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Fluidal Energies

Sept. 30, 2014

Hello Billy and Christian: 
You mentioned that the fluidal forces are destroyed when the body of a dead person is cremated. Why are fluidal forces important for the next reincarnation? 
Thank you very much. 

The “next” person (meaning one’s follow-up personality in the next reincarnation of one’s spirit-form) can make use swinging-wave-wise and unconsciously (or consciously) from one’s former personality. This may happen in a useful or detrimental way, of course, depending on one’s thinking etc. 

Aug. 26, 2014
Does it effect a human being's next incarnation in any way if in the previous incarnation the body of the human being was cremated instead of buried? 

Only the fluidal forces of the former personality are not accessible anymore since they have been eliminated through fire. 

Aug.26, 2014
Hello Billy, 
I am wondering about the following: In Holland it happens a lot that when people are buried, that after 10 or 20 years, their grave is being lifted to make place for ‚new’ people. 
Usually the bones end up in a mass grave. 
Now its my assumption that the skeleton as a whole has a stronger fluidal ‚footprint’ then just the bones scattered all over the place. I am personally thinking that as long the bones exist the fluidal forces still exist and the new personality can make a connection with those forces. 
My question is basically this: Does it affect the fluidal forces of a skeleton when its buried in a mass grave as I described, can you give a detailed answer about my assumption/question? 

The fluidal forces are weakened if the bones are buried in a mass grave, but they can still be connected. 

July 27, 2013

Hello Eduard,(BEAM) 

I am trying to understand more about electro-magnetic energy which I think is the same as what is called as, fine-fluidal forces. 

Are these the same/ what are the differences? 

Viele gute Gedanken, 

Electro-magnetic energy as understood by the human beings on Earth is not the same as fine-fluidal forces, which are Geistenergien (spirit-energies).

July 28,2012

Hi Billy, 

Concerning the cosmic life force. 

During a reply somewhere you stated that this life force which sustains all living things has two sources including a planetary based one whereby planets regenerate or recycle it. 
By this do you mean there is process whereby electromagnetic forms play a part rather than something connected to the actual physical planet itself ? 
Also can you elaborate a little concerning how this life force loses it's potential or charge with use so that it requires recharging. 
Is this recharging a process whereby free electrons at a very low atomic level are somehow added ? 

I found this reply of yours from last month's questions rather fascinating. 
I wonder if this refers to forms which can be seen by the naked eye or photographed or both ? 
"Yes, it's possible that the fluidal form of one's own former personality can be attached to oneself. However, this can only happen with one's "own" fludial force(s)." 

Besides the planetary influences like atmosphere, nourishment/food, etc., it's the cosmic-electromagnetic life-energy which builds the spirit form's hull or cover (Hülle), which is finite, contrary to the spirit form's energy, which is infinite. These processes have nothing to do with "free electrons", but belong into the high-fine-fluidal realm.

June 24,2012

Hi Billy, 
In a previous answer, you said joss-sticks may help clear negative energy in an area as an option when someone asked. 
Can you provide some specifics like the ingredients or what makes an ideal joss-stick? There are many types of joss-sticks and they vary widely in ingredients and cost. Since burning joss-sticks do have other beneficial properties, any help is greatly appreciated! 
While your other 2 options are free of monetary cost to implement to students of the spiritual teaching, in some cases joss-sticks may be inexpensively helpful as well. 

It's not the joss-stick's smoke which neutralizes negative energy, it's a person's consciousness = thoughts etc. The smoke just "cleanses" or neutralizes the air. 
Regarding the aroma/kind of smell: Each person must descide for himself about the smell because preferences vary from one person to another.


Dear Billy 

Billy I was recently involved with a pseudo religious group named Dae sun jin ri hwe in South Korea out of curiosity to learn what it was all about when one of the members approached me on the streets enticing me to help better my life by giving me the opportunity to pay homage to my ancestors through a small ceremonial service to cleanse away the accumulated negative influences that they've amassed through their misdeeds and sins which impacts the present living progeny. 
I was surprised to learn how similar some of their information was to the spiritual teachings even though the central theme of the teachings involved paying homage to your ancestors and paying tithe to them so that all your past sins will be washed away. 
What perplexed me though was the fact that this group believes in Karma and sin atonement even though in truth it doesn't exist yet I just couldn't get the part where the past does have influence on the present life, out of my mind as it does conform with some aspect of the truth. 
Even if the truth is that every person is responsible for their own thoughts, feelings, action and their life I just cannot deny some aspect of the unseen forces such as electromagnetic and hyper frequency impulses along with the other 6 forces which has a bearing on people's lives even if subconsciously and thus how their life will turn out and what experiences that they'll have in the present incarnation. 
So my question is, since in the contact notes, some FIGU core group members did draw impulses from their former lives in such a way that their present life was negatively influenced by these impulses from the storage banks, does the fluidal forces from your dead ancestors have any influences on your present life and also what was stored by them in the storage banks in such a way that certain negative or positive situations arises in your life? 
Matt Lee 

The influences from the fluidal forces of one's own former personalities depend on one's individuality and according to one's attitude. The same is also true regarding one's own knowledge etc. from the storage banks. 

(Note by CF: The situations you meet in your life – positive or negative ones – are based on the law of cause and effect. It's not the fluidal forces which steer your life, it's your consciousness with your thoughts and the resulting feelings.)

June 24,2012

Hi Billy, 
I have had many things happen to me or family for many years. 
Is it possible for a Ghost, 'Fluidal Energy' or Orbs to become attached to a person or even an object! and to follow a person around even if that person moves house or location? I ask because when things happen it can be for a day or years even when moved house,and then you wonder if its the 'Same' 'Fluidal Energy' or Orbs or maybe different everytime. I ask to get a better understanding of things. Thanks 

Yes, it's possible that the fluidal form of one's own former personality can be attached to oneself. However, this can only happen with one's "own" fludial force(s).

Feb.26, 2012

Dear Billy and Christian, 

I read in the book "Rund um die Fluidalenergie resp. Fluidalkräfte and andere Dinge" that creamation is not recommended because when the skeleton is burned or destroyed it ceases the return-connections (Rückverbindungen) to your previous lifetimes Fluidal energy through the subsoncious (Unterbewusstsein) in future incarnations and you are born underdeveloped. On page 243 it states that if your skeleton is destroyed so is the return-connection-possibility for that destroyed lifetime's skeleton as well as all other previous intact skeletons that remain...does that apply to house fires (charred but intact skeleton) and dying in a nuclear war due to atomic fire (skeleton turned to ash in seconds)? 

Yes. But if the skeleton remains intact, there remain some of the fluidal forces as well.

Dec. 24, 2011

Greeting Billy and Members of FIGU, hope all is well with you guys. 

As it relates to the type of fluidal energy manifestations that man can perform, is there any difference in the level of fluidal energy needed to undertake each manifestation? 

If no, what are the factors (the main ones if these are too much) that cause the variations of manifestations (separate and apart from the human objective)? 

If yes, could you please list the known fluidal energy manifestation in order of least fluidal energy requirements? Therefore the one’s which requires the least amount of fluidal energy comes first. 

Thank You... 


Please remember only one question per session. You have asked multiple questions, even though they may be related to the same topic. 

Thank you 

(Message edited by scott on November 26, 2011) 

As a rule, fluidal forces manifestation occurs unconsciously. 

(Note by CF: Therefore, it is not a question of different levels of fluidal energy.)


Dear Billy, Christian, and friends at the SSSC: 

I hope this note finds you well. I so enjoyed meeting everyone, and getting to know a few of you. 
Thank you again 
: ) 
My question has to do with the cleansing an area or a situation of previous vibes, after-perspectives, ghosts that creep in to impact the consciousness, however slightly. The SSSC was such a pleasant place to meditate; it would be nice to approximate that in other places as well. I understand that effort has been made by the 'little people' to clear the farm of previous perspectives and negative energies. This seems to be something that they are very interested in doing, their fascination perhaps. My question is this: how do they do this? And by extension, more relevant to us Earthlings living here, now, how can we best clear out negative vibes, after-images of previous awarenesses and cognitions? What practices can we do, and what props might help us in this endeavor? 

Thanks again, for everyone. 

The way for us terrestrial human beings to "cleanse" locations from "bad vibes" or "ghosts (fluidal forces)" is by nursing our own thoughts and feelings in a absolute sound and healthy way. Through this, negative or "bad" influences can or will be superimposed = neutralized. This is a slow process, however. 

(Note by CF: Not the entire farm has been cleared by the "Knülche", but certain rooms only. The equipment to do such is not known to us.)

March 27,2011

Hello and Love and light To All 

Thanks in advance Billy for taking time & energy to answer my/our questions 

Ive done searchs where i can on various subjects to gain what answers i can on various things of interests but i would directy ask what iam NOt 100% sure about to Billy to get 
his/plejarans view. so my question is: When we go the the cemetry to visit and pay respects and lay flowers for our departed ones, Do they know (fuidal enrgy in the fine matter realm) or are they 'Aware' can see or know in spirit that we are there? or pick up on our thoughts or vibrations? Can those fluidal energy that are here follow,watch,guide,protect or help us/family/friends in any way? 


Fluidal forces have no brain and no personality and can, therefore, neither watch, guide or know etc. 
It is possible, however, that human beings can "feel" the fluidal forces of other people or diseased people. You could compare the effect with a presentiment/foreboding/premonition or hint that something pleasurable or dangerous etc. is looming, coming or imminent. 

March 27,2011

Hello Billy, 

I have never really understood the nature of the storage banks. Can it be compared to something like fluidal forces which store vibrations/information, or is it something entirely different? 

Thank you 
Scott Baxter 

The storage banks are permanently existing electromagnetic vibrations. They are "fed" by the human beings' consciousness-related energies which are also electromagnetic vibrations. 
Fluidal forces are also electromagnetic vibrations, but of a different kind than those which are stored in the storage banks. You could compare the difference as different frequencies. 

An analogy: If you say a word, it is and means the same thing as when you write the word; just in a different level/frequency.

March 1,2010

Best Greetings Billy, 

Peace be with You, and with all there by Your side. 

It is known that upon death, the Humans Spirit goes on to process the just-lived life. Yet left behind is the body with all it's Fluidal Forces. 

It has been said the new Spirits' reincarnation may have access to the Fluidal forces from the prior embodiment (please correct me if I am wrong). 

It is not the spirit or spirit form that has access to the fluidal forces, but the consciousness. 

This comes from my own thinking, which I realize could be on the wrong track. The logic may be based on unproved 'facts', and I hope you can make this clear for us in the Truth: ... 

It seems that the residual Fluidal Forces may retain some "organic memory" within it's Energy matrix. Then, it will also appear that if one has learned to live by the Truth of Creation in the prior life, that such Light, Love, Knowledge should also accumulate with the Fluidal Force. That if the Human has lived a life of Spiritual empowerment, with a keenly developed intelligence, with a deep relationship in the Nature, and honest interaction with fellow Humans -- all the accumulated knowledge from such a life -- is somehow retained in the Energy-field of the Fluidal Force (yes?). 

Yes, if a human being is capable to define the fluidal forces. And it is not some "organic memory", but an energy-based memory (energetisches Gedächtnis). 

How much Knowledge or Abilities could be passed to the consciousness of the next incarnation of the Spirit from residual Fluidal Forces of the prior life or lives? 

With my Thank-You for the mission now on the Earth, for the Light and Love you bring to all. Thank You. 

Find What You Seek ~ Rod 

(Note by CF: I forgot to present that portion of your more-than-one-question posting to Billy. 
Well, the answer is that I cannot tell you the amount of it, but since it is the storage banks that are "responsible" or "designed" for the storage of knowledge from former existences, it is they (the storage banks) that are playing the main role in accessing information from the past.)


Dear Billy, 
What can you say, regarding fluidal forces, about exchanging (borrowing, "inheriting") clothes between family members, children or friends, using second-hand clothes etc? Is it OK/wrong, healthy/unhealthy, harmless/dangerous, etc? 

It is not dangerous, but sensible/sensitive persons can feel the fluidal forces of the former owner of the clothes (if the clothes have been worn long enough).



Hi Billy, 
Thank you for answering my question about Obama and what he is doing for the US. Indeed, I hear in news what he is doing for the country and I so want it to be true. I wish it was that simple, that we can know it is true but we are constantly told by many sources that his promises are lies and that ultimately he is going to ruin our country, that he is actually taking away our freedoms, and is turning the US in to a socialistic nightmare akin to George Orwell's 1984! We have been lied to so much by our government that many of us do not trust anything they say. That is why I asked you for some insight on the truth. Thank you for your clear minded observations. 

On a completely different topic, I have read in your writings that it is not a good idea to transplant organs from one human to another because of the effect of fluidal forces. Is it the same for blood transfusions? 

No, there’s no problem with blood transfusions with regard to fluidal forces. There is a very low influence from donated blood. 
In contrast, transplants of inner organs have severe effects (auto-immune system; character, personality, mentality). The strongest fluidal forces are concentrated in a person’s brain and heart.

July 27,2008
New member 

Dear Billy: 
I found the Talmud Jmmanuel a year ago, and I have to say that it has changed my life. Thank you for making this book available, and all of the other books of so much importance for human kind. I am studying the Talmud as my first lesson in spirituality, however there is something that I don’t understand in the spirit world. If all spirits reincarnate, why is that sometimes some spirits stay in this world and don’t seem to pass through; I am talking about “ghosts” (popular name). My mom used to see spirits, but she refused to become a “medium” because it was too scary for her. There is not doubt in my mind that the spirit of a person lives forever and reincarnates, but what happens to these spirits that are attached to this world? I also have a question about mean spirits, or non-human spirits that are evil according to the paranormal studies. Why do they exist? I hope you are doing well, and my thoughts are with you. MB 

You have to replace the word “spirits/ghosts” with “fluidal force”, which is an entirely different thing. It’s the fluidal forces that are linked or attached to this world. “Mean spirits or spirit forms” do not exist, because a spirit form is neutral and doesn’t have a personality. 

There is no problem at all if the fluidal forces are attached to this world; actually that’s their nature and purpose. 

(Note by CF: Fluidal forces have NO personality.)

May 30, 2007

Username: Peter_brodowski 

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Registered: 01-2004 

Posted on Monday, April 30, 2007 - 10:30 pm: 

hello christian f. 
sorry for the mix up then, this is a question a friend posed to me, it seems he has got his facts mixed up. i am just the messenger 

is it possible for a human to project images using conciousness related abilities that can bee seen (with the un-aided eye) by other people around him or her? 
like a projection to that similair of what a cinema film projector does for example. 

Yes, that’s possible, through the use/application of “Feinstoffsinnlichkeit” (which is often falsely named as “übersinnlich” oder “extrasensory”. Feinstoffsinnlichkeit could be translated as “fine-matter sensuousness”, and it is connected with our seventh sense. 
It is possible to make fluidal forces visible.

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