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Inner Self

Feb. 23, 2014
In a rare experience this month, (happened during a discussion with a friend), there was a moment(could have been many minutes) when clear thought conversation with something inside me, gave me the conclusion that the Consciousness-block/spirit form/ Creation 'seed' - within me had an actual conversation with me(my human self, ego and all!) 
I realized that this type of connection had happened years before, and 'recognized' (again became aware) - or at the very least had a simple comparison. 
How would you suggest(other than the many ways I've read through your words over the last 35 years) I strengthen that connection? 
Wonderful experience(in realization!) 

Many people are experiencing the same if they are concentrating on themselves, because when they do this they receive answers from their subconsciousness. Therefore the answer is to concentrate on your own inner self and on that which is occurring within yourself.