is the key to taking my consciousness to the next level yet no one really explains how to do it step by step. Could you possibly do this for me 

The human being must set his own rules and regulations, because one method can be good for one person, but not for the other one. There are countless ways to start with meditation. Books are just general guidelines or aids. Depending on a human being’s behaviour and thinking, different approaches to meditation are necessary. 

(Note by CF: In Billy’s two books about meditation you will find very valuable information. They are German only.) 


Dear Billy: 
With kind greetings to you, I would like to know: 

Jmmanuel, on Chapter 6, teaches us of the proper way to pray. He says that we should pray to the almightiness of the spirit with or without a sacred object. Then he gives us the praying: “My spirit (consciousness), you exist within almightiness. May your name be holy…” My question is: 

What is the difference between praying in this way and meditation, what is the effect of practicing either one? 


To perform Jmmanuel’s prayer is also a way of meditation, and the effect is to bring one’s consciousness to a higher level. The fact that this prayer is directed to one’s own consciousness will bring forth a better life (the human being learns to live better).

Oct. 26,2008

hiya billy, 

how you doin? 
i have a question regarding to meditation. 

I am having trouble getting into a deep state. not only that but i have trouble in recognizing in what am i suppose to do. As in once i get into a comfortable sitting position and close my eyes and deep breathe, nothign else feels to me that i am not going anywhere or having little success. Do you personally have tips on helping me get into a deep state of meditation. To add i clear my head with thoughts and think of a place that is quiet and warm with an exception of water crashing unto the beach. 

Thanks for helpin :P 

-Gerald Massey 

You cannot expect immediate or instant success. In order to have success you have to practice daily (!) for years. In a German language saying it is said: Patience brings roses, which means: If you have patience, you will first observe leaves and thorns, then buds, and ultimately the flower.

Oct. 26, 2008

hey ther billy, 
i was wondering, what constitutes an act of meditation. 
see, you write that during meditation all thoughts should be shut off, yet in another answer to me you said anylizing ones dreams is a form of meditation. so i'm just curious as how to define the act of meditation. from what i am understanding, there's only 1 true way to meditate, but then there are sub-forms of meditation/meditation excercises. 

Why should there be just one true way to meditation? In fact there are countless ways of how to meditate. Every person is doing meditation each day. Each time a person directs his attention/attentiveness (Achtsamkeit und Aufmerksamkeit) on some object, it is kind of a meditation. If people are concentrating on their work, it is also a form of meditation.
May 27,2008

The copper Pyramid 

Dear Billy, 

The copper pyramid, I want to build one to assist in meditation. 

Frage 1: Are they safe to use and do they posses any help full energy to the human body or the spirit or the mind?

Ich liebe jeder dort bei Figu danke Ihnen allem 

As long as the pyramid is correctly used/made and as long as you behave reasonably, which means that you don’t follow imaginations etc., you will be safe.

April 26,2008
Username: Nobody 

Dear Mr. Meier 

Thank you for answering my question and clarifying mistakes. 

I was meditating one day and this bright white light opened up. I had my eyes closed and made sure there was no distractions. It only lasted a few moments but the experience was so profound it has stayed with me till this day. Can what this experience was? 

This was a natural occurrence in a real meditation. It’s a positive thing.

April 26,2008
Username: Peter_brodowski 

hello billy and thanks for your answer, and i am glad you are healthy again. 
my next question pertains to concentration excersizes. 
lately, i will close my eyes in a dark room and picture (and focus on this image) of myself walking down a dark hallway, and alltogether i pass through 7 sets of pillars. 
after the 7th set of pillars i approach and open a door. 
as i pass through each pillar, i get a sensation in my body like i am passing a field of energy or something like that. and i then go deeper into my concentration, where more and more i lose sensation of my body. 
after i pass through each pillar, an image appears. 
when i open the door, an image also appears and i try to concentrate on it. 

my questions is, can anything of any spiritual value (information or knowledge) come from this kind of excersize, or will it simply produce self-created images from thoughts in my sub conciousness? 


Those are fantasies and imaginations. 
In order to meditate you should not provoke pictures and not make an image or imagination. The world of thoughts must be shut off.

April 26,2008
Username: Stafath 

Hello Dear Billy, 

I'm still new to these forums and I come to ask some important stuff (for me) in one post. 

First of all - I last year when I found out about you I started to occupy my time with all that spiritualty thing and one day I felt (and still do) that I was a alien once and then I started to meditate about who I was. The result was that I got some pictures about me looking at space, stars and planets in a flying saucer (Beamship or BeamShip probably) throught a wierd window and I also decided to meditate about what was my name and a name "STAFATH" appeared in front of my vision (eyes were closed). The past life of mine what I'm talking about dates far back in time. 

1) Because of the finding out who I was I also seem to have got some feelings/tasks from the storage banks. One of the most bugging things about that is that I have a very strong feel/urge to leave from the earth at all costs. 

2) I also found out that the names like Ptaah, Sfath and my alien name Stafath seem to be having the same style. Which race originally made/used these names/name styles? 

3) I used decoz numerology program and from the name what parents gave me did not described my personalty very well in that program but from the name "STAFATH" the program told my personality extremly correct. Any explanations about this kind of thing? 

Don’t trust your vision regarding the name Stafath; most probably it will be just a vision/imagination, but not reality. And don’t try to meditate about wishful things. You are in danger to start believing unreal things.

Username: Nobody 

Hello Mr. Meier, 

I have noticed I have the ability project energy from my hands. I read a post explaining the hands and feet as antenna for fine electromagnetic energy and I realized that was like my own experience. I can project this energy from my hands at will. In the past I have noticed when I had a injury or some pain when I applied my hands the pain would subside. I was wondering if you could give me any advice to where I can better develop this ability. 

Through meditation.

Username: Adityasonakia 

Dear Billy, 

Thanks for the great reply. 

Billy i know you have been asked this many times..... i apologise to ask again but... 

How do you meditate, billy? 

Thanks again. 


It’s more “where” than “how”: During the day, while working, shopping, driving, in quiet moments, in front of the TV, before sleeping, during the process of answering the questions from the FIGU English forum. The entire life is a form of meditation, and to get the correct answers is also a form of meditation.

May 1, 2007
Username: Hector 

Hi Billy, 

I want to ask about the "Ego" or the "I".Almost everywhere and everybody (Buddhism, Hinduism, psychiaty, new age sectarians) seem to advocate for the suppression, dissolution of the ego, the I.At first this seems to be a good advice, but the more i think about it the more i consider this ego-suppression a stupid advice/teaching. 

I think Ego-suppression/dissolution makes you unsuited to live(lebensunfähig), transforms yourself into a servile, servant, obedient individual, just what religions want.Not to be active, but passive.A certain amount of Ego,I would be necessary to lead a decent life in these stages of evolution. 

Am i more or less right? What about ego-suppression and meditation, should a meditator try to block his individual identity-ego-i, while meditating? 

If a person is suppressing his/her ego, the person becomes humble („demütig“ in German) or submissive and, in doing so, is harming himself. 

The ego/I is the Self of the human being, and it represents that what he is. 
The human being needs his self and, therefore, shall not destroy or suppress his ego or "I“.