FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

Welcome to the homepage of FIGU Landesgruppe Canada

FIGU is an acronym for the German words "Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell" which means 
Free Community of Interests Universal.

The FIGU Landesgruppe Canada, based in Southern Ontario, is the official group representing FIGU in Canada.

Some of our goals include:

- answering questions pertaining to the Billy Meier case and the Creation-energy teaching to residents of Canada
- making available current as well as never before seen English translations of FIGU material on our website 

- translating and publishing books written by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier (German/English)
- holding virtual public meetings for Canadians living within Canada
- assisting those who have questions regarding the formation of official groups in Canada
 - providing interested persons with a brief overview of the activities of the FIGU Landesgruppe Canada 

Visit the official FIGU Switzerland website