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 Helping Oneself 
Sept. 30, 2014
Are many of us suffering from a form of mental issue or psyche damage even though we managed to discovered you, the mission and the spiritual teaching? In other words, because of the law of cause and effect, are some of our efforts to "make up for lost time or repair the damage of our forefathers"(evolve) worthless? 

You can never change or made/make undone what you have done or not done in the past, but you can start and build/shape and work up your own future now. A new beginning is only possible in the case of a new process. You have to build new causes for your behaviour. The future is shaped now, in the nano fraction of a second called the present. 

Sept. 30 2014
Dear Billy and Christian, 
Regarding someone who has persistent bad thoughts of people, like images of harming them or vulgarities, in the form of obsessive compulsive disorder. Psychologists say that everyone has these thoughts and they are part of human nature. How evil are these thoughts considered to be? and can the other person sense these thoughts if they are strong enough? What can be done to reduce the frequency of these thoughts? In gratitude, Salome. 

What the psychologists say is not true. The human being thinks according to how he/she builds his/her life. In other words: If the human being lives in a correct way, he/she doesn’t have evil thoughts. 
Basically, the human being is not bad and evil from the beginning. Everything depends on a person’s “Erziehung und Selbsterziehung” (educaton and self-education). It’s up to each person to steer/direct one’s life through one’s thoughts, and even so if there are genetic factors involved. 
Knowledge, wisdom, love and freedom etc. matter; and how the human being behaves towards him-/herself, and whether or not he/she lives according to the creational-natural laws and recommendations. 

June 29, 2014
For many weeks, memories that I had once forgotten or not thought of is now coming to surface. It seems like I can remember more of these memories and sometimes I feel like they are trying to tell me something. I mean memories of things that happened to me over tens years ago. These are memories of disputes I had with people years ago and they are now surfacing. 
With these memories, sometimes I react to them in anger or sadness. Plus, when I'm alone in a quiet place, I can receive the information from the memories better. Also, it seems like I can rember them more (getting better details) each time these memories resurfaced. 
Billy, please understand I'm not trying to be crazy, weird, funny, or stupid. 

Billy, why are these memories now surfacing and what lessons or information they trying to teach or tell me and what is the meaning of them? 

If you start giving attention to your memory, you start a training which automatically produces results. 

Regarding the human being’s memory: If it does not function anymore in the way it should, it is spammed with junk (mit Gerümpel überlagert). 

April 29, 2014
Posted by Ferbon on Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 11:51 pm: 

Hello Eduard. 
There are many of us who get lost in negative thoughts and actions while lacking understanding that the process of learning and realization of all good things takes time and often very long time or even extremely long time. What is your favorite explanation, example or a story that could be helpful and be told so that we and our fellow human beings could understand and try to think about and acquire such patience? 

Self-cognition is a main factor. Learn to know yourself, who you are, what you are. The more a person knows about him-/herself, the more he/she adjusts him-/herself to the creational-natural laws and recommendations and lives by them. If a person doesn’t know his/her own thinking etc. etc., he/she dwells in illusions and will not get in harmony with reality. 
The human beings have to learn by themselves that patience is necessary for getting to good and valuable results, and realizing this is a very important step a human being can take in his/her evolution.

March 23,2014
Hello, Mr. Meier l truly thank you and all other human beings who are or have helped present the message of Truth and the Spiritual Teaching. My question: If you were only a student amongst all of students of the Spiritual Teaching, what question would you ask the True Prophet that would help the most human beings, now or in the future, for their consciousness evolution? I do not necessarily need the answer to the question you would pose unless with your wisdom you deem it necessary. 
I Thank You in all Love, Truth, and Wisdom. 
Salome, Scott Reed. 

It’s not the question which helps, but the answer, and the answer is: Each person should study and learn to recognise reality, which means to detach oneself from religions and other false doctrines etc., and to use one’s time to further one’s consciousness-related evolution. 

Feb. 23, 2014
Hello Eduard. Just as you written here: 

Liebe Menschen der Erde 
Achtet auf eure Gedanken, denn sie werden zu Gefühlen. Achtet auf eure Gefühle, denn diese werden schnell zu Worten und diese zu Taten sowie zu Handlungen. Handlungen und Taten aber werden zu Gewohnheiten, die gar schnell sich zum Charakter formen; durch den wieder bestimmt ihr in allen Dingen euer Schicksal. 
SSSC 9. April 2011, 22.55 h, Billy becomes clear that good habits are very important. Could you explain more about how can anyone develop them and which are mostly recommended in healthy and fruitful life? 
Salome and Happy Birthday ;) 

Each person has to find out for him- or herself which good habits he or she wants to acquire/learn. Since each person is different from another the priorities are different as well. Good habits are developed through one‘s thoughts and the resulting feelings, through/by which a sound psyche is built.

Jan. 25, 2014
Hello Billy, 

This question is about "will" and how can one go about its creation? 
If memory serves, I remember in the TJ Jmmanuel said that the human must first create the "will" for things they wish to do. And with the epidemic of overpopulation and the birth of so much humans suffering from its effect lack of desire/will, I think knowing how to create this force would be good. 

Personally, a breakdown similarly to the one you gave for the meditation technique with candle would be appreciated. 

Before the „will“ can be activated, a motivation and guidelines must be worked out and built up within oneself. Only then can an effect/endeavour etc. be achieved by using the will. 

Unfortunately it is a fact that more and more human beings are becoming weak (verweichlichen) because they are not troubling/struggling themselves anymore to work up (learn) those factors (including knowledge and wisdom) which are necessary to lead a good life and attain values which are in line with the creational-natural laws and recommendations, etc.

Jan. 25, 2014
Dear Billy, in the same way as your consciousness goes forward in time to realize a wish/dream, does your consciousness also go forward in time to stop something bad from happening? For example if a person had a premonition/intuition that they would crash a vehicle, would their consciousness be able to go forward in time to make way for a different outcome instead of death? 
Thank you, 

The things of the Future can (and must) only be influenced/prevented in the present (= now).

Jan. 25, 2014
Hello Edward. 
Regarding recognition of our own mistakes and correction of such literally in a child like manner. Could you explain what is meant by this and whether this perhaps should also be done with caution? 


In a childlike-manner means that a child is learning in a unprejudiced manner.

Jan. 25, 2014
Hello Eduard, 

In the spirit teaching, you explain that it is possible to learn self-hypnosis to such a depth that studying while being in hypnotic trance can be done, providing the ability to learn and remember very fast. 

Of course it is clear to me that normal studying with normal amounts of information is most important. 

Is it advisable to use an hypnotic suggestion to command the material-consciousness-block to aid the process of learning by using ones dreams? Provided that (self)hypnosis is mastered to a good extend. 

Yes, that’s advisable.

Nov.24, 2013
Hello Eduard. When for example you’re informed about overwhelmingly bad news, are subjected to annoyance or simply have enough then – as noted in contact reports - somehow you are able to take it in and process these in balanced form so that explosion and destruction is avoided and the whole thing is aligned in different way. Could you explain how this is done so that it could then be practiced? 

You have to think about everything and try to recognize reality, and then you have to process/digest it. But this varies from person to person. Each person must process this in line with his or her own ratio. 
Regarding reality: If a beloved person dies, or something terrible occurred to oneself, it is important to think about it, to process it, and then go forward on one’s life path. It must be accepted that what has passed is gone and will never be made unmade. The truth must be accepted and one has to say to oneself: „Now that has happened and is gone. But now I have to live forward and have to stop crying for the things of the past.“ 

(Note by CF: processing/digesting a loss of a person or an object does not mean to block out [verdrängen].)

Oct. 27, 2013
Hello Billy, 
Low self esteem, lack of confidence, fear when there is nothing to fear are some of the widely found qualities of majority of humans in our planet. Also the genetic manipulation and prevailing societal condition no doubt plays a part in majority of earth humans being either too cocky or too soft in response to provocations or stress situation. 
Suicide and murder both are easy and clean with a press of a trigger, than other methods. That is, a trigger can be pressed in the heat of the moment. 
Given the situation, do you think it is a good idea to allow nearly unrestricted gun ownership, for example like in the USA? 
If not, what kind of safety mechanism/laws can be implemented to ensure that only sane and capable persons (civilians) own lethal arms for their justified need? 

No, unrestricted gun ownership is not a good idea. The more weapons are around, the more incidents are occurring. 
There should be restrictions set to the weapon/gun lobby (Waffenlobby). 

(Note by CF: And of course the thinking of the people regarding living with and among each other should greatly improve, which will not be the case, however, as long as the religion disease is working within the brain of so many people on this globe. It is a requirement that the human beings on Earth turn towards the spiritual teaching, learn it an live accordingly.)

Oct. 27, 2013
Hello dear Billy 
I remember you have mentioned that sleeping transversal to the north-south magnetic poles (for example with the head facing east or west) can cause that one doesn´t sleep well or have nightmares, etc. 
I would like to know if the cardinal point that we face during meditation has any influence on it. 
Thank you very much, salome. 

Basically, there’s not much influence, but it is adviseable to sleep in a north-south direction if possible.

Oct. 27, 2013
Hello Billy, 
In contact 109 of Thursday June 8th, 1978, you speak about the following: 
..Das Tier ist im Gegensatz zum Erdenmenschen sehr stark darauf ausgerichtet, seine Modifikationen in jeder Beziehung selbst zu erkennen und anzuerkennen, was ihm auch die Sicherheit seiner Selbststärke, seines Selbstwissens und seines Selbstsicheren gibt, wodurch es sehr beständig ist. Dies darum, weil es naturgesetzmässig richtig verbunden ist und dies in ihm impulsmässig alles durchwallt. Der Mensch nun, naturabgefallen, verweichlicht und sich grossdenkend in seinen Gedankenformen, hat längst verlernt, sich auf das Selbstwissen, die Selbstsicherheit und auf die Selbständigkeit auszurichten und auf die Selbsterkenntnis… 
..The animal, in contrast to the Earth human being, is very much geared toward independently recognizing and acknowledging its modifications in every respect, which gives it the security of its self-strength, its self-knowledge, and its self-confidence, making it very stable. This is so because it is correctly connected to the laws of nature, and these surge through it in an impulse-related manner. Now, the human being, who is fallen away from nature, effeminate, and big-thinking in his thought forms, has long since forgotten how to align himself on self-knowledge, self-confidence, and on independence and self-cognition…. 
As you say, the animal, in contrast to the Earth human being, is very much geared toward independently recognizing and acknowledging its modifications in every respect, what is your detailed advice how a human should do this, since he has a conscious-consciousness and a a personality (which he does not truly shows to the outside world, according to your statement earlier.)? 
Salome, Jacob 

Simply by using one’s ratio = rationality and intellect, and by connecting oneself again with nature, which, btw, is hardly possible when living in a city.

Sept. 30, 2013

Hello Eduard, 
In one of the Contact Reports, Quetzal gave statements (explanations) which really got my attention. It was in reference to the use of the meditation pyramid and the projecting of love to others inside by persons who enter and remain therein. 
I walked around a park exercising and contemplating Quetzal's explanations. I want to know if I am heading in the right direction. 
As I contemplated Quetzal's words, I looked at the different people as I passed them by. I realized that they too, like myself, were a consciousness block with a spiritform that had incarnated into human bodies. Slowly it became a wonderful realization, they too were like me experiencing this realm and existence on planet Earth. I noticed that each of us was experiencing our unique experience in our bodies and realized we all come from the same mysterious place. Thinking about Quetzal's words, the realization brought out a unique sense of love and caring which I would say is amongst the things Semjase touched upon in her introduction to the spirit teaching. Needless to say, including what is contained in the Goblet of Truth. 
I wish to know if Quetzal's explanations can be practiced in our daily interactions with people around us and those whom we know or interact with personally as a way to cultivate Empfindungen. 
Salome and thank-you to you both, 

Of course that can, and actually shall, be practiced daily. Observing, thinking and acting accordingly.

Sept. 30, 2013

Since you suggested that I should develop Interpersonal Relationships my questions have being geared towards this, but they seem kind of wasted to me. 
So I think I'll make this my last question on the matter, after which I'll ask questions on topics that I'm truly interested in, so here goes. 
Question: Why is the development of Interpersonal Relationships so important isn't having a handful of friends sufficient? From a spiritual stand point, is connecting with a lot of persons in this manner somehow more beneficial as oppose to just a few? 
I guess what I'm really asking is, since my fundamental personality type is that of an introvert, why should I deliberately strive to develop additional interpersonal relationships? I usually just let this occur on its own, isn't this sufficient? 
The only thing I can think of at the moment is that since the AA level and up are all based on the collective (a very large one I may imagine), this would be like laying the ground work for that phase of one's evolution, that's if it has any relation at all. 
Or did I miss the whole point, was it about the quality and not necessarily the quantity.... 
Peace, Live Long and Prosper... 

The two main „spheres“ of learning for the human beings are: 
1) To rely on nature, to observe it and to interpret what’s been observed/detected 
2) To communicate with one‘s fellow human beings. 

That’s the way prophets learn. 

Being together with other human beings and living among them etc. is of paramount importance in order to learn and to broaden one‘s own viewpoints etc., to grow consciouness-based. 

If you observe families or groups of people who keep only to themselves and live secluded from others (outsiders) and society you will notice that they will become „eigenbrötlerisch“ (eccentric), among other things. 

This has nothing to do with the AA level as a collective.

July 27, 2013

Hello Eduard, 

In addition to my uncovering of "consonance" and its significance and implications, I have finally uncovered the "joy" which the prophets repeatedly mention in the Goblet of Truth. At first I did not fully realize what they were referring to and I now have it in my possession and, it has become a cherished part of my being. I have also uncovered the 12 advisers/councilors which guide me in all things of my life; so much so that anything in disharmony with the laws & recommendations of Creation are repulsed. Although I am far from any attainment of any sense of perfection, I do find it immensely an impossibility to deviate from or, to not apply, the things I have learned in my thinking or deeds and actions. My 12 advisers/councilors, for example, have helped me touch the heart of someone who did me a grave wrong and injustice. This person is now an even better human being and our relationship is a new and warm friendship. There is immense power to be gained from the arduous study of the Goblet and it is my hope that all of us students (disciples/pro-figu) of the prophets will take courage, interest and desire and study the Goblet of Truth. If we-all the students of the prophets of today were to synergistically study the Goblet, we would recognize and uncover such wondrous power that we would be a force of absolute good in the world. It is my hope and intention to do all I can so that everyone I have loved and known who has passed away, will incarnate into a better world in their next incarnation. It is also my desire to learn and continue to grow in the knowledge of the teaching of the prophets; and to continue to think of ways to involve my fellow man in the interest and recognition of the Truth. Thank you so much for what you went through and the help of everyone at FIGU for making the Goblet of Truth translated and available to us your modest and appreciative students. 

It says in the Goblet of Truth under the heading; "An Important Message to the Readers of this Work"; wherein it says; "It makes no difference whether the text is read silently or aloud, or whether one person reads it aloud to another". 

My thoughts from contemplation have been the following. 

Would you and our Jshwjsh find it permissible to have recordings of someone (KG49?) read the Goblet and make it available to your students? [or permit others to make the recordings?]; I have reasoned that the recordings would be beneficial during meditation time, that it would help expedite the grasping of the German by helping us recognize the words we are learning and seeing their use and placement in the sentences and also directing more and more of our attention to the German texts in the Goblet. All of us the students could listen in our vehicles while driving, so on and so on. FIGU could charge a fee for the recordings to further help the Mission financially. 

Thank you to you both. 


Recordings of the spirit teaching are not useful because the flow/stream of the words and sentences enters one ear and goes out through the other one. 
In order to learn you have to study the teaching sentence after sentence (with books, not electronic devices). In order to have a benefit you have to study and apply what has learned in your everyday life. Just listening will not bring the expected benefit. 
The code can be compared with just a counsel or advice, which to observe etc. is up to each person’s own free will.

July 27,2013

Greetings Billy & Christian. I often check the weather forecast for the Schmidruti area and your weather this spring has been downright depressing; rain rain & then some more rain... I am sure you all are managing the extremely wet conditions, but it must be ... unpleasant. 

In the spiritual teaching it is recommended that we observe the free nature. I assume one basic reason for this is to observe the living demonstration of a neutral-positive equalisation in nature, which softly whispers creations recommendations therethrough. Out of this, the humans love of and for pets (for one ex.) would be this innate attraction to the qualities of a perfect or relatively perfect neutral-positive equalisation. 

Is this correct that aside from the human being, all fauna and flora in nature have a neutral-positive equalisation? In primal times or in the distant past, were human beings also neutral-postively equalised like the rest of nature and at some point in our evolution did we lose this equalisation between the negative and the positive? If so, what was the factor that sent us out of such a balance? 

I realize there is more than one question in here but can you please say something with regard to this subject of neutral-positive equalisation and the earth human beings history thereof? 
Thank you. 

In primeval times human beings lived much closer in connection with nature and had keener instincts etc. 
In light of the human being’s closeness to nature in those days: Today it is strongly recommended that people go out into nature instead of constantly staring into their electronic devices, because in nature you can detect many creational-natural laws and recommendations, and you can observe the neutral-positive equalisedness in floral and faunal life etc. etc. From these realizations you can draw analogies and get conclusions to your own existence and behaviour etc.

June 28, 2013

Hello Billy and Christian, 
Thank you so much for your previous response. I don't know if misfortune is solo related to situations beyond our control or not; or If it that has many forms, but with same causes. You, Asket, Semjase, Quetzal, have mentioned about misfortune in diverse conversations and writings, and seems a concept that, relates to many things, how should people approach and address misfortune in life?¨ 

Fredy Martinez 

They shall try to continue making the best of each situation, control their thinking and behaviour; come to terms with oneself. 

(Note by CF: To take an example, e.g. losing one or more children, or one’s husband or wife, which could or will be looked upon as a „misfortune“, it is important that a human being learns from a young age that each human being is a „separate unity“, who is fully responsible for him- or herself; which includes that even in a family there must always be some distance among the members, i.e. no symbiotic relationship. In other words: Each human being must strive to be autonomous in each situation and shall stand „on one’s two feet“ at all times.)

April 28, 2013

Hi Billy, 

Thank you for patiently answering all the questions. 

In reading these questions and answers, I have a suggestion (not a question): Perhaps it could be considered that people allowed to ask TWO QUESTION per round but you select the ONE you want to answer, since quite a number of these have "don't knows" as a response and people have to wait at least a month before getting a chance to ask again. If one of them is a DON'T KNOW then perhaps that can be said and just move on the to other one? It is by no means a solution and please do understand that I'm only thinking in the context of the originator of these questions and the time gap (since I am one of them). I do understand this will take away your time to tend to other matters but it is just a consideration ... 

Now ... 

Reading just what I have been able to catch up with in the materials you have released (in English), I would like to know: 

What is the Plejaren's policy on the use of untruths within the context of the objective of a mission? 

If you do not know, can you please just provide your best "guess" since you are the most qualified person based on these exclusive contacts to draw your own conclusions? 

Untruth (in the sense of lying) has no place in the mission. 

(Note by CF: Regarding your suggesting of two questions per round: This cannot be accepted! It’s up to each person to think logically before writing down and forwarding a question. Obviously, quite a number of those who are sending in questions are not aware that they are wasting precious opportunities by asking questions which are not helpful at all and, therefore, don’t lead to fruitful and valuable answers which could help people to lead a better life. – Billy will not live forever, and therefore the valuable opportunity should really be used to ask questions which will have some real benefit not only to the person who is asking, but also for the generations to come.)

April 28, 2013

Hello Billy, CG49 and anyone who reads this. Fruitful life of love and wisdom to all of you. 

My question relates to balanced existence on the planet where striving for neutral behavior and thoughts is rare and mostly misunderstood for indecisiveness,weakness etc. It seems like only few are interested in being human and recognize that what lies inside them is the most precious of all treasures. 

Regarding bad influences, I remember that for P's even presence of lower evolved humans in close proximity was harmful and resulted in erratic and destructive interference. 
But we - the earthworms, also encounter so many factors throwing us off balance in everyday life. In this sense, what do you recommend to be most effective way/ways/methods to remain calm and undisturbed within the world of our balanced/productive thoughts and actions? 


It is necessary that the thoughts and resulting feelings (and the emotions) are controlled. To achieve this, studying the spiritual teaching is very much recommended. 
Unfortunately, due to unsuitable and erroneous education, many human beings are “selbstbezogen” and see only to and for themselves.

April 28, 2013

Hello Billy and Christian, 
How should young children victim of severe sexual, emotional and physical abuse be helped? Are their consciousness damaged beyond repair?(what specific things that can be done to help them) 
With deep deference: thank you 
Fredy Martinez 

They need persons around them who may be trusted, who are humane and loving/caring and who live honest and concrete love. Feeling protected and cared for is also necessary, because on this foundation trust can be built. And of course, educational activities are also necessary. 
Basically, a recovery from early-age “damage” is possible, but not the rule, unfortunately.

April 28, 2013

where does social anxiety come from u know panic disorder panic attack and is it a mental disorder.i find my self being scared to talk to people even look at them i feel hopeless in side have major self low self esteem hard to form a realation ship with anyone even my family my friends infact i have no friends and i think they hate me i think every body hate me.i feel like people hate me and watch me and feel like people want me to die.i find it hard to help my self i do love my self but just find it hard to do something good i feel if i do something good i get scared.what does this a good person dont talk to no one dont hurt no the sametime i get these feelings all the time and i have major random thoughs all the time every day all day cant concentrate my iq was 85 im seeing a doctor.what are these sings of if u can tell me please this whould help alot.i ask u cause i figure u would know a lot about this do to all the hard ship u had your my doctor did't told me and i think he wont.but i am taking meds and find them to be a little helpfull. 

Don’t let you being influenced by an IQ number because the IQ doesn’t give testimony of a person’s consciousness-based development/evolution. 
The mental state you are in is an entirely psychological process (Vorgang). You should try to escape from your present world of negative thoughts and feelings. Don’t feed your anxiety, your angst, and control your thoughts, which means, that you should be aware of what you are thinking and to direct your thoughts to good and neutral factors, e.g. to nature etc. And don’t let yourself be influenced and put down by the bad things that are happening in the world (as informed by newspapers, television, etc.).

Jan. 28, 2013

Dear Billy, 
When I found the teachings of creation it hit me very hard. So hard in fact that for almost a month I was very sensative to my beliefs falling away from me and so much so that I was also delusional in some of my thinking . In hind sight, I think that my psyche was suffering. I remember being at my friends house after about a month into the teachings and It felt as if I was comming down from a drug and I was just becomming sober/re-connecting with my personality. For a while my friends thought I was loosing my mind because my personality (ego)was seemingly gone and I didn't talk too much like I ussualy do. For some, this may have been a blessing as I have a very outgoing personality and sometimes I don't shut up. 

Was this a result of fluidal forces and a belief system being shattered while the real truth was replacing it with understanding and knowledge and real wisdom? I realized at the time that a full cup could not be filled...Can you tell me how one should handle these kind of impulses or situations such as this and how to deal with the psyche when you are still comming out of an erronious belief? Especially for those that are new to the teachings and have thick layers of beliefs/false thinking and feelings? 
Thank you Billy and Christian. 

You will have to put/bring order into your thoughts and feelings with regard to reality, which is a learning process. The psyche is formed by thoughts and especially by the feelings. Learn to control your thoughts and the resulting feelings, which are forming the psyche. This is a learning process which needs time.

Jan. 28, 2013

Dear Billy, 

What specific or types of questions are advised to ask you, especially because I also know that it is wise to seek answers from the self, for truth can be recognized after honest thought. 

Please would you help me understand, the most useful questions that should be asked, while you are still here? 

Much Love, 

The questions are showing the way of thinking of the persons who are asking. 
Basically it is advisable to ask questions which deal with everyday life and are intended to bring some benefit to one’s evolution, something to learn from it.

Jan. 28, 2013

Dear Billy and Christian: 

I was thinking about being a neutral-positive person, but here in our society it is sometimes difficult to achieve neutrality because other persons might trigger aggressively in oneself and incite bad feelings and emotions. For example bullying in schools have become very common and teenagers are killing themselves or harming others as a reaction of bullying or neglecting parents. 

It happens that a person who is constantly harassed and abused might not react to the aggression and keep it inside, this might end in developing depression, hate and resentment, so I was thinking, in order to avoid these negative feelings/emotions, a person who is harassed in school or in another situation must react and defend himself/herself immediately after an aggression as to avoid the accumulation of resentmen, or how can a person fight aggression/bullying in an affective way? 

Thank you very much, I send you and everyone in the center warm regards and Happy New Year!! - Marcela 

It is impossible to live a life of 100% neutral-positive balance in our world, especially not when one has to deal with other persons. The only „place“ where you may come near that state is in the psyche. However, regarding creational laws and recommendations it is possible to attain 100%. 

If you (anyone) are harassed you can apply logical "Gewalt“ and defend yourself in an appropriate way, which could mean: to ignore, to walk away, to give a comment, to explain the situation to the opponent/s, etc. If you are not defending yourself in ways as mentioned there is a high probability that you develop a depression etc.

Dec.24, 2012

Hello Billy, 
My question is regarding the nature of the work we do and how it contributes to our consciousness evolution. Many of us are stuck in dull, boring jobs, which we have to perform 8 or more hours a day to make a living. It may not be possible to learn anything new doing such jobs. How can we perform such jobs and better ourselves at the same time, or should we quit such jobs and look for better ones? 

You can learn in any situation if you are conscious about what you are doing and are analysing everything. During “boring jobs” you can at least evaluate, or make plans for, alternatives.

Dec.24, 2012

Dear Billy and Christian 

Page 141 of "Arahat Athersata" explains that for evolution of the spiritform and consciousness to occur, you can't have just one negative (-) or positive (+) pole working, you must have a balance or fusion of the two to acheive equalisedness (Ausgeglichenheit) and relative absolute fulfillment (relative Vervollkommnung). In many of your books you describe this equalisedness as the state to strive for in each lifetime. I think I may have had moments of Negative-Positive-Ausgeglichenheit, what is the best way for a human to achieve negative positive equalisedness (-/+) and how would one know if they acheived it? 

By learning and observing the spiritual teaching, by following the creational laws and recommendations, by developing love, peace, freedom etc. within oneself. Following the creational laws and recommendations also means willingness to help, modesty etc. etc. 
If a person follows those principles, he/she will notice it automatically, if he/she thinks about it.

Oct. 28,2012

Hi Billy, 

As I understand it, from Semjase's contacts 9, 11, and 18, the purpose of life is to overcome the ego, so that the sun of love can shine through in our psyche so that we can find bliss in our material existence. In doing this (overcoming ourselves(our ego)), we conquer all the difficulties in the material plane. I remember once, Ptaah rebuked you for not being materialistic enough, but you corrected him and told him that if you were to open the door just a little bit towards materialism, that you would be left with (materialistic) burdens that you would not be able to or want to keep. Ptaah then thanked you for your correction, and understood that this was the case. Is your case a special case, where anti-materialism is necessary, or is it recommended also for us to be anti-materialistic? As I understand it, the more anti-materialistic we are, the stronger we are, and the more we can fully access the state of being spiritually aware of ourselves as creations within Creation in love within all. Am I on the right track here, or have i missed something? I would just like to know: Is being anti-materialistic necessary for spiritual fulfillment? 

Yes, that is necessary. But this “being anti-materialistic” does not mean that you don’t own a house or earn money etc. It just means that you are not excessive materialistic, that you don’t cling to material possessions and focus to own possessions with all force. In a material world we cannot do and live without material things and possessions. 
So being anti-materialistic doesn’t mean that one has to be poor. Even a rich person may be anti-materialistic.

Oct. 28,2012

Hello Billy, 
understanding our problems seems not enough to to act upon them? many people know and can explain what is wrong but they do not act!! they just keep doing the same. How to break the cycle, so consciousness can evolve? 

Everything depends on a person’s motivation and initiative.

Oct. 28, 2012

Dear Eduard 

How would you explain how courage is formed/created. 

Thank you 

Courage is formed by thoughts and feelings, with the aim of acting correctly. 
Courage means that when someone is in danger that you are interfering according to your best possibilities. You have to weigh the situation with intellect, rationality and logic and consider what would happen if you don’t interfere. This process usually happens based on unconscious thoughts. 

Courage may not be confused with foolhardiness or recklessness.


My warmest greeting to you Billy, and Christian, 
I understand that the human being determines every aspect of his/her life with his/her thoughts and feelings, but how does it work when people come in to our lives bringing chaos and pain? Are we also responsible for that? and once we figure a person(family or friend) is unbalanced/toxic, is it inhumane or uncaring to keep them out of lives? 
Thank you for your time and all your hard work! 

We are only responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. This also means that we are responsible how we react to other persons’ behaviour. Of course we have to adjust ourselves in a neutral way to the actions of our fellow human beings, be they family members or strangers etc. We have to take care that we don’t develop hatred and don’t call for revenge etc. 

An example: If someone steals something from you, you will first speak with that person, mentioning the facts, and if you don’t get the object back, you can sue that person for stealing. But you shall not develop hatred against that person. 

A human being should always be willing to help his fellow human being, but of course only if the help is accepted. 

(Note by CF: Of course there are situations when it is necessary to separate from another person and let that person lead his/her life on his or her own.) 

March 26,2012

Dear Herr Meier, 

I just returned from visiting the International UFO Conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona, and sponsored by a local organization (Open Minds magazine) that inherited Wendelle Stevens' library. Of course, some of the people attended the conference just to bask in the idea of an interplanetary society, but a few others seemed to me to be sincere seekers of the truth. As an example, consider Clifford Stone. He says he worked with the U.S. military as part of a program that retrieved extraterrestrial objects, and also had some dealings with extraterrestrials. He is retired now, and currently gathering unclassified government documents related to UFO's for public presentation. Clifford and I talked about you and the Plejaren, but how much he really knows I can't say. The story he tells is quite abit different from yours, yet like everyone else at the conference, he has accepted the fact that the Plejaren are visiting us. Other people at the conference presented far different stories from both Clifford's and yours. Of course, some of the people involved in the UFO movement are misleading people, but it seems that others are genuine seekers. Yet it seems that universally, all of the people at the conference acknowledged the Plejaren visitation, but paid it no further attention. 

There is a large chasm evident in the UFO field between the FIGU and this more general UFO movement, dispersed as it may be. For example, a recent article by the Open Minds magazine reviewed your 'case' and found it controversial. Talking with the people there, I get the sense that there are two main reasons for this. 

1. The story of the Plejaren visitation program is simply not as interesting as some of the other stories that are bandied about. It seems to me that people on this planet are so story-oriented that they will choose to believe a well-crafted story over an obvious truth. The Plejaren are visiting us from afar - that right there should be enough to grab their attention, but it is not, perhaps because the Plejaren story just doesn't feel right to them. 

2. You and the Plejaren have discounted so much of what other people are espousing, so much of what people present various proofs of, and want to believe in, that in turn few people want to consider the Plejaren story. Some people enjoy telling good stories, even when they do not make money doing so. Since you and the Plejaren have dismissed other extraterrestrial involvement on this planet, this confounds the people who enjoy looking for good mysteries rather than good answers. 

Of course the intention of the Mission is to inculcate an innate awareness of the need for natural and creational values in our sense of humanity, to do so realistically, honestly, in a grounded manner without upsetting anyone. After talking with people at this UFO Conference, I do believe something more could be done to reach out to these people with verifiable evidence, lest the story of the Plejaren visitation get left in the lurch, lest we Earthlings evolve stories that guide the development of our society along a path incongruous to that intended by the Mission. 

This brings me to the question at hand: how might we better introduce the message of the Plejaren to these people who are seeking out evidential explanations of UFO's in other places than FIGU? For instance, what is the possibility of ramping up the extraterrestrial program of interacting with us earthlings - for just this aspect of our society, for just the people who are already open to it? 

You can never convince another person of something. This is work each person must do for him- or herself. If a person is not open to look at reality you cannot do anything. Each person must gather proof for himself. 
If people want to believe in channeling and all kind of other claims and delusions and fraud and reptile nonsense, etc. it's their problem. 

(Note by CF: It's not the truth that needs people, but it's the people who need the truth.)


Hello Billy and Christian 

In regards to damage to the human psyche, formation of mental and psychological illness in multitude of variations and forms from so many causes and reasons by external and internal factors, how can the human under the influence and torment of psychological disorder which severely restricts and imposes so much limitation on one's daily life find the will, strength and some semblance of clarity of consciousness for one to at least perceive through one's perceptive faculties and consciousness the reality as it truly is and to sense enough of the truth contained in it for use in developing the internal impulses to begin helping oneself towards healing, harmonising one's inner world, character and personality with the truth of reality as best as one is able to see and to detect it? 

For some reason in regards to psychological disorder it usually comes down to the dreadful feelings whether oppressive, suppressive, repressive, fear laden, anxiety provoking, panic striking, disorientating, confusion causing, avoidance for self preservation and defense eliciting, attention and concentration killing and numerous other manifestations in nature. 

"…how can … one… perceive…": By nursing reasonable, sound and clear thoughts, from which one finds/achieves calmness, etc., which in turn forms the psyche etc. etc.


Hello and thank you for everything you do to help humanity. 
I saw a documentary about farm that mixed all the different food seeds, flower seeds, and herb seeds and let them grow and reseed themselves each year like wild plants, pick them by hand, and just let the weeds grow. We currently use farm equiptment that uses oil and non renewabe resources on an industrial scale, and deplete the soil of nutrients by failing to rotate crops and return organic matter to the soil. So it will take even longer for the earth to create and replace the oil that we senselessly used up. Also chemical fertilisers and pesticides/herbicides are very bad for the environment and people. Do you know of any methods of agriculture, maybe how people on other planets grow feilds of fruit and vegetables in a natural way? Should everyone use horse and plows, spread manure, and pull weeds by hand and stop relying on elecrical appliances in case the suns activity destroys them? 

If there were much less people living on our planet we could have farming that is much more in accordance with nature. Of course using horse or oxen power is much better for the land and the environment than the huge machines, but we have too many mouths to feed, and a return to ancient farming methods is not feasible on a large scale, at least not for the time being. 
Agriculture on Erra does not use machines that drive on the land, but preparing the soil is done by flying devices. 

(Note by CF: Of course if all the unemployed people who are receiving money from the state/government would work (hand work) on the land/farms, there would be beneficial effects on many levels, one being an improvement of health and psyche, etc., and most probably less crimes.)

Hello Billy. Regarding personal names... I have nothing against or in favor of my name, it's just a designation, however I feel that it may have been attributed in the wrong spirit (I mean spirit in its broadest meaning, not as in spirit-form), and considering that you say that there can be such a thing as a wrong name and that this has undesirable effects on a person's life, I find possible that this is my case. 

While I understand that it is the person who determines everything and not his/her name, I also think that I understand how a wrongly attributed name can keep one from being completely one with himself and with his own life. 

Please explain the importance of a name and if you advise a change in the case of a "wrong" one. 

What can be said is that the name of a person has indeed some importance. If you feel uneasy, you can invent/choose a nickname (and let it be used by your friends and acquaintances etc.), or you can even try to change your name legally. But you should be really sure whether it's a true feeling of uneasiness regarding your name, and not just imagination or the wish to appear more important etc. etc.

June 24,2011

Thanks Scott, 

Since it was answered already (great answer!) and the "questions answered by Billy thread" is still open, may I ask a different question? If so please take the following one: 

What safety measure should we all now take in order to prepare in moderation for the coming extreme weather and natural events, please? 

Many thanks, 

The thing to do is facing what's coming on one's individual way and acting according to the events. There will be no end to the world. 

(Note by CF: You don't know what's coming to you, and therefore it does not make sense to burden your life with unnecessary concerns. Who knows, perhaps fate is well-disposed towards you and you would have worried etc. in vain. 
To be earnest: There are a couple of intelligent actions to lessen the threats of the coming events, like e.g. store some food and other goods at home etc., or move away from the shores of lakes and sea, or from steep slopes, vulcanoes etc. etc.)

June 24,2011

Dear Billy, 
Every where around me i see people who look like they carry a heavy burden and I sense un-happiness, people walk with gloomy faces and talk of the pending disasters etc. 
And so I remind myself the time when you said to me 'dont worry', 'dont worry', but its difficult to feel happy inside when all around i sense the opposite, yet I really try, i do. My question is therefore for a positive outlook: in your Book of Symbols, I see the symbol of HUMOR. Can you please explain even a little how am i meant to read it ? i understand that i should be in a neutral positive mind/consciousness when thinking about Humor. How does this Humor symbol translate to a feeling of joy or happiness or positive outlook on life? or is the symbol a reminder of a quick glance of a passing thought/feeling only? where are its roots? I think that Humor and true honest fun are incredibly difficult to cultivate and master. 
Many thanks of appreciation, 
Salome Bianca 

You can use the symbol to think about humour. Besides, you can exercise your laughing muscles. You can do this in front of a mirror, or out in nature. Just think about positive and funny situations.



Dear Billy and Christian: 

I read “Being oneself” and “Being a human being” and I wanted to reach a more neutral mind set by understanding more about dealing with aggressions from other fellow humans. For a long time I didn’t know how to react to aggressions and hurting comments that come from people without one provoking them. 

I often find myself being angry at these aggressions and I learned that this emotion should be avoided. Then I was wondering, how a person should react in front of an aggressor. For example, if a person treats you rudely or makes am insulting comment towards you. What is the correct reaction one should take; completely ignore it or should one try to answer as to protect one’s dignity? 

Thank you, Marcela 

You must learn to have patience, with yourself and with other persons. You have to learn to control yourself and dissolve aggressions as soon as they arise. 
You may answer with a loud or harsh answer if the situation requires it, but within yourself you must not be upset and keep control over your feelings. 
You have to keep up a distance to your fellow human beings and always be aware of the fact that each person has a different level of showing aggressive behaviour (and thinking), all of which is founded in false thinking, education etc., but is a part of each person's evolution. When a person is showing aggression there is a reason behind it that may be understood, but which must not be accepted, though.

July 23,2010

Dear Eduard Meier 

The people who have apparently manipulated the culture of our Earth and us Earthlings must not have valued lives of other people. I have a hard time understanding how such people could be so intellectually developed and not ascribe value to life, as it is and as it can be. It seems to me that when you know yourself, you know your connection with everyone else. 

Now it seems that Earth is apparently recovering from the effects of these technologically advanced vapid people: this task is set among us Earth-bound people who have not got a very solid grasp on common-sense. An obstinately competitive social philosophy seems to be driving unsustainability on its self-destructive path because the people who maintain that philosophy are unable to address this tendency towards over-competition. 

My question is this: how much should one compete with other people in our society for positions, roles, social value as exemplified with wealth, power, prestige? How much competition is healthy for the individual and for greater society as well? What are the guidelines by which we can learn how much competition is appropriate, and how much is ultimately self-destructive? 

The human being must set up for himself some boundaries and limits within which he wants to lead his life. And it must be ensured that one doesn't become greedy for power. Simultaneously, one has to develop one's personality and humaneness, whereby regarding the latter there exist no limits, quite contrary to the materialistic world. 

(Note by CF: It's not negative to strive for becoming president. What matters are the motives that are behind such striving or wishes.)

March 1,2010


there is no effort from FIGU or from the English study group to help Haitian victims. what is the applicable spiritual teaching? 


FIGU as a small group has no capability or capacity to do anything to help the people in Haiti. The spiritual teachings say that each human being shall help others according to one's abilities, be it conscious-related, freedom-related or money-wise. 
How should we help in case of 360,000 deaths in Haiti alone, notwithstanding the many hundred-thousands of victims in other regions of the world, today and during the next catastrophes that will occur more and more frequently in the future?

March 1,2010

Hi Billy, 

I wanted to ask if there were certain kinds of depression where a person doesn't feel sad and what is the best way of learning the German language. For example, I have been in a state of lethargy for the past three months where I dont want to go out or take a shower(only if I have to go out), or get out of bed or do any kind of work. For example, in the last three months, I have only gone out about ten or eleven times and I don't feel any kind of sadness. I am unemployed. I don't feel anything is wrong but obviously this kind of lifestyle is not beneficial for me. I don't feel my mind weakening or any other kind of health problem. I could be learning German but my concentration is too low, and in the article "Meditation, Concentration and Sleep" it states that this kind of lifestyle is totally against the spiritual teaching and that it would be hard to train the mind if I live this way. My question is : Am I depressed? (I don't think so - just lazy)What can I do to train my mind to have the type of concentration it needs to be able to learn German for example. And what would be the best way to learn German? (The Plejaren have a self-hypnosis device - I was wondering if there was anything similar on Earth) I really want to learn German instead of just wasting away my life. 

Thank You Billy for all your sacrifices and misfortunes that you never gave up on the mission! 


It looks like you are in a phase of depression in combination with laziness. Besides, you also seem to lack motivation and will. It obviously looks like you should set other priorities in your life than learning German, at least for the time being. 

(Note by CF: Thinking or even considering to use self-hypnosis in your situation is kind of an indication that laziness seems to be a part of your present life. I doubt that learning German should be the first challenge to begin with. Start by bringing a structure into your life, which means leaving bed early and regularly in the morning, leaving the house for regular walks into nature, searching for a job, tending your personal hygiene, etc. – Learning German is hard work and needs perseverance, something you don't appear to be ready for right now.)



Salome Billy, 
Taking into consideration that i do not know German and so consequently am incredibly disadvantaged because I am unable to learn the Geistlehre, HOW can I learn otherwise to correct the negative imprinted ways of my thinking and behaviour in my Psyche since my childhood? 
WHAT must I do in order to recognize the negative and destructive characteristics and defects that I have? and in WHAT way the negative thoughts and feelings and actions can be released? 
HOW do I begin to change it all? 
I do practice the Pentra meditation, I do the 12 Affirmations and some other affirmations as well, but I feel like 'something' is holding me back'? feeling happy is even a chore, why? 
Herzlichen Danke, Salome Bianca 

Direct you thoughts to the truth in reality, i.e. to everyday life. Learn to act correctly. If negative things from the past arise, look at them and then let them pass. Try to live with your thoughts in the present, and not in the past. You cannot change things of the past, but you can now determine your future. 

Besides: Even if you could read the Geisteslehre in German, you would still face the same problem/s. 
Don’t let your head hang low. Perceverance is required. 

(Note by CF: Don’t try too hard; lean back, but stick at it. You cannot change all, but slowly just one thing after another. Be patient, be attentive, and don’t have high expectations.)



Hi Billy, I hope all is well with you and your health, 

I would like to ask you a question regarding paranoid schizophrenia. This is an illness which I've been fighting for about 10 years now. I am in my late 20's. I developed this illness because of my involvement in the Christian faith in my late teens. It involved my fear of outside forces punishing me for "sins" I had committed. And since I had committed all these "sins" I had or have low self esteem. So I am always watchful for things in the outside world which would determine my fate, such as police watching me, or numbers I see or whatever. This backwards link to the outside world is causng me a lot of strife. I would really like to be a person that determines my own fate despite what I see in the outsde world. But it's this fear of the consequences of my actions that keeps me frozen in fear and I don't react to anything going on in my life. Like I said I would like to be a person that determines my own fate, but to get to that point in my development and overcome my fear? What is the departure point, or starting thought that I sould start out with if I were to overcome my fear? Thanks, and take care. 


You should try to free yourself from the religious nonsense and delusion. This is really hard "work“! Note: There is no such thing as a "sin“. 
The help of a non-religious psychiatrist may be helpful, but they are hard to find, depending on the country you live in. 
Generally it can be said that people who were deeply religious in their actual life have great problems to free themselves from the bounds of religious thinking and feeling. Relapses are a frequent occurrence, unfortunately. 

Sept.27, 2009


Dear Billy 

More and more as I live each day I realise just how important concentration is yet its one of the hardest thing to do. 
For example due to circumstances from earlier childhood, unbeknownst to me until recently, the traumatic experiences somehow must have triggered certain psychological and psychical reaction in the form of dissociation from reality, rumination,unfocusedness, dwelling within the sphere of my own mind and the culmination of bad thought habits which caused childhood depression, anxiety disorder, an almost uncontrollable fear response generalised towards all people which overtime have become so ingrained into the very fabric of the consciousness that certain images and triggers would elicit an overwhelming oppressive response and therefore it having power over the 'being' part of the self. 
Its been a handicap in my life and I am slowly unlearning this and trying to replace it with the understanding of reality as it is. 
But I still can't understand how this block or force so to speak turns itself against itself as if compartmentalised and fractured having its own distinct part apart from each other and the natural unity of the whole self somehow being dispersed with some parts having been arrested from the oppressive forces arising from within. 
Its almost as if its an extreme form of self censure but at the same time a denial or rejection of a part of oneself that one has grown to be ashamed of in a perpetual tug of war between itself. 
I mistakenly thought that it may have been a entity of some sort that you were referring to in one of your articles but as there is more to the consciousness and the human psyche than what is known in the conventional schools of abnormal psychology would you be able to expound on what the nature of this force created by certain conflicting but unresolved thoughts and feelings is that culminates in such manifestations inside the human being? 

Thank you for your compassion and understanding 
Matt Lee 

There are countless possibilities for the cause of your condition. It is possible that you recognized/perceived and understood things falsely. You will have to try to find the origin of your problem/condition and analyse it, and have to realize your false/erroneous thinking. 

You can try to live according to the creational laws and recommendations, and to fulfil them, so you to make progress in your life and your psychic and consciousness-related aspects.

Aug. 24,2009

Hello Mr. Edward, hope you are fine. 
Yet, I am sorry again that my another question is also long one. 

Just recently I was listening to radio show were they would talk about many different things, including your story. But not at that time. 

I was listening while someone called the radio and explained that he is a good person and he helps others and he was wondering why is that, that even he is good person and he is good to others good things don't really happen to him. 
Also he was saying why is that good things happen to bad people, like criminals of any kind rich and poor with positions or not. 

In my head there was forming a big word: Hello? 
But this word "Hello" is thanks to you and your important mission, which I thank you for it, because you risked your life for those who wants to listen. 

But still, in my head I can't really widely explain why is that or give many examples, just because someone is good, it is not necessary a reason why good things should happen to him. 
I think to explain this may take lot to say. 

I do think, that people who think in these terms is because of religious reasons and they expect good things happen to them as well some of them expect bad things to happen to bad people. For example winning a lottery because I am good, or living in a big house with a pool, etc. 

I my mind I have idea why this is not true but I can't really explain this situation. 
The only thing I can say is because there is nobody there above us that is judging our deeds and acts according to what people do. 
But in the end I understand that if we are good we should expect good things but the foundations of our thinking and deeds have to be logical. 

Yet, if someone would ask me to explain what do I mean about logical deeds, I don't necessary have a great answer for them. I do understand that if we help people who can't really help back than we can't expect good things, and if we help people who wants to use us than we can't expect anything also. 

Mr. Edward can you give better explanation about good and bad deeds if you were asked this question why good things don't necessarily should happen to people who are good? As well why bad people many times live in better situation then the good ones? Or what is the fundamental understanding needed to understand this topic. 

With kind regards. 

Btw: Mr. Christian, thank you for your comments on my previous questions. 

We are forming our situations through our thinking and feeling etc. And of course the environment and society also play a role in this. 

(Note by CF: We should do good and logical things because it is our duty and obligation (self-realized), and from insight. We should not do it based on expectations of receiving good rewards. Expectations are kind of an infringement of or an attack on another person, or on society etc. 
People should try to think, feel and act according to the spiritual laws and recommendations, and to cope with all kinds of effects that arise. 
It should be noted that it is not a „bad thing“ that bad things are „happening“ to oneself, because „bad things“ may be looked upon as learning stuff that has to be overcome and digested. In other words: What may be looked upon as bad fate and bad things by some persons, may not be so bad after all, if some realism is observed.)

April 26,2009

Salome Billy, 
As you know the world around us feels gloomy people are cold and Creation Mother Earth is responding with a vengeance. Many many life situations are clearly depressing on so many levels and still no end in sight. It is not easy trying to maintain a neutral-positive outlook when people everyday talk of uncertainties and over the airwaves all is doom and gloom. Still, I am trying very hard every day with affirmations to reject the negativities and its hard work and i do feel the benefits which is encouraging naturally. And still, those who understand the Silent Revolution of Truth the personal journey is none the less a long unending and arduous road with mountains and valleys and the unknown. I feel sometimes like I am carrying boulders on my shoulders but going nowhere... can you please advise us of some positive aspects for daily life to help ease the mental burden, some hopeful optimistic occurrences that may lay just around the corner so that hopefully the flame of hope wont blow in the wind? 
Salome Bianca 

You see, even if there is much evil and bad things around on our planet, it is also a fact that much good is also happening and visible each day. You should try to see the good in things; things that are positive and an aid to people. 

(Note by CF: Billy mentioned his new book "Gotteswahn“ (God delusion), in which he is scolding religion etc., but in which he is also showing ways to overcome religious delusion etc. and how to lead a life free of the restrictions and enslavement of religions and sectarianism etc.) 

Jan.23, 2009
3. Sonik_01 OQ1: 

“Billy, do you think that social workers and psychiatrists are doomed in their mission from the beginning since the whole area of Mental Health is like one coming to confess their problems to a priest and the priest then giving out the solution with the patient not doing the ncessary thinking for him/herself, and therefore not getting any benefit? If so, would this mean then that the patient would have to become an expert in the field of mental health in order to do the necessary thinking for themselves, or would this just confuse the patient(with all the junk theories out there...)? With equal rights and the patient's care being the goal, how would the doctor/patient realtionship function in these times of almost such complete ignorance about the health of the mnd and the complexities its dieases” 

As a rule, psychiatrists etc. are trained experts in the knowledge that they learned during their education. They may help people under certain circumstances, like e.g. if there is medical problem, when they may prescribe psychotropic drugs, etc. This may help people to dampen/slow down the thinking processes etc. and bring some relief. 
It is a fact, however, that each human being must help himself to get better. Healing comes from within. The human being must learn to think and act independently and to get hold of his life. Unfortunately, many people do not succeed. 

(Note by CF: Especially in the case of psychological problems, people shall not search healing from the outside, but shall be aware that it is they who will ultimately heal themselves. Of course this does not mean that getting advise or treatment (including psychotropic drugs etc.) should be avoided in any case or by all means.)

July 27,2008

Hello Billy :-), 

Thank you for your time to my question. 

I had a doubt in the introduction to the spiritual teachings: 

It is written :'The human must resolve and open all evils by developing abilities that are opposed to everything that is degenerated and which lead to a neutral balance.' 

Could you please explain this to me. 

Thank You :-) 


Mmh, a difficult translation of yours. 

Everything that is not good or negative must be perceived and recognised and understood. Then the person is able to neutralize it. He then may free himself from all which is not good, and will then be able to reach aneutral state (of mind).

March 24, 2008
Username: Kiwiseeker 

Dear Billy, 
Thank you for your answer to my previous question. It was my good fortune that I became aware of your mission 3 years ago via the Gaiaguys website. Living during the time of a truth-bringer is a rare occurence and the opportunity of a lifetime.Being able to buy your books is like acquiring a treasure chest, the contents of which can only be revealed through diligence and perserverance. Although the translation process is difficult and time consuming, the rewards are invaluable. 
For me the motivation for translating your writings is firstly the acquisition of knowledge, but more importantly it is to accelerate my spiritual and consciousness evolution in this incarnation. Although the knowledge gained is retained within the storage banks, the path which we find ourselves on in our next life seems to depend very much upon influences over which we have no control-such as the spiritual beliefs of our parents and the influence of other people. My question is: Does the truth gained in the present incarnation increase the probability that we will receive impulses from our storage banks that will once again enable us to follow the path of truth, or could we find ourself treading the path of false beliefs such that as a consequence our evolution would be slower than hoped for?
Regards and Best Wishes, 

Everything depends on the thinking in an actual life. However, if a person realizes the truth of Creation and is trying to live according to the creative laws and commandments, the chance to get onto the right track in the next life is better. The first effect is always on the actual life, but it will also have a possible influence on the next life. If a child is born to very religious parents, there is a chance that the inherited religion disease may be so strong that the person in question does not overcome it that life. 

(Note by CF: Each person has to learn in each life to avoid believing in religions and all kind of false philosophies etc. The important thing is what a person is doing [and thinking and deciding!] right now in the present life.)

Jan. 28,2008
Username: Kiwiseeker 

Hello Billy, 
Thankyou for answering my last question regarding date inconsistencies. The teachings are more important as you said, but it is also of value to be able to place the sequence of historical events in correct order with dates which are reasonably accurate. 
Gaps of over 100,000y cause confusion:as in the case of 1)Arus I C70/124-133 (124,125-it seems that he arrived on Earth 113,000 years ago;and 133-until Mu and Atlantis could be destroyed....some centuries later) and the destruction of Atlantis and Mu 9,498 BC; and 2)the destruction of Malona C70/76-92 (prior to 190,000ya), and also at the same time as the pyramid construction C155/73-75 (73,000ya). 
The question that I would like to ask you is with respect to your book "Interplanetary Namen". There are 7 factors to consider in the selection of a name for a child, so that the vibrations of the pronounced name is harmonious with the vibrationary level of the child as determined by the 7 factors-5 of which are based on the parents. 
Two factors concern the physical and psychological condition of the parents at the time of procreation and since these factors can change during the lifetime of a parent, then is this influence a genetic influence ( if so this would imply that our genes change with time)? The other 3 parental factors are environmental influences (through the parents) it would seem, although they too can change during the lifetime of a parent-such as having a strict religious upbringing, but later on looking and searching for the truth. 
Regards and Best Wishes, Charles. 

Yes, our genes can change with time. Genes are influenced by several factors, like e.g. thinking. Therefore it is possible for a human being to overcome the religion disease heredity factors when the thoughts are turned to the true teachings etc.

Dec. 25, 2007
Username: Phi_spiral 

Greetings to you again, Billy! 

In the contact notes it is mentioned that the Plejarens use certain memory technologies at their disposal that allows them to learn another language very quickly - in a matter of weeks. 

Is there anything you can recommend to us earthlings here and now that would be helpful to us in learning the German language quicker and better, anything in the way of a protocol, a technique such as self-hypnosis, or a memory and learning procedure? 

Kind regards 

There are certain techniques available which can speed up the learning process (it involves listening to texts while sleeping). Self-hypnosis can also work.

Dec. 25, 2007
Username: Norm 

Dear Billy, I was wondering why you & the Plejarens give such little medical information. So much good would happen if it you could write a book on medical cures. 

It is unwise to “throw all the food into the mouths” of the people, because they would stop making progress. There would be stagnation. The people have to gain new knowledge by themselves, because only in this way is real progress possible. 

Besides, there is already much medical information in the Contact Notes.

Nov. 26,2007
Username: Hector 

Hi Billy i wish you all good. 

It seems a man has to satisfy a lot of demands in the material world, like to feed the body and satisfy the sexual needs.But i have been thinking about those who dedicate their life to the spirit and creation. 

My question is, when you begin to think, live, act spiritually, does a certain "urge" or need wake up in you that demands more and more spirit-related experiences, wisdom, knowledge? 

Does the awakened spiritual man then feel that he has "new" demands that do not origin from the material realm which must be satisfied too? 

Since i have known about your teachings there is a permanent reminder in my thoughts that tells me to learn more and more and more about spirit and creation, although sometimes that demand is too excessive, and i cannot process the amount of information necessary to "digest" the knowledge and jump to the next level. 

Thanks for keeping the Mission in good shape, regards. 

What is called „urge“ by you is "striving“ („Streben“ in German). Without „Streben“ there is no evolution. „Streben“ is pre-set by the spirit form and available/present in each human being. 
The more a person lets himself be immersed into the consciousness-related matters, the more progress is resulting. 

(Note by CF: The saying „everything over a mouthful is wasted“ applies here, too. The learning process has to unfold step by step, just like the eating and digesting process.)

Username: Lonnie 

Dear Billy, 

I know you have answered this question many times before, but for the sake of the many human beings on Earth interested in the teachings and not part of a FIGU study group who genuinely and sincerely want to continue their spiritual and consciousness related development, what initial steps must one take to do so, and what must be avoided? 


You have to aquire/learn knowledge about Creation’s laws and commandments and then start living accordingly. Creation’s laws and commandments are the teaching of life, truth and spirit, or in other words „the truth of Creation“. You have to avoid all that which is against the laws and commandments. You have to avoid all that which is unjust, not uprightly and without virtue.

Aug.26, 2007
Username: Peter_brodowski 

hello there billy, 
i thought this time i could ask a question that can undoubtably benefit everyone who reads your answer... 

my question to you is about the relationship between kindness,sympathy and understanding. 
i have thought a lot about this topic lately and i would like your insight and opinion about the value and importance of those three jewels. 
it is my opinion that in particular, for a human of earth in a typical earth society... kindness,sympathy and understanding have a very special (and beneficial) relationship that when applied together in social situations, a great tool is created. 
so if you may, can you give me your honest and thoughtful opinion on the relationship between kindness,sympathy and understanding. (if you please, both the dangers of their careless application and use in social matters, and their likewise benefits in the same regard) 
thank you. 

The most important four “jewels” are love, freedom, peace and harmony, and from these four values kindness, sympathy (Mitgefühl) and understanding, to name just a few factors, are derived. Without those four principal factors or values no human relationship will be enduring, and only if persons are finding those four values can they follow the virtues.