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About Billy Meier and Nokodemion

March 23,2014
Hi Billy, 
In the previous round of questions I asked you which race of Extraterrestrial's brought Henok to Earth 390,000 years ago to enter its reincarnation cycle and you said "Henok came (flew in) from Lyra". 
Are you saying that Henok came to Earth on his own spaceship? 
Salome Matt 

Whether it was his own or someone else’s spaceship is unknown to Billy, but of course it was a spaceship. And the „Lyra system“ he came from exists in another time-space configuration. 

Feb. 25, 2014
Hi Billy, 
Which race of Extraterrestrial's brought Henok to Earth 390,000 years ago to enter its reincarnation cycle, and did Henok know at that time that his spirit form will be here for hundreds of thousands of years? 

Henok came (flew in) from Lyra, and of course did he know at that time about the duration of his mission here in the SOL system.

Jan. 25, 2014
Aloha Billy and Christian, hope things are fine with you. 

I have a question in relation to your spirit-form Nokodemjon that is currently incarnated in your present personality life cycle and the reason(s) why it came out of the 1st of 7 pure spiritual levels in order to once again be incarnated in a material human being in order to bring balance and harmony back into the DERN universe. 

Even though Nokodemjon could have remained in the Arahat Atherstata level and could have easily asked the Petale to return all his co-created white races back into the pure energy state prior to their creation in order to allow the DERN universe to heal itself without any more interferences and destruction that his people have done so that both he and the DERN universe could continue unabated its natural course of spiritual evolution, but he decided to return and take personal responsibility instead. 

That being said, I have always pondered whether residue negative influences still remain when a spirit form in the material realm evolves into a half material or pure non-material Being and that the negative experiences and its related linkage to other spirit-forms when it was a material human being that it once associated with via the material subconscious storage banks becomes the responsibility of those who were negatively affected by such beings, because he or she no longer resides in the material realms? 

If true, then is this one of the reasons why Nokodemjon returned to not only bring balance to the wrongs his co-created peoples have done, but to also balance his own responsibility for creating these people in the first place because it appears spiritual evolution does not only goes in one direction but in cases like Nokodemjon, can actually go backwards, but in reality moves in parallel that is progressive in nature when a pure non-material Being returns to the material realm in order to bring justice because Creation is justice and that those who have the capacity like the Plejarens should do like-wise? 

Each universe brings forth a universal prophet who is repeatedly materializing again as a human being in order to help the various humankinds speeding up evolution. That’s a normal occurrence.

Sept. 30, 2013

In the past 2000 years did you always incarnate and live according to the laws of Creation even when you were not a prophet? 


Sept. 30,2013

Dear Billy and Christian, 
I know Billy had a previous personality of Henok (flew in and died on Earth 389,000 years ago) and then there was the prophet Henok mentioned in OM, so I am guessing there were 2 different Henoks living at two different times sharing the same name, but with 2 different spirit-forms (correct me if I'm wrong). So I must ask, Was the earthly prophet Henok, whose spirit-form originated on the planet Lasan and was born 9308 years before Jmmanuel's time (OM canon 31:43) a different person and spirit-form then Billy's previous personality of prophet Henoch who was born in 3rd of Febuary 9308 v Jmmanuel (page 13 new TJ 2011 edition)? 

note: Your answer to Edward on Dec. 07 2004 states that Billy's previous personality of Nokodemion also came from Lasan: 


There were two Henoks, Henochs and Nokodemions sharing the same spirit-form. 
And Lasan was one of the worlds in a very long series where the personalities of the Nokodemion spirit-form was active and living.

Sept. 30, 2013

Hello Billy, 
You were able to learn from you time travel back to see Jmmanuel, 
Did any of you previous personalities as prophet travel in time to be taught and if so could you elaborate? 
Thanks, Matt 

Yes, they did travel into their future to about 1844.

June 28, 2013

Dear Billy, 

My question is: Why do you know how to put that evolution-code into your writing? Does it have anything to do with the memory apparatus Sfath used on you when you were a boy? 

Happy Springtime! 

No. The different codes were elaborated by Nokodemion and, therefore, are and will be used and applied by those personalities within the Nokodemion-line who are active as a herald/prophet.

June 28,2013

Hello Billy & Christian, 

From my understanding, the two personalities of Semjasa that were cousins; 1) being the biological father of Adam and enlivened by the Nokodemion sprit-form and; 2) the leader of the Jshwisch that created havoc on earth and enlivened by the spirit-form that currently enlivens Quetzal. 

My question: Did Semjasa (Adams biological father) die on earth to begin the series of seven true prophets and heralds with the spirit-form that now enlivens you or did the first of the Henoch personalities die on earth for this purpose? 

Thanks & Salome 

No. The Nokodemion spirit-form started on Earth as Henok.

April 28, 2013

Hello Billy, 

My question is regarding to your lost arm. How it was predetermined that you will have to lose it in a car accident, did it happen before birth or during your lifetime (is this an effect of ones thoughts or is it something that spirit wants to experience? 


It was not predetermined; it was simply the result of a car accident.

March 24, 2013

Billy and Christian; 

Thank you for your time and would like to express my gratitude for all of the profound words and laborious tasks that you, the CG49 and the FIGU groups around the world have been able to accomplish for so many years,and although there are many people, have made such an overwhelmingly positive impact in my life. 

In contact 238,specifically about Nokodemion, Ptaah states that the very first life formed in our universe around 39,260,000,000,000 yrs ago.That would be the fauna and flora and then the conditions for the first human beings to come about. Now it also states that Nokodemion knows a total age 86,000,000,000 yrs,in which he had moved through the already necessary 58,000,000,000 yrs it took him to get to the A Athersata level,then of course through the deepest of responsibilities again took the human form to disemminate the Creational laws and reccomendations to his people. 

So my question is that already in another q and a section you had said that the Nokodemion spirit lineage was the first to reach the level of AA and creational law is that the first must bear the responsibility of the desimmenation of the creational laws and reccomendations throughout the universe,so it would seem that there were trillions of years that had passed before the nokodemion lineage was even in its first incarnation and that there many humans that had more than enough time to reach the level of AA before Nokodemion.Also it stated in the contact that your lineage had been reincarnating for 12 billion years now and i saw an answer that you had said 9.6 billion. So iguess i was just looking for some clarity on the history or the numbers? 

Thanks Blake P 

9.6 billion/milliard is correct. 

(Note by CF: During the correction process for Bernadette Brand’s book about Nokodemion which will be published in the second half of this year, it was realized by Ptaah and Billy that several numbers (not only in contact 238 in PP Kontaktblock 6, pages 410-4012) are false and need to be corrected. The corrections are continuously implemented into the original file, to make sure that the correct numbers will appear in the second edition of the books.)

Feb. 24, 2013

Dear Billy 

Thanks for the answer that: “Being born, growing up, aging and dying is possible only in the case of material beings…” 

I refer to those beings that have visited you in the past. 

My question is: Were you visited by any energy form being and/or light being and where did they come from? 


They did not visit Billy, but just watched/monitored him. They came from the Andromeda region.

Jan. 28, 2013

Greetings Billy: - since you have the ability, capability & consciousness evolution necessary to 'remember' your predecessor personalities; how does such knowledge enter your mind and such a mind with the necessary consciousness-evolution required to go back through time and space to fetch an answer from ones memory banks?; is it like an actual and visual-picture or motion-picture memory of something one has experienced or is it like asking a data-base, such as a Google for example, and an answer pops into the mind? How does this data appear, in motion pictures, still images, a data line, or some or any combination of these? 

Thank you, 

Billy doesn’t “remember” former personalities because you can only remember events and happenings etc. of the present life. The memory is material, and therefore it is not possible – even through hypnosis – to remember former existences (“previous lives”). 
Billy gets his information by consciously drawing information from his storage-banks. This information enters as knowledge.

Jan. 28, 2013


My question is regarding a universal prophet and herald as was Nokodemion. Does one step into appearance after each Creational Sleep period and is there one for each universe or one for all universes during a creational waking period? 

Thanks and Salome, 

During the first (only the first one) waking period of any universe there is a (one) universal prophet, i.e. the first human being who enters the spiritual plane of Arahat Athersata.


Greetings Billy, 

Please allow me to rephrase a previous question concerning your return from the higher realms back into the re-incarnation cycle. 

There are stories circulating that this is your third return to the re-incarnation cycle whereby your spiritform again occupies a material body ..... is this correct ? 

By that (the rumors) have implied that on two previous occasions you returned from the Arahat Athersata level into the material re-incarnation cycle then again returned to Arahat Athersata after various unspecified periods of time which sounds very strange and unlikely. 

So can you confirm definitely whether this current revisit to the re-incarnation cycle is your first and only return after originally evolving into the Arahat Athersata level. 

Also concerning the mixup with symbols affecting time as stated in a recent special bulletin .... does that mean the universe is 46 billion years old not 46 trillion and what about the Creational cycle ? Is that 311 billion years instead of 311 trillion ? .... makes a huge difference. 

If Ptaah and Quetzal are able to interact with the High Council level ..... didn't anyone ever ask to cross check these things ? 

The information concerning Nokodemion’s spirit-form can be read in Bernadette Brand’s book that will be published in a revised format next year (in German). 

Our universe so far is 46 billion = 46,000,000,000,000 years old (billion in European calculation system means trillion in U.S. system). 
The whole process of expansion/contraction will last 211 billion/trillion years.

Dec. 24,2012

Hello Billy and Christian, 

(ex governor of Michigan) Jesse Venture has a show on t.v called "Conspiracy theory". 
He just did a recent interview with David Icke the man responsible for creating the nonsense theory of the "Reptilians". His questions are sharp pointed as your answers tend to be and he has a very no nonsense approach to his subjects. He may also run for president as an independent after Obama's term is expired. Would it be out of the question to write him or his producers a letter requesting that he look into your case and perhaps even interview you in Switzerland where you live? My intention in no way is to proselytize anyone but put more attention on your mission and the truth about UFO's/ Et's, the teachings of creation,overpopulation etc. 

Thank you once again for being a patient man and teacher to me and others. 
Derrick Lee 

There is no guarantee at all that a journalist/ex governor who may ask “sharp-pointed” questions will be a good president who is not aiming at dictatorship or is not spreading terror etc. 

(Note by CF: An interview with Billy does not make sense for various reasons: 1) Jesse Venture will not be interested or capable to do the interview in German; 2) His tv show is not widely known in the U.S.; 3) Billy will not be available for such an interview; 4) The overwhelming majority of the U.S. population (as the populations of other countries) is not ready at all for the truth. 
An alternative: You could suggest an interview with Michael Horn who can/would give really “sharp-pointed” answers. )

Dec. 24,2012

Hello Billy, 

When Nokodemion's (your) spirit form returned from the Arahat Athersata level did his/your spirit form have to do a reverse transition through the High Council level or was it a direct reincarnation into which lower material-based spiritual level? I was curious as to whether his/your spirit form had to start over from the lowest spiritual level again. 

Thanks & Salome, 

Yes, a reverse transition through the High Council level was necessary, but the time was shortened (verkürzte Zeit). A direct reincarnation of an AA spirit form into a human body is not possible.

July 28,2012
Hello Billy and Christian, my name is Mer and I am happy to reach you again. Many skeptics are critical of out dated footage and photos that have not been reexamined with modern technology. 

Why has there been a discontinuing of physical evidence such as video, photo, audio and metals; if they can further validate your words and present unquestionable authenticity to your communication with the Plejaren? 

Although I see the point in preventing digital technological manipulation, I do not see the point in halting physical evidence that could be documented and potentially beneficial to the mission. There is a documentary titled "Capturing the Light", about a lady named Dorothy Izatt, who has an ongoing relationship with otherworldy beings she calls light beings. Dorothy has filmed her experiences for over thirty years in the making and has over 30,000 feet of film to show for it. I feel this is the right thing for her to do, document and record her experiences to validate her claims. And I assume you could do the same Billy, but choose not to. Please explain, and Thank you for your patience and teachings you words are truly inspirational. 

There is more than plenty of proof already available for the authenticity and truth of Billy's contacts with Plejaren persons etc. etc. If the skeptics don't want to see the facts, or rather are not capable of logical thinking, its their problem which they have to solve themselves. 
The fact that all the prophecies have become a reality clearly demonstrates that the people in high offices (governments etc.) etc. are neither willing nor capable to see the truth and act accordingly, i.e. by solving the problems at the roots. 

(Note by CF: It is a fact that nobody can convince another person of anything. Learning is an individual thing and must or should be executed by all rationally-thinking human beings. 
Besides, when reading Billy's many books about the spiritual teaching, psycholgy etc., a normally-thinking human being cannot avoid to realize that one is reading the truth in the form of "That's exactly how it is". And then you also realize that you have found THE truth and that "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier is really the prophet of our time and the leading expert when it comes to the spiritual teaching, the understanding the interactions between human beings, the working of the psyche, how educating correctly, etc. etc. 
And when you have also read some other texts that has been published by FIGU, i.e. the contact notes, you also realize the great tragedy that the Jews and Christians and Muslims are still waiting for their Messiah or Mahdi to appear, while not realizing that the real truth is already here, brought by the real prophet, and also not realizing that they are letting the most important knowledge of all time pass by unnoticed in their present life. A sad thing, but explainable, considering the fact that religiosity is a brain illness.)

June 24,2012

Billy, if I may ask, how old approximately is your spirit and for how many years has your spirit been reincarnating here on Earth? 

About 9,600,000,000 years old, and since 389,000 years on Earth. 

I am seeking clarification of the above quoted figure of 9,600,000,000 is the correct age of Billy's Spirit Form-Scott

Btw: The first human beings developed in our Universe about 10 billion/milliard years ago.

April 30,2012

Hello Billy & CF, 

Earlier you answered that these world leaders(Gandhi, King Farouk, Haile Selassie ...etc) whom Sfath met knew that Sfath was an ET. When i briefly read these leaders biographies, i do not find any information that reflects the intelligence & wisdom of a person who is in contact with an ET, besides most of these leaders were known to be materialistic. Moreover these leaders world view and behaviour often does not represent the Creational principles/laws, which a wise or knowledgeable man would live by, which makes me wonder as to why would Sfath need to disclose his origin as being an extraterrestrial to these world leaders(even if it was for the sake of allowing Billy converse with these leaders). Also as far as i read, Plejaren only maintain direct physical contacts with no one on earth, except you(exceptions include accidental sightings). Would be please tell us the nature of interaction & purpose behind the meetings between Sfath & world political leaders ? 

The purpose of Billy's visits to those leaders was to get a firsthand impression of their ideas of leadership which they explained to him during a short conversation. And of course those leaders were not without faults and were also materialistic, as is also the case with any other human being on this planet, yourself included. 
Those "contacts" cannot be compared with the on-going contacts the Plejaren maintain with Billy.

Feb. 26, 2012

Hi Billy, 
I am mahesh from India. In 'Silent Revolution of Truth' documentary, at 13:20 minutes, you mentioned that Sfath was called as an "ExtraTerrestrial" by those famous people you met with him, like Gandhi, King Farouk, Haile Selassie ...etc. Did they know that Sfath was an "ExtraTerrestrial" ? If yes, then can you explain under what circumstances did Sfath came to reveal his true identity as an ET to those famous people ? 
Mahesh Karumudi 

Since it was obvious for Billy that Sfath was already known by those leaders when, it is possible that they knew about Sfath's origin. However, during the conversations where Billy was present, there was no mentioning of "extraterrestrials".

June 24,2011

Dear Billy, 

Does Nokodemion's spirit incarnate on other worlds with human development on it, to bring the teachings to them as well? 

In the year 3999 the person who is then enlivened by that spirit form will leave the SOL system for good (by physically flying away in a space ship). And this will continue to be so until our universe ceases to exist, after the contraction.

June 24,2011

Dear Billy, 

What role will the over 144,000 leaders and sub-leaders whose spiritforms where created/started by Nokodemion (Getruer) play in Earth's future times? 


Their spirit forms were NOT created by Nokodemion. Nokodemion created/started the peoples (Völker). Spirit forms are created by Creation. 

They will continue with the mission. The future will show what will happen.

June 24, 2011

Hello Eduard, 

Thanks again... 
previous question: 
Interesting, so how did they (assuming other pure sprit form) brought you down from Arahat Athersata level to Nokodemion? They have to dismantle or maybe transfer concepts that your pure spirit form has conceived already. since the pure concepts (impersonal spirit form) cannot be destroyed. so did they transfer or dismantle the impersonal spirit form to a point? 
my question for this round: 
how many pure c22oncepts have you conceived for this life of Eduard Albert Meier to date? likewise isn't there 49 stages of human evolution so can't we not work out how many pure concepts there are? 

@CF: " Probably no thing for some, but certainly nothing to break one's head on." LOL, i was on the floor 

Billy doesn't know how the process has occurred/been carried out, but it was possible only by the joint action/cooperation of Arahat Athersata and Petale. AA alone would not have been capable to trigger/execute the transfer. 
From the beginning (= from the first incarnation of a new spirit form into a human body) the spirit form remains the same. There are not several versions of a spirit form. In other words, Billy's spirit form is the same as the one that has been reincarnated in Nokodemion. 

(Note by CF: Your concept of "pure concepts" is still not clear to us.)

March 27, 2011

Greetings Billy & Christian. 

Many religious leaders in Judaism, Islam, Quakers, Sufis, Sihks, Hindus, & others, have very long beards, not unlike your own. Is there any significance to such beards and your beard in particular, Billy? Or in your case, in this life, is it more of personal preference? Have all the prophets had long beards; is it something inherent in spiritual wisdom? 

I realize there is more than one question in here and it is perhaps a silly question but if you would expound on the subject of beards, please. 

Thank you, 

Yes, all prophets had beards, but there is nothing spiritual about it. 
The reason why Billy let his beard grow (finally, because he had a beard as a teenager): it is easier for him than shaving with one hand.

Oct. 25,2010

Hello Eduard 
When I was at the SSSC in May I was told that you could find out about a person. Their past, future, where their spirit form originated from and their level of evolution. 

I understand that you are able to calculate a persons level of evolution and you possess the ability of clairvoyance.

I am somewhat confused with the rest. I know that the Plejaren can help with finding out about a spirit form and past incarnations by ways of the High Council and the AA. 

Would it be possible if you could openly talk here about the following question. If you do not wish to talk about this then that is fine and not a problem. 

Question, How is it possible for you to gain information on a persons past lives and also where their spirit form originated (planet). Would this be telepathic communication to the higher spiritual planes and/or going through the storage banks? 

Thanks Eduard, if you do not wish to talk about your abilities here then it is not a problem. 

Kind Regards 

Yes, it is possible. 
No, neither telepathy or access to storage banks are involved. The process is to let the Arahat Athersata level doing the search and then transfer the result to Billy. Since the "connection" with AA is very strenuous, Billy does not perform such searches anymore. 

(Note by CF: As a rule it does not make sense and is not necessary to know about one's former incarnations/personalities because the actual life must be lived now anyway. There are already too many sick [schizophrenic] people living on earth who are ruffling up their egos by delusionally claiming former personalities. And there have been persons who could not digest the information about their former incarnations and then became psychotic etc. 
Contrary to AA, Billy himself has no direct access to other people's storage banks.) 

Aug. 29, 2010

Dear Billy, 
Peace and health to you. 
Thanks again for your previous answer. Reading through the contact notes it seems that knowledge of your real spiritual origin was unknown to most of the plejaran for some time. It's unclear to me at what point you your self became aware of your spiritual history.My question now is, could you tell me when and how you became fully aware of your past incarnations? 
Many thanks. 
Tony Quinn 

On the 4th of May, 1941, at the age of four, and later also in Sfath's ship.

Aug. 29, 2010

Hello Billy, 

I know in the past on this forum and up to the present various people have asked you about different past lives of people famous and not so famous. I know it has been mentioned many times the past is not as important as living today in this life. 

If your free to say, when past life information has become available ie; Quetzal being the incarnation of Gabriel, is this something you are capable of doing through the storage banks or some other means, or do the Plejarens and or Arahat Athersata only possess this ability to access this type of information? 

Thank you for the information regarding the true volume of oil which has been released from the Gulf Oil Spill. It seems hard to get any type of accurate information from the US Government or other sources. 


A human being can access information about his own former existences/personalities only. Therefore Billy can/could not detect/access Quetzal's former personalities. To get such an information needs the "assistance" ofArahat Athersata.

May 4, 2010

Hello Billy, 

I am asking this question on behalf of Dean who posted this in futureofmankind site: 

Is there any significance related to the prophets being born in the month of February? 
That is from Henoch to Billy - whose birth dates are known. 

Thank you 

The happenings regarding the fathering and birth of those prophets was controlled/regulated by Arahat Athersata. Through this process it w as secured that the prophets were born at a certain period in the year (today named as February) where a consciousness-related development is more extensively possible than at other times.

Jan.23, 2010

Hello Mr Meier, 

In the recent contact translations I read how the stress form the mission almost caused you to quite. First, I would like to say thank you and your perseverance is an inspiration. I find it hard to believe why the rest of the world has not listened to you. 

How was it when you were going through so much stress that you were able to maintain a neutral-positive state that would allow the plejaren to safely visit you? 

Billy concentrated on his duty, and he was listening to simple music played very loud for hours. 

(Note by CF: If Semjase wouldn’t have been capable to "restore“ his Gefühlswelt (feelings) by technical means he wouldn’t have survived that terrible state.) 

Sept. 27, 2009

Hallo Billy Herzliche Grüsse 

How did Sfath already know about the secret surrounding you (= you are the bearer of nokodemjon's spirit form) while the other Ischwischs who later contacted you (Semjase, Quetzal, Ptaah) couldnt unveil that secret for 14 years (1975-1989). Seems like "he was smarter" than the others...(no offense intended). 

Did he receive help/hints from the High Council to discover the secret? 

Sfath was capable/able to get access to Henok’s storage banks, at least partially, and to „draw“ some information from there. 
No, the High Council was not involved.

April 26, 2009
3. 462(Anthony) RQ3 

Dear Billy, 

From Plejaren and your point of view, what are the "Big Plan” and the resolution at this day and age to do about society? Is it to Evolve to bring about truth and justice? And End the Evil Reign that rules our Governments? 
Because, I would like to know if there is anyway or plan that I can help with. 
I have positive images in my head of hopeful peace, but I try to understand the reality at the same time. 
So if there is anything I could do to contribute to your community and "the Mission", I would be flattered. 

Hope that peace will come. 

The Nokodemion prophet line with the seven prophets can be described as the only „Big Plan“ of extraterrestrial origin. It’s the seventh prophet’s mission to write down the spiritual teachings himself and - finally - unaltered. This plan has already been fullfilled – even more so than expected. 

You can contribute to „the Mission“ by living a life in line with the natural-creational laws and recommendations, and by helping disseminating the knowledge about the creational laws and recommendations.

Feb. 28, 2009

Mr. Meier, 

To re-word my other question to be more understandable - From Contact 238 (Nokodemion's origins): After Nokodemion died and left the material world, what was the cause of the lack of understanding to degenerate within Nokodemion's intitial people (who he equiped with great knowledge) ..., then again, later on what caused the degeneration with his second newly created peoples (with little/less remaining knowledge not exhausted from the storage banks) which we are experiencing the effects of today? 

Great to kick-start the Aquariun Age with you and the Plejaren! 


Note by CF: I just realize that I asked Billy the wrong question. He gave a different answer than the one necessary for your question. Instead here’s my answer: 
It is a difference whether knowledge is gained from one’s own struggles of making mistakes and learning from it during many many lifetimes, or whether knowledge is gained in a more „artificial“ manner only. You can compare this with us human beings here on Earth: Learning something the hard way and experiencing it on one’s own body or with ones psyche is usually more profound and lasting than school knowledge. – With Nokodemion’s people it was a question of learning the things as profoundly as necessary. 

I don’t want to hold back Billy’s answer, though, because this is surely interesting information: 
It was a man named Nokodemion whose spirit form – after a long existence in the half-material level of the High Council – was the first one who entered the Arahat Athersata level. That’s the reason why that spirit form has such an important mission since then. It is a creational law that the first human being, or rather his spirit form whoenters the first purely-spiritual level in an universe does have and keep the task of teaching the spiritual laws and recommendations to the peoples in that universe.

Oct. 26, 2008

Hi Billy, 

I was amazed at reading the accuracy of your Decoz Numerology Chart that someone posted here at this forum. 

Its based on your date of birth and full name and is totally all software. 

I wonder if you have read it? It seems to read your life, talents, personality, ect like a book! Here is just one section of it as an example of accuracy - 

Your First Pinnacle (from birth until age 29) is 5 

"This is a period that will teach the realities of freedom and expansion. Eduard , 
you will travel great distances, meet many new and interesting people, experience many adventures, and essentially come to know the world. You are in a period of accelerated experimentation and learning. Experience is your teacher. 
Your ability with words is greatly increased. You can write and speak with ease. You are also able to successfully promote yourself. In fact, this is the source of much adventure; new opportunities for work, travel, and exotic experiences present themselves with regularity. 
You must come to know the true meaning of freedom, which is unconditional love. You give your love and energy without the condition of holding on to a place, a person, or an occupation; and you expect the same in return -- to be loved for what you are, rather than someone who belongs to another. There is a highly 
spiritual path offering itself that requires detachment without loss of love. 
Many turn away from this and instead choose to maintain a superficial relationship with the world, or with other people. 
You must cultivate your talents, especially your verbal and writing abilities. You are likely a gifted salesperson, or promoter. 
You must accept limitations as a necessary base for your freedom. Freedom cannot exist without limitations, otherwise you would be without identity, and without existence." 

You seem to have had all the best number combinations working for you in your favour throughout all aspects in your life. Its as though your name and date of birth equaled the best combination of numbers to have for your present lifes mission - the Prophet of the Age! 

My question is not about if you decided used the power of the numbers to your advantage in this life because its obvious you had. My question is would the prophet of the age have failed in his mission (example - the times you nearly decided to quit, ect) IF he didn't have the current combination of power numbers working for him that favoured his line of work/mission. In other words, if he was born with a completely diferrent name/numerology chart which didn't favour his line of work/mission? 

Many thanks! 

As the one and only exception in this universe, in the case of Billy his birthdate and name and spirit form were determined. If Billy’s actual parents had been dead before he were conceived, his spirit form would have been borne through other parents at the same time and with the same name. 

(Note by CF: Regarding that Decoz Numerology Chart: I think you can expect the same answers for other persons and birthdates as well. If you are analysing what is presented as a result you will find that it is quite general and without specific value. 
See my comments in that short quote: 
You must come to know the true meaning of freedom (Correctly it should read: “You know the true meaning…?), which is unconditional love. You give your love and energy without the condition of holding on to a place, a person, or an occupation; and you expect the same in return - (Billy surely does not expect anything in return, because expecting anything from anyone is entirely false!) - to be loved for what you are, rather than someone who belongs to another. There is a highly spiritual path offering itself that requires detachment without loss of love. (There is no such thing like a spiritual path that is “offering itself”! The human being either takes it, or does not.) 

Conclusion: Dump that Decoz Numerology Chart into the waste tray.)

Sept. 30, 2007
Username: Thomas 

Hello Eduard and thank you again for your patience in answering our questions. 

This time I would like to ask a question in reference to when you, Eduard Meier, personally access the storage banks consciously. To make sure that you understand specifically what I am refering to, I am talking about the ability that you have, that was once witnessed by Guido Moosbrugger. He reported that you were helping him understand something and that you at one moment needed to access the stgorage banks for a bit of info. He said that you turned off the light, and as I recalled there was silence followed by the sound of you writing the answer in the dark by inspiration. This might not be an exact description but my question is in reference to this particular ability. 

The actual question is: How do you do this? I understand somewhat the ideas behind it, and I don't what a detailed explanation of what is involved. All I would like to know is, what the process is that you put into motion? For example, do you close your eyes, concentrate on the question, and then an answer just comes to you, which you maybe write down (or possibly just remember if writing it is unnecessary)? Like I said, I understand somewhat the idea but I was hoping for a short description of the actual procedure please. 

Thanks very much and I wish you peace and happiness. 


Billy is “calling” (abrufen) the vibrations/impulses from the storage banks, and through the use of his sub-consciousness and consciousness the impulses are directed into his arm, hand and fingers. It’s the same process as when Billy is writing on his computer and is “taking in” the recorded contact reports. 

(Note by CF: You may view a bonus film of Billy writing at his computer (quite fast!) in our new DVD “Die Mitglieder der Kerngruppe der 49 stellen sich vor” [Interview with the members of the Core Group of 49].)

Sept. 30, 2007
Username: Adityasonakia 

Dear Billy, 

Thanks for the great reply. 

Billy i know you have been asked this many times..... i apologise to ask again but... 

How do you meditate, billy? 

Thanks again. 


It’s more “where” than “how”: During the day, while working, shopping, driving, in quiet moments, in front of the TV, before sleeping, during the process of answering the questions from the FIGU English forum. The entire life is a form of meditation, and to get the correct answers is also a form of meditation.

June 25, 2007
Senior Member 
Username: Savio 

Hi Billy 

It was mentioned that A spiritform will have full consciousness when it reaches the level of AA, where the spiritual consciousness will merge with the spiritform to become one. 

My question is: When a spiritform returns from the AA level to this material world and reincarnates again as a human, would that spiritform be required to separate again back into two parts such as: a non-conscious spirit form and the spiritual consciousness ? 


This was a one and only „event“ since the universe exists and until the end/contraction of the universe, and there will be no such "event" ever again into eternity. 
In this special „case“ the forces of the Petale level were involved to make it possible. The mental block was involved, and a new comprehensive consciousness block (Gesamtbewusstseinblock) had to be created/built, and from it or through it a new personality.

May 30, 2007

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Posted on Monday, April 30, 2007 - 10:25 pm: 

Hello again Mr. Meier. I would like to ask a question about when you sent your consciousness to Erra to see Semjase when she was injured and you were here on Earth. In one of the FIGU bulletins, you said that you had sent an extension of your material consciousness out to Erra, kind of like sending out "feelers" or an antenna, but that your consciousness remained attached to your body. My exact question is: How could your material consciousness go to Erra so quickly because I thought that any part of the material consciousness could not exceed lightspeed? Thanks for your answer and have a great day! 


Billy did not send his material consciousness to Erra, but was using spirit telepathy which is “traveling” with spirit velocity (= 10 to the power 7000). With it you can penetrate into other dimensions, and time doesn’t matter at all because you may reach each spot in the universe instantly. Normal primary telepathy doesn’t reach wider than 3 light seconds.

May 30, 2007
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Posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 - 03:42 pm: 

Greetings Billy, 

It’s been discussed that there are some sensitive subjects you are not recommended to speak about openly. Perhaps things like crop circles, Zeti Reticuli, Protocols of Zion, WTC, Herr Hitler, etc. However, I wonder if you thought about this idea. Similar to Jmmanuel’s teachings, which were also under fire during their time, and the people in control changed the truth, you could put your true knowledge about today’s sensitive topics (circles, Reticuli, Zion, WTC, Hitler, etc) in a book sealed away in a safe place. When many years have passed, and the truth-benders and guilty-ones are no longer here, then it will be okay for the Plejarans to lead someone to the place where the correct knowledge of today’s time is kept. Perhaps you are already planning for this idea. What do you think of this idea, will it work for you, and maybe it’s already being done? 

Pleasure to speak with you. 

Your idea will remain just what it is, an idea. 
If there is something Billy is not allowed to speak about, he will not start talking about it. 
Billy plainly states his opinion and knowledge. However, there is something like a “book” stored away: Billy wrote thousands of pages of spirit lessons for the Plejarens which will not be accessible for terrestrial humankind for a long time (thousands of years).}

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