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FIGU - Sign of the Times No. 77 -  Important Information about the circular ratio pi - by Christian Frehner

Excerpt from FIGU Zeitzeichen No. 88 - What is a Fair Human Being - (translation by Jimmy Chen) 

FIGU - Zeitzeichen Nr. 94 (May 2018) & FIGU - Zeitzeichen Nr. 92 (April 2018)​  A Worldwide Appeal to Earth's Humankind -Threatening Escalation of War by the USA and the EU-Dictatorship - written by Billy Meier April 201(translation by Patrick Mcknight)

 FIGU - Sign of the Times No. 77 (FIGU - Zeitzeichen Nr. 77) (Sep 2017) pages 1 - 6 (published 14-Sep-2017) 
(re: hurricanes, US-Russia-Trump, Kim Jong Un, Aborted US/Plejaren contact, faked moon landing, serial killers) -  translation by Patrick McKnight

​March 25, 2018 - Suggestive influence of EM vibrations through electronic software/hardware -  (translation by Jimmy Chen)

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