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Creation and the Absolute Absolutum 

Aug. 26, 2014
Why does it seem that the creation favors the positive even though it is completely equalized with both positive and the negative? 
Meaning, through our countless lives we are encouraged to follow the laws and recommendations which are inherently good and facilitates a righteously lived life. And every person who lives,will have to progress through many lives to merge with the Creation,which is inevitable no matter what. So it seems as if the Creation favors one side over the other, in a sense that if we are here to provide Creation with information through living and experiencing,why wouldn't people just live lives whether they are positive lives or negative,and after a certain time you merge back and all the information is taken just the same. So since we live far more positive lives to progress through evolution,does that mean that the Creation is inherently good or favors the one side? 
Blake P 
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Creation has no personality, cannot feel joy or be disappointed or prefer someone or somebody, nor does Creation think. Creation is pure-spiritual energy. 
Everything which exists within Creation has been created according to the creational laws which, in turn, have been created by Creation through an impulse. 

July 25,2014
Dear Billy 
Thank you for your answer that time was created simultaneously when space was created. 
I would then presume that there was no time existed before the first UR Creation created the first creation, it existed and still exists in “timelessness”. 
According to logic, when there is no time (timelessness), it is not possible for any activities or beginning of activities. 
My question being: How can the first UR Creation planned and created the first creation where it was an “activity” in timelessness? 

We cannot understand this „how“, but it is a fact that time and space only exist in the fourth belt of our universe, the material belt, where the galaxies and worlds and life forms exist. 

July 27,2013

I have rather philosophical question. We know that creational laws are constant but on other hand each form need to perfect itself. I may be wrong but probably the same rules (constancy of laws and need for perfection) apply even to highest form of creation (Absolute Absolutum) which encompass all the reality. I feel there is contradiction between constancy of laws and perfection of the form, which means change to higher level. How it is possible that on the same time Absolute Absolutum is the originator of constant (never changing) laws and yet perfects itself? 

Laws are absolute, and Creation as Creation is absolute as well, but development and evolution are not absolute.

March 24, 2013

Greetings Billy, 

About the overall scale of things. 

If humans have a tiny particle of the Creative energy within their superior colliculus then is the equivalent of that on a larger scale the 12 light year diameter core of a universe ? 

Yes, you could make that analogy. Our universe is kept alive (energy-wise) from its core. 

(Note by CF: Just one question per round is answered.)


Hi Eduard and Christian, 

If there was beginning and there will never be an end and everything is constantly evolving... since there will be no end absolute perfection will never be achieved, how come there are constant things in our Creation which will never change such as Creative commandments and recommendations? 
Thank you. 

Viewed from a human being’s standpoint, everything that is logical remains. The rest (what is not logical) is constantly developed (weiterentwickeln und fortentwickeln). Knowledge and wisdom can be further-developed into all eternity. 
As soon as a process has started, it leads endlessly further (unendlich weiter). An example: When the human being starts thinking, it (thinking) goes on and on, endlessly, during his entire life. 
Another example: The necessity that the human being has to breathe is a logical fact, it’s a constant that must not evolve. 
The same principle happens/exists within Creation.

Nov. 27,2012

Salome Eduard 

I hope you and your family are well, 

Jmmanuel used his conscious related abilities to turn water into wine and I have read that you have done simular with, what we call here in England, a soft drink. If I remember correctly Jmmanuel and yourself was able to consciously change the molecular structure of the liquid into another liquid form. 

My question is does the Creation use this same type of ability to form new galaxies, solar systems and so on from nebula? 

Thank you 

No, Creation does not act and form new galaxies etc. Creation has created the creational laws, and everything in the Universe develops/unfolds etc. according to, and in line with those laws. 

Changing substances, like turning wine into coca cola, needs the application of consciousness-based powers.

Oct. 28,2012

Dear Billy 

Thank you for your answer that “The beginning of time “happened” when the spiritual energy began to develop internally and externally.” 

While logically that nothing can be started(or begin) without the existence of time, I would presume that there must be countless levels of time exist. 

It was mentioned that the origin of the first absolutum is a never resolved mystery. 

My question being: would the origin of the time before the first absolutum a never resolved mystery as well? 

Yes. – It has to do with the absolute “Nichtsraum” (space of nothing) which exists in “Unendlichkeit” (endlessness). There still remains the secret or mystery of the first impulse, which will never be solved or understood by a human being, or even by Petale.

Sept. 23,2012

Dear Billy 
As mentioned, we humans, Creations, absolutums …. etc are on the path of evolution. 
As evolution takes time, my question being: 
Who created “Time” or is there a beginning/ending of “Time”? 


Time was created when Creation had been created, i.e. when the universe came into existence. The origin of time lies in the endless duration where nothing exists. The beginning of time “happened” when the spiritual energy began to develop internally and externally.

April 30,2012

If pure infinity is finite, are there other universes in pure infinity? Or other Absolutum-Absolutum inside pure infinity? 

Everything that exists is never infinite. The only "thing" that is infinite is the "Absolute Nothing of infinite duration".
Infinity is time-limited (zeitbegrenzt). 
While a universe is expanding, it is infinite, and during the contraction period it is finite.

March 26,2012

Some God-believers claim that since the fundamental Physical Constants in our universe appears to be tweaked or designed for life to evolve(Fine tuned Universe), it must be the work of a Creator-God. As a counter to this argument, some scientists claim that, there could be multiple universes out there where the Universal Physical Constants could be different and hence probably no life, making our universe just to be place where those constants happened to be such that the life had come to exist. 
Are the Universal Physical Constants the same in the DAL & other Universes ? If not, then it seems to be that universes with life can exist even with different values of Universal Physical Constants. 


In every universe/Creation with a material belt there are the same physical laws.

March 26, 2012

Hello Mr Meier and thank you for your answer to my previous question about Creation. I understand now from your information that Creation does not decide or think in any way, but instead is reactive in a logical way. I also understand from your writings that humans must evolve up to the merging with the Creation Universal Consciousness. I know that we are already part of Creation but I mean that we merge into Creation's active consciousness in whatever form it is. My question is: What can we possibly contribute to Creation as humans that it could not achieve without us? To be more specific, why cannot Creation build the love and knowledge that it needs without the wasteful process of many human lifetimes? It seems to me that through the pure power and logic that Creation already possesses, it could generate what it needs in a more rapid and efficient way. Obviously I have very little actual knowledge about this, but my question is meant honestly and respectfully. 

Thank you once again Mr Meier. 
Thomas Hall 

According to the law of causality or cause and effect, each development and action etc. must begin at the bottom. In the case of our universe/Creation (which is the "lowest" of all Creation forms), the lowest form of the evolution process starts with the Neugeist-Formen (new spirit forms) which, through the evolution process of plants, animals and up to human beings, must be effectuated one step after another. Spirit forms can only evolve during material lives (at the beginning). 

(Note by CF: An analogy: When a child is born, development/evolution does not start at that point in time, but has started 9 months ago. In order that the newborn baby can learn and evolve, it must have a functional body and consciousness etc. which must develop from the bottom.)

Feb.26, 2012

Hello Mr Meier, I would like to ask a question about Creation. In some of the writings from you and from FIGU, it is said that Creation is a Wesenheit that does not think and also does not direct its own evolution. Here is a quote from the website: 

"A Wesenheit is not a Wesen as such but an immaterial or material form of existence without a self-determining possibility of evolution whereby however this possibility can be given to a certain extent, such as with the Creation Universal Consciousness" 

My question to you is, how can a spiritual entity (Creation) that is self-aware and which is far beyond human beings in its knowledge and consciousness still not be able to direct its own evolution? I understand that Creation does not "think" as humans do but I still thought that it could direct its own evolution. Otherwise, these statements from FIGU give me the impression that Creation is just an automatic thing, although a very advanced one. 

I hope you can clarify this for us. It is a question that is important since we will all one day reach the level of Creation. 
Thank you very very much for your help. I hope that you are doing well these days :-) 
Thomas Hall 

Creation is an "Energie-Wesenheit", a "impulsmässiges Energie-Bewusstsein" which cannot be compared with a human being who is capable to think and decide. 
Creation's life/existence can somehow be compared with automation, a process, when triggered, unfolds along certain laws and factors. Creation does not steer the process. 
After Creation's creation, processes are passing (ablaufen). There is no thinking needed for the process to process. A process does not think. 

(Note by CF: An analogy: As soon as you trigger a nuclear bomb, you cannot control or steer the effects, because the effects are happening/passing along certain laws, with a variety of effects (from the atmosphere down into the sub-atomic levels.)

Jan. 28,2012

hi billy how are u doing today? 

my question today is. 

do creation love me 

Yes, but not in the sense as you may think or imagine. Creation's love is manifested by the fact that the human being exists, that he/she is a product of love. 

It's the same thing with the saying "it has been Creation's idea…" The term "idea" cannot be used in the sense we human beings understand it. Creation's idea creates Fügungen (a logical series of cause and effect).

Oct. 1,2011

Liebe Eduard, 
Firstly I would like to wish you peace and good health. Thank you for your tireless work. 
My question is regarding the Creation. 
Since the Creation still needs to evolve itself and is only relatively perfect so to speak, does it still need to make mistakes in some kind of way to learn and further evolve or am I thinking incorrectly about this? 

Creation has created laws and recommendations in the beginning, and since Creation is an impersonal block of energy, it cannot make mistakes in the sense as we human being understand. 
Creation takes in and is learning. 

(Note by CF: If Creation were capable to make mistakes, it could not have created our universe.) 

June 24, 2011

Hello to Billy and the Team, Big Thank You 

Is it correct to say, or is there some truth that, Creation is a thought energy that in it self is responsible for the growth of Nature as nature is Creation's thought energy manifest, and the human being can actually direct this thought energy of Creation by constant visualizations or praying as to materialize what ever the human desires ? 

Kind Regards 

No, it is not correct. Creation is not "a thought energy", but a "geistenergetische Impulskraft". Creation pulsates and impulsates. (Note by CF: Billy has just created a new word in German: "impulsieren"; and, therefore, also in English.) 

Yes, the human being can direct his thought energies towards Creation. However, since Creation in itself cannot be understood or grasped by a human being, the thought energies are in fact directed to the laws and recommendations of creation. Prayers, as described/formulated in the spiritual teaching (like the prayer that has been given by Jmmanuel), are directed to one's own consciousness. If some thought or wish etc. is directed to the spirit (one's own), it's always the consciousness/sub-consciousness which is addressed.

April 25,2011

Hi Billy, 

Let's see if i grasp the concept of time/space configuration correctly. Everything in this solar system, dern universe, and absolute absolutum is constantly moving. Therefore, in this sense, there is no fixed location of a particular star system, planet, sun, etc. The plejaren home planet (Erra) is located within the direction of the Pleiades in a dimension that is a fraction of a second in the future from our own. However, Semjase did not have time traveling capabilities when she first met you(if i'm correct). Which only means that the Plejares star system is either moving faster than our current location by a fraction of a second. However, i cannot conclude whether their star system is either moving away or getting closer. 

My question is: How close am I to the truth of this matter? 

Until next round Billy, with clearer understanding. 

Yes, everything is moving. 
No, the Plejaren system is moving parallel with our's. It doesn't move faster from our own.

March 27,2011


Dear Billy, 

The Universe expands from its initial size of about 14 x 10^63 light years and add 8.4 x 10^15 light years after 155.52 x 10^12 years. 

After 155.52x 10^12 years: 
i) Does the entire expansion of 8.4 x 10^15 light years happen just in the material Universe, thus pushing the ram belt outward by the same amount? Or, 
ii) Each of the 7 belts expands by certain amount, and their combined expansion totals 8.4 x 10^15 light years? 

All 7 belts together expand. And the material belt (where we and the planets and suns etc. are in) totally renews every 49 milliard (billion) years. At the moment our actual phase is lasting since 17 milliard (billion) years.

Oct. 25,2010

Dear Eduard, 

Please verbosely define the term Absolute Absolutum. 

Thanks again 


The Absolute Absolutum is what could be explained in German as "das absolut Existierende, das absolut Erschaffene" (that which absolutely exists, or that which has been absolutely created), = that which is complete. 
Contrary to the several evolutionary levels of Creation, the Absolute Absolutum does not learn anymore; it just gathers/collects and transforms everything, and then passes it on.

July 23,2010

Hello Edward, 

hopefully you are doing well. 

My Question: 
Why is Creation archetypal? why can't it just be a big bang with just energy (or matter in a different form)? why is it constructed to meet our needs? or (why are we constructed to meet creation's needs?) 

Clarification on the last question: is that a yes? 


(Note by CF: I just realized that I overlooked your question during the discussion (I'm sorry). Therefore I will answer it myself: 
Just like we human beings on our limited planet Earth need each other to evolve and to produce/foster progress,Creation needs human beings, and later the pure-spiritual levels, for its internal evolution and progress.Without any action there is no progress, and nothing could exist without action. Besides, our Creation/universe/Universal Consciousness is just one among countless other forms of Creation, Absolute Absolutums, etc. etc.)

July 23,2010

Hello Eduard 

I hope all is well for you. 

I have had some questions arising in my thoughts for sometime now and during discussions with other persons no one has a clear truthful answer. 

Creation creates new spirit-forms and sets them on an evolutionary path, firstly within human bodies. Thus Creation must somehow know when a new spirit-form is needed to be created. My thinking is Creation must somehow know where this new spirit-form will start out is evolutionary path, firstly incarnating on a suitable planet. 

What I am also unsure about is where the new spirit-form first comes from. My thinking is the spirit-form is created and moves into the Material Belt from Creation Belt passing through the Transformation Belt. 

As the rules of the forum state that one question is permitted per round of questions it is impossible for me to ask you all the questions I have on this subject in one round. I may ask you a succession of questions as the months continue. 

For this round my question on this subject is, 

How does Creation know or calculate when a new spirit-form is needed within the Material Belt and is there a maximum number of spirit-forms Creation will ever create within then first 311,040,000,000,000 evolutionary awake time? 

Thank you for you time, Eduard 


Spirit forms were created by Creation before any life form existed in the universe, and in such huge numbers that a great portion of those spirit forms will never be used by human beings (or other life forms). 
A spirit form is an extremely tiny ball of energy that will return into the entity of Creation at the end of the expansion-contraction period. 

(Note by CF: You can observe the same principle in human beings. During his life, a male human being produces in his testicles a vast surplus of sperm, most of whom are never used to fertilize an ovum.)

June 27, 2010

Greetings Mr Meier! I noticed in a drawing included in one of the FIGU Bulletins (or maybe a special bulletin) there was a drawing that you mentioned being similar to the shape of Creation's spiral form. I understand that it was not an exact depiction since Creation is more complicated but I have a question about the shape of Creation. I noticed that in the drawing there were 10 different filaments in the spiral form:7 were different in appearance from the other 3. I imagine that the 7 filaments in the Creation spiral are likely the 7 bands including the Material Band, the Push Belt, etc, but what are the other 3 filaments representing please? Even if you are not able to provide many details, any information is appreciated :-) Many thanks and have a great day!!! 

Thomas Hall 

Prof. Sloman's drawing gives one just kind of an idea of the form our universe has. There are time streams, and there's an egg-shaped form, but the real form/shape of the universe can hardly be drawn.


Where in the night sky is the UNIVERSAL-central-sun? I know it is not visible, but what constellation is it in? Near which stars? 


- Matthew 

The Central Sun of our Universe cannot be seen because it is outside the material belt.


Dear Billy! 

Is our spiritform really eternal (never stop to be, and will always be aware of itself) even when we go back to creation and further? 
If we were created by creation,we could stop to be sometime but the creation still exist. 


Up to the Petale level there remains some kind of individuality, which may not be confused with personality. 

The status of a spirit form after merging with Creation is not known.


Dear Billy, 

What is an Absolute Absolutum and is it inside something else? 

The Absolute Absolutum is the first of seven forms (the „lowest“ one) and is capable to create Creations, and it has created the 10 to the power 49 Creation forms. 
As has been answered above, the Absolute Absolutum builds/consists a block, together with the other 5 Absolutum forms plus the SEIN Absolutum. It is, therefore, „in“ that block. 



Hello again Mr Meier. I hope you are feeling better. My question is: Why isn't it possible for the highest ABSOLUTUM form to end its own existence? I know that we as humans are forced into reincarnating, but I wonder why the SEIN ABSOLUTUM (or whatever the highest form of consciousness is) cannot just end its existence. It seems that it would be the most logical thing to do since apparently nothing lasts absolutely forever, not even a spiritual form since these always evolve into something else. My question might seem dark but it really seems that living forever even as a spiritual sort of consciousness is a futile struggle in the long run. Even you have said that existence is verily a constant struggle. Even if there is much good in life as well, it seems to me that a consciousness form should eventually have the right to end its own existence at some point. 

Your information has really helped me but I am still curious about this subject. Thank you for your help and responses. 


The SEIN Absolutum is a perpetuum mobile and, therefore, it can never be stopped, nor will it stop by itself. 
You cannot compare the SA with a human being. Besides, the SA is not something separate, even if it is the origin of everything, but it is a block of all seven Absolutum forms (6 + 1).

July 26,2009

Hello Billy 

Thank you for answering my last question. Your answer was helpful in my understanding. 

My second question relates to Creation, respectively human spirit forms and the end of present creational 311,040,000,000,000 awake cycle. When Creation collapses, so to speak, at the end of this 311,040,000,000,000 awake cycle and goes into a sleep state what will happen to the unevolved human spirit forms (if any)? 

Kind regards 

No human spirit-form that ever started on the path of evolution (= at least one incarnation) will not reach thePetale level. Positively said: Each spirit-form that has incarnated at least once, will ultimately merge with Creation. While most such spirit-forms will reach the union with Creation during the time of the universe’s (Creation’s) expansion, there is plenty of time during the contraction period for all remaining spirit-forms to complete their evolution.

4. Pathfinder RQ1: 


You have taught us about the Pre-Creation creating creation as a thought. Jacob has written some of those teachings into the forum here. I was hoping that you might possibly be able to add a little more insight regarding the Pre-creation and what intelligence and character it may have had? 

Thank You, 

Since we cannot know how "our“ Creation "knows“ and "evolves“, how shall we know how the Ur-Creation is "working“ within Itself? 
We are not capable to understand this with our limited material consciousness.


Dear Billy, I have a hard time understanding parallel worlds. On the parallel earths are there exact copies of everybody on them. Or do some people not exist. For example are the Plejarens there as well or do they have copies of themselves performing the same mission. 

Of course each person is an individual, and there do not exist copies of any persons or spirit forms. 
Parallel world is an expression meaning a twin or triple etc. universe. 
Parallel earths means that there exist other planets etc. at the same location/space, but in another dimension. 

July 27,2008

Is there a difference between a space-time configuration/dimension and a universe? 

Yes. A universe has many different dimensions in itself = contains many dimensions.

July 27,2008

Dear Billy, 
Thankyou for the answer to my previous question. Unfortunately it has not enlightened me especially with respect to `Arus the Barbarian`.I do believe that historical accuracy is important, otherwise confusion reigns as has happened in the past. Still, I will have to assume that there was more than one `Arus the Barbarian`, but there is no point in my `flogging a dead horse`! 
In Contact 30 you discuss your forthcoming trip through the DERN universe with Semjase and say: 
"Man oh man, then that therefore becomes so fast a short trip to the end of the universe - a trip into eternity so to speak." 
37. Your thoughts are wrong, because we don't reach to an end of the universe, because such a one doesn't exist. 
38. We merely go to and through a barrier of this universe. 
"I also meant this so - I expressed myself simply inappropriately." 
In Contact 31 you converse with Ptaah: 
253. Here our universe has finished, and this formation represents the portal to another universe, that we name the DAL-Universum. 
So in C30 our universe is seemingly infinite, but in C31 finite. Would you please clarify as to which is correct? 
Regards, Charles. 

Both versions are correct. 

Our universe has the “shape” of a double helix. If you are in it you will not find an end. You can take a wheel as an analogy. However, there are still boundaries between our and another universe. Towards the outside there is a continuously variable transition zone.

April 26,2008
Senior Member 
Username: Savio 

Dear Billy 

I refer to the seven wake/sleep cycle of our Creation. 
It was mentioned that all spiritforms will unite with Creation before Creation goes to sleep. 

My question is: Would all spiritforms lose their individual self-awareness / consciousness then? And what happen to all the spiritforms when Creation awake for the second time? 


There will be no individual self-awareness in the next existence of Creation because there won’t be human beingsin that level of existence. 

(Note by CF: The spirit forms will have “melted” or “dissolved” in the whole of Creation.)

March 26, 2008
Username: Sirashwin 

Dear Billy 

Once again many thanks to you and all others in the center for the answers. 

We know that CREATION has higher forms to which it evolves. And that evolution keeps going on and on. But isn’t there some fundamental principle or force driving this evolution. Isn’t that fundamental principle or force the source of all wonders and creations? 
Since Feb 3 isn’t far away; it means that there will be yet another contact again. I know this might reach a bit late; but if possible do convey all our best wishes and regards to whoever comes. 

Thanking You 

The force behind all evolution comes from the SEIN-Absolutum (BEING absolutum). 

(Note by CF: Your question was discussed with Billy on March 19, and his birthday is already far away in the past. Since then Billy was severly sick for several weeks [which has been the reason for the delay in answering this round of questions], but in the meantime his health has improved much again.)

Dec. 25,2007
Username: Sirashwin 

Dear Billy 

Once again thanks for all the efforts and responses. 

My question is a very stupid and childish one, which i am sure will give you and many at the center a good laugh . 

I can't help think the following: now there are seven major evolution levels of the human spirit. And all these endless human spirits are within Creation which after 10^49 levels of evolution becomes Absolute-Absolutum form. Then after which Creation would have to evolve to Ur-Absolutum form to Central-Absolutum form to Creations-Absolutum form to Super-Absolutum form to Sohar-Absolutum form to BEING-Absoltum form. Then there would be countless number of levels to go. And there are endless numbers of creations. Looking up the "evolutionary ladder", more and more perfection is attained but never complete perfection; but what is the ultimate goal of spiritual evolution if absolute perfection is never attained? 

Thanking You 

If absolute perfection could be reached (or would be possible at all) life in every respect would cease to exist. There cannot exist any form of life without learning, progressing and evolution. Evolution is life, just as development is life, too. 

(Note by CF: There were four persons present in the kitchen when your question was discussed, and nobody laughed, except some smiles when I presented your concerns. Besides, your question is more useful than many other ones that have been asked here in this forum. --- Now you can smile, too.)
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