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Creational Laws 

April 28, 2013

Greetings Billy, 

Thankyou for that confirmation concerning the analogy between universal cores and a fragment of Creation within the head. 


Somewhere or other was stated that universal boundaries (of universes) prevent the escape of energies of any kind so the question is: 

With Ashtar Sheran expiring in the Dal universe in 1983 what happens ? How are his so far acquired spirit values going to be transferred from his previous universe .... ours, Dern into his next re-incarnating body which will appear in Dal ? 

If a person leaves this universe and dies in another universe, he or she only takes with him or her those values and that knowledge which is linked/stored in his consciousness in the present actual life. The overall consciousness-block remains in this (old) universe and cannot be taken into the other universe. There, in the other universe, a new overall consciousness-block is built, starting with the knowledge etc. that was present at the time of the person’s death.

Jan. 28, 2013

Dear Billy 

It was mentioned that there are beings that has no physical/material form e.g. energy form or light being (other than those within the High Council). 

My question is: Do they live in a material planet like us and would experience the normal evolution cycles like being born, grow up, aging and death? 



Being born, growing up, aging and dying is possible only in the case of material beings, i.e. beings/Wesen with a material form/physical body.

Jan. 28, 2013

Dear Billy, 

As I understand it, a Plejar would not randomly even pick flowers in the forest to not violate the law of love. We as earth humans have difficulty understanding how we could harm a plant physically harvesting it, let alone spiritually. 

What is the spiritual way to harvest a plant so that the law of love is maintained? 
Best regards, 

There is no “spiritual way to harvest a plant”. The human being needs plants for food and medicine etc. and, therefore, has to “kill” plants (just as animals, fish, birds etc.). And if you want to have vegetables, you must weed the garden. And even letting flowers grow in gardens and on farms in order to use them for one’s home and for presents is not necessarily a non-spiritual act. But still the best way to enjoy flowers is by looking at them when they are growing and alive. 

(Note by CF: Using plants [= killing them] for yourself helps you maintain your health and is, therefore, an act of love towards yourself. After all, according to the creational laws the plants exist, among other reasons, to enable animals etc. to live, and both together enable – through their existence – the human being to exist = nourishment etc.)


Sorry for my question you did not clearly understand. 
to try again, 
is the Law of Cause and Effect applicable also to the spirit of each human being or it is simply limited only to the material aspect of human beings? 

The law of cause and effect applies only in the material realm. Various „stations/stages“ lead to causes and effects. 
In the spiritual realm, knowledge results from learning.

June 24, 2012

Dear Billy and Christian, 
I read in OM Kanon 32 verse 7 that employment (Beschäftigung) is determined for an unborn embryo when it is still in the mother's womb. Why is it that some people feel a sense of destiny when it comes to employment and others do not...? Some people take whatever job they can find to support themself (which if we are to read OM 32:7 is pre-determined). 

The term "Beschäftigung" has nothing to do with the false translation "employment", but rather with what a person occupies or preoccupies himself with. 
Btw: The embryo takes up the impulses in a passive way. 

(Note by CF: Choosing a job is based on many different factors: Availability, ability, interest, having or not having ambitions, motivation, interest, etc. etc. It's not a question of decisions from the embryo-stage, but of making conscious decisions during one's entire life = according to the law of cause and effect.)

Nov. 26,2011

Hi Billy, 

Thanks for taking time to personaly answer questions for me and all on this forum,I value and appreciate your teachings and answers. 

As we live our lives it seems at times there are patterns or 'coincidences' (i call it Syncronicity) That seems to let,people,events link-up, as if if by chance or accident? eg,school sweethearts seperate at young age,only to meet up or get back together when they are old age ,,,they come across each other again as if by coincidence they both end up living on the same street. 
I know we all have and make our own paths via 'Free Will' but Do you think its 'Destiny' or pre-planed by way of coicidence (almost as if a set out plan) That these events can happen? 

PS: I would love to meet you and the group and visit Switzerland as soon as time/circumstances allow,Hope you ask the pjs of my or individuals if we are genuine spirits/people too 


Coincidence in the manner people look upon it does not exist. There is no "pre-planning". 
Everything is happening along – and within – the law of cause and effect. 

(Note by CF: "pre-planed by way of coincidence" is religious thinking, in my opinion, except if the "pre-plan" refers to a person who is planning his own future, as e.g. striving to become a doctor, or an astronaut, etc.)

Jan. 23,2011
Dear Billy, 

my question concerns the boomerang effect of a thought that you describe in your book ›Die Psyche‹. If a person sends a thought out in a positive or a negative way, it turns then to the same person back, but in an opposite value. The thing is that we´re often seemingly not aware of the returned thought. In order to better understand the meaning of this principle, will you pls be so kind and tell us an example of such boomerang effect of a thought from a daily life? 

Thank you 


An example: If a person is constantly tormenting another person it could be the case that the other person reacts by killing the tormentor. Or when a person is provoking another person he/she may probably hit the aggressor on his/her nose. 
There are cases when you send out something that is positive, but receive something that is negative. Everything depends on the individual situation and the person. Receiving negative response can (should) be used as a means to learn. 

(Note by CF: Another example: If a person is constantly fostering fear about anything bad that could happen/occur to the person, this negative attitude/thinking will draw an "ill fate" = negative influences, and it is possible that that person will suffer from an early death. Another yet another well-known example: Effects that are described as "nocebo effect" (in a negative sense), or "placebo effect" (in a positive sense).

Oct. 25,2010

Hello Billy 
I thought that “destiny” is what lies in a person’s future, however in the contact notes Semjase and Quetzal have spoken of failed, unfulfilled or delayed destinies. 
What is the meaning of destiny in that context, and how can it fail? 


Destiny is that which a human being does/acts the next hour or day etc., based on his thoughts and decisions etc. Destiny is limited to the actual lifetime. 
If a person at the age of 15 decides to become a lawyer or a doctor, then this goal is his or her destiny, and if he fails to reach the set goal, he or she has unfulfilled his or her destiny. 

(Note by CF: Destiny (Schicksal/Bestimmung) is the effect of a cause. 
Quetzal seems to talk about events in earlier parts of the contact notes where there is mention of destiny or determinations that led back to decisions made some 13,500 years ago [= with an effect over many incarnations, becoming effective in the eighties and nineties of the last century]. However, all of those incidents and events etc. are now a thing of the past because the so-called "codex" has ceased to exist in the aforementioned nineties.)

April 4, 2010

Hello Eduard 

Replying to your last answer to my last question. Yes, It is unfortunate that your words and warnings and ever more provable predictions and prophesies do not shake the brain cells of the earth human, which they should as they concern our survival and well being. The persons in positions to change bigger problems on earth do not attempt to change for the better under your guidance from your writings. Thus we continue to full deeper into the abyss 


My next question for this round concerns Nature. I have read from the Goblet of Truth that Nature is the appearance of Creation. 

In Contact Report 249 Ptaah and yourself discuss overpopulation and Nature - 

.... Must this not result in nature and life ultimately raising a counterattack, that is, through epidemics and catastrophes of the elements, so that human beings are eradicated by the hundreds, possibly even billions? I still can remember that Quetzal and Semjase also spoke of something similar that once took place on other planets in former times. 

That is correct: When humans on a planet proliferate excessively, nature and life autonomously interfere, which leads to the forced curbing of surplus life forms. Such a curbing and elimination of excess life forms, in this case human beings, ensues first and foremost through epidemics. However, the same thing also happens because life forms, human beings once again, become frail, if not to say incapable of living, due to their bodies, organs and immune system becoming then too weak. 

Furthermore, nature and life also retaliate against excesses in human beings through catastrophes by way of the elements of nature, and other things. 

My question is, 
Nature being the appearance of Creation and thus being highly intelligent, can Nature (through the laws of Creation) intelligently act upon and change elements (weather and tectonic movement) on earth in order to counter the overpopulation? 

Or to put my question in a simpler way. Can Nature create earthquakes and weather storms at its own will to counter overpopulation? 

I understand that human actions also change weather and earthquakes and so on, due to overpopulation. My question is more about Nature being able to change these things by its own will without the influence of human actions. 

Thanks Eduard, 

Kind Regards 

No, because there's nothing in nature that has a "will". Nature is no entity with a consciousness and a decision-making will etc. 
It's simple: Everything is subject to the law of cause and effect. If humanity multiplies like rabbits and produces/releases ever more CO2 into the atmosphere, there is a "natural" result: More and stronger storms etc. etc. etc. And if oil and gas is hauled up from the ground, and used/burnt faster than it is replaced in a natural way, then there inevitably will come the time when the everything is depleted. It's the human beings who decide whether they want to solve all the great problems at the root, overpopulation, or whether they want to suffer from the effects. It's not nature who decides to wipe humankind from Earth's surface by sending tsunamis; tsunamis that are triggered by earthquakes, which are, at least many of them, the direct and indirect result of the human beings' activities on our planet. 

April 4, 2010

Hello Billy, 

From Contact 211 
“…Tatsächlich ist es nämlich so, wie ich erkannt habe, dass das weibliche Geschlecht in vielen Belangen des Lebens, des Menschseins und der Friedsamkeit usw. bemerkenswert weiterentwickelt ist als die Männer, folglich die Frauen viele Dinge intelligenter beurteilen und angehen. Auch ihre Logik scheint mir ausgeprägter zu sein, so aber auch ihr Sinn für wahre Freiheit, Liebe und Harmonie…” 

“…In fact, as I’ve realized, it is such that the female gender – in many aspects of life, humanity, and peacefulness, etc. – is remarkably more developed than the male gender; consequently, the women judge and approach many things more intelligently. Also, their logic seems to me to be more pronounced, as well as their sense of true freedom, love, and harmony…” 

It seems interesting that Creation, which is so logical itself, would make one sex in general more logical than other. By making one sex more logical, is Creation loosing an opportunity to learn through different perspective (strengths and weaknesses) of different sexes placed at the same logic level? 

Is your observation particular to these times and earth women only? 

Thank you. 
Salome. Suv 

It isn't Creation which made one sex more logical than the other. It is the human beings themselves who are responsible for their own consciousness-related and psychological "make-up". And of course there are women who are thinking and behaving more like men, and men who are thinking and feeling like women. Men also can be (and in many cases are) sensitive and subtle (feinsinnig). 

Creation just created the laws, but development and evolution are depending on the law of cause and effect. If human beings are developing just one side of their potential, like sensitivity or reason or logic, instead of trying to further/develop the completeness of their potential, the output/result is according to the efforts. In other words: If some capacities are neglected, they cannot grow. 

(Note by CF: If a man says: "If I'm not sensitive to my wife's needs, it's not my fault because I'm a man", it cannot be accepted as an excuse because each person can improve one's shortages, if there's a will, and a motivation, even if there will be no instant result. Btw: The same applies for women, too.)

April 4, 2010

hello Mr Meier,something has been puzzling me in regards to the positives and negatives of life/creation , I understand that many ills or "negative circumstances" on this world are the 
result of our actions because we are guided by our irresponsibility and willful ignorance but what puzzles me is the many negatives that occur in nature due to "inefficiencies" of life, for example, when a lioness gives birth to cubs, half of them die of natural causes. If one 
were to observe nature, it seems that the negatives are in higher grade than the positives because there is much suffering. My question is 
why is such unnecessary suffering necessary in 
creation and what is the "profit" of it? 

Such "inefficiencies" as described by you don't exist in nature. Everything has its sense (makes sense) in the course of nature. By the law of cause and effect nature secures that no species becomes too much in numbers. The human being is an exception with his unchecked population increase. 

Regarding the positive and negative: Both aspects are more or less balanced, but the positive outweights the negative to a small degree. Otherwise evolution would not be possible. 

(Note by CF: In the animal world there's no unnecessary suffering, at least as long as it is left undisturbed by the human being, and the "profit" is that nature stays in balance and that evolution is made possible.)

April 4,2010

Dear Billy, 

I hope your health is good. 

Back to the impossibility to change the past discussion. 

CF said: “If you were capable of travelling back into the past you would KNOW that you cannot change anything and, therefore, you wouldn’t even try to change anything because anything to the contrary would be an absolutely silly and illogical action that would fail from the beginning.)” 

In my previous example of the bullet aiming at my father, if any attempt to change the past is bound to fail (cf CF), then a law/force is bound to intervene (pure logic!). 

Question: So what is the nature of the Creation’s law intervening to prevent the past events from changing? Physical, psychic or something else? 

[I would’nt call “silly and illogical an action that would fail from the beginning” but simply useless. Unfortunately, some silly and illogical actions reach their goal without failing down here.] 

Thanks for what you do! 
Take care 


Creation's laws are valid in everything that exists, in the material and also in the non-material realms/dimensions/etc. 
The law that's involved here is the law of cause and effect. 

(Note by CF: In life there's no "undo key" where anything that has occurred can be made undone.)

July 26 2009

Hello dear Billy 

while observing things in daily life i have noticed that very often "coincidences" happen, like if one is thinking about something in particular then through the day several things related to this thought occur, or sometimes one sees certain object or listens to certain song and then in that day several things related to this happen. 

I would like to know how much do we really can attract certain situations, persons, things, etc, by thinking in them or if this noticing "coincidences" have more to do with some form of intuition or if it is simple imagination. 


A coincidence ("Zufall“ in German) as the people generally understand does not exist, except if you cut a pie into several portions, and one of those pieces falls to you; or if you win a competition and the prize falls to you. Instead we have to speak of a foreordination (Fügung), the result of certain occurrences that are happening simultaneously. They are separate results of thoughts and actions.

March 30, 2009

Hi Mr. Eduard Meier and everyone at FIGU, 

I want to know what happens when you do something really bad and you regret it from the bottom of your heart, does the law of cause and effect applies? For example, if someone kills a person because of anger/hate/revenge and the authorities never finds the killer, therefore the killer never gets to spend time in jail... (This is just a question to understand more the laws of cause and effect, I am not planning to kill anyone) 

Thanks for all the time and help that you are giving us. 

The law of cause and effect applies at all times, each nano second. There are different effects. In your example there results a dead person, but also a person with a (bad) conscience. The murderer will be confronted with his crime and has the choice of suppressing it, or confronting himself with the evil deed and taking the right steps. 
Creation will not punish that person. The only sentences are put into effect by the person himself, or by the authorities.


Billy, Do you bother looking into your own personal future for this lifetime (or have you in the past); to see what lies in store for Billy Meier, or do you prefer not to know whats coming or that it is unnecessary to know, that some things are better left unknown? 

No interest in that. What matters is that what one wants to achieve from the present. The law of cause and effect is working just now, in the here and now.

Feb. 28,2009

Hello billy, 

I found the article in relation to How - the mental fluidal forces enter the cells and organs - to be very informative. It mentions more than once about how most everything is an information exchange of sorts...well was thinking about how this corresponds to astrology - and that depending on how the stars and planets are aligned - also we (us humans) are furher subject to information transmitions - that like a radio we inevitably pick up. 

anyway my question is this - i think i can remember reading in your information that it is possible to not be so subject to the varying transits and progessions of astrology - but how is it this possible? - to lessen or counteract the effects of them - ie to make it so that we are not so much so at the mercy of them as would normally be the case. and in using the analogy of the radio reciever - is it all possible to just turn it off - or is it the case instead that we must in the end endure what is on the way in order then for certain life lessons to be then learned. 

( i guess the ending of the question there implies that these transits are a necessary feature in lfe - and that i imagine even very difficult and painful transits ultimately can have a positive effect - but to just to try to be specific - if is the case that they are particularly severe transits - is there a means to turn/tone them down so that the severity of the experience might be lessoned - if for even only a small degree?! 

just that from my own study of astrology - with respect to some of these difficult transits - there is nearly always going to be a tough ride ahead. and sometimes painful to say the least.) 

ok saalome. 

Nearly everything of or within today’s terrestrial astrology is pseudo-science. While it is a fact that there are certain impulses coming from outer space do have an effect on human beings, it is also a fact that it is up to each individual to act according to one’s own decisions. The lessons of life are learnd from the effects of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions. 

(Note by CF: We are no puppets wriggling on the strings of fate or a divine entity. We are subjected to the law ofcause and effect, just as everything else, and are steering our cars/bodies/thoughts/feelings.)


Guten Morgen Billy, 

Vielen dank für dein antwort über Boriska. Es war jetzt nur ein mythus. 

Yes, I can a bit German, but not as much as wanted for. It is the grammar which is hampering. 

I see through the current finance crisis, the credit crunch, that again peple have learned so little since 1930's and also 1990's when it was similar crises. The main driver behind such is the bottomless greed among people in this. How and when shall people in the finances learn not to be that greedy so the effects goes around the world like a tidal wave? (It should have something with the law on cause and effect) 

Stay well and best wishes 


It is not only the people in the financial world who are greedy. 

Greed will not vanish so soon. And of course the law of cause and effect does matter here, as it does in everything. 

(Note by CF: Just as greed has its effects, virtues also have an effect.)

July 27,2008

Dear Billy 

Due to an unfortunate work related incident a young man had lost his life and subsequently the people who he was working for; although not directly responsible for his death, nevertheless dealt with the young man's death as an inconvenience to their aspirations of making money and did not give it true justice for him. 

Since then the work place had been riddled with unforeseen troubles where more accidents have taken place and I myself having worked on the site felt from time to time this invisible negative force that have adversely effected my emotions and feelings. 

What would be the best thing to do besides living righteously, honourably and morally for the owners and those who were indirectly responsible for doing injustice to the young man upon his death so that the negative Karma they created through their own actions be neutralised and that they bring some honour back to the deceased young man. 

thank you Billy 
Matt Lee 

“Negative Karma” does not exist. 

Those happenings are depending on the person’s views and thinking and how they are adapting. According to a person’s thinking and attitude etc. he can trigger certain happenings in a subconsciously-related manner. 

Negative thoughts and expectations etc. may cause mistakes, defects and accidents. 

Usually those processes are unfolding unconsciously.

Dec.25, 2007
Username: Kingman 

Hi Billy, 

Is there a direct relationship between practicing Creational laws and directives and having ones spiritual powers increase. I am meaning in a noticeable change in one life span. Or is the benefit mainly only for the spirit and not the current personality the spirit enlivens. 

a friend in america 

The human being is using (or misusing) the Creational laws and commandments every day, and he sees (and experiences) the effects. It’s a thing of cause and effect, directed by his thoughts, motivation etc., and it’s the human being himself who is making use individually, negatively or positively, according to his own decision. And the whole process is dependent on which stage the persons lives in, like childhood, age of puberty, adulthood. 
Btw: Many human beings are being stuck in the age of puberty and are led by contradictory nature (Zwiespältigkeit), aggressions, etc., like it is or has been the case with persons like Hitler, Bush, Hussain, etc. Such people are of the opinion that they are mature/grown up, but in reality they aren’t. They are lacking self-education, and they show bias which is a clear sign of puberty.

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