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 Free Will

June 28, 2013

Hi Billy, 

I do not recall reading any reference in your material about free-will as related to the spirit/spirit-form that is still bound in the reincarnation cycle on the material plane. 

It would seem obvious but please help me understand how free-will would be applied whilst spirit forms are "waiting" in the fine-matter world. For example, do spirit forms make decisions on the time of re-entry, choice of parents, relationship planning for evolution lessons, etc.? 

I would greatly appreciate guidance to the material that explains this in greater detail. 


The spirit or spirit-form has absolutely nothing to do with free-will. 
Spirit-forms do not decide, do not think, do not feel, and do not act. 

A free will can only be found in human beings and needs a material consciousness. 
Btw: An „instinct-will“ can be found = is working in some animals.

Nov. 27, 2012

Guten tag Billy, 

This question comes through my 22 year old son who truly appreciates your efforts... 

This life in the physical/material world is set up or designed with positive/negative, cause and effect to help correct and guide us to a proper direction, perception of reality, and balance. 

Once we evolve to no longer need the physical/material realm to evolve and live in a purely spiritual state, is there still the positive vs negative aspects that effect or drive us upward toward more evolution that is comparable to when in the material life. 

If there is a similar motivator or stimulant would you explain what they are, if not, what is it that motivates the further evolution? 
Peace, Matt 

The human being is shaping his/her life according to how he or she is thinking in a positive or negative way, how he or she is reacting to one’s education and self-education. No human being is born as a bad human being, even if there are genetic hereditary factors. Each human being has the possibility to steer/direct his thoughts and feelings and, therefore, is shaping his psyche and consciousness. That’s why every human being is responsible for his or her thinking, feelings and actions. 
The factor behind evolution is the creationaly-law-based compulsion (schöpferisch-gesetzmässiger Drang) which is in charge of the consciousness in the material realm, and in the spiritual realm it is “responsible” that knowledge and wisdom etc. are “accumulated” (kumuliert). This means that everything is evolving endlessly, until the human spirit-form is merging with Creation.

Dec.24, 2011

My question is, by choosing to ignore your own free will for a higher purpose, are you in essence oversizing your own free will on the message? A friend of mine mentioned that your free to make any choice you want, but that it would hinder your evolution. For whatever reason I've felt the message itslef means more than me, who isnt a great messenger.D: 

With Love, 

I hope that question was to long.D: Still sort of new to this. 

Without using his free will a human being cannot learn in an evolutive way. He cannot trouble himself, or strive, for his own evolution. A person who does not use his free will may be compared to a marionette. 

Nov. 26,2011

Greetings Billy, 

Do human beings having highest evolved spirit still exercise freewill? 


As long as human beings exist they have and exercise free will.

April 25,2011

Hello Billy, 

How can I assist a large group of humans(African Americans) who are super religious to accept teaching of truth, teaching of spirit and the teaching of life?? 

You cannot – and may not – assist any super religious or delusional person to accept the truth. Any attempt to do so is futile (and against the principles of the spiritual teaching). 

(Note by CF: Each human being has to decide for himself to open his consciousness for reality and to break the chains of religious belief.)

April 25,2011

Dear Billy, 

Can you tell us how the positioning of various planets and the sun, during our birth-time has an effect on our characteristics/inclinations/tendencies, and also how the planetary positions continue to influence/interact with us throughout our lifetime? 

The radiation (vibrations) of our galaxy's central sun is constantly influenced by the position of the SOL system's planets. Those vibrations may trigger "things" in our consciousness in a neutral way. What is made of those impulses is determined by the individual human being. 
An example: If the impulses at the point of birth are favourable (indicating) for becoming a doctor (of medicine), the process towards reaching that goal (and the decision for it) must be gone (made) by the individual person himself. You cannot just sit and wait for the inclinations to become a reality. As everything in life you have to work actively towards it. 
In short: The vibrations coming from our galaxy's central sun are neutral possibilities.

March 27, 2011

Hello Billy, 

You, as well as your previous incarnations all share birthdays in early February. 
What is the significance of people born in early February in relation to astrology and their destiny in life as well as the precise days which are appropriate? 

There are some general influences by the Central Sun on the characteristics of human beings, depending on the time of the year a person is born. But these are playing a minor role in one's life. 

Regarding the prophets it can be said that this has been a "Fügung", with some cosmic influences. But all of this has nothing to do with astrology as it is understood today. 

It's up to each human being to get hold of one's life and be the master of one's course of life. 

(Note by CF: If you take 5 persons who are born on February 3rd, at 11:00 am, you will notice that not all of them will become a prophet and that they are quite different personalities.)

July 23,2010

Dear Billy and Christian: 

Thank you very much for the advice. In this last month I was controlling my negative thoughts in a better way and with your advice I feel much more optimistic. I think meditation could benefit me and therefore, I am reading your book. 

I have a question about this sentence: “ Die grobe Linie des Lebens namlich allein ist vorbestimmt, so namlich der eigentliche Weg, den du zu gehen hast. Nicht vorbestimmt aber ist deine individuelle Handlungweise und das Drum und Dran, wie du eine jegliche Sache bewältigst. 

Translation: “ The coarse line of life is namely predetermined, namely the actual way that you have to go through. It is not predetermined however, your individual behavior and the bits and pieces like each thing that you have to deal with.” 

I tried to translate this sentence and from what I understood, the coarse part of our lives is predetermined, but the many decisions that we make along the way are up to us. Can you please tell me what this sentence means? (I probably didn’t understand due to my translation) 

Thank you very much, Marcela 


Hi Scott: 

I forgot to include the name of the book and the page for my question. 
“Einfuhrung in die Meditation” page 35. 

Thank you. 

The rough line of our life is predetermined, i.e. pregnancy, fetus, birth, life, dying, death. The rest is left to our decisions.


Dear Billy, 

I hope all is well with you and your family. I asked this question to the moderators on the forum but they could not answer. I know this may be be kind of lengthy, but I am sure you know this. 

I am a number 8 Leo, since I was born on August 17. My understanding is that being born a number 8 means "A hard life, something to work out." And the Leo personality characteristics are: 

Will to Create 
Self Assuredness 
Self Confidence 
Sexual Urge. 

Could you or Christian outline what the other numbers mean and what the other astrological personality characteristics are? I think this may be helpful in understanding others better. Also, If I may ask, as a number 8 Leo, If I don't learn certain important lessons in this life does that mean I will be born a number 8 Leo again in the next life? Thank you for your answers, they are very helpful. 

Lonnie Morton 

You should not put too much importance into that number(s). Numerology is just a hint on those things that could be, or those we could do something about. Numerology is not equal to determination. It is a means to understand some „things“. 
The human beings have a free will which is „higher“ than any numerical value (or horoscope). It’s in the hands of the individual to decide which way one has to go, or wants to go, etc.

Username: Kingman 

Hi Billy, 

Is there a direct relationship between practicing Creational laws and directives and having ones spiritual powers increase. I am meaning in a noticeable change in one life span. Or is the benefit mainly only for the spirit and not the current personality the spirit enlivens. 

a friend in america 

The human being is using (or misusing) the Creational laws and commandments every day, and he sees (and experiences) the effects. It’s a thing of cause and effect, directed by his thoughts, motivation etc., and it’s the human being himself who is making use individually, negatively or positively, according to his own decision. And the whole process is dependent on which stage the persons lives in, like childhood, age of puberty, adulthood. 
Btw: Many human beings are being stuck in the age of puberty and are led by contradictory nature (Zwiespältigkeit), aggressions, etc., like it is or has been the case with persons like Hitler, Bush, Hussain, etc. Such people are of the opinion that they are mature/grown up, but in reality they aren’t. They are lacking self-education, and they show bias which is a clear sign of puberty.

June 25, 2007
Username: Gib_niner 

hi Billy, 

I find it rather odd that it can happen in real terms that a spirit-form is able to evolve to the Jshwjsch level yet still involve itself in highly selfish, scheming worldy matters... such as tricking the native humans of ancient antiquity into the belief that they are in the company of Gods, also demanding blood sacrifices, not to mention being involved in a vast array of warring conflicts in the pursuit of power/conquest etc. 

It just seems a contradiction in terms - ie Jschwjsch meaning 'king of wisdom' ; yet in a very many instances the actions of these supposed wise beings was in fact, in reality, totally heinous and despicable in the extreme, and just plain unwise - surely they would have envisaged that by stirring up trouble (as in the case of Atlantis/lemuria conflict) they would inevitably bring about their own destruction too, (the simple cause & effect result from their scheming machinations.) 

How is it possible that they would have turned their back on the laws of creation to such a degree????? surely they would have been guided by spiritual laws/directives just to get to the JShwjsh level in the first place - it is just very hard to fathom how could have let themselves slide to this degree into such derelict modes of behaviour?? 

Like with respect to the issue of time travel and not altering past events, should creation not have some kind of safe-guard in respect to this too ; that Jschwjsch beings are not permitted to reach such a powerful stage unless they have completely relinquished their cravings for power and propensity for evil-doing.? ( behaviour incorporating negative ramifications.) 

Aslo as an would appear, when it comes down to it - that the vast majority of the world's problems are really a direct result of JSchwjsch power abuse (ie the coming into being of erroneous god-worshiping thus the formation of corrupt and misleading world religious bodies/institutions that have been evolution-stifling and totally nonsensical, not to mention also the catastrophic influence of the Giza group) . Don't the P's in effect owe us A LOT MORE - and should try to take CONSIDERABLY MORE active and effective actions in order to try and remedy a basically dire overall world situation. even if they dont't wont to give certifiable proof of their existance - perhaps it is incumbent upon them to do so. (once again - to do more because of the fact that us earth humans have been SO mis-led/screwed-around-with and are in such dire straits with an absolute myriad of near impossible to solve 
real world dillemmas/problems that the P's, when it really boils down to it,fundamentally hold responsibility for.) 


You have a false understanding of the term Jshwish (IHWH). This is just a title for person who has very high knowledge in a certain field (or in certain fields) of knowledge, like science, technique, spiritual teaching. The title must be seen in relation to the average knowledge in a population. 
Not all people who have been labelled as Ishwish have been so regarding wisdom. E.g. the one person who produced the IHWHMATA, the ring nebula, was technically far advanced, but in terms of wisdom he was lacking poorly. 
And of course: As long as you are a human being with a body of flesh and bone, there always remains the possibility that you may fall back into old bad habits. 

The events of the past on this planet cannot be blamed on the JHWHs alone, but also on their followers and all the other people who are refusing, up to this day, to bear their own responsibility for their own thinking, feeling and acting. 

There is no „safe-guard“ by Creation to prevent human beings from doing ill. We have our free will to either bad or good. 

(Note by CF: It’s up to each person to learn from one’s mistakes (and even from the ones of our neighbours) and to try to lead a life that doesn’t affect other people, animals, plants and the entire planet in a negative way.)

May 1, 2007
Username: Sonik_01 

Hi Billy - I'd like to ask you a question - Are we ever truly completely free?? Is it a criminal act to think so? Id like to say yes, because then we like to step and trample on other people's properties. How then, can we come to terms with a term like freedom if we are facing such brutal circumstances such as in my case, almost total poverty? 

If „seen“ from the the side of the Creational laws, the human being is entirely free in his thoughts, feelings and actions. However, in our material(istic) existence we are making our lack of freedom (Unfreiheit) ourselves. A person may be free even behind prison bars (or in „almost total poverty“. All that matters is how a person is thinking, feeling and acting. What’s within a person can make a person free.

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