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Consciousness Evolution 

Sept. 30, 2014

Dear Herr Meier, 
Recently I realized that life is worth living more than just superficially, that every moment of life, no matter how horrible, is quite valuable to our spirit for its own growth. This brings to mind another pressing question: since the quality of the state of living is not such a factor in the value of life to a spirit, is it possible to live our long succession of lives, 60-80 million years of incarnate living, in a utopian society, in a gentle, pleasant, peaceful community, or must we spend most of our time incarnate overcoming the difficulties and facing the challenges such as what we so commonly find here on Earth? 
There is phrase I remember from childhood: "Into every life a little rain must fall.” We tend to think that challenges and difficulties either overwhelm us, or build our character and make us stronger. In considering reincarnation, almost automatically we expect the same process to be true for lifetimes - that spirits face challenges in their succession of incarnate existences which help to open up the spirit to it’s own sense of wisdom and depth of understanding. However, in the spirit of questioning everything, perhaps this too should be questioned. 
To restate the question: In order to evolve and grow in consciousness, over the course of the spirit’s 60-80 million years of incarnate existence, must the spirit grow from hardships and challenges, or does it make no difference if the spirit lives its succession of lives in a pleasant, utopian environment, free from torturous pains ? 

The learning and evolution process primarily occurs with/through the consciousness. Everything depends on the human being’s thinking and the resulting feelings. Based on using one’s thoughts etc., the conciousness evolves. 
The surroundings are not relevant. What’s relevant is one’s thoughts/thinking. 

(Note by CF: Living in a „gentle, pleasant, peaceful community“ for millions of years is possible only if the human beings involved show/live a life with thoughts and feelings which enable that quality level of existence.) 

March 23, 2014
Hello, Mr. Meier l truly thank you and all other human beings who are or have helped present the message of Truth and the Spiritual Teaching. My question: If you were only a student amongst all of students of the Spiritual Teaching, what question would you ask the True Prophet that would help the most human beings, now or in the future, for their consciousness evolution? I do not necessarily need the answer to the question you would pose unless with your wisdom you deem it necessary. 
I Thank You in all Love, Truth, and Wisdom. 
Salome, Scott Reed. 

It’s not the question which helps, but the answer, and the answer is: Each person should study and learn to recognise reality, which means to detach oneself from religions and other false doctrines etc., and to use one’s time to further one’s consciousness-related evolution. 

Jan. 25, 2014
Hello Billy 
It is my understanding that the impulses from the central consciousness block, which holds the sum of all processed values from past lives, can only be of positive-evolutionary value. However, can a person receive other types of impulses, which are unprocessed and come directly from each past life, and as such, can be positive or negative and manifest as quirks, phobias, loves and hates, personality traits, religious fanaticism, etc.? Would these, if they exist, be related to fluidal forces stored in the bones which decay with time, which would also explain why the most recent lives would be the most influential in this aspect, and there wouldn't be an overload from all the thousands of past lives? 

The impulses can only be received from the storage banks, i.e. the planetary one or the overall consciousness-block. You cannot receive impulses directly from past lives.

Nov.24, 2013
Hello Eduard, 
In regards to your answer of my previous question: 
„ Simply by using one’s ratio = rationality and intellect, and by connecting oneself again with nature, which, btw, is hardly possible when living in a city.” 
Based on the information in your answer, it could be assumed that a ‚Liebe Empfindüng’ (love Empfindung) when being in / surrounded by nature is also essential for the independently recognizing and acknowledging of ones modifications in every respect, giving the security of self-strength, self-knowledge, and self-confidence, resulting in stability. 
When a ‚Liebe Empfindüng’ (love Empfindung) with nature is real (and not a mere mental exercise), then that awareness of oneness with nature would allow for insights and recognitions, etc. etc. which he makes about nature and the natural-creative laws and recommendations, etc. etc. to have a direct neutral-positive effect on his thought-feelings, his mentality and his own personality, creating a very strong bond with nature. Basically, spending as much time as possible in nature is highly recommended. 
What are your thoughts about these assumptions and your continued insight about this matter? 

Having Empfindungen is not a common thing here on Earth among human beings. The effect of being outside in nature may lead to a Hochstimmung (not correctly translated as „in high spirits“) of one’s psyche, which is not an Empfindung. 

(Note by CF: Actually, a human being cannot understand and does not know what an Empfindung is, unless he/she is experiencing one, which, in current times, is not frequently the case.)

Nov. 24, 2013
Good day Billy, 
Once a healthy child is born, how consistent are the impulses from it's storage bank. Does the child receive a steady stream of these, or, is its stored wisdom released as like baby steps. It would seem that investigations by the child would be obvious moments for an impulse to occur, but aren't children being inquisitive all the time? 
a friend in america 

No, there is no „steady stream“, because if that would be the case people would get crazy. 
Impulses from the storage banks must be triggered by certain thought processes, which, as a rule, occurs unconsciously. This may happen in children, but also happens in adults. But of course it is also possible to draw information from the storage banks consciously.

July 27, 2013

Hello Herr Meier, 

What has been bothering me lately are concepts of the Gemüt and the Empfindung since they are important for true love. I'm having a difficult time telling Empfindung apart from the feelings and it seems to me that it is also difficult for the Plejaren, as they need some 70 years until they are ripe for marriage. 

My theory right now is that I'm overestimating the possibilities of the material consciousness. So I think that some things simply can't be generated by the thoughts and the feelings. That means that the "things" which are impossible to simply be generated for the thoughts and feelings must come from the Gemüt in the form of Empfindungen. Therefore I think that we can recognize Empfindungen from their effects, similar to the way as the spirit is recognized. 

Since Empfindung is very important for true love, and our limited lifetimes does not give us much time for development, would you mind explaining how we can best (and in the least amount of time) develop the ability to recognize Empfindungen? 

A person who has Empfindungen knows that these are Empfindungen. Contrary to feelings which are limited in occurrence/existence due to being based on the actual thoughts, an Empfindung, if once created, endures/exists permanently and cannot be destroyed anymore. A Empfindung is a lasting inner state and is detected/experienced when it has started to exist. 
Empfindungen have an effect both on the Gemüt and the psyche. 
Based on what has been explained above, it’s adviseble to start living in line with the creational laws and recommendations (principles), and sooner or later Empfindungen are created/realized. 

(Note by CF: An example for a possible Empfindung: A strong bond-love (Bündnisliebe) expresses – or can express – itself through a Empfindung, i.e. independently of the behaviour of your wife or husband, you „empfindest“ (perceive in a fine-fluidal wise) a close connectedness and bond with your partner, and you never have doubts about the choice of your partner and your bond, etc. etc.)

July 27, 2013

Hello Eduard. 

Through learning I noticed that there is something quite phenomenal about the natural laws. It is only upon arriving at very certain way of thinking when other possibilities and cognitions are waiting to be recognized. There is no other way no matter how many thanks of praises or sacrifices or wealth or anything of this sort any human thinks he can spare to win wisdom for himself. It is also very interesting when Semjase, Quetzel, Ptaah and others can also convey their thoughts to each other to ensure their equal evolution. Through this any new recognition of one can be shared with others without any degeneration or abnormal consequences. And, if I didn't succumb to an error somewhere along those conclusions, do similar possibilities also currently exist among any Earth humans who may or may not be aware of this? 

Through a „meditatives Denken (meditative thinking), impulses are „retrieved“ from the storage-banks. Usually, this process occurs unconsciously. 

On another level, talking and speaking with other persons (both of terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin) also is a field of learning.

July 27, 2013

Hello Billy and Christian, 

I hope you both are well and healthy. 

Regarding evolution and wisdom, upon death the knowledge gained by a human being is passed on to his/her next incarnation as wisdom. 

Question: can you better explain this statement with an example? even a basic example would do, to understand it better. 

Thank you very much. 


Upon death knowledge and wisdom are stored in the storage-banks. That knowledge, and its essence (wisdom), is/are continually released in a next existence = next life. This ensures that in an actual life, information = knowledge from previous existences can be used again and built on, which guarantees a steady evolution. 
(Note by CF: This means, that during one’s lifetime, impulses are „appearing“ in one’s consciousness which can [but must not] be „detected“ and then used to gain further knowledge.)

July 28,2012
Dear Eduard, 

My question is about the Gemut and the Psyche, I know there must harmony in the psyche in order to benefit from the Gemut, how does the Gemut connect with the psyche and personality? 
I mean this interaction in the form of exchange of spirit-energy and/or cosmic-electromagnetic energy ? 
Salome, Jacob 

The "Gemüt" is a part of the spiritual consciousness and there the counterpart of what the psyche is in the human being's material realm. The Gemüt sends impulses like love, peace etc. into the material realm, i.e. via subconsciousness into the psyche and from there into the thoughts and feelings.

July 28,2012
Human behaviour is shaped by environment correct? If we were to take Billy Eduard Albert Meier as a baby and replace him with Adolf Hitler baby, and if Edward was to experience Hitler’s life would Edward come to the same conclusion as did Hitler did? 

No, human behaviour is mainly shaped by one's thought- and feeling-world, by education and self-education, by environmental influences, heredity, influences from the mother during pregnancy, etc. 
The personality cannot be replaced. A replacement of babies does neither change the basic character nor the influences from one's storage banks which are connected to the consciousness-block and the consciousness etc. since the spirit form has enlivened the embryo at the 21st day during pregnancy.

June 24,2012

Hi Billy, 
In a previous answer, you said joss-sticks may help clear negative energy in an area as an option when someone asked. 
Can you provide some specifics like the ingredients or what makes an ideal joss-stick? There are many types of joss-sticks and they vary widely in ingredients and cost. Since burning joss-sticks do have other beneficial properties, any help is greatly appreciated! 
While your other 2 options are free of monetary cost to implement to students of the spiritual teaching, in some cases joss-sticks may be inexpensively helpful as well. 

It's not the joss-stick's smoke which neutralizes negative energy, it's a person's consciousness = thoughts etc. The smoke just "cleanses" or neutralizes the air. 
Regarding the aroma/kind of smell: Each person must descide for himself about the smell because preferences vary from one person to another.

June 24,2012

Hi Billy 
In Contact 8, Semjase says in line 54, "Die Gene steuern via das Gehirn und den Geist die Zellfunktionen, und sie lenken Leben, Regeneration und Zerfall der Zellen." When Semjase uses the word Geist in this case, is she referring to the consciousness or the Spirit or the cosmic electromagnetic energy of life? 
Thank you for your time. 

The consciousness.

Feb. 26, 2012

Hello Eduard, 

Thanks for your previous answer, it was very clear. 
In the Geisteslehre the process of Wahrnehmung(perception), Erkennen(recognition), Kenntnis(cognition), Erkenntnis(insight), Wissen(knowledge), Erfahrung/Erleben(experience), Weisheit(Wisdom)is explained. 
This process is valid for course-elemental (learning a profession) and fine-elemental (consciousness-related/spiritual) development. 
It is my assumption, when focused mainly on the fine-elemental process that this must have a profound effect on the personality, mental-block, and psyche; especially when Wisdom is obtained. 
In my thinking this must pulse through the personality of a person giving him/her self-assurance, self-security, self-knowledge which is totally immune to outside effects like other peoples opinions. 
I am also thinking that each of the seven steps have distinguishable effects with the personality and psyche. 
My question; What is your detailed opinion about my assumptions? 

Thank you for your time. 

Instead of focusing on the "technical" side of the processes, it would be much wiser to apply the spiritual teaching in everyday life, which means: To learn (about) oneself, to gain Selbsterkenntnis (self-insight), to analyse the good and bad sides within oneself, to ponder love, freedom, peace and harmony etc. 
"To be focused on the fine-elemental process" is the wrong approach to what really matters, i.e. reasonable, logical thinking and the resulting feelings. Preoccupying onself with the high values of love, happiness, Mitgefühl, etc. is the point where evolution is lived and unfolding. 
Trying to apply the high values in life is implementation of the spiritual teaching.

Jan.28, 2012

Greetings Billy, 
Please expound on the workings of the human beings' "conscience", if you may? 


Conscience is an energetic force to judge what's good or bad (energetische Kraft zur Beurteilung was gut oder schlecht ist). 
Conscience is pre-determined by the creational laws and stored within the human being. It's a natural disposition (Veranlagung) which is connected to the entire consciousness-block (thoughts, feelings, psyche, consciousness). 
It is possible to "distort" the conscience, through religions or religious thinking. 
It can be said that, as a rule, in our times the conscience does not represent the "basic conscience" anymore (the one of creational origin), but rather the man-made version. 

It is possible, however, to return to or "unearth" the basic conscience by studying and applying the spiritual teaching (and the connected virtues etc.).


Billy, does the human subconscious know from birth when the spirit will leave the physical body and return to the fine matter world? 

No, it doesn't. The human subconsciousness is a "neutral block" which neither has reason or understanding and, as a result, cannot think. The subconsciousness can only forward information.

Oct. 1, 2011

Hello Eduard and Christian 

I can see how my last question was perhaps a bit "dumb" and no, Christian, the electricity does not fall out of the battery. I laughed when I read your replies. 

Eduard, there is a lot of information available in english about the material consciousness, however not much is mentioned about the spiritual consciousness. 

My question is what is the process or what happens to the spiritual consciousness between reincarnations? 

Thank you and salome 

Since the spirit form is existing infinitely (i.e. infinitely finite), and since the spiritual consciousness is a part of the spirit form, it just remains what it is, spiritual energy, a spirit-energetic block (geistenergetischer Block). While theoverall-consciousness block is "exploiting" what has been learned during the material life, the spirit form accumulates in an impersonal manner. 

(Note by CF: While the material consciousness is dissolved at the point of death, the spiritual consciousness remains in its sphere of existence.) 

Oct. 1,2011

Hello Eduard, 

Thanks for your clarifications about universal love. 
I have been thinking of your answers and came to the following thoughts: 
If it is a gradual process, then in my thinking, universal love created in a human is of the same 'frequency' of the universal love of the Creation, however the universal love of the Creation is nearly infinitely stronger, I am thinking about the same 'frequency', because there should be a 'gleichrichtung' between the Creation and the (human) spirit form. With the increase of wisdom, knowledge, experience and truth the intensity of universal love in a human increases over time. 

When you speak about "to block universal love in order that the vibrations do not unfold entirely, because this would be much too dangerous." then the following thoughts come to mind: Universal love can be either controlled in 'intensity' like a lightbulb on a dimmer, by means of the Gemüt in conjunction with the material-consciousness-forms (in a permanent meditative state), or universal love can be blocked/regulated in its radiation-distance so to speak. 

I am wondering about your thoughts about my assumptions and if I am on the right track about universal love (I don't make any illusions about succeeding in this life to create universal love, just to get on the right path to it.)? 

No, universal love in a human being and in Creation is not the same, not the same "frequency). In the case of the human being everything is human-consciousness-related (menschlich-bewusstseinsmässig). 
The earliest stage when universal love starts being formed in a human being is after about 25 to 30 million evolutionary years (between birth and death). The average terrestrial human being has lived about 3 million yet. 

Your example with the "dimmer" is okay. 
(Corrected by CF: Not "lives", but "years". My mistake.)

Aug. 28, 2011

Dear Billy 

Thanks for the recent answer regarding the material consciousness. 

I refer to your answer: “ …All that which has not yet been processed at the point of death is neutralized/ converted/purified by the overall-consciousness block (a very fast process). The energy is then used to build the next new personality.” 

I have the impression that it is better for a spirit to have 1.5 times of its previous incarnation length to convert its unprocessed experience. 

And on the other hand, it was mentioned somewhere that due to overpopulation, there might be not enough of time for the spirit to convert its unprocessed experience hence might lead to some problems during its new incarnation. 

Now, you mentioned that the conversion of unprocessed experience is a very fast process. 

My question is: Can you clarify how much time is needed in general for a spirit to fully convert its unprocessed experience? 


Of course it is much better to have the normal cycle which is 2/3 in the material realm, and 3/3 in the other world.
While the process of dissolving the old personality/material consciousness is a very short one (a fraction of a second), building the new personality needs much more time (years). 

(Note by CF: Perhaps an example will be of help: If you want to install a new system software on your computer, you first delete the entire content on your hard disk (by quick format). Then you start installing the new system (Windows 7 or Linux or Lion etc.). This process needs much more time than deleting (by quick format) the hard disk. If you interrupt the installation process (e.g. by pulling out the power cable = premature birth), the installation process is incomplete, and the programs will never function properly = you may have psychic problems/disorders, etc.)

June 24,2011

Dear Billy 

Thanks for the answer that “The Material Consciousness is Electro-Magnetic Energy.” 

We are aware that the material consciousness ceases to exist when one dies. 

I presume that the brain stops to generate further “electro-magnetic energy” when one dies, hence there will be no more material consciousness (ceases to exist). 

On the other hand, there is the law of “conservation of energy” 

The already existing “electro-magnetic energy/material consciousness” must exist in some forms, these energy might either be dissipated or be transformed into something. 

My question is: Where and what would these kind of energy be dissipated or transformed? 


The acids in the brain produce the electro-magnetic energy, and when the body dies, this process is stopped. 
All that which has not yet been processed at the point of death is neutralized/converted/purified by the overall-consciousness block (a very fast process). The energy is then used to build the next new personality.

June 24,2011

Dear Billy 

Thanks for your kind input. 
I showed below -in my answer to CF- where the contradiction was. 

Time for another question! 

Contradiction 2 

Statement 1: 


Post Number: 48 
Registered: 05-2004 
Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 2004 - 02:25 pm: 

Though it is said to be a rare occurrence, does a spirit form that returns from the Arahat Athersata spirit level to the material world still remain conscious in the beyond surrounding the planet on which it has incarnated and know it is incarnating into a physical body, or does it temporarily become unconscious while taking part in the reincarnation cycle? 


In the beyond there is no personal consciousness as we imagine it to be. No, such a spirit form is not conscious in the beyond. --- The incarnation process is steered/processed by creational laws. 

Statement 2 : 


Post Number: 509 
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Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2005 - 08:46 am: 

Hi Billy 

It was mentioned that a spirit will be in an unconscious consciousness state until it reaches the level of Arahat Athersata. 

As your spirit was returned from Arahat Athersata, where your spirit already achieved a conscious consciousness with a personality, I would guess that being a human, your spirit will again be in an unconscious state just like all other human on earth, this is to prevent the conflict between spiritual and material consciousness. 

My question is: After you passed away from this earth, would your spirit regain that conscious consciousness state, where your spirit can decide where to go, what to do, when to reincarnate again? 




The spirit is always in a state conscious/aware of itself (in einem sich selbst bewussten Zustand). 
It was the consciousness that had to start from scratch again. 

It’s not the spirit that decides „where to go, what to do, etc.“. 

Statement 3: 


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Posted on Saturday, December 03, 2005 - 02:21 am: 
Hi Billy 

Thank you for your previous answer mentioning that a spiritform in the beyond is always aware of itself. 

While it was also mentioned that the spiritform does not have an self-aware-consciousness, so an communication is simply not possible because the spirit-consciousness lacks the capabilities to respond. 

And, the spirit gains consciousness/self-awareness at the moment it reaches the level of Arahat Athersata. 

It seems that the two messages are presenting opposite side point of view. 

My question is: Could you please explain a bit more on the self-aware-consciousness characteristics of the spiritform in the beyond? 



The spirit form is always aware of itself. The spirit form, however, has no personal consciousness or awareness. There is nothing present what we understand as “personal” or “personality”. 
However, there exist certain factors that bring kind of an individuality to/in spirit forms but, as has been said before, NOT in a personal form. 

Same question: 

How come the answer 1 is contradictory to 2 and 3? Can you specify your words? 

Take care! 

There is no contradiction in those three statements. The spirit form has an different consciousness than a human being has. 
The human being owns/has a "bewusstes Lern- und Fortschreitungsbewusstsein, ein Bildungsbewusstsein" (conscious learning- and progressing consciousness, a formational consciousness), while the spirit form has/owns a purely "Evolutions-Bewusstsein" (evolution consciousness). The only thing the spirit form can do is to "kumulieren/evolutionieren" (accumulate/evolutionize) the high values, like wisdom, love, etc. The spirit form is not aware of itself in the way a human being is of him- or herself. The spirit form has kind of an "Individualitätsbewusstsein", which is needed for being able to accumulate its energy. Contrary to this the human being is "bewusst bewusst" (consciously aware). 
Btw: Creation has a "Individual-Impuls-Bewusstsein", something which we human beings cannot understand. 

Jan. 23,2011

Warm Greetings Billy and Christian, 

I've read in the contact notes, that the vocalization of the term, spirit, or, Creation, on a regular basis, will allow for ones growth in spiritual consciousness to increase at a quickened pace. 

If this is true, is it because we are bringing the subject up and learning from the repetition of said subject, or does the sounding of the words activate some kind of energy/knowledge that is otherwise, more or less, dormant. I'm thinking that ones mind, at the time of this vocalization, would need to be focusing on these subjects for any beneficial reactions to occur. Not simply uttering the words at any passing moment. Or, does it work both ways? 

Is it a simple teaching clue to help one always recognize the Creation in each moment we confront life? Am I answering my own question? Any additional insight you could offer would be appreciated. 


Not "growth in spiritual consciousness", but "material consciousness". The spiritual consciousness is not a consciousness in the form as is understood by the human being concerning the material consciousness. Spiritual consciousness is just a "storage of vibrational impulses" (Speicherung von Schwingungsimpulsen). 

Terms like "Creation's knowledge" or "Creation's wisdom" are an equivalent of "the storage of a principle", from which resulted and results the laws and recommendations. 
Repeating valuable terms/words like e. g. "love, peace, freedom and harmony" has an influence on the sub-consciousness if the terms/words are deliberately used. By repeating those words/terms over a long time, the values are slowly starting to have an effect within the person. 

Nov. 29,2010

Hello Eduard! 

Is it possible, to a considerable extent, to increase the mental abilites - such as the logical ability for example - of the human mind? If so: How do you increase it? How comes it that someone of a poor or limited mathematical aptitude and knowledge to be good at solving logical puzzles, algorithms and such if mathematics is directly linked to the logical ability? 

How much does the logical ability differ between an average plejaren and an average earthling? 


Yes, it is possible to increase one's mental abilities and intelligence, by learning and learning…, and the difference between the Plejaren's consciousness-related development differs from ours by about 25 to 30 million years.

Nov. 29,2010

Dear Billy 

I refer to the evolution of human being on earth millions year ago. 

During the period that the primates were developing into Human beings and also branching off into Apes. 

As human beings and other animals are equipped with different types of spirit-form, while the development of primates into Human beings took a very long period, and there seems no sharp-cut borderline nor critical threshold situation. 

My question is: Would there be a spirit type sudden changeover for switching primate into Human, or, the spirit also evolve into a human type Spirit-form during these long development period? 


From its beginning, the spirit form had "two sides", which means, that it had the option to branch off as ape, or as a human being. The decisive factor was the development of the brain. 
As an analogy you can take the human embryo which at the beginning contains both sexes, and then, during the development, one sex becomes decisive and determines the gender/sex of the human being to be.


Greetings Billy, 
How is the "communication process" between our spirit consciousness with our material consciousness be learned and understood? 


This process occurs through impulses and is unconscious.


Hi Eduard, 
Thanks for your answer 

some more clarification if possible 

"It's relative perfection that Creation and the human being are aiming at. " 

-Isn't one (1) an eternal concept , isn't it perfect so how are we aiming at relative perfection? if we can conceive the concept of "1" a perfect concept shouldn't we be aiming at perfection. 
-On the other hand if we reached pure perfection we can't exist.( is this what you are getting at?) 

"There is nothing like an infinite amount of pure concepts. Everything has a cause, a structure (Aufbau). " 

-if there isn't an infinite amount of pure concepts, is it possible to find out how many pure concepts are there? 

-so you are saying that creation CAN NOT play dice 
There is only one way to build a universe. 

so are we building the next universe? ( by conceiving the limit or structure of this universe) 

hopefully i can add on the question that i was going to ask this round: 

which is this: 

How many personalities are there? would the spirit form live through all of the personalities? are the personalities universal? like other humanoid could have them. 
Can we change the personality after the human is born, is there an ideal personality to have also is related to the spiritual level for example. spiritual level 1.1 > max 4 personalities to live through? and what effect does the personality has on the spiritual growth? 


There is one personality per human being, and each personality exists just one time only. The personality is built from the knowledge etc. that is stored within the overall consciousness-block. 

Btw: Even when a person is sick with schizophrenia, that person only has one personality, but with one or more fake-personalities (Scheinpersönlichkeiten). 

(Note by CF: You have a rather unusual understanding of the term "the = one question".)

Aug. 29,2010

thank you for anwsering my last question. so when i die i well not exist any longer if i got this right i only live once and thats it, so then i am the mind and the sprit is life and when the mind die i die and i well not exist any longer but the sprit is creation. my question is i am the mortal mind and i die well not exsit any longer.and the sprit lives forever that used my mind then when i die it just use's another mind so i'm only liveing once 

The "I" doesn't exist anylonger, but the essence of your life (all that you have learned: knowledge, wisdom, etc.) continues to exist and can be used by the new personality, the new "I" of the next incarnation. 
Yes, you as the person "Stevieo" only live once.

July 23,2010

thank you for anwsering my last question about the other side!! 

my question is (if i got this right) i only live once and then cese to exsit for ever?!no wonder why every one scared to die cause they only live once am i right about this 

It's the personality (= the material consciousness) that lives only once, and the actual consciousness-block, but the spirit form and the overall consciousness-block continue to exist. There is absolutely no reason why people must be scared to die. If they would accept the reality of incarnation and reincarnation they would know that everything is just an natural process. Actually it's a good thing that one doesn't remember one's past life and personalities because this enables human beings to lead a sound and healthy life. If we (everyone) would remember our past lives there would be chaos everywhere and all people would be crazy and confused, and they would not be fit for life, etc. etc. 

(Note by CF: Nobody who is alive today is suffering from any fear that was experienced during "one's" former life of only living once, as you may easily confirm when looking at yourself. Perhaps the only ones who feel sorry for the lack of knowledge about one's former existences are the regression-delusionists with their foolish and always unreal and ever futile attempts of stirring up (= inventing) memories of former existences. But those delusional people are making up their delusional memories based on their own delusion and wishful thinking etc.)

July 23,2010

Dear Billy, 

Of the 40,353,607 different pure human races, with a total of 343 different skin tones that were originally created by Creation and began in a natural-evolutionary manner upon many planets within many solar systems of many galaxies throughout the entire universe, how many different races will an individual spirit incarnate into during the course of 60-80 billion years of spiritual evolution? Will we have to incarnate into all of these races during this time? If not, then why only some of them or just a few? And how many different races did the spirit of Nokodemjon incarnate into before reaching the level of Arahat Athersata? 

Lonnie O'day Morton 

Belonging to any special race or incarnating in as much races as possible is irrelevant for the human being's evolution. What matters is the spiritual and consciousness-related development. In other words: regarding one's evolution it is not important to what race a person belongs, and to how many.

April 4,2010

Hello Mr Meier. I hope you are well. My question is about love. I mean the true and real love that never dies. I have read many of your writings and something is not clear to me. I have understood that, even though our consciousness is not aware of it, the subconscious does have a direct connection to Creation through the Gemut. If this is the case, then why must true love be built if the subconscious is already aware that we are all connected as one within Creation? I have understood that real love is the certain knowledge that all and everyone is one within Creation. 

Aside from that, would you please pass on my best wishes to Ptaah and that I am sorry for the loss of his wife recently (again). Thank you. 


Since our unconsciousness doesn't think, the human being's evolution process is directed/happens/occurs in/through the focus of our consciousness. We have to build up true love through thinking and feeling. 

(Note by CF: Unconsciousness versus consciousness: If you want to build a house, you cannot sit and wait until someone has the idea to build it for yourself. You have to make the decision and take care for the money, the labour etc. to bring about the desired result.) 

March 1,2010

Greetings Billy, 

Gefühlswelt (feelings), a very misunderstood sense, is this the main human trait, if fully realized in its place and operating within the laws and commandments of Creation, that would begin returning balance back to our world? In other words, is this where/how our love is formed? 

a friend in america 

Apart from the fact that "Gefühle" cannot be correctly defined in English, "Gefühlswelt" represents that which results from the world of thoughts as "feelings". "Feelings" and stirrings, which are something entirely different than emotions, do appear/exist in many thousand-fold forms. 
Love is not "formed" from feelings, but from thoughts only. Usually this is the so-called "gefühlsmässige" = feeling-related love, in contrast to the "gemütsbedingte" or "empfindungsmässige" love, which is not based on feelings, but on the so-called "Empfindungsliebe" (a word that cannot be translated into English).


Dear Billy! 

Is it right that person with high spiritual development can't come along(feel he doesn't belong to,feel uncomfortable) with people with lower spiritual stages or it is caused by something else? 


No, that’s not right. A person who is highly-developed may very well come along fine with a person who is, e.g., living in an institution for mentally handicapped people, or as a member of a native tribe in the jungle, etc. 
You can compare the situation with the relationship between a teacher and a pupil. 

It’s a matter of using one’s consciousness and thinking.



Dear Billy 

It was mentioned that “the storage bank of each person’s spirit form has its own wave length/frequency …. can only be reached/contacted by that specific spirit form.” 

On the other hand, it was mentioned that the vibration frequency of a spirit form will increase in the course of evolution, as the higher the frequency the more information/knowledge/wisdom will it capable of storing/processing. 

My question is: Would the unique storage bank frequency of a certain spirit form keep changing according to evolution or is fixed forever until the end of the universe? 

Thanks and Salome 

No, the vibration frequency of a spirit form does not increase. It’s its force/energy that accumulates. 
Therefore the storage bank frequency of a certain spirit form does not change.


Hi Billy, 

I wanted to ask about the nature of the spirit form. Why is it that the Plejaren refer to the spirit form as the greatest power and as something huge that is already well developed as a result of the learning of our former lifetimes whereas when you come down to it, the spirit form is totally neutral and really does nothing for us. How can we understand when the Plejaren or anyone for that matter refer to the "Power of the Spirit" and all the stuff that the spirit does for us. Also, what is the difference between Consciousness-related and Spiritual because as far as Im concerned, they are separate things. Consciousness-related has nothing to do with anything special, just electrochemical reactions and material processes, whereas Spirtual has everything to do with the untangible, and finematter, worthy love and respect and duty and joy and peace and harmony and balance and evereyhitng beautiful that makes life worth living. How can you explain for this discrepancy where there is so much talk about how the spirit is so great whereas then the answers are always that the spirt form is neutral and does nothing. What is the true nature of the spirit form? It is always said that it is alive. Does this have anything to do with meditation? 

The spirit form is electrical energy and can compared with a battery. The spirit form keeps us alive. When we learn, our knowledge cumulates as energy within the spirit form. The spirit form itself does not learn. It has no personality. 
The spirit form is creational energy (schöpferische Energie) and remains/keeps always the same size. 



hi billy. 

I've been looking at some information at on how to activate more genes or dna strands simply by being more compassionate and less stressful about things that don't matter. 

the explanation is that there is only 2 emotions. fear and love. fear has a slow vibration and therefor crosses through our dna therefor activating less, while on the other hand love is more intense vibrations and activates much more dna strands then normally. fear and love is like adam and eve. everything is a branch off of these 2 emotions. 

is this this right? 
-Gerald Massey 

Fear is a condition/state (Zustand) and has nothing to do with an emotion. Love is no emotion either, but also a state. Hatred or violent anger or blind rage are emotions. 
There is a fundamental difference between feelings and emotions. Feelings are the result of thoughts and can be controlled, while emotions are the result of long-neglected etc. feelings that are triggered instantly and cannot be controlled. 

One’s genes can be, or are influenced by one’s thinking and acting, and according to the intensity of it.



Dear Billy, 

Thank you again for all your help. As someone who works with computers, I believe that information is something like an idea, it does not occupy a physical space, but to be represented it needs a physical media, let say like a number "1" drawed on a paper, or a bit stored in a disk, or an electron representing a "1" or a "0". Does all information need a physical representation? what I mean is for example what is the physical material or form that stores the information in the storage banks? 


Norberto Burciaga 

An idea can manifest itself in a multitude of ways, as a thought, an idea, the movement of one’s hand, in speech, in writing, etc. etc. And everything is based on electromagnetic vibrations, even the storage banks. In the latter the information etc. can be stored as spiritual-energetically or as electromagnetical impulses.



Dear Billy, 

I ‘ve started to do meditation some months ago, during one sit, I was very sad and I asked for help to my spirit and some persons, them I’ve felt energy incoming to my body and was like my body was rotating very rapidly 8 or more turns, I can´t precise. After that I´ve felt much better, like new, very peacefull. Can you explain this experience or give me some advice about a question that never were answered through a letter? 

If you are addressing your spirit your subconsciousness knows that your consciousness is the target of your wish. The spirit does not answer because it is just neutral energy. 

(Note by CF: It looks like you received a dose of energy from your spirit form.)


hello dear Billy 

i would like to know what are the requisites for a human being to be capable of "seeing" the Sohar 

thank you very much 

take care 

A high-enough consciousness-related evolution. 
Btw: You cannot "see“ the Sohar, just perceive (wahrnehmen).

Oct. 23,2009

Dear Billy: 

I have read many questions concerning reincarnation and the evolution of the spirit form through living many material lives. I have read that the spirit form will only take to the beyond: love, peace, wisdom, knowledge, freedom, honor and one more that I can’t remember. 

I don’t know if I mentioned the 7 virtues correctly either, but what I would like to know is: 
When we die and go to the beyond to process what we have learned in this life, the spirit form collects only what is positive. Then, the spirit form reincarnates in a new human body, but how can the material conscience benefit from what the spirit form has taken from previous lives? 

I know that we don’t remember past lives; but how does the spirit form communicates the material conscience what is love, peace, wisdom etc..? 

Thank you for answering our questions and greetings to all at the SSSC. 

The material consciousness may have (or has) access to the information from former existences through one’s subconsciousness. The learning process happens in the physical life by the consciousness. The spirit form does not communicate.

Oct.23, 2009


Dear Billy, 

Thank you for answering my last question. 

But I'm afraid there was some misunderstanding. 

Unfortunately, I'm not able to say it in German yet. 

In my last question, I was speaking about the spirit-form. 

In a lifetime, as the spirit learns, it changes (gathers knowledge). 
The same applies through the successive lives: so the spirit-form changes from life to life. 

Though, being as the playariens are able to say for example that this spirit now lives in Germany... (Even if they no more give this kind of details) 

This means that despite the changing of the spirit, there is still something unchanged in the spirit that a superior being (not an earthling) can spot. 

So, what is the changing part of a spirit-form and what is the unchanging part of it? 


The spirit form does not learn, but cumulates everything into higher energy. The learning process happens within the consciousness. The spirit form does not change from life to life. 
The Plejaren are not capable to detect special spirit forms from one life to another. They have to get the information from Arahat Athersata (via the High Council). 
A spirit form can be detected because each one has its own vibration.

May 24, 2009

Hi Billy, 

As to: religious human beings who say that they have this relationship with god, who also talks to them, right. 

Within that context: fundamentally, what is the nature of the relationship/interaction between me and my spirit, once i get in touch with it? 

Thank you so much. 

You don’t get in touch with your spirit form because it has no personality. You are just "powered“ by the spirit form, but everything you do and think etc. is connected and done with your consciousness.

April 26,2009

Dear Teachers Billy/Christian 

As I tell people of your teachings I get stuck on the part that our soul disintergrates and our body dies and the spirit the size of a pin head forgets us completely and comes back down with no recollection of any past life unless you are a profit. 

Why follow the laws of creation and live a clean,giving life,assisting,meditating,helping,letting rotton people overtake you in life because of thier bad deeds,learning the truth,with no access to the power of creation, when we die and will totally cease to exist in every way we know of ? Except for yourself ! 

You have a fundamentally false understanding of this issue. 
The spirit cannot "forget us“ because it has no memory and does not think. 
Everything we do, think and feel is stored in the storage banks. Each new personality is confronted with the essence of knowledge from before. What has been learned becomes "a matter of course“, and when new things are learned, impulses are coming from what has been learned before (in older existences). 
A new personality draws knowledge from the storage banks on an impulse-basis. 
And it is very important and in fact a necessity that a person/personality isn’t consciously aware (bewusst bewusst) about that what has been (happened) in former lives in order to prevent him from becoming crazy and mentally sick. 
So many people are having problems with their current life, and if all the problems of former lifes were added (through the memory), everybody would go insane. 

(Note by CF: „Personality“ means the „ego“, the „I“, the „material consciousness“, that which says and thinks „I am XY and thinking this or that“. 
Learning in life is not in vain because what you have learned [knowledge that became wisdom] is stored eternally and doesn’t have to be learned again. What will vanish after death is the „We“ and „I“, but not wisdom and knowledge. – We human beings do exist and learn in order to increase the amount of knowledge and wisdom in Creation.)

March 30,2009

hello billy and all, 
i was wondering, when a universe is formed and is at a point when it has humans that evolve, and that the first human to reach the level of arahat athersata does so... 
prior to this achievement, is there a petale level or anything "higher" than arahat athersata, or are those levels "empty" of any we-forms (if that is the correct term) during that phase of the universe's history. 
basically i guess what i ask is, is there always some spirit forms in petale level etc, or do the first to reach arahat athersata have to work their way into that. 


All levels, from Arahat Athersate to Petale, are fully existing and "working“ from the beginning. They are not „empty“, but "stocked“ with spirit-energetic forces/powers (geistesenergetische Kräfte), i.e. the basic forms are available/prepared.

March 30, 2009

Good day Mr. Meier, I have read in your texts that, even though the material consciousness is not eternal, some part of it does exist for some time after the death of the material body in order that it can be processed before the next physical lifetime. I have also read that the material consciousness, although it interacts with the physical brain, is not itself made of coarse physical material, but rather a fine physical material. With this in mind, it occured to me that the material consciousness is already fine material (meaning fine physical matter) and so why should any training of the pineal gland be necessary in order to direct other fine matter? It seems to me that since the material consciousness is already fine material, that it would already have access to other fine matter/fluidal forces without the use of the pineal gland. Any clarification on this would be appreciated... Thank you. -Thomas Hall 

The material consciousness ceases to exist within a split-second after death and is becoming neutral energy. 
The material consciousness is half-material/physical, and not purely fine matter. The only „thing“ that is of fine matter are the Empfindungen (there is not word for that in English). 


Hi Billy in your books i have read a lot about subconscious and unconscious (unterbewusst and unbewusst). I have tried hard but I do not know how to distinguish the one from the other. Could you briefly explain their differences? If not, could you handle this question in one of your Figu Bulletins? 

Thank you in advance and stay well. 

The unconscious/unconsciousness (das Unbewusste) is the “secretary’s office” of the consciousness. Everything that enters the consciousness or subconsciousness has to go through the unconscious. The memory and other factors also have their unconscious. 

(Note by CF: If a thought comes to awareness in the consciousness it has already spent some ten’s of a second in the unconscious and may probably have triggered a feeling or an emotion. 

This mechanism is responsible that there is never a feeling the reason for a thought, but that a feeling is always and without any exception triggered by a thought.)

Aug. 25, 2008

Greetings Mr Meier! I would like to ask about the so-called sensor between the material consciousness and subconscious. Even though you can give only shorter answers here, could you please tell us a few details about this sensor other than the fact that it filters information between the the conscious and subconscious? For example, maybe a little about how it works or where it is located in the brain. Any information about this is appreciated. Have a great day sir :-) 

It is not a sensor, but a censor. Billy doesn’t know its exact location in the brain. 
It would be too much to explain its working here. 

(Note by CF: On page 10 of Billy’s book “Wiedergeburt, Leben, Sterben, Tod und Trauer” you will find a diagram of the censor between the different consciousness forms [in German].)

March 24, 2008
Username: Thomas 

Hello Eduard and thank you once again for your help and for answering our questions. Your patience with us all is much appreciated on my part. My question is related to the psyche and the central consciousness. You have said in one of the kitchen conversations at the Semjase Silver Star Center that the psyche can pass on or receive information to and from the gemut if it is in a state of balance. In response to a question you once said that everything that passes between the spiritual side and the material side of a human must pass through the human's central consciousness. As I understand it, the psyche is not always balanced so the human can't always connect consciously to the spiritual side, but it seems to me that the central consciousness is ALWAYS connecting both sides together. I would like to know the relationship(s) between the central consciousness of a human and the psyche and specifically if the central consciousness passes information between the spiritual and material sides of the human even when the psyche is not at all balanced. (Sorry for the length of the post Christian but you can paraphrase to Mr Meier in a shorter way as you see fit so it isn't so much for you to write down, and thanks for passing on a translating our messages by the way. It is appreciated...) 

The central consciousness is relay station between the psyche and the Gemüt; it is a transformator whichtransformes the lower material frequencies to the higher ones (and vice-versa). 
The connection is always there, but there’s not always an exchange going on.

Senior Member 
Username: Savio 

Dear Billy 

Thanks for the information that spiritforms in the AA are having individual yet impersonal consciousness (e.g. without personality). 

Perhaps my last question was not clear enough, what I would like to ask is: 

What would be difference in behaviour of a human being between: 

1. A human being with normal spiritform (e.g. A spiritform without individual consciousness hence incapable of decision making). 

2. A human being with spiritform returned from AA (e.g. A spiritform with individual consciousness hence capable of decision making). 



The spirit form is not capable of making any decisions, and it has no wishes or desires. Any decisions are made in the material consciousness, and wishes and desires also belong into the realm of the consciousness. The spirit form just absorbs, because it is neutral and of Creative nature. In contrast, our consciousness is in need of development, of evolution. 

Senior Member 
Username: Savio 

Hi Billy 

Thanks for the answer regarding spirit form and its consciousness 

It was mentioned that a spirit form in the AA has personal/self-awareness consciousness, this was confirmed byNokodemion that he was able to make a self decision to return to this material world. 

On the other hand, as previously mentioned, a spirit form (below AA level) doesn’t have a consciousness which is evolving consciously. It’s kind of a impersonal form of being conscious 

My question is: What is the difference in behaviour between a human with a spirit form with impersonal form of being conscious and a spiritform with self-awareness (e.g. spirit form returned from the AA)? 



In AA there are individual consciousnesses, but all of them without a personality. While the conscious consciousness in us human beings is evolving consciously, the impersonal consciousness in AA is individually evolving according to the laws of Creation. 

(Note by CF: The transmission of information from AA or Petale (e.g. for the book Dekalog) was received by Billy through writing on paper. When you are viewing those texts you can clearly see that the information was coming from different individual spirit forms because the handwriting wasn’t uniform through the whole text.)

Username: Phi_spiral 

Hello again, Billy! 

Our Creation is in its’ first of seven cycles, this one being material and the successive ones being spiritual in nature. 

In the last round of questions, you explained, “A spirit form doesn’t have a consciousness which is evolving consciously. It’s kind of an impersonal form of being conscious (unpersönliche Bewusstheit).” 

If possible, can you briefly explain how evolution occurs in an all spiritual universe, such as in the cycles to come? (i.e. what does it do exactly) 

Many kind regards, 

In the pure spiritual realm there is a form of energetic intelligence which cannot be compared with the one within us human beings. It’s an immaterial intelligence or intellect, respectively, and this kind of intelligence is pure energy without any addition of material energy. 
You can compare the whole process with school, where you are learning in grade 1 (= our world), and then go up to grade 2 where you are using the result of your learning from grade 1, but are learning finer and more detailed knowledge etc. 

(Note by CF: All future knowledge is based on that what a person has learned while living in a physical body in a material world.)

Aug. 26,2007
Username: Jacob 

Hello, Billy, 

I am assuming that all energy, regardless if its purest spiritual energy, fine-material, coarse-material energy, etc, etc, etc, is a manifestation of an idea, which is on its turn concentrated information generated by an intelligence. It is my assumption that consciousness, regardless in what kind or form always has a matching form of intelligence and that neither one can exist without each other like the positive cant exist without the negative. What are your thoughts about my assumptions? 


No, consciousness doesn’t have a “matching form of intelligence”, because e.g. a midge has a consciousness, but it has no intelligence. But you can say that where there is intelligence, there is consciousness. 
Intelligence is the conscious ability to act. 
It is true that the idea is the foundation on which everything was created.

July 30, 2007
Senior Member 
Username: Savio 

Hi Billy 

Thanks for the answer for my recent question that a new comprehensive consciousness was newly created for thespiritform who returned from the AA level. 

While it was mentioned that the spiritform of a common human is always in an unconscious state, else the purely logical spiritform will always having conflict with the material conscious human mind, and the human will get insane for this. 

My follow up question is: 

Since your spiritform is fully conscious (unlike ours are always unconscious), do you have to face the constant conflicts between your fully logical spiritual consciousness and material consciousness? Or, is there any special arrangement to cater for this? 



The comprehensive consciousness block was created by the spirit form, and not vice versa. 
A spirit form doesn’t have a consciousness which is evolving consciously. It’s kind of a impersonal form of being conscious (unpersönliche Bewusstheit). Therefore, the spirit form cannot have any „conflict with the material consciousness“. 

(Note by CF: Conflicts are a thing of the material consciousness and the material realm only.)

July 30, 2007
Username: Thomas 

Hello Eduard. I would like to ask about the central consciousness and the comprehensive consciousness block. I understand that it will not be possible to give a very long response to my question here, so I will gladly accept any information that you can offer. I have read the books you have written about meditation and about the psyche and I believe that I understand the contents of those books fairly well. A friend of mine who has your book "Weidegebert..." has told me that it states that the central consciousness is the source of the personality/material consciousness. However I have read in one of your other books that the comprehensive consciousness is the source of the personality/material consciousness. The only way that I can reconcile these two statements is to assume that either the comprehensive consciousness block and the central consciousness are the same entity, or that one of these is part of the other. I have rejected the first possibility on the grounds that you have named them both with different names, and thus there must be a difference between them or I assume you would not have given two names for the same entity. 

To put my question succinctly, I would like to know what the differences are, and what the relationship is, between the central consciousness and the comprehensive consciousness block. Thank you for your help on this topic. 


The central consciousness is a factor that is within the human being, between the material consciousness and the spiritual consciousness and sub-consciousness, respectively. 

The “comprehensive consciousness block” (which is not within the human being) is creating the “consciousness block” which incarnates into the new body. And it is the consciousness block which is creating themental block, the personality, the sub-consciousness, the character etc.

July 30,2007
Username: Kiwiseeker 

Dear Billy, 
In your book "Die Psyche," a clarification regarding the use of the word Fühlen in the Mentalität chapter would be appreciated. You write: 
"Empfinden wird jener Block und Faktor genannt, der im geistigen Bereiche, im Gemüt,jene wichtige Positioneinnimmt,wie in der halbmateriellen Psyche das Gefühl." 
Empfinden is called that block and factor,that in the spiritual area,in the Gemüt,occupies that important position,like the Gefühl in the half_material Psyche . 
From this statement,in particular,I deduce that Gefühl and Empfinden are counterparts,each one in their respective domain. 
However,from the following statements it is clear that Gefühl and Fühlen are counterparts. 
"Psyche wird jener halbmaterielle Block und Faktor genannt,der im materiellen Körper einer Lebensform,in diesemFall beim Menschen,das materiell-bewusstseinsmässige Gefühl und die materiell-bewusstseinsmässigen Gedankenin sich ordnet..." 
Psyche is called that half_material block and factor,that in the material body of a lifeform, in this case with humans,arranges in itself the material-consciousness_related Gefühl[feelings] and the material-consciousness-related Gedanken[thoughts]... 
"Gemüt wird jener geistige Block und Faktor genannt,der im Geistkörper einer Lebensform,in diesem Fall beimMenschen, das geist-bewusstseinsmässige Fühlen und die geist-bewusstseinsmässigen Gedanken in sich ordnet ..." 
Gemüt is called that spiritual block and factor, that in the spirit_body of a lifeform,in this case with humans,arranges in itself the spirit-consciousness_related Fühlen[feelings]and the spirit-consciousness_relatedGedanken[thoughts]... 
I thank you in anticipation of your response. 
Regards and Best Wishes, 

Yes, feelings and „empfinden“ are counterparts, just as the psyche and the gemüt are counterparts. 
No, feelings and Fühlen are no counterparts. 
(Note by CF: The second mentioning of „Fühlen = feelings“ is just a way of explaining the process with other words.)
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