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Feb. 23, 2014
Hello Billy, 
Some people are saying it is impossible to meditate in one’s dreams, but I have tried it once by focusing on a distant point and noticed the dream “freeze framed” just like if someone stopped the show for about 3 seconds. I have been doing some experimentation on my own while in the dream state and will discuss it some other time. 
It seems related to when people die and send out feelers to their loved ones that also lasts for 3 arc seconds, so the question I have is this 3 second duration related to the maximum size of the planet in this DERN universe in order for such “feelers” to reach other human beings? 

It is possible to meditate in one’s dream, but only if one is capable to consciously dream. In his younger days, Billy used to have a pad beside his bed, and when he had some realizations from a meditative state in his dream, he deliberately woke up and made some notes. Parts of the Spirit Lessons were written in such a way. 
It is possible to train this ability. 
Btw: Terrestrial scientists are doing research in this field, e.g. at the University of Zurich, as he learned from a TV documentary some time ago. 

(Note by CF: I forgot discuss the second paragraph, but based on Billy‘s comment regarding the first paragraph, it is highly probable that you are wrong with your assumption because meditation in a dream is certainly not limited to 3 seconds.)

Nov. 27,2012

Dear Billy, 

this question refers to one of the previous question (answered 29. April 2012) regarding dreams that you answered with words: 

»Since there exist not just one kind of dreams, there's no precise answer possible. Dreams are "steered" by the consciousness in connection with the subconsciousness and the unconsciousness.« 

So for better understanding, the inevitable question arises: What kinds of various dreams do actually exist? 

Thank you 

Wahrträume = True dreams = kind of a vision 
Alpträume = nightmares = connected with fear and fright, psyche-related 
Träume aus dem Tagesgeschehen = dreams based on expriences from one’s daily life 
Träume aus bestehenden Gedanken und Gefühlen = dreams based on existing thoughts and feelings 
Warnträume = warning dreams 


Hello Eduard, I saw the film that Michael made and enjoyed it very much. To see you laughing made me feel very warm inside and I was laughing with you. My question is: I was asleep and dreamed that you and me were having a conversation and laughing having a joyful time, but this was before I saw the film. I can't remember what we were talking about, but can you tell me what the dream meant? Thank you for everything you have done and do for us all! 

Dreams are linked to, and depending on one’s everyday thoughts and experiences. There may be visionary aspects involved, or the collective subconsciousness. 

(Note by CF: Since it was a pleasant dream, just take it what it was: a pleasant happening.  Actuallydreams can only be explained by the dreamer him- or herself.)

April 30,2012

Dear Billy, 

following question is about dreams. Small excerpt from your text »Concentration, Meditation Sleep«: »During sleep the meditation continues to be effective, whereby the consciousness connects itself with the data of the unconscious and subconscious, through which dream events then arise.« 

While thinking about my question, it is my limited understanding of dreams that dreams and being awake shoud work analogically with Day and Night. (or life and learning materially here / afterlife and learning spiritually on the other side), so while sleeping we subconsciously analyze (dream) everything from what we experience during the day in consiousness-block (every day anew and by every day enriched in the content), only if we were ever able to remember dreams when we mornings wake up 

Question is: if one goes to sleep and then during the night one starts to dream, what steers and regulates the subconsciousness to pick up first this or that particular topic in dreams? 

Thank you 

Since there exist not just one kind of dreams, there's no precise answer possible. 
Dreams are "steered" by the consciousness in connection with the subconsciousness and the unconsciousness.


Hi Billy. I am very happy to find such a great teacher in you and in the information you bring forth. Do you have it in the works in the future to perhaps publish some sort of dream encyclopedia for the human being on earth. I do remember you saying that dream interpretation is very tricky and very personal business. I do also remember you mentioning that the dream symbol are univeral (outside of certain things or objects that don't exist on any given planet or in any given culture). So specifically, is it possible to compile such a dictionary/encyclopedia and do you have plans to put forth such a literary work? 
Thank You very much for taking your time to answer question and my good thoughts are with you always. 


That "dream encyclopedia" already exists. It is part of the spiritual teaching study course.

Nov. 26, 2011

Dear Billy 

Thanks again for all your help. 

The nature of my question is to understand the relevance (if any) of our dreams in the sleeping state beyond the specific incarnation they may occur in. There are, of course, different types of dreams – some which give insight into our psyche and can help us overcome fears or shortcomings and others which give us warnings of portending events. Sadly, so many of our dreams still go unremembered into our waking state to reap their full potential benefit, despite our best efforts. As our consciousness evolution continues, this will change. 

Through hypnosis we can remember dreams stored in our subconscious memory. And at the end of a lifetime, our memories are down-loaded into the overall consciousness-block (Gesamtbewusstseinblock). Is there any value to an unremembered dream from one lifetime to another or are our dreams too specific or too much a product of our current personality to have any value to any personality of a future incarnation of the spirit-form? 

Kind regards 

Dreams only matter in the actual life and help to "digest" recent experiences. 
And dreams have an effect and help a person even if they are not remembered. 

Besides: Each person is dreaming each night, also those who claim having no dreams. 

Oct.1 2011

Good Day or Evening Herr Meier, 

In late 2007 around 3am, I gently woke and stayed awake for awhile(about 6 minutes max). While trying to calmly fall back asleep, I felt while laying on my bed, a compression near the shins of my leg(as though someone had just taken a seat there) I then became a bit anxious to get back to sleep. I turned myself over and faced my window. While now facing the opposite direction, my left shoulder now is touched gently twice(In an excuse me type manner). This experience would happen once more in February of 2008 at about the same time of morning.Herr Frehner was kind enough to provide me with a response in which he told me that these events were the doing of my sub-consciousness. How does a process like this play out? 

P.S. Much gratitude and love to you, your beautiful partners and the wonderful vision that you all have worked and continue to work towards bringing forth as reality. 
Well Wishes to All - Ross Tarik 

The sub-consciousness expesses itself through dreams, and depending on the intensity of a dream an effect can be created that feels like a material effect. There may be no recollecion of the dream, but there is still an effect triggered by the dream (e.g. the feeling of a touching).

Nov. 29,2010

Dear Teacher : 
I apreciated your response to my previous question about the Spiritual Teachings on children . 
I missed the 2 previous posting times dealing with the death of my mother and those thoughts & feelings .. I'm feeling better now .. 
My question now is .. I have had premonition dreams, do they have anything to do with the Meditation ???. 
I had one dream with a car accident and I didnt' pay attention to it ...then the accident really happened exactly like my dream .. the second time I had a dream but this time , I paid attention and I think avoided it ..I but continue having dreams that scare me because I don't know if they are premonitions or not. Sometimes they are really bad and I don't want to deal with that. So in consequence I have stopped meditating for now. What should I do ? 
Thank you for your time 

Such "vorausschauende Wahrträume" (foresighted true-dreams) must not necessarily have a connection with meditation. Therefore you don't have to stop meditating. 

You can use such dreams to deliberately avoid negative things to become true.

Oct. 25,2010

Hello Billy, 
I'm just going to put that complaint about the Plejarens to the side for now. Here is a good suggestion for a contact report, you and the Plejarens should conduct a special reunion contact report. In this contact report, you, Ptaah, Semjase, Pleija, Quetzal, and Asket give tribute to Sfath and discuss other matters. 

I had this type of dream more than one time. The dream is when I'm laying down on my bed taking a nap during the daylight hours. The setting of these dreams is in my bedroom and I'm in first-person view. In the dream, when I look at the wall, it begins as something coming out of my forehead. It looks like some kind of laser beam coming out of my forehead and when it hits the wall, it turns into a blob or energy plasma of white light surrounded by an indigo or a violet aura and it stretches out. This thing makes a sound that I really can't describe with words. With this white light with the indigo or violet aura surrounding it stretches out, it shows me a scenario. This process repeats once or twice. 

Can you please explain this type of dream and provide an example of one if you had a dream like this? 

This is kind of a vision in a dream, nothing special. 

July 23,2010

Hi Billy, 

Thank you for answering our questions!!! 

I wanted to ask you a question about children. I have an 8 month old niece and i think she is the cutest thing in the world. When i see her sleeping so soundly and i always wonder - what do little babies or small small children dream about? Do they see images? or just lights? do they see things and experience nightmares? Because they're so small, and their brains are still developing, they can't dream about he same things we dream about, I think. 


The dream about the things they experience, in a child-like manner. The have to digest/assimiliate what they experience when they are awake. 
Btw: Animals and other creatures as well as plants also have dreams; everything that has kind of a consciousness has "Traumvorgänge" (dream processes), but of course in entirely different forms than human beings.

June 27,2010

Hello Billy and Christian, 

Thank you for your answer, I think it is best for me to do is just ignore the voices and don't do what they tell me to do. I truly think I can get rid of them on my own. 

You had a dream that save you from an assassination attempt on your life. All dreams have meanings to them. I understand that the symbols that occurs in people dreams depends on the level of spiritual evolution of the person.

I would like to know about the details of the dream. I would like to know what did the dream looked like, how was the message given in the dream, the kind of setting the dream had, the symbols in the dream, the people in the dream, and state if the dream had a daytime or nighttime setting. 

Can you give out the details of this dream? 


Billy had so-called "Wahrträume" (true dreams); therefore everything happened at the exact location just as it then happened in reality. 

Aug.24, 2009

Several months ago I dreamed that I was seeing everything circular my vision(way of seeing as I dreamed) was in some way circular. 
Somehow I began changing it to be square sort of like the shutter on some cameras and it was very difficult to open this square but I did manage to open it. 
As I was opening I could begin to see into it and once it was open found myself outside in a clearing near a lake with trees around and it was night time, calm and very peaceful and I could see the crystalin night sky with stars that were like diamonds being so clear. 
The dream gave me great peace but it feels somehow like it represented a choice perhaps. 

The question is then could Billy and or the P's tell what it was all about? 
I can guess and feel all day but it remains mysterious to me. 

You must find out for yourself because dreams – their meaning – are closely connected with the personal life and thinking. 
This dream could show you a new path, or something valuable.

Sept. 26,2008

Salome Billy, 
I read in a translated material that you stated how "dreams can be medicine for us". 
On daily basis I practice some Affirmations which have produced great benefits already. I want to experience the practice of Affirmations in my 'dream state' also but I cannot make it happen even though I am aware that I am in fact asleep and dreaming and thinking of wanting to improve my thinking but I feel 'stuck'. 
In order to further improve my Psyche's health I would like to know How do I transfer my daily thinking/Affirmations into my sleeping state so that these dreams and their specific content act and become the 'medicine' for my Psyche in my daily life? 
Sincerely, Salome Bianca 

Before you go to sleep: Intensively occupy yourself with the issue/matter. 

This will need much time and exercise until you are successful. 

It is possible to steer/direct dreams.

Nov.26, 2007
Username: Peter_brodowski 

hello billy and christian, 
i was wondering if it is possible for someone to while they sleep, project their consciousness to a distant place far off in the universe, and be able to witness it as a dream. so what one might think was a dream they had while sleeping, could it have been he/she projecting their consciousness while asleep? 
thanks very much 

If the place is located on our planet, it is possible while in the dream state. 
To send out the consciousness into distant places in the universe can only by achieved while awake.

Nov.26, 2007
Username: Memo00 

hi dear Billy 

i would like to know if its possible to "meet" someone in dreams that is, for example, if i fall asleep and dream about you, and you fall asleep and dream about me 
is it possible to have conscious (and real) interaction with another person in the "dreamworld"? 

thank you very much 

take care 

Yes, that’s possible and can also happen while persons are awake (e.g. if you notice/realize that a person is thinking of you).

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