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Consciousness-based Abilities

Sept. 30, 2014
Hello Meier, 
How far into the future can be seen what will happen with a person with certainty. Plejaren were able to see quite far that you will loose your hand, marry and divorce your wife and other events with high precision. If your future is not set in stone how it is possible at the same time to see what will happen unavoidably? 

Under certain circumstances certain events can be seen millions of years in the future. 
“Seeing into the future” (Zukunftsschau) is not something that is done frequently. But when it is done and something is to be seen in the future, then this will happen with a certainty of 100%. But this does not mean that the future is set in stone. 
Other ways of looking into the future, e.g. “vorschauend”, or through “Wahrscheinlichkeitsberechnungen”, will not lead to results which will happen with 100% certainty. 

Jan.25, 2014
Thanks for your answer! 
You cant answer anything you havnt seen or have knowledge of! 
To be more to the point, What I was asking is > 

Do you think it Is possible for people/Humans Or Spirits/Geist to "Materialize" Objects? or Objects from the Past? Is That Really possible Mental/Mind Or by Electronic means? 


It is possible with/through one‘s consciousness-based forces (but not for one’s spirit-form) to materialize objects, but achieveing this is not easy at all.

July 27, 2013

Hi Billy, 

As I am aware, not all Plejaren master telepathy. I understand that's the truth. However, as I understand it, there are some humans on Earth who actually do experience (not master) telepathy, either due to accident, shock or abuse. Are these people who experience (not master) telepathy simply psychotic schizophrenics? When the brain is shocked, it can grow very sensitive to outside influences leading to psychosis and perhaps an "information overload". Consequently, the person involved would have and need to take medications for the whole and rest of their lives. The brain needs to be slowed down and made more blunt for that person to experience relief from the psychosis, or in their mind, "telepathy". It can be inferred, from the above, that if a person is experiencing telepathy, and not mastering it, they are also experiencing psychosis (according to our medical knowledge). 

Of course Quetzal once said that schizophrenic people (channelers, psychics, etc.) should be on medication, and that their channeling of whatever it is that they channel, is only an illusion. As I understand it also, schizophrenia could also be due to a hormonal condition now labelled by scientists as "Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome", therefore making schizophrenia both a result of emotional shock, abuse and/or a hormonal disbalance of the adrenal glands situated just above the kidneys. It could be either or both with the same result being that the person experiences psychosis, with some reporting that they are hearing voices of the dead, other people from far away worlds, or simply from another person in another country. 

I understand this is psychosis, but could it also be telepathy, pure and genuine? Anyone not mastering this art, and having these things thrown onto their lap, could literally be driven completely crazy to the point of suicide in as little as three months, perhaps less (this is only an estimation on my part). My question is, are all telepaths, empaths, or highly sensitive people, within the medical framework of society, simply psychotics in need of medication? 

How is it in your case, that you can hear the voices of other people in your head without it simply driving you apeshit and bananas? (pardon my French) What technique do you use to insulate yourself from the thoughts of others, and how do you avoid driving yourself insane because, as I understand it, you MUST be a highly sensitive person. 
How is a highly sensitive person, an empath to deal with the constant thoughts and feelings of others? Also, how do schizophrenics, or possible telepaths (THOUGH-SENDERS/RECEIVERS) know the difference between their own thoughts and the thoughts of other people. Since some Earth humans do experience telepathy, for whatever reason, it being through meditation or shock, how can a person block other people's thoughts from interfering in their consciousness, and only be hearing their own thoughts instead of the thoughts of others? 

The blocking technique is what I'm looking for here. The "Adrenal Fatigue" question would also be nice to know; in other words, could the dopamine hypersensitivity syndrome that causes psychosis, simply a hormonal disregulation that could easily be cured, be the cause of schizophrenia? Most importantly, I am interested in the blocking technique that you use to block out the thoughts of others. Secondly, I am interested in your opinion of the "Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome" question. 

Thank you, and I am sorry for the extremely long length of this post. I just wanted to clarify all matters and cover all my bases. Thank you, and have a nice day. 


Hearing voices is not telepathy, but a symptom of a mental illness, like schizophrenia. 
Telepathic "impulses“ or "messages“ are not heard in the brain, but manifest in the brain. You understand what the other person thinks. 
A blockade is necessary only when the thoughts of another person, or other persons, are strong and concentrated enough. 
You can compare Billy‘s situation with a discussion among several persons in a room, when you are able to lead a conversation with another person while other discussions are happening simultaneously. You just concentrate on the other person and "exclude“ the other sounds. 

Generally, people do not think strong (concentrated) enough to be "monitored“ by Billy so there is no need to block.

April 28,2013

Salome Billy and Christian: 

I was thinking about intuition and the power of thoughts. Sometimes we decide to think about a person in a profound way because we miss this person, like him/her or had an argument with. It happens to me that sometimes I get a feeling or idea of the other person I am thinking of, either a thought coming from the other person and even I dream with the person talking about me for a minute. Is this brief connection with another human possible? In other words, are we able to get a thought (not as a voice from the other person) but an idea of what they are thinking about oneself as if the thought would travel distances? 

Thank you very much for your time, and many greetings! - Marcela 

Yes that’s possible. These may be short telepathic impulses, thought transmission (Gedankenübertragung).

Nov. 27,2012

Salome Eduard 

I hope you and your family are well, 

Jmmanuel used his conscious related abilities to turn water into wine and I have read that you have done simular with, what we call here in England, a soft drink. If I remember correctly Jmmanuel and yourself was able to consciously change the molecular structure of the liquid into another liquid form. 

My question is does the Creation use this same type of ability to form new galaxies, solar systems and so on from nebula? 

Thank you 

No, Creation does not act and form new galaxies etc. Creation has created the creational laws, and everything in the Universe develops/unfolds etc. according to, and in line with those laws. 

Changing substances, like turning wine into coca cola, needs the application of consciousness-based powers.

Sept. 23,2012

Salome Eduard. 
I greeted you in person last October at the SSSC. Since then, we formalized as you know the Landesgruppe in Australia. All is going well here. Slowly but surely. 

My question is, what is the complexity of messages that can be sent using basic (elementary) telepathy, can clear questions be asked? do they come in way of pictures? or only as basic impulses? 

Thank you again for your arduous work through the years. 

Carlos ELEON (der Wahrheitsbewusste) H. 

No, clear questions cannot be asked. Primary telepathy is received through the inner ear (via pineal gland) and is then interpreted in a personal way. This form of telepathy is a mixture of “hearing to seeing”.


Billy, are you capable of seeing with the naked eye the colour of the aura that emanates from the human being? 

That’s nonsense. However, the aura can be felt with one’s finger tips if a person is sensitive enough. The aura is consciousness-based energy which varies in strength and range.

June 24,2012

Dear Billy 
Thanks for you previous answer that the future cannot be visited via material consciousness, where "Zukunftsschau" is one of the methods. 
Can you briefly explain on the actuation of "Zukunftsschau" and would it have the same effect of a time machine (where the visited future is fixed)? 

A "Zukunftsschau" can be done/achieved in various ways: Probability calculations; "time machine"; travelling into the future; visionary view into the future, etc.

April 30,2012

Hi Billy I send you my love; 

If its not too much trouble your next contact, tell quetzal, ptahh or whoever greetings from Alex in Ohio, although its not likely, but hey, its worth a shot haha. Immanuel walked on water, that person there did it too and once he thought about he fell in. My question is based off of seeing someone do something "unimaginable" or unbelievable can someone do that too as well, if you believe you can, and is belief enough to do something? So if you believe what you witnessed is true, is that enough for you to do that as well? Example: If someone saw you do telekinesis is that witness account enough for them to do that as well, or is concentration needed? Its a three part question, but is one question. The official Question - Can belief be enough to do something, or is the process of how needed as well? Salome. 

Only by seeing you do not learn abilities like telepathy or telekinesis etc. You must understand the whole process and practice it. You don't learn real things by believing.

April 30,2012

Dear Billy 

I refer to the message “The material consciousness is capable of traveling with singular lightspeed and in a range of three light-seconds, whereby space and time have no hindrances when it comes to penetrating space-time configurations like future or the past.” 

I have an understanding that once the Future is visited, that future is fixed and events being seen must come to pass. 

My question is: What would happen to the future event when the Future is visited through material consciousness travel? Would that future be fixed as well just like the visit is done through a time machine? 


With your consciousness you cannot "travel" into the future, but only within the actual timeframe. 
To access the future you must use other methods, like e.g. making a "Zukunftsschau" (which is not performed by/through the material consciousness).

March 26,2012

Hello Billy, my name is Melissa. 

My Question for you please: At the time of evolution, when we are able to remember all past lives and experiences, will we also have the opportunity to re-visit (via spirit or via personality,) with another who also remembers and who also had a connection with in a previous personality? 

I'm guessing yes, but in a way that I cannot understand currently. 

Thank you and much love, Melissa 

When a person is able to remember past lives (which will be the case far away in the future), the person will neither be interested or attempting to know about "connections with previous personalities". This would just be a waste of time and illogical. Since the things of the past cannot be changed, it does not make sense to dig into the past. What matters is the present time and progress in view of the future. 
There's a saying: Only fools are grieving or complaining about the past.

Feb. 26, 2012

Hi Billy/Figu 

Thanks for your time and answers 

Just a quick question please that comes to mind and spans my curiousity. Ive done a search and read some bits,But Is it really possibe to go back (see) in time using our minds only or electronic devices? As it was said that practices such as Remote Viewing.or some psychics are charletans or esoteric nonsense. Is it really possible via Dreams,Visualization,Meditation using the Mind, ? Thanks 

It's possible to see the past both by using electronic devices or one's consciousness-related forces and abilities.

Feb.26, 2012
Dear Billy 

I refer to the act of “Firewalking” 

It is a fact that both religious and non religious people can perform firewalking successfully. Many people can do it even with very little training. 
It seems that a consciousness concentration is required for the act, however, there is still no reasonable explanation through our knowledge on physics. 
My question is: Could you explain what really is behind the act of firewalking? 

It's a consciousness-related matter, often combined with suggestive or self-suggestive influences.

Jan.28, 2012

Hi Billy, thank you for your previous answer. I will strive to the point of engaging the spiritual teaching study course. 

I have read that an average person pineal gland is 3mm in diameter versus 3cm as it was in the past here on earth. You mentioned that it is possible with practice to get some usage out of it. Will being able to get some usage out of it with practice means that the pineal gland will also at the same time physically increase in size closer to the normal size it was meant to be? 
Thank you for being a true teacher and live long and prosper. 


It's not possible to increase the size of one's pineal gland during a lifetime, but it's possible to increase it's effect. 

A growing size can only occur genetically through heredity over many lives. This requires that a population is making more and more use of the pineal gland's potential; conscious use over many lifetimes. 

Jan. 28, 2012
Hello Eduard, 

Thanks for your answer. 
I think my initial question was a bit unclear. I am aware that the material consciousness and material subconsciousness are limited in speed, resp. 1x lightspeed up to the max. 147x lightspeed for the material subconsciousness/central-consciousness. Also that fine-elemental perceptions are bound by those speeds and the mere fact that in the material realm time and space exist, they are also bound by onset and decay. My thinking was more about Empfindungen in the Spirit itself/Gemüt resp. the universal consciousness / universal Gemüt. Its my assumption that these Empfindüngen go with the spirit velocity. What mechanism exactly is responsible for those Empfindüngen to manifest themselves in the material realm of the human being, I assume via Gemüt <--> Psyche and spirit central-consciousness <-->;material central consciousness, can you clarify please? 

No, the material consciousness and subconsciousness is limited to 1 x lightspeed, and the fine-elemental perceptions / Empfindungen don't have anything to do with speed. They are resulting from the spiritual Gemüt and are getting via pineal gland into the material consciousness. Spirit velocity has nothing to do with this process.


Hello Eduard, 

In my assumption an 'Empfindüng' in the spirit is 'immediate' (goes with 107000 x light speed) and has a direct result, and a thought in the material consciousness has a clear "onset and decay", it takes time and space before its result becomes clear. 

Can you explain to some detail the nature of an 'Empfindüng' in the Spirit and a Thought in the material consciousness? 


Empfindung (fine-elemental perception) has nothing to do with the "spiritual velocity", but is limited to light speed. 
Just as a feeling in the material realm, an Empfindung has an "onset and decay". An Empfindung occurs/comes in via pineal gland into the subconsciousness and then manifests in the psyche. 

Dec.24, 2011

Hi Billy and Christian, 
Can you explain the process how it is possible to understand through telepathy or just "catching" what the other person is thinking, when they speak different languages ? 


In telepathy you do not transmit the words, but the meaning of the words. What matters is not the language, but the content of the message. 

Spiritual telepathy, by the way, is an entirely different thing because it is done by using some 52 million symbols (which cannot be drawn/picturized or explained with words). 


Dear Billy, 

Thank you for removing the ambiguity n° 2. 
Can you do the same with what follows? 

Contradiction 3 
Statement 1 

Posted on Saturday, September 26, 2009 - 01:31 pm: 

Dear Billy, 

There are people that claim to be able to see the human aura. Do you know if this ability is something that can be developed through meditation and or other consciousness related practices, or is this ability something that has to do with the age of the spirit form of the person and cannot be developed until the spirit form has a achieved a certain level of evolution/age? If this ability can be developed, would you be able to share what type of training/study would be required? 

Thank you as always. 


This is nonsense. Those people have too much imagination, or they are cheating. 

statement 2: 

Now this is what can be found in section “Spiritual terminology” 

Post Number: 354 
Registered: 01-2004 
Aura: = gr. "Breath", "light", also related with lat. "Air". 
The aura is "fine-material" extremely fine and now and again for virtually all people an invisible substance, which arises from all living beings and objects, regarded as 'lifeless' by current human standards, in short, everything has an Aura.Sensitive people can perceive the aura as a kind of light or fog only when they are in a meditative state. The aura has normally an intense blue radiation, but it can have different colors in regards to the condition of the physical body, the state of the consciousness-forms, the psyche, etc, etc. The spiritform itself has also an aura. 

Your answer (in blue) to Scott's question (in orange) is contradictory to what can be found within the definition of aura on this actual site (in purple). [I highlighted the portions of texts in contradiction.] 


So, if people can't perceive the aura even through meditation, then why can we find the contrary written on a section of this site? 



The problem here is that the word "aura" is used for two different emanations/radiations. In the first example the answer refers to the aura that is described by the esoterics (the aura that exists around the body to some extent [CF: dozens of cm] and which they cannot see), and the second answer relates to that aura that surrounds the body just a tiny distance (and which can be seen and/or felt by sensitive persons). 

June 24,2011

Greetings Billy, 

I thank you for the information concerning energy in that you state it's nature is electromagnetic. 

So this month's question involves telepathy: what is the operational principle involved ? 

By this I mean: Is the message actually transmitted as a finematerial particle or wave stream much like various wireless transmisions such as radio & television signals though on a higher frequency level or does it occur that when the message is composed and broadcast there is a conditioning or imprinting of localized time & space and that temporary localized field then "informs" a temporarily localized field at the position of the recipient much like teleportation .... teleporting a message because every particle in the field knows about, is connected to and communicates with every other particle. 


The message is sent as fine-elemental energy (via the pineal gland). This kind of energy cannot yet be measured/detected by our scientists. 

Primärtelepathie (primary telepathy) is sent by coarse-elemental (grobstofflich) energy and is received through the ears and the brain.

April 25,2011


Salome Billy 

Since the Pineal gland is located above the mouth 
I have found some Hindus and Tibetans have chants or songs, to make the Pineal Gland vibrate and "hopefully" become aroused /excited / activated, and grow and produce more of it's natural hormones which are good for the entire consciousness. 

Could you please advise the best chant or sound to pronounce every day, to safely achieve this effect on us earth humans at this development stage? 

Greetings dear friend, 
From Australia 


The pineal gland is not located above the mouth. 
Besides, the pineal gland is a sender/receiver to the fine-structured matter/world. 

Any alleged effects of improvement etc. of the pineal gland by using such chants are rather doubtful.

April 25,2011

Dear Billy 

It was mentioned that “… people are often capable also of emitting their consciousness whereby they can suddenly view themselves from the outside, while hovering above their own bodies and so forth.” 

I am not sure but I presume that we are talking about material consciousness here. 

Yes, states of material consciousness; this can often occur when a person is in a state of deep unconsciousness. 

It seems that consciousness is like some kind of substance that we can project out of the body, yet still connected to the person, where what it encountered can be registered back into the memory of that person. 

If the material consciousness needs eyes to see and needs the bodily organs to feel…. etc. It explained that once projected out of the body, a person feels no further pain but peacefulness, yet without the eyes (or closed), it can see…. 

My question is: What is the actual substance/behavior of material consciousness? 

Wishing you good health 


The material consciousness is electro-magnetic energy.

March 27,2011

Herr Meier. 

I have a question regarding a section that is present in the OM and also in the contact reports. It is a teaching presented by Semjase in contact 11. She says: 

105. Everything that the human being inherits, everything that he brings with him from the past through billions of existences, everything that he, in this life or in past lives, has enjoyed, known, read, learned, or experienced lies hidden not in his subconscious but in the memory banks. 
105. Alles, was der Mensch ererbt, alles, was er durch milliardenfache Existenzen aus der Vergangenheit mitbringt, alles, was er in diesem oder in einem vergangenen Leben genossen, gekannt, gelesen, gelernt oder erlebt hat, liegt nicht in seinem Unterbewusstsein, sondern in den Speicherbänken verborgen. 

106. Therefore, he does not master the technique of concentration, and therefore, he does not command his subconscious and does not make full use of all his knowledge and capability. 
106. Darum beherrscht er also nicht die Technik der Konzentration und darum befiehlt er nicht seinem Unterbewusstsein und macht nicht vollen Gebrauch von all seinem Wissen und Können. 


110. When this happens and when the human being recognizes his spirit, the whole abundance gathered in previous lives will arise again in knowledge and wisdom, capability, freedom, love, and peace and will richly benefit him, once he learns to get all these values from the memory banks and to utilize them himself. 
110. Wenn das geschieht und wenn der Mensch seinen Geist erkennt, wird die ganze in früheren Leben gesammelte Fülle an Wissen und Weisheit, Können, Freiheit, Liebe und Frieden wieder erstehen und ihm reichlich zugute kommen, wenn er lernt, all diese Werte aus den Speicherbänken zu holen und sich nutzbar zu machen. 

This section was updated with the help of Ptaah, but the updated version does not make sense to me. Here it says that the human does not master concentration because everything that was inherited from past lives is in the memory banks. Same with not being able to command the subconsciousness. This does not make sense to me. So when a person does master concentration, does that mean that he/she is able to access the memory banks? 

Also, it would be good if you could give an explanation as to why the initial version was presented, because some of sentences are quite different in the updated version. 

Thank you and Salome! 

Sentence #106 means that the human being does not master the technique of concentration (at least not concerning his subconsciousness). If he would be capable, he could have access to his own knowledge from the storage banks. 
The fact that the terrestrial human being is not capable of this concentration is part of nature's "safety measure" to prevent that the human beings are going crazy. There are already enough human beings living on this planet who cannot cope with their life and are killing themselves (suizide), get addicted to all kinds of drugs and alcohol, etc.

Jan. 23, 2011

Hello Eduard 

I hope things are good for you and the persons around you. 

I have been thinking a lot recently about the Pineal Gland and its functions. I understand that the Pineal Gland can act as a sender and receiver of thoughts, known at telepathy. 

What I am unsure of is the following: 

If I have understood your teaching correctly the human conciousness gives off vibrations and thoughts. While a human is thinking his/her thoughts span out from the brain in the form of Fluidal Forces. 

My questions is, can the Pineal Gland also pick up these thoughts which span out from a human's thinking or does it only work through the sending and receiving of the Pineal Gland? 

Much thanks for you time. 

Kind Regards 

Yes, the Pineal Gland can also pick up thoughts. It is a sender and receiver between the materialness (Grobstofflichkeit) and fine-structureness (Feinstofflichkeit), electromagnetic vibrations and vibrational impulses (Schwingungsimpulse), and between the human being and the storage banks. 
Through the Pineal Gland it is also possible to receive (aufnehmen) and send vibrational impulses from or to animals, as is e.g. the case with so-called Tierflüsterern (animal whisperers), which usually happens unconsciously.

July 23,2010

Hi Billy and Christian 
Thanks for your answer the whole case with this hindu Prahlad Jani had place in India's Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Science the man was monitored non stop by 30 cameras for 21 days. The official statement was that he hasn't drank and hasn't ate anything, his room was guarded by armed man. But of course disinformation and manipulation is possible. 

In the FIGU Bulletin no.70 there is excellent article about pineal gland. I was wondering is there any technology presently on Earth which would be with 100% certainty helpful in the process of developing pineal gland and bringing balance between both hemispheres of the brain. 

There is method called hemi-sync which was developed around 70's by Robert Monroe in Monroe Institute. This method is based on sounds with different frequencies. A person with headphones on his head hears in the left ear a tone with for example frequency 200 Hz while in the same time in the right ear a tone with frequency 220 Hz. According to Robert Monroe's researches such differential of the tones, force both hemispheres of the brain to work coherent and in synchronized way. 

Occasionally I listen to those sounds and also practice every day meditation, after few years I see some progress but cannot determined with certainty if this hemi-sync play any role or is it the result of systematic meditation. 

Billy my question is what is your opinion about the hemi-sync sounds could it be helpful for the humans in the process of developing pineal gland and hemispheres synchronization? 

I'm not sure if the subject of hemi-sync was ever in the FIGU area of interest so here is example of such sounds: 

Thank you and many health. 

Beniamin Skowronski 

Regarding Prahlad Jani it can be added that it is possible through meditation to slow down the whole metabolism to a minimum, which makes it possible that a person can survive for weeks and months without drinking and eating. Nevertheless, there is some toll the body has to pay, because, even in a minimal degree, life is nourished by the body's substance. 

Billy did not hear about Monroe's hemi-sync sounds.

June 27,2010

Dear Mr. Meier, 
I tried few times to communicate using telepathy with some persons. How can I know that the message is sended and received? One time after trying to send a message to a girl I saw immediately like "blue energy" vanishing but she in the next day didn´t told me anything… 
Thanks for your attention, 

If you are successful, the other person will surely let you know. 

(Note by CF: Expecting success after "trying a few times" is quite a distance away from realistic thinking.)

June 27, 2010

Hello dear Billy 

i would like to know if there are things (related with concentration, meditation, conscious use of the consciousness powers, etc) that become impossible to attain for human beings once one becomes of certain age or if it is possible for anyone to learn or master anything at any age. 

thank you for your time 

i wish good health to you 

As long as the consciousness is fully working, the age plays no role. But of course the necessary efforts are required.

May 3, 2010

Dear Billy and Christian, many greetings to you: 

On a previous question you have told me that the spirit form of the human doesn’t communicate (with the material conscience.) But then we were talking with a friend, and we were wondering that the spirit form sends impulses to the sub conscience, from where the material conscience either accepts the impulse or not. So the spirit form doesn’t communicate directly, but via impulses to the sub conscience? 

Thank you, Marcela 

It is possible though that a human being can tap into the spirit form to draw information (impulses) from it,like e.g. spiritual laws and recommendations. This, however, requires that the person's evolutionary level (consciousness-related) is very high, something all the human beings on Earth will not attain/develop of for a long time!


Hi Billy, Whats the best way to rid your house of a poltergeist? 

By detecting the person who unconsciously triggers the phenomenon and helping that person to learn correct thinking. A "poltergeist“ is triggered by a living person with psychic/consciousness-related problems. 


Does it matter which language one uses when practicing telepathy. For example is German more suitable and effective for telepathy then English? 

No, that doesn’t matter, because after all telepathy doesn’t depend on words, but on pictorial forms. Within telepathy you do not hear, but just perceive (with your consciousness).


hello Mr Meier 

How was Sfath able to access the NOKODEMJON storage banks? 

Nokodemjon provided for this to happen. 
There were two ways for gathering that information: 
1) When Nokodemjon’s (N) and Sfath’s (S) spirit forms were simultaneously alive/incarnated, the person with N’s spirit form confided secret knowledge to the person with S’ spirit form. That knowledge then was stored in S’ storage bank, from where Sfath could retrieve the former knowledge. 
2) The storage bank of each person’s spirit form has its own wave length/frequency, and the knowledge etc. that is stored within that electromagnetic/spirit-energetic frequency can only be reached/contacted by that specific spirit form. However it is possible to get some "random“ information from other frequencies if there is some "harmony“ between the two frequencies. It can be compared with an old radio where you find the clean sound by turning a knob. Before you reach the clean sound you just hear a buzzing sound or some fragments of the broadcast. In the same way it is possible to draw some fractions of information from another spirit form’s storage bank. That’s what Sfath was capable of.



How can voices caused by primary telepathy be distinguished from voices caused by a psychosis or schizophrenia? 

Actually what is called voices in a telepathy process are not really voices, but rather "like a voice“. It is more knowledge than spoken language. It is hard to explain. 
The voices in a psychosis sound like real voices.


Dear Billy, 

Thank you for your previous answer. 

What is the unchanged characteristic of a Spiritform, enabling its spotting ( by superior beings as the Playarians and above…) through the different reincarnations, though a Spiritform changes slowly during a lifespan and the different incarnations? 


For the terrestrial human beings it is impossible to „spot“ the different frequencies of the different spirit forms.The human being can only spot/perceive the consciousness-related vibrations, like love, hatred, sympathy, affection, feeling etc. 
The characteristics of spirit forms can be perceived only within the spiritual realm.


"In the first stages of learning telepathy, he perceives words through his inner ears (if he is the receiver)." 

Do these words right at the start of this learning process obviously originate from the sender and thus is it immediately clear that the the sender is the source of these words? 

Actually the lowest form of telepathy – Primärtelepathie (primary telepathy) – is not really telepathy. Instead it has to do with the physical-mechanical construction of the inner ear. 
First the „message“ is received by the unconscious, and then enters the conscious. 
The learning process or success respectively differs from person to person, of course.

Aug. 24,2009


what are the other manifestations beyond the capacity of the five senses should humans be aware of for his spirit's further evolution? 


One should not be aware of the sixth and seventh sense, but also use it. 

The sixth sense is linked to the psyche (feelings), and the seventh sense is linked to the consciousness (sensing"Empfindungen" from the fine-structured realm).

July 26,2009

Regarding the topic of telepathy it was mentioned by you in a previous question: 

"As long as the sender is not functioning in our brain/consciousness, we don’t have the capacity or ability to send our thoughts." 
Question: what does the receiver perceive/sense at the start of the telepathy learning process when a sender is functioning in ones brain? 

In the first stages of learning telepathy, he perceives words through his inner ears (if he is the receiver). 

June 30,2009

Dear Billy, 

My question concerns how a vision of the future actually occurs. Does the consciousness contact or slip into the mass or collective consciousness that is connected through all time, contact the akashic records, storage banks, or what? What is actually happening in this process of seeing the future in visions? 

Thank you very much, 


The collective subconsciousness may, but must not, be involved. For this process one has to use theconsciousness via the pineal gland, and through the "Feinstofflichkeit“ involved, the future, the present or the past may be envisioned. You can compare it with time travel. 

Sept. 26, 2008

Hello dear Billy 

I have read here and there that one shouldn´t use the powers of the conciousness for selfish aims (such as becoming rich, etc). 

I know that being wealthy and successful is not wrong if one is honest and leads a decent life. 

I also know that commonly money is accompanied by awful things such as greed, envy, egoism, violence, etc. 

I would like to know if it would be wrong and why to use the powers of the conciousness to win the lottery or any other similar thing. 

If one isn´t robbing, expropriating, murdering or lying, has knowledge of the imperfection of all material things and the resulting insatisfaction that they bring, but recognizes of the importance of money in today´s world, and so decides to take advantage of his abilities and spend the earnings in a decent way, with control, and helping others. Even with all that would it still be wrong? 

thank you very much 

This kind of question has been answered before. 

(Note by CF: People shall earn their living in a decent way through their own hands and thoughts and skills, etc., but not through lottery. The consciousness-related forces must not be used to take material advantage of others, which would be the case if you are emptying the jackpot through the use of your consciousness-related forces. 

Luckily there’s some kind of barrier against such actions. If a person is capable and has learned to use the forces in question, he will not use them for such low purposes. Besides: If a person is capable of influencing the lottery, what would speak against winning each lottery everywhere? I doubt that a person who is using lottery is advanced enough to spend everything (100%) for others. 

People who are doing lottery are materialistic oriented/thinking people because they are hoping to make as many bucks as possible with the least of efforts.)


Hello again to Billy and FIGU, 
I am interested in learning how to accomplish What is being called Astral Projection and also psychokenesis. 
So..I am hoping Billy might give me some pointers. 
When it comes to the Astral Travel I have been trying for only a few months and seems possible but I cant seem to release. 
As for the other I have tried all kinds of techniques yet no progress. 
I can only think it is a problem with the way I am linking various stages. 
So to be blunt could you tell me how to do it right? 
Thank you for listening. 

To learn such “things” needs more than just one life and is possible only through the development of the forces of the consciousness (Bewusstseinskräfte). 

(Note by CF: I guess that there are several steps missing in your “development” to be able/capable to start learning/performingpsychokinesis etc.)

July 27,2008

Hello Billy, I hope you are well. 

Your clarifcation on my last question is much appriciated, I now have a better understanding on the experiences that I have had in the past. Your explanation also does seem very logical, "to extend one’s antenna, just like looking with one’s eyes" as opposed to something leaving the body as such. I always have difficulty explaining the process in words although, I will not use the word "projection" in relation to this process in the future. 

I do not feel that these experiences were delusional, although I do understand that they very well could have been as I am aware that people sometimes do have difficulty accepting that their experinces could be purely imaginary. I am hoping that they were not delusional as I feel I am a relatively balanced person mentally and spiritually. 

I would like to ask another question in relation to this process.In the last question you had stated that it may have been "some form of clairvoyance". My Question is: 

Could you please briefly explain the process of Clarvoyance? and how it works in relation to the mind/spiritform? 

Thankyou Billy, I also would like to say that I appriciate your concern for my mental health when experimenting with these experiences. I assure you that if I feel like these processes are effecting my health or if my friends notice something negative occuring within my counciousness I will stop experimenting with these experiences. 

Thankyou again Billy, you give us all hope for a true humanity. 

- Stagazer 

Even a “balanced person” has no guarantee that he cannot imagine things which can grow into delusions. 

Clairvoyance is just another term for “vision of reality”. You are able to see something that is real, either in the past, the present or future. They are purely consciousness-related impressions, and it is the material consciousness only which is capable to “do” this.

July 27,2008

Hello Mr Meier and thank you for your responses to my previous questions. I hope you and your loved ones are well. I would like to ask you now a question about a theory I am interested in regarding the material consciousness. I get the impression that the material consciousness will go wherever the attention of the person is focused. My question to you (assuming this theory is at all accurate) is: what prevents the material consciousness from reaching out to an external object when the attention is focused there? Just to be clear, I do understand from you already that the material consciousness never leaves the living person, but only extends "feelers" or "antennae" and that an accomplished meditator can indeed send his material consciousness feelers to an external object as I have described in my question. What I specifically would like to know is why the consciousness does not CONSCIOUSLY send out these sort of antennae in an average person when the person is focused on a remote object??? Thanks once again for your help and explanations! Sincerely, Thomas 

The material consciousness does not wander around. It is the attention, perception, which is directed towards/sent out to the object. This may be done consciously or unconsciously, and is performed through one’s own will, thoughts and feelings.

July 27,2008

Hello Billy, I hope you are well. 

I have recently been able to project my material counciousness beyond my body again as I used to be able to when I was younger. This has allowed me to explore my local area without the weight of my body to slow me down. 

I did however, find it sometimes difficult to control my altitude as my material counciouness flew up into the air. It seemed to be easier to control when my feelings were positive and when my counciousness was in a state of neutrality. (IE not allowing thoughts to clutter my councious mind) 

I recall reading on the forums that you have been practising process of material counciousness projection to gain many solutions for situations that have arisen in your past, such as with the Patty Hearst saga. 

My Question is: 

Do you have any advice on how I can gain more control of my material counciousness when it has projected beyond my body, so that flying is not comrimised by unessasary worry generated by the intense feelings involved with this process? 

Thankyou Billy, You give us all hope for true humanity. 

It is not possible to “project one’s material consciousness”. However, it is possible to extend one’s “antenna”, just like looking with one’s eyes. 
You may have had visionary perceptions, or some form of clairvoyance, but it could also be the case that you had delusions. 
Be careful because such “projection experiments” can lead to schizophrenia.

May 27,2008

Hello again Mr Meier. I am glad you are feeling better after having been sick recently. Also I would like to thank you again for your helping us all! My question is: How is it that on rare occassions the consciousness powers are activated in a very obvious and apparent way without having been consciously commanded? To be more clear, I mean such as in the case of your ex-wife, for example, when she was young when she teleported unexpectedly to another location when she was about to have kissed a skull on a trip with her class in school or something similar. I may have the facts incorrect about this story but I seem to remember something like that from Guido Moosbrugger's book "And Still They Fly!". Or for another example in Guido's book, I seem to remember something similar happening to an African man who was once about to be attacked by a lion when he unexpectedly teleported to his home village. Either way, the question refers to how strong feelings can sometimes activate the consciousness powers without the person consciously willing that to happen. I don't understand how feelings can override the consciously made decisions in order to cause this. Thanks once again for your assistance. Thomas Hall

Such an effect can be triggered by extreme angst, through which – unconsciously - consciousness-related forces are triggered and teleportation may become a reality.

March 24,2008
Username: Nobody 

Hello Mr. Meier 

I recently read the translation of bulletin 38. I would like to thank you for making such a detailed desperation the Pineal gland and the exact process behind the function of consciousness related abilities. One of the passive members on the forum stated true meditations is when all thoughts are halted and there is only passive observation. I can understand theoretically that normal thought process may block the flow of fine electromagnetic energy into the Pineal gland. Thorough diligent meditation the Pineal gland can absorb the fine energy. It seems clearly that in order to posses physic powers the Pineal gland must be functioning properly. 

While the sixth sense is involved with receiving fine energy like primary telepathy or pick up fluidal energy. I assume the seventh sense is used in the process of primary telepathy, telekinesis or teleportation. Previously you stated you had to practice a lot to develop these abilities. Does this involve actually trying to use these powers (Like attempting to move an object with your mind or trying to sense the thoughts another person)? 


No, the normal thought process does not block the flow. It’s the thought-related meditation which involves the Pineal gland. The latter is depending on fine-matter (feinstoffliche) processes. 

The sixth sense has nothing to do with telepathy. 
The sixth sense is the feelings that are created by/resulting from thoughts (psyche), and this has no connection with the Pineal gland. 
The seventh sense is the “Empfindung” from the spiritual realm (the Gemüt), and this process involves thePineal gland. 

Telekinesis etc. have to do with the consciousness. 

Btw: Intuition is created within the human being, while inspiration comes from external sources (via the Pineal gland).

Dec. 25,2007
New member 
Username: B_e_schmidt 

Hey Billy: Since the Plejaren, or Errans, transmit helpful spirit messages to us humans, Terrans, is it not possible to communicate back to the sender(s)? 
Could it simply be nothing more than identifying the name of the sender, and taking it from there? 
Be well, old friend. 

As long as the sender is not functioning in our brain/consciousness, we don’t have the capacity or ability to send our thoughts. 
People first have to prepare their consciousness to not just be capable of receiving, but also to send. 

(Note by CF: And of course this learning process does not jump from no ability to spiritual telepathy which would be necessary to reach more than three light seconds away from our planet.)

Nov. 26,2007
Username: Memo00 

hi dear Billy 

i would like to know if its possible to "meet" someone in dreams that is, for example, if i fall asleep and dream about you, and you fall asleep and dream about me 
is it possible to have conscious (and real) interaction with another person in the "dreamworld"? 

thank you very much 

take care 

Yes, that’s possible and can also happen while persons are awake (e.g. if you notice/realize that a person is thinking of you.).

Username: Francofiori2004 

Is there on earth any medicinal herb which can improve telepathy, clarvoyance and such? 

Yes, there are several of them, one being the "Baum der Erkenntnis“. It contains ibogain which is 100 times more potent than LSD. (radix Tabernanthe). Ibogain can help to neutralize any other psycho drug and to heal a person from drug addiction. etc. 
Today this bush is only growing in Western Africa.

Oct. 29,2007
Username: Thomas 

Hello Mr. Meier. I hope you are well. My understanding is that the spirit does not have an intellect but that the material consciousness can think in a "material-intellectual way" or a "spiritual-intellectual way". I believe that I understand the difference to some degree. My question is: How can a person begin to think in more of a "spiritual-intellectual way" as opposed to thinking more materiallistically? I am already aware that meditation is very helpful in this but I was curious if you could say something more on this topic as far as spiritual-intellectual thinking in day to day life. With much gratitude, Thomas 

A person cannot think in a spiritual-intellectual way, but he/she can use the forces of the spirit form, e.g. to perform spiritual telepathy, or teleportation, etc. 
The “spiritual-intellectual way” belongs to the spirit form.

Username: Peter_brodowski 

hello billy, 
what are some of the possible, or rather most likely reasons ones subconcious mind (without being aware in the sense of me being aware that i am writing this question to you) choose to perform "Feinstoffsinnlichkeit". 
basically what i am asking is, what is the situation or reason required for ones subconcious to first attempt and perform "feinstoffsinnlichkeit"? 


(Note by CF: I’m sorry; I just realize that your question has escaped my attention. I try to answer it by myself: It’s not “one’s subconscious mind” which chooses to perform “Feinstoffsinnlichkeit”. All of this is steered/started from one’s consciousness (conscious mind). For example, if you want to learn telepathy, you cannot just sit down and wait until your sub-consciousness has performed the learning process. You have to be aware of what you are doing and have to make conscious decisions and efforts. Of course there are periods etc. involved where you have to let things unfold/happen. 

If you are not satisfied with my answer, please ask again.)

Aug. 26,2007
Username: Adityasonakia 

Hi Billy, 

This is the first time i'm writing to you, i wanted to say that what you are doing for us is very creditable, you have shared so much with us, i just wanted to say THANK YOU Billy Meier. 
If anyone says you are giving out fake material, and the whole case is fake, just remember one thing.....there are some people on this planet who still believe you and will keep believing you. :-), one of them being me. 

Well Billy what i wanted to tell you was, sometimes i get to know some things (not always, but eventually), before they are coming, and i sometimes think of some people and they call me and things like that. 

Question ---> What can this be? 

Thanks a lot 

Aditya Sonakia 

This is called perceptiveness (Hellsichtigkeit), which is often falsely called supersensory or supernatural. This is a “feinstoffsinnlicher” process which involves the activities of the pineal gland. 
Btw: This ability can be exercised. 
More information about this “Feinstoffsinnlichkeit” can be found in FIGU Sonder-Bulletin No. 38 of August 2007.}

July 30,2007
Username: Peter_brodowski 

hello billy, 
in relation to my previous question (about Feinstoffsinnlichkeit) 

does this projection of images occur only through an individuals choosing as an ability that is developed, or at times will ones spirit cause such a process automatically to come forth and occur? 
basically what i would like to know is does this event occur only due to a conscious decision by an individual using their brain , or can this event be initiated by ones spirit? (like as a learning experience for the carrier of the spirit form) 

hopefully my question is clear 

It is not the spirit which is involved, but the pineal gland. 
A “conscious decision” is possible, but as a rule all of this happens unconsciously. This event cannot be initiated by one’s spirit because the spirit or spirit form is “responsible” for other “things”.

March 26, 2007 
New member 
Username: Eddy 

Hey Billy, I was thinking as to why there weren't advanced civilizations set in much of Africa. What about Northern America. In Africa there was only Egypt, but again, what about central Africa. 
So my question is, ‘Great civilizations’ are somewhat confined to Asia and Europe, why? Didn't the advanced people, spread out probably meet the other not so developed humans? 

In the hot areas of our planet a certain "lethargy“ may be observed. The consciousness-related intelligence and evolution does develop better in a climate that is changing from cold to warm.

Username: Hector 

Hi Billy 

It's been said that thought vibrations, be positive or negative kind, have a range of about 90 meters.Thought vibrations emitted by each human being interact with other human beings vibrations. 

Do these vibrations transmit feelings also, i mean a person who feels happy can induce happyness to others, via his positive thought vibration? 

Did the bafath use long range thought vibrations in order to confuse/enslave the minds of millions of peoples? 

Answering question #1: Yes, feelings can be transmitted, if the other person is sensitive enough. However most people are lacking that sensitivity. 

Btw: the thought vibrations have a range of maximum 3 light seconds, not just 90 metres.

May 1, 2007
Username: Thomas 

Thank you for your answers Billy. In your books, you say that when so-called BEAMING, or teleportation, is used, that the body is broken down into its atoms, then sent to the destination, then reconstructed instantly. You also have said in your books that if the spirit is seperated from the body, that death occurs irreversibly. Since there is no body when beaming occurs (it has been disassembled), then how is death prevented during the beaming process? After all, wouldn't the spirit become detached from the body when the body is taken apart??? Thanks again for your time and patience with us who are interested in learning. Have a great day! 


Beaming is done on a technical basis (to beam one’s body from one place to another), and teleportation is done by consciousness-related forces (remote dislocation). 

Since the spirit form is not separated from the atoms, there is no death resulting from this process (Note by CF: except if the process is handled in an incorrect way).

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